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Create professional videos in minutes using OFFEO. With its drag-and-drop features, you can create engaging content in just minutes. Customize your videos with your brand colors, fonts and logo and use one of our social media video templates to create videos that stands out.

Video Templates

Create instant videos for Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter or any other social media that grabs attention. Get started with one of our professionally designed video templates.

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Super Sales Dance
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Modern Skater

How to make a Video with OFFEO?

1. Choose a video template

Browse and select a suitable templates from our vast library of selection.

2. Upload your Assets

Upload and replace template with your logo or image and watch the magic happens.

3. Customise

Looking to spice the social media video further? OFFEO cloud based, video editing platform allows you to add additional texts or effects easily. Add a soundtrack to complete the video.

Experience video creation with OFFEO

Designed to perform well on any social media platforms

Impressive Videos Matter

Memorable Videos

OFFEO’s online video maker allows you to create great looking videos without any design experience. With designer templates that were optimised for social media, get started easily with a style of your choice.

Attention Grabbing Videos

Grab the attention and hook viewers in the first minute of watching it. Improve the quality of your video videos. Promote videos with texts description captions and pictures at the start and end - and more to engage the eye regardless of which speakers sound or what volume is on.

Create Engaging Short Videos

Video is increasingly popular on social media most especially on the mobile. Entertain your audience and help them achieve your final goals with text CTA's & descriptions.

Experience The Power Of OFFEO

2000+ Designer Templates

Professionally created designer templates for different occasions and marketing campaigns. Simply choose a template you like and customise it easily with our editor. Start designing like a Pro.

3m+ Premium Shutterstock

We partnered with Shutterstock to provide you with the best quality stock images and footage in the world. Use these fantastic visuals in your videos to share great stories.

No Watermark

Create videos freely in OFFEO without any watermarks. Use the media you have created on websites, blogs, social platforms with no limitations.

5000+ Cinema Quality Music

A great music brings out the right mood and emotions to your video. Marry your visuals with a quality soundtrack. Choose from over 5000+ curated soundtracks with more than 30 different themes.

One-Click Animation

Our eyes are naturally attracted to movements. Animate your project in a single click. Instantly transform your static project into an attention-grabbing motion-driven ad.

Remove Background in One-Click

Naturally blend your subject image in any design. Remove unwanted background of your profile, product or logo image our AI background remover tool.

FAQs about Social Media Video Maker

How do I create a video in OFFEO?

Register an account with us, browse through a library of free social media templates and start editing right away. Edit texts, graphics and other design elements to personalized your templates.

Are videos important for social media?

Video content on social media is one of the most powerful tools for engagement. In fact, 86% of people want to see more video from brands and YouTube's algorithm pushes this type first in your feed - it's no wonder why we're all so hooked!

How effective is video content?

Video is a powerful form of content that has gone hand-in-hand with the rise of social media. Many marketers are still not using video as part of their digital marketing strategy or they aren't seeing its best results, but this should change because videos can have an impact on your audience like no other type!

What makes a good social media video?

A successful video communicates to your audience what sets you apart from the competition. A strategic plan is needed for an effective approach, and it should be planned out ahead of time so that goals can be obtained in a timely manner.

What are some social media video tips?

1. Plan your strategy in advance 2. Be a storyteller (People love stories) 3. Make the first few seconds count 4. Quality of the video matters 5. Add Text or Subtitles

What video dimensions are available for social media?

We have social media templates in Full HD, Vertical and Square, you can also customise to any size easily.

Can I download the social media video without any watermark?

Yes, all registered users can download the video in full HD and the video will be exported without any watermarks.

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