Purple Color Palette

April 14, 2022

The Color Purple is a book written by Alice Walker. In this book, Shug tells Celie that God would be irritated if people walked by " the color purple in a field somewhere" and did not notice it.

Purple indeed has its charm; it can be regal and flirty. It can be as deep as amethyst and light as lilac. Recently, due to the re-emergence of pastels, shades of purples have started to get the love they deserve. We have created a list of beautiful purple color palettes that will blow your mind.

Lavender Dreams

Lavender Dreams

Lavender is the stuff of dreams. When people imagine heaven, they must dream of lavender flowers and butterflies. 

This color palette, Lavender Dreams, is the best combination of different shades of purple and green. The color changes from dark purple to stunning lavender, with a hint of green. 

Lavender Dreams is a perfect choice for your living room. You can also use this palette for outfit inspiration, as lavender is trending.

The Purple Mosaic

The Purple Mosaic

While lavender Dreams may have been the most natural purple color palette, Purple Mosaic is the gorgeous one. It has two shades of purple, mint, and turquoise. 

What adds the oomph to the palette is the gold accent. It is a lovely addition to the palette that makes it elegant. Purple Mosaic would look stunning in a well-designed bathroom.

Amethyst Hour

Amethyst Hour

We can agree that lighter shades of purple are pretty dainty. But there is something mysterious about amethyst that we all love. 

The Amethyst Hour color palette captures the colors of dusk. The way Amethyst moves from a dark shade to lighter shades towards golden is breathtaking. 

This can be a great palette for a painting or an autumn wedding!

Lilac Groove

Lilac Groove

This color palette is inspired by the Pantone Fall/Winter palettes 2018. People created this palette before pastels became a rage. 

The soft shades of purple and hints of teal make this a stunning palette. This palette was also used in New York fashion week in 2018. 

So, you can use it for outfit ideas and decorate your living room. The mellowness of the colors also makes it suitable for branding or packaging.

Autumn Colors

If you want to explore the diversity of purple color palettes, then Autumn colors are the best way to do so. 

This palette brings alive the richness of autumn gold. It has two shades of purple along with red. But what makes this color scheme more seasonal is the mustard and olive as It makes the colors pop. 

You can use the palette to decorate your living room, bedroom, or even restaurant because it has a hint of red that customers find attractive.

Dusky Wildflowers

Dusky Wildflowers

The scene in front of you is flowers blooming in a wild field. Do you enjoy the floral delights?

The cool tones of blue and purple give the palette a touch of monsoon. The deep grays, blues, and various shades of purple look like nature at its best!

Throes of Blues

Throes of Blues

Blue and purple are sister colors, and they are pretty similar in the shades. But when put together, the color schemes of these two colors can knock your socks off! 

The purple, and dark violet color combined with shades of blue, creates a cool-toned palette. It has the potential to be a beautiful house, sweater, or even an outfit.

You can also use this color palette in wedding decorations because there is nothing prettier than purple and blue!

Tulip Treasures

Tulip Treasures

Purple is a rich color as it comes in many tints and shades. From amethyst to mauve color, purple has a variety of shades to choose from. 

In Tulip Treasures, we have three purples, dark gray and tan. It is perfectly neutralized by tan and gray, making the palette a prime bedroom color scheme. 

Anyone in love with fall colors, who doesn't want a bland palette, can use this.

Jewel of Periwinkle

Jewel of Periwinkle

How can we leave behind some pastel delight when it comes to purple color schemes? The Jewel of Periwinkle has a collection of cool-toned colors.

Lila, Periwinkle, Navy blue, light blue, mint, and light teal colors came together to form a lively palette. You can use it in graphic design or website design as well. Furthermore, Pastels are in trend right now, so you can use it in almost anything!

Shine O' Wine

Shine O' Wine

Purple color palettes would be incomplete without wine shade. There is something about that grape color that gets the creative juices flowing. 

In The Shine O’ Wine palette, wine, violet, pink, lilac, and pastel purple blend to create art! 

Pink and purple together create magic! You can use it in spring weddings, living room decor, branding, and even print! The creativity used in this Palette is worth using.

Conclusion: Purple color palette

Color Purple has a sense of mystery to it. When used wisely, it can set the tone of your product, room, or event. 

Similarly, you can use it to create a brand identity. Use darker shades of purple to add a luxurious feel, and use lighter shades to be flirty and young! Colors do set the mood!

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