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Download unlimited videos from TikTok for free in video and audio formats in your preferred video quality (SD or HD). No registration or software needed, all you need is to grab the URL of the facebook video and paste it to the search bar.

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Paste the link of your favorite TikTok video below and download it for with our Tiktok Convertor.

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Step-by-step guide on how to download your TikTok videos to MP4.

OFFEO’s free TikTok to Mp4 Video converter allows you to download your preferred videos in MP4 to your device. Keep your videos or edit them with OFFEO Online Video Editor to add special effects, overlays and animation in them.

  1. Copy the URL of the TikTok Video that you want to download.

    Copy TikTok URL TikTok to mp4 converter
  2. Paste the link into OFFEO’s TikTok Video as MP4 tool and click “Convert Video”.

    Paste URL and Download
  3. Choose from the options of the different formats and click “Download”.

    Choose MP4 and correct size

Freqently asked questions on downloading videos from Facebook

1. How to convert TikTok video to MP4?

Copy the URL of your TikTok video, paste it on OFFEO’s TikTok to Mp4 Downloader and save the video in your preferred format.

2. What are the formats that I can download my TikTok Videos?

You can download TikTok videos into three formats: 1. MP4, 2. Mp3 (Audio) and 3. Mp4 without Audio (mute version)

3. How can I download videos from TikTok for free?

Using OFFEO’s TikTok to mp4 converter you can download unlimited TikTok videos for free without any charge or signups! 

4. How to save a TikTok video to phone?

You can save a TikTok video to any device including Android, iPhone (ios), Windows, and even a Mac. Just input the URL of the TikTok video above to the address bar and hit download.

5. How do I download a 1080p TikTok video?

Once you have added the URL to the search bar above, click “Download” and select 1080 P from the quality column. You have different choices given so that you can select from 240p to 1080p.

6. What is the best TikTok video downloader?

There are quite a few options when it comes to saving TikTok videos to your device. OFFEO is definitely one of the best that you can rely on and even take it a step further by using the platform to edit your videos.

7. Where are TikTok videos saved after being downloaded?

All downloaded videos are saved directly to your device. Depending on your browser it could be set to Downloads or some other folder.

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