Red Color Palette

July 15, 2022

Red has fascinated human beings for a long time. This color has made its way into the hearts of human beings. 

Colors hold power over humans. According to color psychology, colors can impact moods and emotions.

"Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions" - Pablo Picasso.

The red color is a unique one that induces opposing emotions. On Valentine's day, you can see red everywhere because it personifies love. 

But other than life, the red color can also mean anger, danger, and power. The best thing about red is that it is a primary color out of RGB (red, green, blue). 

It never goes out of style; it is a classic. A red dress, a red rose, a red leather jacket, and red lipstick never go out of Vogue.

In this blog post, we have put together a list of red color palettes. We have curated the best from Pinterest and other sources. 

Here is the list of awesome red color palettes for you.

20 Best Red Color Palettes for 2022

Red Meadows

Red Meadows Red Color Palette

The Red Meadows color palette has many shades of red. Like it has dark red with the hex code #bb0606, it also has shades of orange and red. 

There is one dark green color in the palette to imitate the field of red flowers. 

This red color palette is a basic red palette with many ranges of red. It has a festive twist to it because it has Christmas colors. 

You can use it in graphic design, card making, and even decorating a festive space.

Blooming Burgundy

Blooming Burgundy Red Palette

While The Red Meadows color palette was all about reds, Blooming Burgundy is an elegant take on the red color Palette. 

Red can be a very flashy and bouncy color. You can combine it with neutral colors like grey and beige to time it down. 

The dark gray blends perfectly with bright red and soft beige and cream, while the Blooming Burgundy makes the final accent. 

This color scheme is perfect for living rooms and professional office spaces.

Hot Chili

Hot Chili

Have you ever visited a spice market in India? It is crazy crowded, and there is a pop of color that surprises you. 

Red is a prominent color in Indian spice markets because of the red hot chilis. This red color palette is a warm mixture of blues and reds.

Furthermore, Beige adds to the balance in the color palette. This palette is similar to a toned-down fall palette, perfect for interior decor and branding.

Red Autumn Leaves

Red Autumn Leaves Red Color Palette

Autumn is not just about Halloween; it is about the burst of colors all around. The leaves are on the ground having a gorgeous golden brown tinge.

The image of red maple leaves inspires the Red Autumn Leaves palette. The color scheme is heavily dependent on reds and browns.

There are two tones of bright red and a shade of burgundy, blended with light and dark shades of brown. 

You can use the red color palette for bedroom decor for its rich colors. Furthermore, you can also use it for food photography.

Renaissance Reds

Renaissance Reds Color Palette

Red is often the last color in mind for interior design. But the palette color in Renaissance Reds changes the game. 

We have created a red color palette of natural red, red tomato, teal, dark red, and thermal spring colors. 

It is surprising to see cool and warm colors come together to create a lovely palette. Renaissance Reds recreate the old-fashioned color palettes. 

The color scheme will add a splash of red to your full-looking living room.

Warm Winter Wool

Warm Winter Wool Red Color Palette

People assume that red color schemes will mostly be bright and loud. 

However, as Blooming Burgundy proved, there is a way to elegantly use the red color palette.

In the Warm Winter Wool palette, there are three shades of red - bright, magenta, and blush red. 

But the dark blue and tan color tone it down. It becomes a warm and cozy color palette you can use for Christmas decorations, outfit inspiration, or even weddings.

Dusky Sunset

Dusky Sunset Red Color Palette

What colors do you see in the sky when the sun kisses the horizon? Sunset is considered to be one of the most beautiful things in nature. 

In this Dusky Sunset Colour palette, there are many shades of red mixed with orange and yellow. 

But the difference between this palette and sunset is it gathers all the colors of a dusky Sunset. When the day is about to turn into night, the shades of black and brown are creeping in. 

The burnt crimson color and darker shades of red, brown, and yellow accent make this palette a mature color scheme. It can even pass as an autumn color palette.

More Chilis

More Chilis Red Color Palette

Red is an intense color in itself. To add the More Chillis palette to the list means to extend the list of colors red can look good with, such as Red and green (Christmas colors). 

But when used with different tonalities and others, they can create a classy red color palette. 

