Wedding Color Palette

April 20, 2023

The colors of your wedding have a significant impact on the feel and design of your day. 

The decisions you make about them will help drive the visual components of your day and ensure everything looks on-theme and cohesive. 

This is why selecting these colors should be one of the first things a bride does when planning her event before deciding what floral arrangements she wants or which linens to buy.

After all, understanding color sets an essential foundation on which other elements can stand out in contrast while remaining coherent with each other, thanks to their complementary nature.

You want to make sure all colors work well together, so it's good to follow basic design rules when selecting your palette. 

One solid direction is choosing one or two primary hues and then picking out a secondary color for support (one should be neutral).

As with any significant event, colors matter, if you're looking for inspiration for your wedding day, look no further than the venue or season of celebration and choose a color. 

For example, if you are getting married in the fall, when leaves transform into warm rusts, consider pairing these earthy tones with deep jewel tones like maroon, emerald green, burnt orange, and purple hues!

Many brides begin the planning process thinking about their favorite color but what's more important is considering other aspects of weddings such as decorating around themes or seasons. 

Planning your wedding colors can be a daunting task. We've gathered an exhaustive collection of color palettes that real couples integrated into their own big days to help you find inspiration and guide your design decisions as you plan yours!

Choosing a Wedding Color Palette or Theme

Before diving into specific wedding color palette ideas, it's essential to consider the factors that can guide your selection. 

A cohesive theme is at the heart of a stunning wedding, and according to wed2b, there are three key aspects to consider:

The Season

Your wedding's time of year can significantly impact your color choices. Summer hues may not be suitable for an autumn wedding, so it's crucial to research which combinations work best for your wedding season.

The Aesthetic of the Venue

Your color palette should complement your venue. If you're uncertain about your theme, consider basing it around the venue's aesthetic.

Consult with the venue hosts for color or style recommendations, and draw inspiration from past weddings held at the location.

Personal Choices

Ultimately, choose a color palette or theme that you genuinely love. This is your special day; you should surround yourself with colors and styles that bring you joy. 

Discuss your preferences with the venue or your wedding planner to incorporate tasteful elements to enhance your wedding's overall look.

Wedding Color Palettes

Sugar Rouge

Sugar Rouge

Purple has always been associated with royalty due to its aristocratic heritage. 

At the same time, professional caterers often use dark reds because they provide an elegant backdrop on which you can showcase food in wedding color palettes. 

The deep shade will also help create drama when coupled with other lighter tones or whites against black backgrounds, such as at tablescapes. 

With rich purples and maroons as your colors for flowers, decor, and more this fall season, from bridesmaid dresses to dessert tables - deck everything out in these bold hues for wedding inspiration!

North Willow

North Willow

Fall is a great time to tie your color scheme together with green. In this fall wedding color palette, you can use shades of pink, black and white accents for an elegant yet natural feel.

Incorporating pink flowers such as roses or peonies would add just enough romance while still being on theme! 

Black lace detail around tables could evoke feelings about what lies ahead after marriage ends (perhaps making them feel more connected during their vows). 

Finally, white textiles provide a fresh canvas to showcase these gorgeous shades without overwhelming guests' eyesight. If you want something straight out of a dream, this is the perfect wedding color palette.

Blue Elixir

Blue Elixir

The color light blue and gold are classic colors that work well together and are among the beautiful wedding color palettes. 

Blue is calming, cool, and can stand out depending on the shade, while gold has a commanding presence that may suit your style better if you want to create an elegant setting for guests.

If feeling nautical is your vibe, then go with all of these plus more navy blue shades. 

However, if looking to be subdued, deep blues alongside metallic hues of copper/golden browns are also available!

Use a few shades of blue to create an eclectic and cohesive color palette for your wedding.

Metallic gold can serve as the perfect accent shade, with beige tones tying everything together seamlessly for the wedding color theme. 

Pair them with ivory - a classic and versatile color for making your dream day come true!

Earthy Exuberance

Earthy Exuberance

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You love nature and want to bring that earthy vibe into your wedding color palette. 

