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Create education videos that help teach key points to your students. Start with professionally created templates and customize them to your preference. No design experience is required.

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Create promos and run ads for Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter or any other social media. Get started with one of our professionally designed video templates.

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How to make a Promo Video with OFFEO?

1. Choose a promo video template

Browse and select a suitable templates from our vast library of selection.

2. Upload your Assets

Upload your product images into your selected design or select from our Shutterstock library with millions of choices.

3. Customise

Creating educational videos is made easy with OFFEO’s drag-and-drop interface. Add and edit stock images, graphics and animation to your videos to touch on important pointers.

4. Save it as an image or video

The great-looking visuals can be saved as an image to be used for presentation or exported as a video to be played. Content exported out does not have a watermark and is ready to be used for classes.

Experience video creation with OFFEO

Designed to perform well on any social media platforms

Videos capture student’s attention

Spice up classes with video content

For students that has a shorter attention span, switching up your teaching content from one medium to another can help with your students absorbing the material.

Visual learners can benefit from video content

Videos are a great way to allow students to review the material at a later date while retaining all the important points that you wish to highlight. It appeals to visual learners that can greatly benefit from this medium.

Looking good helps with memory retention

With ready-made templates to help you get started, teaching never looked better. It doesn't hurt to have something good to look at during the learning process. Just like how legible fonts are great for absorbing, videos engage students better in the classroom.

Experience The Power Of OFFEO

2000+ Designer Templates

Professionally created designer templates for different occasions and marketing campaigns. Simply choose a template you like and customise it easily with our editor. Start designing like a Pro.

3m+ Premium Shutterstock

We partnered with Shutterstock to provide you with the best quality stock images and footage in the world. Use these fantastic visuals in your videos to share great stories.

No Watermark

Create videos freely in OFFEO without any watermarks. Use the media you have created on websites, blogs, social platforms with no limitations.

5000+ Cinema Quality Music

A great music brings out the right mood and emotions to your video. Marry your visuals with a quality soundtrack. Choose from over 5000+ curated soundtracks with more than 30 different themes.

One-Click Animation

Our eyes are naturally attracted to movements. Animate your project in a single click. Instantly transform your static project into an attention-grabbing motion-driven ad.

Remove Background in One-Click

Naturally blend your subject image in any design. Remove unwanted background of your profile, product or logo image our AI background remover tool.

FAQs about Social Media Video Maker

What's the maximum duration that I can export?

A maximum of 3 minutes. Try to keep your content bite-sized so it's easier for your students to absorb.

Does the videos come with a watermark?

No. Videos exported from OFFEO do not come with a watermark. You also have unlimited downloads.

What makes a good educational video?

Keep videos brief and targeted on learning goals. Use audio, visual elements to convey appropriate parts in an explanation; consider how these aspects work well together rather than being redundant or boring when used individually. Signal important ideas/concepts with verbal cues while also enhancing engagement through conversational speaking patterns.

How to make an educational video?

Select one of our ready-to-use templates, edit and customize to animate your video & messaging. Download the video in your preferred format using OFFEO.

What is the best app for making educational videos?

OFFEO is one of the best apps to make short educational videos, considering its pricing and ease-to-use.

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