The crimson red, brick red, dark brown, green, sage green, and beige combine to create a beautiful color combination. 

You can use it in various things, such as: 

  • Branding 
  • Living room decor
  • Creating social media aesthetic.

B&W With Splash Of Color

Nowadays, black and white photography has come back with a vengeance. Contemporary photographers are trying to be creative about it. 

They have started adding a splash of color to the pictures, primarily red. This red color palette has black and grey shades. 

But the red and pink colors make the photo stand out. It is suited for an Instagram photography page or a website design.

Maybe you can use it for an Instagram aesthetic, with red and pink as accents.

Floral Delight

Floral Delight Shades of Red

Most of the flowers are red, may it be rose or hibiscus. It is impossible to imagine a world without red flowers. 

In the Floral Delight red color Palette, you can see the various shades of flowers, ranging from lavender and crimson to magenta. 

This color palette is an amazing example of how the red color palette can be gentle and soothing. 

Furthermore, the Floral Delight has greys as well, which makes it suitable for indoor or outdoor spring weddings.

Pastel Hues of Red

Pastel Hues of Red

While The Floral Delight featured toned down the bright and dark colors, the Pastel Hues of Red is about pastels. 

This red color palette does not have many shades of red. But here, red is used as an accent color. 

You can use the Pantone color chart to create this beautiful pastel palette or take inspiration from this. 

This palette has light shades of blue, beige, and red. It would look great in your living room. It is one of the designers' favorites because of the variety of colors.

Golden Color Swatches

Golden Color Swatches Red Color Palette

The red color schemes have enough blue and green; however, yellow is often avoided. This is because red and yellow together may look tacky. 

As we discover more color palettes, it becomes clear that red has a versatile nature. And when we take a closer look, we find that we can balance red and yellow pretty well. 

The golden Color Swatches Palette has dark red, tomato red, orange, yellow and sage, which looks delightful on canvas, cards, and walls. 

It is a refreshing spring or summer palette.

The Wedding Roses

The Wedding Roses Red Palette

We can all agree that weddings are an elegant affair. You can't just pair red with yellow and call it a day. 

The Wedding Roses color palette, however, screams class. White, ivory, grey, and black are made alive with a drop of red.

This decadent reception setting in the image explains the power of red. You can use it in a winter wedding or a fall wedding.

The color combinations are just too brilliant to ignore.

Berry-ful Of Red

Berry-ful Of Red

An acai bowl best represents the Berry-ful of Red color palette as it  has many types of berries and is rich in colors. 

This red color palette also has different shades of red and purple. The two vibrant colors combine to form a splendid palette.

It has real red, cherry red, magenta, purple, and dark violet colors. This luxurious palette can be challenging for us at places, but there are plenty of ways to get creative.

Strands of Gold

Strands of Gold Red Color Palette

This dark color palette proves that red is the king of colors. A simple red and gold color palette wins the day among all the red color combinations. 

Have you ever noticed why British colonies or British Architecture has brilliant shades of red and maroon with a hint of gold? 

You can use this red color palette to share a luxurious feel with the audience. Use it on your website, brand packaging, card designs, or even your bedroom decor. 

This red color palette is too good to pass up.

Red Chocolate

Red Chocolate Red Color Palette

Sometimes, red can be used as an accent color only. In the red chocolate color palette, dark red does the job of an accent. 

It brings dark cocoa, black, grey, light grey, and light pewter together. 

Continuing from the richness of the Strands of Gold red color Palette, the Red chocolate color palette creates a deep color scheme and is perfect for winters or late autumn.

Neon Stunna

Neon Stunna Red Color Palette

In the age of graphic designing, neon colors have made a return. This is because neon colors instantly catch the eye of the viewers. 

If you want to create something dramatic for your brand, neon color schemes are the way to go. 

Neon Stunna has the right amount of red and orange mixed with shades of pink. It is hard to find neon color schemes that work, but Neon Stunna creates an impressive statement.

Red Canary

Red Canary Color Palette

Neon Stunna may be a gorgeous neon color scheme, but Red Canary is another neon option you have. 