You're in for a treat with these browns and greens—it will be like being surrounded by luscious trees or a forest floor on the day of your nuptials! 

The colors are rich enough without feeling too dark; just add some yellow accents here and there to create an inviting atmosphere. 

You adore natural settings, so it's no surprise that green is one of your favorite shades (and also happens to go well with any color aesthetic). 

Brown compliments beautifully but may feel slightly more sophisticated than a sunny yellow would do. 

This is the perfect wedding color palette if you're looking for something elegant yet simple. People won't forget this outdoor affair anytime soon with both colors. 

So, go ahead and use this wedding color scheme if you are one of the fans of nature.

Magenta Blossom

Magenta Blossom

Deep, magenta hues look terrific against the warm colors of gold and eucalyptus in your wedding celebration. 

Typical green tones will be prevalent at weddings throughout 2021. 

This year's jewel tone is deep reds, contrasted by the neat shade of sage green that makes for an elegant display on all corners, from centerpieces to accents like candles or flowers.

A large variety of greenery provides a lush feel while also adding some earthiness which contrasts nicely with the more luxurious aspects such as table cloths and antique china settings!

So, if you want to have a wedding color scheme that will luxuriously elevate your wedding party, go for this magenta and sage green wedding color palette.

Romantic Sprinkles

Romantic Sprinkles

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For a romantic wedding, yet different from the norm, use colors on the pink spectrum. 

Solid and pastel pinks like blush pink and dusty rose are easy to use because they create an enticing contrast with brighter hues in floral arrangements. 

Add texture to your wedding decor by incorporating darker details like lace or velvet textures for table runners or accent pieces. 

Pastels and solid shades will be great options if you want an overall soft look without being too bright or overwhelming with so many decorations in one place. 

This could be among the best fall wedding colors and the most romantic fall wedding color palette.

Tangerine Outburst

Tangerine Outburst

Orange, red, and tan combine to create a lovely backdrop for weddings in any season. 

Pairing these colors together is an unexpected yet elegant choice of a wedding color palette that will bring brightness, warmth, and style into the ceremony space. 

For those seeking something less expected but still sophisticated on their wedding day, the color scheme tries orange (saturated) paired with tans or browns (subdued). 

If you want to add some special touches without going overboard on the decor or having it feel too busy, have cake decorations with flowers from the outside world during your big day! 

This look is perfect if you want to brighten your celebration while keeping it traditional at heart for the wedding day.

Gold Rush

Gold Rush
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Gold is the perfect color for a wedding, and it can make your special day feel truly regal. 

You'll want to take inspiration from anything gold, including flowers in an arrangement or table decor at your reception. 

Gold also has an air of royalty that makes your wedding look more spectacular than ever! Gold has you covered in table decor and flowers but from candles. 

Consider using gold accents on everything from linens to cake frosting, so guests feel like they're attending something special. 

The possibilities are endless with gold as they give off such beautiful tones both during daylight hours or when lit up by candlelight for evening celebrations. 

Though gold is prominent in this wedding color palette, it is combined with brown, a warm, deep tone neutral and makes an ideal combination for your wedding color palette.

Pink and Panther

Pink and Panther

We mostly tend to look down on black as a wedding color or our wedding color palette as wedding color trends don't quite follow black as wedding inspiration. 

However, black is an elegant and chic option that can add variety to a wedding color scheme with some soft pink and oranges! 

This is one of the unusual color combinations that spark visual interest and can make your wedding party memorable.

Include colors like black and pink in your wedding palette. 

It could be in the wedding decor, the wedding cake, cards, tablecloths, floral arrangements, and wedding napkins that will finally give the soft meets strong impact of wedding themes.

Berry Coral Dreams

Berry Coral Dreams

These coral and berry wedding color palettes full of luxury will make your springtime reception even more glamorous. 

Consider the flowers as well — wood slices and moss featured in this arrangement have elegant femininity that stands out from the berry color. 

This wedding color palette is sophisticated enough for different wedding themes seen on runways this season! 

This coral-and-berry color palette exudes femininity and elegance with a touch of sophistication. These are excellent spring wedding colors that you can use in your wedding.

