26 Fantastic Fall Color Palettes To Inspire You

January 6, 2023

Everyone loves the sunny beach days of summer: the sunbathing, the tan, the icy drinks, and the colorful dresses. 

Summer is a fun time. But as summer slowly starts changing into fall, the weather gets colder, the nights get longer, and leaves begin to change and fall. 

Autumn coaxes humans to get indoors and enjoy the crisp cold nights with a warm coffee.

Summer has bright and vibrant colors. But as the autumnal equinox hits, it is not only the temperature that changes. 

The most beautiful thing about Autumn is the color of the fallen leaves. Albert Camus once said - "Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” 

The onset of the fall season means the entry of sophisticated color palettes. 

When you imagine fall, you think of colors like tan, burnt orange, mustard yellow, terracotta, browns, burnt sienna, olive green, forest green, beige, mocha, etc.

What Is A Fall Color Palette?

A fall color palette is a themed color palette that embodies the season's colors. Fall color palettes have beautiful neutral, earthy, and warm tones that resemble the fall foliage or the season. 

A fall palette may not necessarily have the fall colors, but it needs to capture the essence of autumn.

Recently, fall colors have achieved a respectable status. Everyone is wearing fall colors to be classy and elegant. 

These colors look good everywhere year-round. Maybe it is the versatility or the sophistication that these color palettes have become a massive hit in the last couple of years. 

We have designed and collected some fall color inspiration for you. These fall color palettes personify the crisp weather of the fall season and the dramatic colors.

26 Fall Color Palettes Inspiration

Pumpkin 'Umpkin

Fall palette

Autumn brings with it a festive spirit. Halloween is just around the corner. Everyone loves decorating for this festival.

Pantone's fall 2017 color palettes inspire pumpkin' Pumpkin color palette. It has many shades of burnt orange, mustard yellow, and neutrals like grey and dark grey. 

You can use this classy color scheme to decorate a stunning bedroom or use it as a fall wedding color theme.

Autumn in New York

Autumn New York Palette

Autumn in New York is a sweet romantic movie starring Richard Gere ad Winona Ryder. This movie hinges on the romance of autumn. 

The earthy tones in the Autumn in New York palette perfectly capture the colors of fallen leaves. Dark Chocolate brown, coffee brown, sienna, tan, and beige all blend to form a grand color scheme.

There is nothing more autumn than this color palette. It is perfect for fashion choices, outfit inspirations, and designing a living room/bedroom. The browns indeed make a fall statement!

Cozy Fireplace

When the nights seem a bit chillier, the fireplaces become warmer. Nothing is as cozy as curling up in front of your fireplace with a coffee in one hand and a book in another. 

Cozy Fireplace is a gorgeous autumn color palette with earthy tones. It has black, sommelier, jungle green, white, peach, red, slate grey, and orange colors to add warmth. 

This palette would make any room look cozy!

Caffeine Burst

When we talk about fall colors, brown is the one color that first crosses the mind! Caffeine burst is a brown fall color palette with various shades.

Having beige, tan, coffee, dark coffee, and wooden brown in one palette can seem overpowering. But anyone who needs a burst of fall colors will love this color combination.

Caffeine Burst would look phenomenal in a bachelor pad bedroom or an eclectic dining space.

Blue Hues

Fall color palette

Autumn is not just about drab brown shades. Sometimes, you can mix traditional fall colors with stunning cool colors like blue in a fall color palette. 

In the blue tones color palette, the shades of brown and oranges are accompanied by shades of blue. This can make a beautiful color scheme for fall weddings, with rustic wooden tables and blue linen napkins and flowers!

Forest Fever

Autumn palette

In autumn when you walk into a forest or a garden, some colors instantly catch your attention. The fiery reds of the fall leaves, the deep brown of the earth, the coolness of the water, and the grey tones of the rocks.

Half the charm of fall comes from its seasonal appeal of unique colors. Forest Fever has a dark grey, grey, sienna, nude brown, terracotta, and brown colors in the palette.

It is the perfect color scheme for a fall-inspired living room or wedding.

Magic Of Magenta

fall color

Nude Brown and Mustard Yellow are two colors that define autumn. But there are colors apart from brown, yellow, or orange shades that make fall palettes attractive.

Magic of magenta's color palette has a collection of deep shades of pink and purple. Dark grey is an accent color that adds coolness to the palette.

