Moodboard Maker

Build a customizable moodboard to evoke the right emotions, integrate ideas, and piece together design elements to create inspirations and set the visual direction for your next project.

Create Useful Moodboards

Kick off any design project with a moodboard. A mood board allows you to collect thoughts, ideas, color schemes and moods in one place and define a coherent design concept without risk of losing sight of the bigger picture.

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How to design a Moodboard?

1. Choose a moodboard template

Browse and select a suitable templates from our vast library of selection.

2. Upload your Images

Fill in relevant images or choose from our libary of stock images.

3. Download and Share

Download your moodboard in jpg or png. Export in various sizes that suit your requirement.

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Impressive Moodboard Matter

Visualize the ideas

Don’t let your ideas go to waste. There is nothing clearer than flashing out in ideas in a moodboard for further analysis and discussion. Add reference images for all stakeholders to get a clearer idea of what is being proposed.

Your version of ‘minimalist’ may not be your teammate’s version of ‘minimalist’. Get everyone on the same page with a mood board.

By spending time creating a detailed moodboard that accurately depicts your design thoughts, you will be able to clarify your objectives and witness the final design taking shape.

Maintain a consistent style

Using OFFEO's branded design, you can create a whole suite of slides that has the same color and style. This maintains a good level of consistency in your presentation materials and is more pleasing to look at.

Define design concept

Kick off any design project with a moodboard. A mood board allows you to collect thoughts, ideas, color schemes and moods in one place and define a coherent design concept without risk of losing sight of the bigger picture.

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FAQs about Social Media Video Maker

How do I create a moodboard with OFFEO?

Register an account with us, browse through a library of free templates and start editing right away. Edit texts, graphics and other design elements to personalized your templates.

Are there other resources available to help me create my moodboard?

OFFEO has partnered with Shutterstock, a renowned stock provider that has millions of assets. Use these stock images, videos and soundtracks to enhance your presentations.

Can I download the moodboard without any watermark?

Yes, all media files exported from OFFEO will not have any watermarks.

What is a good moodboard?

A good moodboard should be balanced. It should contain enough images to convey the desired emotions and experience without overwhelming the viewer with too many elements.

What can I use a moodboard for?

Moodboards facilitate the creative process and determine the final direction of the project. It is especially useful to keep the whole team aligned to a standard style.

What else can I use OFFEO for?

OFFEO is an online short video maker. You can create promos, presentations, intros, social videos, and more.

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