Sunny Lavender

Sunny Lavender

This color palette is Infused with the colors of spring that will make your wedding feel magical. 

Lavender and sky blue are always an excellent choice for brides that love these hues; pale yellow is also a wonderful color to use! 

Make sure you incorporate such vibrant shades throughout the day, from tablecloths to bouquets — help highlight all those unique qualities found in this time of year. 

If it's not too demanding on your budget, try adding other touches like personalizing ceremony programs or showcasing guestbook entries at your reception tables.

This way, your friends and family can share their favorite memories through written words before saying goodbye on what was undoubtedly one extraordinary evening!

Lovely Lavender

Lovely Lavender

Lavender and gold have the perfect balance of richness, drama, and elegance. 

Lavender tones and shimmery details mixed with rich colors create a perfect palette for your wedding. Add sequins and gold-colored silverware for extra personality. 

The play of rich, bold colors against delicate floral motifs creates an inviting space perfect for making each guest feel special! 

A loose bouquet made from flowers in shades of purple combined with foliage in different hues will impress all your guests. 

Meanwhile, trailing ribbons add textural interest as they fall around bridesmaid dresses in plum chiffon long columns. 

You can stylishly decorate the table settings with iced marbled fondant and thickly clustered flower centerpieces for an extra pop!

Color Me Red

Color Me Red

What color do you think of when thinking about love? Red, right? This is because it is the traditional Valentine's Day color! 

Bold and beautiful, red can be that one vibrant color. Rather than using just red for your wedding day, look at incorporating other shades: from crimson to burgundy, for your floral arrangements or table settings. 

From wine-colored linens to ruby tones centerpieces, everything goes off-the-beaten-path this holiday season with dimension and texture achieved by combining winter blooms in similar hues.

Shimmer Classic

Shimmer Classic

Your winter wedding will be a stunning affair when you incorporate gold, black and white. 

These colors are often used as accents in other schemes but steal the show when combined to create this beautiful scheme for winter weddings. 

There are few more dazzling winter nuptial colors than stark black or gold accented with snow-white linens. 

The delicate and muted tones of the winter season's colors are perfect for a wedding. The subdued shades, like golds, whites, and blacks, make for an incredibly gorgeous color palette that will look incredible in pictures! 

Black and gold are the perfect way to create a strong visual impact for any event. 

Whether it be high-class drama or just loads of glamour, these two colors together create an elegant mood that guests will love being in. 

The white flowers in the wedding Décor, like lilies and orchids, are also striking against black or white sequined tablecloths or runners; they can help you achieve either look with ease!

Christmas Mix

Christmas Mix

As the calendar flips to December, we’re reminded of all that is magical about winter: snow-covered pine trees and twinkling Christmas lights. 

But as much as people love warm colors like reds and greens for the holiday season, they can be difficult when decorating your winter wedding using this color palette. 

Red is lively and vibrant, while green provides contrast as it's more subtle in tone. 

The two colors are charming when they're next to each other, and you can use them for simple accent details in your decorating scheme! 

There's nothing better than a color combo that is both bold and complementary with simple details to accentuate it!

Warm Blanket

Warm Blanket

If you are ready to get married in a barn, this wedding color scheme is perfect. We presume you might have got some barn wedding invitations earlier. 

Some barns still have space for receptions in the winter, so choose late harvest colors to add depth and interest. 

Mix different textures with greenery or flowers as accents for a more sophisticated look without the bright color. 

We recommend mixing textures like velvet chairs with silk tablecloths for a luxurious touch or incorporating black accents that give off a more formal look in the wedding decor. 

This year's favorite trend of chic neutrals doesn't mean there are no options available for those looking to get married during colder months. 

Imagine having an intimate ceremony surrounded by trees at dusk followed by cocktails on richly hued furniture under dim lights while wearing warm woolen sweaters against icy winds blowing outside. 

This type of venue offers warmth without sacrificing style, and the wedding color palette gives you a sense of calm and warmth!