It not only uses neon or bright red but Canary yellow. The neutral tones of grey and black act as a background for the color block. 

It's incredible how neon can make an impact! This red color palette just clicks! You can use it in graphic designing, styling, and video-aesthetic.

Summer Bonanza

Summer Bonanza Red Palette

The Summer Bonanza color palette is part of the list because it brings together everything good about summer. 

The red color palette has beautiful shades of dark red, real red, mustard, yellow, lime green, and green. It is the best way to represent summer.

Around the year, various colors come along, but red, yellow, and green have the summer copyright. 

This red color palette has been trendy all year round for weddings and fashion.

Not so Red

Not so Red Color Palette

The Not So Red color palette is exactly what the name suggests. It does not have the proper red color but muted tones of it. 

The palette has dark rosewood, dark salmon, cranberry, peach, apricot, and tangerine colors. It is a sweet mixture of muted reds and pinks. 

Color palettes aren't always based on contrast. Sometimes similar shades can create a beautiful palette. Not so Red has all the makings of a great palette.

You can use it in paintings, walls, interior decor, outfits, and theme weddings. It can also be useful in product branding because the colors stand out!

FAQs: Red Color Palette

How many different colors of red are there?

There are around 24 to over 50 different colors if red. Red is a primary color,so it has many shades. 

Here are some of them: 

  • Salmon
  • Scarlet 
  • Barn red
  • Indian red
  • Chili red
  • Brick red
  • Redwood 
  • Maroon
  • Carmine 
  • Vermilion
  • Hibiscus
  • Raspberry
  • Crimson
  • Burgundy
  • Rust 
  • Persian
  • Candy apple
  • Desire 

Other than these, there are different colors of red like:

  • Brink pink
  • Chocolate cosmos
  • Cardinal red. 

For red, there are numerous color variations and shades, which makes it a versatile color.

Which color looks good with red?

Red goes along with most of the colors. The point of having a red color palette is to bring together color schemes that work well. 

The shades of red determine which color looks good with red. 

Suppose it is a darker shade of red like maroon, deep red, or burgundy, then neutral colors like beige, tan, and grey look good. 

Lighter and brighter tones of red, light Russian red, natural red, or tomato red look better with muted shades of blues, greens, purple, or even yellow. 

The colors that look best with red are black and white, and let us admit that it is a classic color combination that the world uses too often.

What effects do red color palettes have on the audience?

As we mentioned earlier, red is a primary color. But it has contradictory psychological effects on people. 

While green and blue may have calming effects on people, red guarantees more excitement from the viewers. 

A red color palette can trigger many emotions from the audience. Here are a few effects that the red color palette has.

Promotes excitement

Red is linked to energy and excitement. Anyone wearing red or seeing red can become excited or feel energetic. 

In restaurants, many elements of red are inculcated in the decor. Red can also get heart rate pumping and increase respiration. 

You can use the red color palette in restaurants, theme parks, or clubs to promote excitement in the audience.

Reminds of Love and Passion

Red is not only a color that reminds people of love on valentines day, but it is a symbol of love on all days. 

It is a reminder of love and passion. Wearing a red outfit can also make you look more attractive. 

Furthermore, using the red color palette correctly in your decor can create a loving environment. The love and passion will shine through with a Red Autumn leaf or Renaissance Red color palette.

A symbol of power

Red is not only a symbol of love, but it is also a symbol of power. A red power suit will do it if you want to look powerful. 

If you want a place to look intimidating, so much red can give off a powerful vibe. Red color palettes are not always pretty; some are pretty powerful.

Conclusion: Red Color Palette

The color of love, power, passion, and excitement is one of the most fabulous colors in the world. 

It would be a shame not to use it in interior design or graphic design in fashion. 

Red is versatile as you can dress it up or down according to your needs. 

We have carefully selected our list of red color schemes to fit all types of needs. If you want to personalize a color palette for your brand, then OFFEO’s  Brand Create can help you. 

You can use Brand Create to personalize your brand and create short and engaging videos for social media. You can do it all quickly as we have thousands of templates to choose from. 

Sign up today and create your brand’s color palette in double quick-time with OFFEO!

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