20 Nature Inspired Rustic Color Palettes | Rustic Color Schemes

November 11, 2021

Imagine looking through a sepia-filtered image or an old-fashioned, black and white photograph and feeling a sense of nostalgia run through your body. This warm and fuzzy sensation is a general effect of rustic color palettes, largely thanks to their vintage look.

Though several people find rustic shades too rough around the edges, this has nevertheless been a popular theme used in parties, wedding receptions, restaurant interiors, and even homes.

A rustic design primarily makes use of greeneries, metal accents, and a lot of wood. Antique items, such as traditional cars and cameras, are also a staple in these settings. These pieces not only add much-needed appeal to the overall design but also help bring remnants of the past back into the present. The result is a rugged and robust look that is very captivating to the eye. It teaches us that style and elegance can come even from the huskiest of packages.

Rustic looks also serve as a strong reminder to us that with time, the beauty of certain objects can evolve as well. It might take a while, but we eventually learn to appreciate the allure that they provide.

What are Rustic colors?

Rustic colors are the ones that are deep and natural. Greens, browns, grays, fall colors are all considered to be rustic colors. Most of these colors can be found readily in nature, from the dark green of the leaves, the warm orange of the sunset, to the earthy brown of the mud. Rustic colors are often used in home decor because they lend a warm cozy feel to the interior.

What is a Rustic color palette?

The rustic color palette is always rich in earthy tones. It swings heavily towards neutral tones of Greens, browns, gray, orange, red. The best thing about a palette is you can always have a burst of colors. With rustic hues, you can always build your own personal style. If you’re drawn to rust inspired color palette, we’ve curated 20 different rustic-themed images that are just perfect for you!

#1 Rust to Rad

#2 Hues of Halloween

What color is the pumpkin? What color are leaves in the fall?

Obviously, Orange. This palette is full of greens and oranges, with just a hint of brown. It is perfect for anyone who wants some vibrancy with wood tones. Hues of Halloween is a better choice for the living room because it has richer colors. For home paint colors, you can always use Sherwin Williams. They can provide you with the color you need.

#3 Back to Browns

Have you ever flipped through a home decorating magazine and thought of redecora5ing your entire place? This color palette is the stuff of dreams for designers. Imagine light-gray walls, pale brown wood floors, and burnt-orange carpet that work together. It would be like a little calm oasis different than the colorful indoors. Your place would have a more mature and refined feel with these colors.

#4 Lord Of the Greens

You must remember the hobbit holes or smials from the Lord Of the Rings. It had a lot of greens, wooden brown doors, and warm rusty colors. This palette is well-suited for places inspired by the French countryside or mountain cabins. Gray, Black, Rosy Brown, and Dark Green sea are colors fit for old-world designs.

#5 Neutrals with a burst

A picture says a thousand words. Creative people understand that a color scheme can change the way people feel about an image. Imagine if Van Gogh hadn’t painted The Starry Night with dark blues and yellow, it wouldn’t be the same masterpiece. This color scheme has pale greens and light browns with just a hint of Indian Red.

#6 More than browns

If you love color as much as Phoebe but still want a rustic feel, then you can play around with this color scheme. It has tan, Black, brown and even red and blue. Your home or even your Instagram feed can benefit from these colors. Some hardwood floors, aquamarine accent wall, sienna couch, and fun contemporary pillows would create a rustic but colorful living room.

#7 Cool as the Ocean

A rustic setting is often suited in houses with reclaimed barn wood accent walls, hardwood floors, and iron windows. But if you are not careful, then space can look pretty drab with only beige and browns. Adding cool tones like grays and blues will instantly turn the boring into attractive. You can use this color scheme in your sea-facing condo or a painting.

#8 Colors of Autumn

When the leaves fall and blanket the ground in Autumn, the hue is of rustic paint colors. You have golden brown to caramel, from steel gray to Khaki. It is an amalgamation of all the rich rustic tones. Creative brands like Benjamin Moore have embraced this rustic color palette for its gorgeous shades.

#9 Door to Golden Glow

Have you ever visited the desert city of Rajasthan, Jaipur? It has got stone walls, prominent forts, and intricately carved doors. While most of the forts are pale yellow or pink, the doors are always vibrant colors. In interior decoration, if you want to add depth to your style, add vintage furniture like an antique settee to the room. Dark but vibrant colors like aquamarine add personality to a room. You can also use this color scheme at your quiet wedding party or even a photoshoot.

#10 Rustic Reds

Some color schemes use contrasts, but Rustic reds is all about reds. Created with the color Brick Red, Salmon, Sienna, and Dark Gray, this color scheme screams country. You want to create an intimate cabin or design a high-end restaurant; then this color scheme will come in handy.

#11 All The Tomorrows

All the tomorrows is a color palette created by Design Seeds; it is inspired by all the greens in nature. If you want to design a lovely outdoor space, then this color scheme has the perfect colors for a natural outdoorsy vibe.

#12 Blue as the Genie

Like the genie in the lamp who added magic to Aladdin’s world, blue is a paint color that adds life to a dull neutral space. While sticking to neutrals may be a classy choice, but sometimes you need a slash of color. What better than blue? Even a couple of blue or purple cushions can lighten up a gray decor.

#13 Old Pirate’s Ship

This color palette is inspired by Mother’s Memories of Design Seeds. It is like an old faded photograph with rustic tones of black, brown, and grey. This palette is well suited for workspace and back gardens. With only fall colors, Old Pirate’s ship palette has a professional touch.