Golden Prairie

Golden Prairie

Who says a Summertime wedding has to be all about turquoise and pink? In this wedding color palette, we can see beautiful wedding colors of emerald green and gold. 

Emeralds are the new blue, so why not incorporate them into your big day for an unexpected twist! 

Guests are sure to love these bold shades that evoke royalty more than any other palette option out there right now. 

The emerald napkins paired with elegant golden utensils create an eye-catching combo. 

At the same time, lush greenery brings this royal theme together beautifully and will welcome guests into their regal reception space like never before.

Garden of Love

Garden of Love

Pink, grey, and ivory are a great color combination for the bride that wants to have pastel shades but still incorporate neutral tones. 

This wedding color palette is perfect if you're looking for something soft yet romantic at your wedding! Pink and gray are two colors that complement each other well. 

There is a softness to these shades — giving them an airy feel which can be utilized in the same way for your wedding or relationship. 

The addition of ivory brings this color palette together as its complementary third tone for any bride looking to have a traditional romantic look at their ceremony!

Peach Mint

Peach Mint

One of the most popular wedding colors has been mint green, and it's easy to see why! 

Mint is a cool pastel color that pairs well with any other shade. It looks charming when paired with gold: both matte and sparkly varieties will work equally nicely. 

A great way to use this combination would be at an outdoor wedding. This way, you can give your guests those warm fuzzy feelings while still being able to show off some hints of springtime.

You can spread peach or apricot hues on flowers throughout the event space. These complementary shades of mint, gold, and peach create one gorgeous rustic "spring" wedding color palette perfect for all seasons.

 Tell your wedding planner you want these colors if you want a beach wedding and see how it works magically.

Autumn Tale

Autumn Tale

Burnt Orange and gold are perfect autumn wedding colors. Take a walk through the pumpkin patch and create centerpieces with burnt orange color flowers, pumpkins, faux autumn leaves, and gold candlesticks! 

All these colors are complimentary on an Autumn wonderland table which will delight guests! This is perfect for chic vintage brides that love autumn weddings.

As Blue as The Sea

As Blue as The Sea

You can create a tranquil, serene ambiance for your winter wedding with the help of some peaceful blues. 

Everything from tablecloths to candles can be dusty blue, making this color versatile no matter the season or time you get married! 

Use white flowers, bridesmaids in dusty blue dresses, and some reassuring candlelight at dusk with hazy details. 

The cool tone of these colors will set an invigorating mood at this intimate affair as couples exchange vows amidst a backdrop of snowflakes falling from above. 

Try different blues, from sky blue to dusty blue, and accent it with some ivory and navy blue to set all eyes on your wedding color theme!

Lovely Lavender

Lovely Lavender

The hot colors for 2022 weddings are Lilac and lavender. The easiest way to incorporate these two light purple tones into your wedding is through arrangements like bouquets, centerpieces, or other décor items at your event. 

Alternate between using lilac and lavender so that you can create a multidimensional effect with just one color palette! 

These pastel tones can work well with other pale hues like mint green, yellow, or bubblegum pink for a whimsical color palette that is fresh but not too light.

Frosty and Fabulous

Frosty and Fabulous

This winter, get your wedding ice-ready! Choose from a range of cold but warm shades for your theme — silver and blue are perfect choices for the winter wedding. 

Add some white snowflakes to give an icy touch, and enjoy the cool temperatures outside while staying cozy inside by selecting these colors that mimic true beauty in this wonderland season. 

Mixing silver with an icy blue will create a modern take on the classic princess wedding palette.

Dressing your maids in sequins and gents in grey tuxedos is just one way to bring out these shades while keeping everything monochromatic white for flowers (adding subtle bits of color like thistle, brunia, or miller).

Charger plates rimmed with mercury glass are another good option--alongside other crystal details such as embellished or silver cake stands and more!

Beachy Vibes

Beachy Vibes

For those looking for a unique beach wedding theme, a color combination of pink and blue may be the perfect fit. 

This way, two shades of pink will play off each other, and the turquoise and sky blue mimic the ocean below. 

