Crello Alternatives : OFFEO vs Crello

A review between two graphic design online software that helps you decide which is the better alternative for your use-case.

A Comparison

OFFEO and Crello are two online design platform alternatives for online marketers and designers to ease their workflow. OFFEO is created by a team of dedicated designers who believed that everyone should be able to create short videos without burning a hole in their wallet. Comparatively, Crello has been around for 4 years and has moved towards mobile applications with their software. Which is better for you? We dug deep into both tools to list out the key comparisons between the two products to help you make a decision on which is better for your use case.

TLDR: A table summary of the key deciding factors





$19/mth or $169/year
One simple pricing plan that offers you every available feature. Unlimited projects and exports means you don’t have to keep a mental count whenever you export a video or image.
Premium price is $10/mth. Crello provides great value for a graphic design tool. It has great features for a $10 price point. However, it lacks in the aspect of video creation. There are no timing adjustments for your elements and anything you add onto the canvas will show immediately and infinite loops for the whole duration.


OFFEO gives users the choice to animate in, out and continuously for everything.
Duration of animation can also be adjusted for extra appeal.
Animations are non-customizable and of a fixed duration.

Graphic Assets

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Use Case

Main Use Case

OFFEO’s main use case is short videos. It has a cap of 3 minutes in its video creations and is thus not suitable for video editing or longer format videos. It is possible to also create graphic posters and GIFs in OFFEO.

Crello’s focus is on social graphics. It is suitable for beginners that don’t require much customisation to their designs.

Ease of Use

OFFEO has a moderate learning curve. With a freedom to customize much more than other design platforms, it can be intimidating to see the added options. However, the platform is brilliantly created and intuitive to pick up. The learning curve is worth it to overcome greater control over designs.

Crello has a gentle learning curve. The options to customize assets are slightly limited but good to use if you have all the available assets by your side to slap it onto the canvas. You can also apply simple animation to your designs although advanced customizations are limited.  


Screenshot of offeo’s templates

Both OFFEO and Crello have thousands of templates to choose from.

Crello has the advantage here boasting around 30,000 templates.

Be spoilt for choices and search for great templates with both platforms.

Design Assets

OFFEO creates its own design assets. Find stickers, animated graphics, CTA and more. Having this arsenal definitely opens up more options to help you achieve your perfect design.

Screenshot of offeo’s graphics pack

Crello has a set of their own animated graphics. It would have been better if edits like adjustments and additional effects (blur, shadows, etc.) can be performed to these graphics like OFFEO can.

One Unique Feature

OFFEO has a one-click animation tool. It animates your whole design in one single click. Shuffle between animation types to achieve a different look.

Crello has a function that allows you to add an image or video mask to your text. It’s a really cool way to design things this way although that means the text can’t be animated.


OFFEO is priced at $19/month for unlimited videos, images and GIF downloads. There’s also no cap on projects made so you can truly create freely.

Crello is priced at $8/month.

In Conclusion

With extra customizations come with a steeper learning curve. OFFEO has more to offer than Crello. It, however, takes a tad more time to pick up. If you are looking to create something in the long term, having more tools and control definitely works towards your favor.

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