A bedroom with class grey walls, purple bed sheets, and a maroon lampstand would look luxurious. The jewel tones of amethyst make this palette stand out!

Emerald Mural

It is hard to add contrast to fall color schemes because most colors are neutrals. However, in Emerald Mural, the difference between emerald green and mustard is almost too tangible.

The jewel tones against the neutrals pop up decadently. This fall color palette can be versatile. You can use it in a living room, outfit, wedding, or even an Instagram aesthetic.

Fall color palettes are in fashion right now.

Pink Paradise

fall color palettes are primarily laden with dark shades of browns, but Pink Paradise is different from the rest. It does not have dramatic hues, but it has soothing tones for a quiet fall wedding.

Pink paradise has dirty yellow, pastel pink, dark mauve, navy blue, and dark blue. These colors create a weird but wonderful color combination representing a 19th-century wall painting.

In stark contrast with blues, the dirty yellows create quite a a depth!

Lighter Shades of Autumn

soft fall color palette

The changing leaves of trees in autumn create a magical atmosphere. When the leaves fall on the ground, it's like seeing a blanket of gold covering the ground. 

Nature comes alive during this season. However, orange, brown, or yellows aren't always in dark shades. When the changing leaves finally rot away, the colors turn ashen. 

Lighter shades like mauve, grey, light purple, and opaque salmon make their way into the palette. This sweet fall palette is perfect for reception Décor or even product branding.

The colors are just right!

Pumpkin Spice

fall color

This color palette, Pumpkin Spice, is inspired by the Pantone Fall/ Winter 2018 collection of fall color palettes. It has warm tones like tan brown and rich jewel tones like ruby red.

This has bright colors that do not overpower the fall aesthetic among all fall color schemes.

Deep brown, maroon, ruby red, tan brown, sienna, and beige form a crisp autumn palette that has the potential to become the best in the decor world!

Nothing Like Blueberry

deep fall color palette

Shades of orange and yellow have created many excellent fall color palettes. To add a twist to the standard colors of the season, you can use blue.

The cool undertones of blueberry create a rich contrast between yellows and blues. You can use the Nothing like a blueberry palette to create luxurious-looking bedrooms.

Midnight blue is often used to create an exotic and elegant atmosphere.

Touches Of Teal

fall colors

A fall color scheme doesn't always have dual colors that contrast with each other. Sometimes, it can be monochromatic like caffeine burs, and sometimes it can have multiple tones like Touches of teal.

This palette has copper, green, mustard, saffron, teal, and peacock blue colors. The diversity of vivid colors makes this palette a rare fall palette. 

It would add life to a living room, bedroom, or even an outdoor event (like Halloween).

Red Autumn

red autumn palette

You do not have to look far if you want to find color inspiration for the autumn color palette. Nature has all the colors you would need.

The fall colors mostly range from browns to reds; in between, you can find burgundy and beige! This Red autumn color palette has many variants of red hues.

Black, coffee brown, brown, terracotta, ruby red, and sky blue create a stunning color combination. It makes a lovely picture of red autumn trees against the calm blue sky!

Lavender Landscape

warm fall color palette

Fall color schemes mostly have browns and earthy tones. But in the lavender landscape, lavender adds a pop of color to the beautiful landscape. It is the perfect palette for a fall wedding.

Colors like marigold and lavender create a rich color combination balanced by woody colors like copper red and tricorn black. The bright colors like yellow in contrast with grey/ black make this palette pretty versatile.

You can use it for a fall wedding or in your living room.

Country Road

When you think of a standard fall color scheme, a pumpkin in a field comes to mind. The golden-brown hay, burnt orange pumpkin, brown earth, and green trees.

The fall season is about the sophisticated pops of colors. The country road has mustard yellow, burnt saffron, maroon red, olive green, and forest green.

The colors transition from light to dark, yellow to green. This smooth transition created by various hues makes this a unique palette.

It is often used in interior design because autumn color palettes are getting attention nowadays!

Plaid Pleasures

warm fall color hue

Plaid always takes us back to when things were a bit simpler. People would dress in comfort, sit back home, and relax. Plaid has been considered to be a not so fashionable choice.

But thanks to the return of 90s fashion, plaids are in vogue again. Plaid's pleasures have a collection of colors that can create a typical plaid shirt.

