20 Stunning Blue Color Palette | Shades of Blue

March 14, 2023

Staring at the clear blue sky or meditating beside a lake are probably two of the most relaxing activities one can ever do.

Alternatively, we can simply look at or be surrounded by cool shades of blue which could possibly make us feel relaxed as well.

Blue in its raw state is a cool tone that invites you to power down, let go of your inhibitions, and rest a while.

This tone exudes a tranquil effect that once you see it, you’re instantly drawn and your body, almost magically, lets loose on its own.

The color of blue symbolizes sincerity, wisdom, and a strong sense of imagination – all of which are positive things we strive to become.

Thankfully for its therapeutic effects, it’s not surprising how this color is a common fixture in the world of fashion, home interior, and styling.

People not only want to feel good about themselves, but they strive to share this positivity with others as well.

We have compiled a list of blue color palettes that will blow your mind.

20 Best Blue Color Palettes for 2022

#1 – Shell Be There For You

#1 – Shell Be There For You Blue Color Palette

You are going to enjoy this blue palette as much as you enjoyed the Friends reunion. With shades of light sky blue and dodger blue, this palette has all the blues you need.

But along with shades of blue, there are also warm and neutral tones like tan, sienna, and thistle. Shell will be there for you is a balanced blue color palette fitting for living room styling and even branding.

It has a soothing vibe that indeed reminds you of sandy beaches and blue skies.

#2 – Strip(e) that down

#2 – Strip(e) that down Blue Color Palette

Stripe that down is similar to Shell will be there for you palette. The only difference between the two is the darker shades.

Along with sky blue, this palette has midnight blue and steel blue. In warmer tones, it has tan and thistle.

While Shell be there for you is calming, Stripe that down has more personality. You can use it to design a royal bedroom, combine beige shades in the walls with blue and add ornate furniture.

These colors will definitely give your place a luxurious touch. Other than in designing, you can use these colors in photography themes and packaging.

#3 – Magnificent Hues

#3 – Magnificent Hues Blue Color Palette

Who doesn’t love a bit of Greece? Haven’t you dreamt of the ivory white houses in the backdrop of the blue ocean? Magnificent hues is another blue color palette based on blues and beige.

But it has new shades of gray, giving it a refined feel. This color palette is also well suited for bedroom decor. Sadly it won’t be so appealing in branding or graphic design.

#4 – Wave After Wave

#4 – Wave After Wave Blue Palette

How much blue is enough? Whenever you are on a beach, you stand and watch the waves crash beneath your feet. You look at the horizon, and there is water everywhere. Wave after wave is a blue color palette with all blue colors. It has midnight blue, midnight light blue, steel blue colors and medium aquarium. Furthermore, it also has light steel blue, which is considered to be a neutral blue color palette.

All these colors are cool tones that have a calming effect. While there are other color palettes where we combine it with mint green and orange, here it is all about blue colors. This palette is a favorite of blue lovers.

#5 – Beach Please!

#5 – Beach Please! Shades of Blue

When you search for a blue color palette on Pinterest, the most combinations you find are between blue and warm tones.

Beach please is a classic blue color palette with royal blue/cobalt blue combined shades of brown.

You can use this color scheme in your next design project or use it for your next piece of social media content. After all, aesthetics is important.

#6 – Viewtifully made for Hue

#6 – Viewtifully made for Hue Blue Color Palette

Viewtifully made for Hue also has similar colors like Beach Please and Shell be there for you. But it has an additional color – black!

Black adds age and elegance to the color palette. You can use it for outdoor event planning like weddings etc. It can also be used in fashion, graphic designing, and interior decoration.

#7 – Lazy & Crazy Days of Summer

#7 – Lazy & Crazy days of Summer Blue Color Palette

Blue is the coolest color of all! Not only because it reminds us of the ocean but because it is inherently calming. Blue, along with grey, is Pinterest’s dreamy combination.

Add a bit of golden to it, and you will get an old-fashioned victorian color scheme. Its best for outdoor weddings, cottagecore aesthetic, and living room ideas.

#8 – Wedding Blues

#8 – Wedding Blues Color Palette

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue! That’s how every bride tries to walk down the aisle. Wedding Blue color palette has dark cyan, midnight blue, dark olive green, light gray, and rosy brown.

It has blue, it has green, and it has brown! This palette is best for a seaside wedding theme decoration, or it can also be used for styling your dining room.

Try using blue as an accent rather than the foundational color. It will work wonders!

#9 – Framed Eggspecially for You

#9 – Framed Eggspecially for You Shades of Blue

Framed eggspecially for you, has a lot of blues and greys. If you are looking for a blue color palette that is muted, then this is the perfect choice.

Instagram user Serjios once used the blue and grey color palettes to create his exciting Instagram feed.

You can also use it for social media, decor, and also in website design. It is a fantastic color scheme for a website.

#10 – Textured Blues

#10 – Textured Blues Color Palette

Texted Blues color palette is different than other color palettes because it has the most beautiful shade of blue Turquoise. The blue and green colors blend in to form a faded but vivid peacock-like palette. There are colors like midnight blue, light sea green, and aqua that make this one of the most vibrant color palettes.