#14 Gryfindor Common Room

Red is a bold color that makes all the difference in this palette. There are colors like dusty rose, Indian red, and sienna, which help add a warmt5h and vibrance. Grey and blue are cool shades meant to act as contrasts. In a reclaimed wood wall, you can add a red door like in this image and instantly turn the decor from drab to fab.

#15 All The Flowers

All the flowers is inspired by the palette “A Door Hues” by Design Seeds. It is a classic vintage combination of reds and blues. The black glaze just adds a precise touch of elegance to the perfect colors. This color scheme is not only appropriate for a living room but also for handcrafted goods.

#16 Earthy Pastels

All rustic colors aren’t warm; some have cool tones as well. The Earthy pastels palette has Steel blue, grey, and tan colors. If you want a sophisticated look but still want something lively, then this palette can act as an inspiration.

#17 Oriental Color Rush

This image represents warmth and class. You can find all these colors in the minar of a nawab. If you want to mix eastern and western designs, this palette is your best bet. Add some green to the glowing orange, and you are good to go.

#18 Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey is one of the most overlooked color scheme of paint colors. It is better suited for being used as OEM paint than being used in computer screens for graphic designing. Black, Silver, Greys and saddle brown is as neutral as it gets. Perfect color for automobiles!

#19 Desert Safari

While Door to the Golden glow may have had a touch of desert hues, Desert safari is more about browns than Golden. Among the best World designs indoors, beige and browns have become immensely popular paint colors. Even Sherwin Williams designed a similar palette.

#20 Chill with Steel

A rustic color is derived from natural colors like the earth, the sunset, the trees. Chill with steel color palette has the integral colors of nature like green and brown. But these colors are just muted to a certain degree. Best fitted for an outdoor photoshoot, house garden/backyard, furniture, and more. It is versatile and can be used in many ways!

Frequently asked questions on Rustic Color Palettes?

Are Rustic colors warm or cool?

A rustic color takes inspiration from nature. There is no rule saying that all rustic colours should be warm. Warm color is a paint with more orange to it, while a cool colour is something with more blue to it. So, while Sienna maybe a rustic color, light steel blue is also a rustic color. Rustic color can be warm or cool.

What effects do rustic colors have on the audience?

Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams have vouched for warm rustic tones paint colours. Using this in your bedroom or living room can change the whole look of your house. According to the psychology of colours, a color/paint can have certain effects on an audience. Rustic colours will not only spruce up your house, but these colours can build a wonderful environment.

Friendly and Inviting ?

Rustic colors are usually considered to be friendly and inviting. These paint colors are a mixture of browns and tans, which also include deeper colors such as orange, red, green, yellow, purple, and blue. The muted or neutral paint colors are in contrast with the deeper ones, creating a balanced palette. Rustic colours are appealing as well as functional. They tend to be perceived as warm and cozy.

Calming and reassuring?

Rustic colours are mostly used in areas that are frequented a lot, like living rooms and family rooms. These colors can create a personalized content environment. It does not agitate individuals and does not make the room gloomy. The perfect blend of earthy6 tones and a color splash can magically transform a place. Rustic colours are believed to improve the mental health and moods of people. That’s why designers prefer rustic paint color and schemes.

Cozy and Homely?

Earth tone paint color can lend a cozy vibe to any place, may it be a restaurant or a home. However, finding the right combination for your place may require a bit of experimentation. But in the end, it is worth it.

Old school and elegant?

If you are fascinated with rustic paint color like us, then you can build an old school and elegant space through it. Stylendesigns archive is the best place to get paint color palette ideas. It is a site providing style and design ideas related to fashion, architecture, entertainment, etc. The rustic color palette always has an old-fashioned nostalgic feel to it.

What are the uses of a rustic color palette?

Interior design

Top brands like Sherwin Williams cater to business and residential clients on their interior and exterior palette needs. Rustic colours have become a standard of class and luxury. In interior designing, these colors have made quite an impact. The latest color trends for living rooms in 2021 have many rustic colours like green, grey, beige, etc. They are popular because they are minimalist!


Many photographers like Nicholas Bruno prefer the rustic and dark color palette. It not only builds a minimalist approach, as we shared before, but it also adds depth to an image.

Instagram aesthetic

If you follow the Instagram profile of Marie Von Behrens, then you will know she has created a rustic Instagram aesthetic. She primarily uses black and grey, but every once in a while, her images have brown shades, creating an impressive feed.

Outdoor events

When planning a rustic country wedding, earthy colors are used in abundance. It is used in wedding reception as well in Bridesmaids’ dresses. Safe to say, rustic outdoor events do need warm tones – a lot of browns, oranges, beiges, and greens.


While the general assumption is that the rustic palette is for interior decoration only, it also has something to do with fashion. Sage Green has been the colour of the year. Shades of oranges and grey are in trend. Rustic colours are a major hit during the fall season.

Rustic color palette- The Choice of refined elegance

After a certain age, we learn that elegance is understated. Our Pinterest boards are filled with quiet, cozy, refined-looking images of living spaces and bedrooms. Whenever we dream of a room of our own, we imagine it to be comfy but classy. Rustic colours do not neutralize a place; these colours add calmness and elegance to it. In interior design, rustic has become a trend. The past couple of years have seen a rise in the love of rustic colours. Not only has tan become a defining color of H&M, but even Kim Kardashian has embraced the power of beiges. The carefully curated list of color palettes by Offeo in this blog post represents the growing love of elegant earthy shades in the world.

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