20 Captivating Gradient Color Palettes

November 11, 2021

Are color gradients the new black?

We all know that colors can express mood and feeling. Yellow conveys happiness. Black looks sophisticated. A brand or advertisement traditionally sticks to solid colors to allow instant association with their consumers. Can you recall the brand color of Coke, McDonald’s and Milo? Full marks for you.

So where do color gradients come in the picture? Usage of color gradients existed decades ago by painters and graffiti artists. It took a viral stance when Instagram changed its logo in 2016.

Have you ever felt calm yet vexed at the same time? Well, maybe not. Having a gradient of colors does not necessarily bring out two conflicting emotions. Just like the northern lights, it’s memorable, fascinating and fun.

One thing’s for sure, the ever-growing number of apps and brands won’t stop any time soon. Consider incorporating gradients in your content to stand out from the clutter.

#1 – Candies Be Love

#00B09B #96C93D

Candies Be Love is a greenish color palette that progresses towards yellow. It can come in handy while packaging your newest products or designing a project. This color palette is calming, attractive and will make the audience go ga-ga.

#2 – Easy Med

#DCE35B #45B649

Easy med starts where Candies be love left off. It begins from yellow and progresses towards green, meaning the color palette for this is green and yellow. But the corresponding gradient palette Easy Med. Like the other palette, this can be a perfect way to design the gradient background for your website. Or you can use it in packaging, app designing as well as in printing.

#3 – Limade Cooler


Kinase Cooler is one of the most beautiful color palettes. It has muted sage green and lime yellow that blend with each other. It has a classy but fun appeal. You can use it to create graphics for your next design project or get creative with it.

#4 – Cinnamint Flavour


Cinnamint Flavour is known for its dangerous blue-green hues. The gradient design gives it a 3D quality. The blueish-green melts into white. It’s perfect for designers who are looking for a pastel gradient palette.

#5 – Maldives Holiday


Maldives Holiday is the symbol of the turquoise blue waters of the ocean. The best way to use this color palette is to use it for a travel website or a logo. Blue color instills trust, and Maldives Holiday has all the blue you need to attract your audience.

#6 – Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

#007991 #78FFD6

Chitty Chitty Bang bang is a darker variation of Cinnamist Flavour. The various styles of gradient palettes maybe two primary colors, but if you get creative enough, you can create an amazing palette. Here, among the RGB – Blue and green are present. It is suitable for designing a logo because it has a deep shade of blue, but the gradient gives it enough depth.

#7 – Blue Skies

#56CCF2 #2F80ED

Blue skies color palette has stolen all the colors of the sky! It has a strong blue influence that progresses all over. For UI design, you can use this palette or save it for your next Business card collection.

#8 – Visions of Grandeur

#000046 #1CB5E0

Visions of grandeur has the famous palette used by many popular websites. This gradient palette is a cool mix of blues. You can easily use it for your web site or create an amazing background with this.

#9 – Black Rose

#F4C4F3 #FC67FG

Black rose is all about sweet lavender colors. The sweet pink and purple mix creates a fantastic effect. It’s a graphic delight to watch this palette. Use it for cosmetic product packaging or branding.

#10 – Azure Pop

#EF32D9 #89FFFD

Azure Pop is a blend of purple and blue. Purple is often used for a pop of color in color palettes. Here, however, it generates a depth. Even Instagram used a color gradient close to this.

#11 – Fused Passion

#800080 #FFC0CB

Fused passion is a tad bit different than the other gradient palettes in the list. It has a warmer tone that is appealing. Fused passion has elegant colors for revamping your branding.

#12 – Purpink

#7F00FF #E100FF

Purpink is a close oxymoron for purple and pink. This is one of the most popular gradient color palettes. That’s why brands like even Tinder use it. A hot pink replaces the slight pink. But it closely resembles the logo of the famous dating app.

#13 – Cosmic Universe

#FF00CC #333399

The Cosmic universe is a darker shade gradient palette. It has purple and violet. Walk logo uses the exact color gradient for its logo. You can use it as a dark background for the site.

#14 – Roseanna


Roseanna is a muted gradient variation of Adam’s logo. While Adam’s logo has brighter and warmer orange and pink, the colors here are a bit muted. But the pastel//ashy quality makes Roseanna a perfect palette for beauty/wellness brands or even tech companies

#15 – Is it Ripe Yet?

#FC4A1A #F7B733

We all remember the Firefox logo of the Fox burning. Is it ripe yet is the palette with all warm tones. It has a deep summer feel to it. You can use it for all purposes – packaging, branding, logo design, or even prints. It’s an excellent background for both light and dark text or forefront.

#16 – One Over the Hill


One over the hill is a peachy variation of Is it ripe yet. The pastel colors in the gradient exude an energetic vibe. Orange has that tendency. Fitness influencers or brands can use it to create exciting content, like an outfit, background, product design, etc.

#17 – Healthy Corals

#FF9966 #FF5E62

Healthy Corals will remind you of Moana. It reflects the vibrant colors of corals—definitely a gorgeous background for websites. Or you can also use it in normal pictures like we have. Whatever suits you.

#18 – AB+

#F85032 #E73827

This palette is closely similar to Healthy Corals. However, it is a shade darker. The color progress is subtle. A tiny tweak in the palette can change the way it looks. Solpak drunk’s logo is similar to Weekend.com’s app logo. But the only slight difference is Solpak is a bit bright and has more yellow undertones.

#19 – Kimono

#EE0979 #FF6A00

The kimono is a strange mix of orange and pink. Nobody would have ever imagined these two colors would go together until it became a gradient. It vaguely resembles the Instagram 2016 logo.

#20 – Not 50 Shades

#BDC3C7 #2C3E50

Not fifty shades is a minimalistic color gradient. It is full of greys and white. If you are looking for a luxurious and minimalistic style, this color palette will fit your needs. Not 50 shades have more than 50 shades of greys.

What are the uses of a Gradient color palette?

The use of gradient color palette is pretty limited. But it has been a trend for some time now, and brands are hopping in to use it as much as they can. Soon there will be more creative ways to use it. But here are few uses of gradient palettes –


Creating a brand color palette may be a challenging task, but the gradient is an easy and unique idea. Mr. Hugo is a handy Instagram account that shares beautiful color palettes and their corresponding gradient palettes with hex codes. You can visit this account for more ideas on how to use gradient palettes for branding. It can be used in logo design, product design, and even packaging.


In printing, the true charm of gradient palettes can be discovered. It can be used to print business cards, book covers, and posters. You can use simple pale background and only use the gradient as an accent, or you can do it the other way around. However, to generate a gradient palette for your brand, you need to use a color picker and try out various swatches before deciding anything.


The gradient palette is the hit color trend right now in the world. All companies, big and small, want to stand out, and that’s why they want to explore new trends that would set them apart from the rest. Hope the list curated with hex code helped you out. It is the best tool to create short videos or ads for your brands. Whether you want to create a gradient background for your website or a feature product video, OFFEO can produce exciting short videos within minutes. Do you want to make a product or a promo video with gradient colors? Sign up now and it will take only minutes to get your video done!

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