The colors should reflect the scenery and take inspiration from nature, such as blue ocean water or tropical flowers like hibiscus in warm pink tones that can match sunsets with their light pinks reflecting off the sky's turquoise hue. 

This wedding color palette is the right amount of pop without being too overpowering and is one of the best for those looking for blue wedding inspiration.



Orange is the color of happiness and warmth. Although it may not be everyone's favorite, you can make orange work by combining it with other colors to create a unique wedding scheme perfect for all seasons. 

Combining this with goldenrod yellow and white creates a bright color scheme that will please any bride who loves summery colors like these! 

If you don't love brightly colored flowers or if they're not your wedding style, burnt oranges and deep reds also look great paired together. 

These shades will give an autumnal feel without sticking strictly to fall tones! Throughout your wedding planning, vibrant colors like this will attract the eye of the guests, whether it be summer weddings or spring weddings.

These were 25 wedding color palettes that we have curated for you, which are trendy wedding season color palettes. 

FAQs: Wedding color palette

We will answer some of the most asked questions about wedding color schemes.

How do I choose a color palette for my wedding?

Your wedding colors bring the event together, so choosing them wisely is essential. You can follow the steps below to make it easier for you.

  1. Your base color will be the one that is used most prominently throughout your day-to-day life as a married couple, and you can't build a full-color palette without it. 
  2. Think about complementary accent colors for dimension and variation in decoration or clothing choices on this big day; two or three should do well depending on how many days of celebration there are planned. 
  3. Visualize what type of venue surrounds where the event is taking place so that you can pick appropriate hues. 
  4. Sometimes if you're confused with your wedding color palette, think of some wedding colors that will look good in the season you will get married in. 
  5. You can also consider your favorite colors or colors that suit you best according to your skin tone and pick outfits and, later on, wedding colors and palettes accordingly. 
  6. If you are still stuck with using and selecting multiple colors, you can create a wedding color palette that is monochromatic and modern that is ombre-inspired.

What are popular colors for a wedding?

  • Dark blue remains the most popular wedding color, but there are some alternatives that you might want to consider. 
  • Navy is an excellent choice because it's not too dark or bright and goes with any season or style of event. 
  • Ivory and champagne are versatile neutrals that can be used in almost every setting, from a romantic winter wonderland celebration to a casual backyard barbecue at home on the beach! 
  • White is great, too - there are so many beautiful textures in your event decor when using pure white as your theme color. 
  • Burgundy works beautifully with dark green and brown.
  • Light pink looks wonderful against rich gold-toned hues like sienna, copper & taupe;
  • Grey pairs nicely with lavender and light yellow. Wedding color palettes keep changing every year and keep up with the trend. You need to know the hit colors of the season.

What are the bestwedding colors for 2022?

Some of the hottest color combinations for weddings in 2022 are dusty blue and blush, sage green, and cream. 

Dusty blue is cool yet calming; it also works with various backgrounds. 

Sage green has been popular for some time now because you can pair it with any season - including winter, which seems to have become much more accepted over recent years among couples who like rustic details at their wedding. 

Both colors share an ability to offset almost anything else they're combined or contrasted against: flowers, décor pieces such as vintage mirrors framed in burlap ribbons on linen-covered tables. 

Lilac and lavender are two different hues of purple, but this trend hasn't gone away just yet! Light gray and gold, a combination that is favored by both elegant outdoor brides and modern industrial style brides. 

Black-and-white may be an old hat, but it's still the perfect color combo for any season; just change up your colors with light grays or darker blacks, depending on what mood you're trying to set! 

Green is about to take on a whole new persona in the upcoming year. With hues of avocado and pistachio green coming into focus, there are bright colors like fuchsia and teal that make it seem like anything can happen at your wedding! 

Mid-range greens such as olive green may remind you of the past. At the same time, papaya orange brings updated citrus tones that feel punchy yet understated with ways to go minimalistic without feeling too traditionalist. 

Expect fuchsia, yellow, teal blue, and bright red in every corner. Minimalistic yet bohemian neutrals are here to stay with this new wave. 

However, they'll be relegated only to accent pieces like napkins or tablecloths rather than being used throughout an entire event space.

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