#11 – Coachfully Made

#11 – Coachfully Made Blue Color Palette

Like textured blues, Coachfully made is also rich in aquamarine colors like Dark sea green and midnight blue. But the black in the palette takes it towards a darker tone. It is best for bedrooms, offices and even living rooms.

#12 – Hue Take my Blues Away

#12 – Hue Take my Blues Away Color Palette

Hues take my blues away is a fun color palette. It has refreshing colors like teal and navy. If you want to explore something new, then this blue color palette is your best bet.

From perfectly designed living rooms to classy product packaging, this palette has many prospects.

#13 – Beadroom Decors

#13 – Beadroom Decors Blue Palette

There are few colors that do not get washed away by blue but enhance the vibrancy. Peru is one of them. When decorating with dark blue, you can punctuate the space with a marigold (burnt orange) accent.

Mathew Bees designed a bedroom where he introduced Peru color via the trim of the canopy fabric and a lamp. Only a hint of contrast can change the way you look at things!

#14 – House Your Day?

#13 – Beadroom Decors Blue Color Palette

For a sophisticated and modern look, one needs fall and dull colors like grey and steel. But to add some life to the colors, shades of blue always help.

Steel blue, olive green, and light slate grey can make any space look like a Pinterest Ideas Pin.

#15 – Mystic Blue

#15 – Mystic Blue Color Palette

When you are in the mountains, and the sunlight hits the trees, you see a color that is different than green.

Mystic Blue color palette comprises medium turquoise, midnight blue, light steel blue, olive green, and gainsboro.

This color palette is well-suited for cabins in high hills. It’s also a great decor idea for hotels that want a cozy but modern vibe.

#16 – What Are You Starin’ At?

#16 – What Are You Starin’ At? Shades of Blue

#17 – Painty of Reasons

#17 – Painty of Reasons Blue Color Palette

After many cool color palettes, now it is time to go a bit warmer. Painty of reasons has less blue and more brown. It is an excellent choice for outdoor decoration like a backyard, garden, or even a rustic wedding.

#18 – Blown Away

#18 – Blown Away Blue Color Palette

After a bit of warmth, it is time to go cool again. Blown away blue color palette has violet, cyan, dark/ medium turquoise, midnight blue color.

All these colors make a stunning palette for the ocean. The available use of this palette is not much unless you want to paint a room blue.

Still, it is beautiful in its own way and can be combined with gray to add some texture.

#19 – Strokes of Blue

#19 – Strokes of Blue Color Palette

Strokes of blue is the darkest of all the blue color palettes with dark blue, steel blue, midnight blue, and many shades of blue. This color palette is mainly used in video creation.

In La-la Land, a blue hue has been added to many parts; even music videos like Shipwrecked by Johan Feder have used this dark blue color palette. It’s an aesthetic in itself.

#20 – Bokeh Blue

#20 – Bokeh Blue Palette

Bokeh blue has what none of the other color palettes had, the color purple. Along with the shades of blue like cyan, navy, midnight blue, and Turquoise, purple elevates the quality of colors.

The Bokeh Blue color palette has a gem-like feel. You can select it for decorating your bedroom or create an outfit with these colors.

With gorgeous colors like grey, purple and blue, even we can agree that this color palette is the most royal of blue color palettes.

FAQs on Blue Color Hex Tones

What effect does a blue color palette have on an audience?

As we have been saying, blue is the color of the sea. It is a soothing color that reminds us of nature’s best. Blue creates a feeling of serenity, calm, and coolness.

When used in homes, this color can boost mental health and create a refreshing environment. Anyone who wears blue is perceived to be intelligent.

It is a color for the intellect as well. Shades of blue are appealing to look at, but they are also comforting.

What are the uses of a blue color palette?

The blue color palette is more versatile than other color palettes. It can be used in multiple ways.

Calming interiors

May it be royal blue, dark blue, or dodger blue, blue color palettes are always known to have a calming effect. While interior decor recently may have gravitated towards neutral colors, blue is always part of the palette. Blue with sage green has become one of the most prominent interior design color trends.

Symbol of Luxury

Royal blue is the most impressive luxurious color in the world. Grey, browns, or purple blended with blue can create a luxurious look. Whether it is an outfit, photo, or even a room, when these colors come together, it screams elegance.

Trendy Instagram feed

Recently many Instagram influencers have been creating an aesthetic feed. Some have gone neutral, while some have gone black and white.

Blue palette continues to be an inspiration for people’s Instagram feed. From denim blue to turquoise, blue is always in trend.

There are plenty of filters in VSCO and Lightroom that add coolness to pictures. Plenty of influencers are embracing this trend.


We mentioned before that in video making, different types of atmosphere are created. The warm tint you see throughout the Book Of Eli movie is a defining feature of the film.

The blue color palette is used in many shots of many famous movies. It is important that the audience feel the emotions through the scenes as well as the atmosphere created.

La la Land and even The Girl with the Dragon tattoo seem to have followed this idea.


Our list of blue color palettes was carefully chosen and created so that you don’t have to look anywhere else. Shades of blue indeed add a touch of understated elegance.

Blue can add life to a rather boring color scheme. Hope the list we created has helped you out.

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