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Create that perfect YouTube Thumbnail that invite clicks to your video. Customize from the different templates available and add graphics and texts easily. Design high-quality YouTube Thumbnails effortlessly.

Youtube Thumbnail Templates

Create amazing looking Youtube Thumbnails for your next video. Get started with one of our professionally designed templates.

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How to make a Youtube Thumbnail?

1. Choose a Youtube Thumbnail template

Browse and select a suitable templates from our vast library of selection.

2. Upload your Images and Text

Fill with either text for your slides or upload images to feature a product or subject. A stock library of over 3m+ assets are also available at your disposal to complete your thumbnail.

3. Customise

Not pleased with how it looks? OFFEO’s cloud-based, video editing platform allows you to make changes to sizes, shapes, color and more.

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Youtube Thumbnails Make the First Impression

Bait that Click

A video thumbnail is equally as important as your video title if you are trying to gain attention from viewers. Start designing from one of our templates to create that eye-catching design that you are going for. Cycle through different designs for different videos to keep your content fresh.

Customise your own design

OFFEO has a wide variety of tools to help you create your perfect Youtube Thumbnail. It's easy to work around the drag-and-drop interface to build your unique Youtube thumbnail. You will also be equipped with more than 3m+ assets from Shutterstock to help you with images.

Optimized for Youtube

Thumbnails you create in OFFEO can fulfill these click-worthy requirements.

Youtube thumbnails should be in 1280x720 pixels. You should have large bolded text and bright, contrasting colors. Use emojis and human portraits to evoke emotion.

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2000+ Designer Templates

Professionally created designer templates for different occasions and marketing campaigns. Simply choose a template you like and customise it easily with our editor. Start designing like a Pro.

3m+ Premium Shutterstock

We partnered with Shutterstock to provide you with the best quality stock images and footage in the world. Use these fantastic visuals in your videos to share great stories.

No Watermark

Create videos freely in OFFEO without any watermarks. Use the media you have created on websites, blogs, social platforms with no limitations.

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A great music brings out the right mood and emotions to your video. Marry your visuals with a quality soundtrack. Choose from over 5000+ curated soundtracks with more than 30 different themes.

One-Click Animation

Our eyes are naturally attracted to movements. Animate your project in a single click. Instantly transform your static project into an attention-grabbing motion-driven ad.

Remove Background in One-Click

Naturally blend your subject image in any design. Remove unwanted background of your profile, product or logo image our AI background remover tool.

FAQs about Social Media Video Maker

How to make a YouTube thumbnail?

Using OFFEO's Youtube Thumbnail maker, creating thumbnails is really easy. Simply change the text to your video title, tweak the colors a little and the thumbnail is ready to use.

What size should my YouTube thumbnail be?

The best size for a YouTube thumbnail is 1280x720.

Can I download the thumbnail without any watermark?

All media files downloaded from OFFEO do not have any watermarks and are ready to use for social media platforms.

Can I use the thumbnails created in OFFEO for other purposes?

Yes. Images exported from OFFEO belong to you and you can freely use them on websites, blogs, ads, and social media platforms. Resize your Youtube thumbnail using OFFEO's smart resize tool to repurpose your thumbnail to other sizes that are suitable for other platforms.

What should I look out for when creating my Youtube Thumbnail?

- Choose bold, legible font for your title. -Have bright and contrasting colors that can attract attention. - Use emoticons and human portraits to evoke emotion. - Use a consistent style for all your thumbnails to make your videos recognizable easily.

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