Nude brown, grey, khaki, maroon and burnt orange. These hues are inspired by autumn and represent the season's comfort. Plaid pleasures would look comfy in a sitting or reading room.

You can also create a lot of outfits around these colors.

Autumn Wedding Bells

The most popular time for weddings is from fall to spring! Autumn is the season of bright and rich colors. An autumn wedding would mean having the best color palettes to choose from.

Autumn Wedding Bells' color palette is an assortment of beautiful fall colors. It has sweet orange, peach, beige, cream, and olive green, all wedding colors.

The muted tones aren't dull but add depth to the palette. If you want color inspiration for a fall wedding, this palette is it.

The Sultan's Den

fall color hue

The Sultan's den is an elegant color palette full of richness. The contrast between the blue peacock and yellow/golden tones is commendable.

Combine it with black or white and a balanced color palette. Everyone should use the colors they love in their space. However, if you want a masculine room, sometimes the colors are limited.

Fall colors may do the work, but if you still want to add extra oomph, blue hues and a golden accent will elevate the beauty of the place.

The Amber Glow

A bright color like yellow is often accompanied by brown or burgundy hues in a fall color palette. But here in the Amber glow, different tones of yellow - fun yellow, olden amber, gold coast mix with versatile grays.

A beautiful otherwordly palette is created that reminds us of the onset of winter. It is time to bid goodbye to the red leaves and say hello to show and glow.

For weddings, this color scheme would be a huge hit. It s is unique and charming. If you want a fairytale-themed wedding, this color scheme will do you.

Dusty Rose Weddings

color palette fall

A couple of years ago, blush pink came into fashion. It became the color nobody could stop talking about. Dusty rose weddings are inspired by pink. But because it is a fall color palette, we have tweaked it a bit. 

Dusty rose, blush pink, sage green, and forest green create a romantic atmosphere—that's why it is the perfect choice for a quiet and quaint autumn wedding.

However, Just a hint of bronze or copper can make this simplistic palette more dramatic.

Dark Blue Room

autumn color hue

Who said autumn was all about browns? Grey and blue have a way of creating magic. Dark Blue Room's color palette has various blue colors - dark blue, midnight blue, navy blue, and teal blue.

These shades are laced with hints of steel gray and grey. A dark blue room palette can add a luxurious touch to any space. It is also a deadly color combo for a killer outfit.

Grey and blue just go together. The lightness of the palette is why You can also use it in branding because blue is a trustworthy color.

Sunset By The Beach

fall hues

Nothing is more beautiful than the sun setting over the horizon. In Pirates of the Caribbean: At The World's end, there is a scene where the sun sets, and a green light shoots up in the sky.

That's when the pirates return from the land of the dead to the land of the living. Sunset on the beach has all the colors that light up the sky when the sun kisses the horizon.

Burnt orange, orange, peach, midnight blue, grey, and light blue! Most of the times, this color palette has been used by It brands, like Orangescrum or Asana.

Orange and blue combinations create an impact on viewers!

Plum Deliciousness

autumn color palette

The goodness of plum is that it isn't drab, like brown, even though it is a fall color. Plum is one of those berry shades that look stunning when styled right.

It is also a popular lipstick shade during the autumn/ winter season. Plum Deliciousness has colors like oxblood, plum, ocean blue, olive green, and ecru.

It has pretty colors of the season. That can create a a glorious fall wedding. While Dusty Rose Weddings uses lighter colors, Plum Deliciousness isn't afraid to dive into darker shades of the season.

It is a gorgeous color palette for a British/ Victorian themed wedding.

Caramel Rust

fall color palette

Caramel is an underrated color in the fall palette. It isn't given much credit because it isn't used much. So, if you want something out of the box, Caramel Rust is the way to go.

Colors like Mahogany, rust, buttercup, vanilla, and chiffon make this palette look delicious enough to each. The soft colors are best for designing autumn weddings, fall outfits, or even bedrooms.

Looking at this palette feels like having a scoop of butterscotch ice cream with crunchy caramel toppings.

Conclusion: Fall Color Palette

Pumpkins and autumn leaves are often the inspiration behind autumn color palettes. But fall colors are so much more than neutrals. 

We have earthy tones like brown, mahogany, chocolate, dark slate, grey, and terracotta, but there are also lighter tones like dusty rose, caramel, beige, and amber. 

A color palette isn't about what colors are inside the palette. It is about what the colors represent and what feeling they evoke in the viewers.

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