21 Shades of Orange Color Palette

March 21, 2022

Orange is the color of happiness and creativity because it’s often associated with positive emotions like amusement and health. Orange is a color that can give your designs instant energy. 

Seen as cheerful and warm, it's perfect for fashion and interior design because of its association with health, growth, fun tastes, etc. Orange is a color that can be vibrant and pure or mixed with other colors to create new shades. 

You can see this color everywhere, from the Netherlands national football team (who has adopted it as their official jersey hue) to the Swedish flag, primarily orange and blue.

The History Of The Color Orange

The word orange originates from the Old French term, pomme d’orange. Orange sits between two primary colors, and you can use it as an accent or neutral color depending on its pairing with other hues. 

When combined with red, its energy is lessened when it becomes a complementary hue that feels more like a neutral shade in contrast to the blue. This makes it feel energetic because of how eye-catching and optimistic oranges are!

Orange appeals most to brand designers who want their products to stand out against competitors. Below, take a look at some of our selected orange color palettes.

Orange Color Palettes

The Last Sunset


Brown is essentially called the black sheep of the neutrals and is considered dull. Most of us would not want a color combination like this.

Despite this, orange and brown compliment each other quite well. 

This orange color scheme can create a very trendy and intense combination. The three shades of orange pair well with brown and create a sunset-inspired orange color palette.

The Cozy Cave


An orange color palette with beige, brown, and some creamy whites is perfect for a warm and elegant color palette.

The burnt orange in the living room with spicy accents creates a warm gathering space for family and friends. 

Add the same potent combination on small details such as drapery, upholstery, pillows, and carpets to complete the look.

A cool finish completes this ambiance by adding beige or creamy white tones in decorating schemes and vibrant colors like yellow oranges or fiery oranges.

The Wildflower


This monochrome orange color palette has colors of orange like electric orange pumpkin and lighter shades like jasmine that look like yellow. 

This color scheme has a summery vibe that is radiant and bright, and you can use it in living room decor, food palettes, and wedding decor. 

Though this is not one of those contrasting color combinations, we are sure you will draw many people to it if you choose this.

Even in website designs or social media, go for this color palette if you want a bright pattern.

The Dewdrop Smile


A very calm and light palette generally has light green and orange. This orange color palette evokes an intimate feeling of being close to nature. 

It can inspire people who wish to keep it subtle yet make it look like a vision to the eyes.

These vibrant colors are combined so well that they are unfailing every time together with the cool tones of green, perfectly balancing the warm orange hues.

The Lost Era


The colors that make up this palette are diverse, but they combine beautifully.

The striking reds and oranges of the Brown-Orange combination will liven any room while providing an age-appropriate color scheme for a younger person's bedroom or living space. 

But you can also use it with more sophistication by combining charcoal to create a sophisticated look in your dining area!

You can also use this orange color scheme in outfits on a winter day or while creating logos or graphic designs.

The Color Plum


It's well-known that orange and green are iconic color combinations, but most people don't know about the more offbeat combinations of colors. Orange and Plum are chic yet bold color combinations that can catch your sight. 

Two colors are often seen together but have never been put in such a fantastic fashion before this palette pops out at you with the perfect amount of white to balance it all out.

The Enchanted Garden


The energizing orange, the softening pink, and the beautiful greens make for a calm and relaxing color palette. Though it might seem like an unlikely combination at first glance, contrast is precisely what makes them so dynamic! 

This is an excellent way to play with varying shades without creating that mismatched look. This reminds us of flowers in garden beds blooming beautifully together.

The Purple Reign


Purple and orange are the colors that bring out your creativity. Orange is a hue of happiness, while purple can represent royalty or spirituality. 

When these two complementary colors come together, you feel like you're living in an enchanted land where anything is possible! So make sure to add some purples into your life with colorful clothes and decor such as curtains, rugs, paintings-you name it!

The Sun Coral


In the Kingdom of Color, two colors reign supreme for as long as anyone can remember: orange and pink.

Tangerines in your garden or flamingos on a sandy beach make use of this combo to perfection while also being eternally trendy. 

If you're interested in making these shades work with others, try adding some golden yellow into the mix for sunsets like no other!

You can use this orange color palette in a chic apartment or in wedding decor where people want it stylish and yet cozy.

The Blue Velvet


With the prevalence of blue and orange in action movies, it's easy to forget that these two colors are opposites.

This orange color palette uses the classic combination with varying shades of orange and blue that have been and still are perfect matches for each other.

Despite them being direct opposites on the color wheel, they’re considered as complementary colors in film, making blue and orange are perfect matches that create two very different but equally intense sensations when matched together. 

The combination of these two results in a very vivid image is formed when this color palette is used.

The Mellow Yellow


Much like blue and orange, this color combo is a no-brainer. It’s as natural as an orchard at the beginning of autumn when oranges are ripe for picking at the beginning of autumn. 

Rich dark green works great with burnt orange or tan - just think about how beautiful it would be to have these colors in your home!

The lighter shade of orange and coral colors have a soothing effect on the palette. 

This color combination was something that many thinks might not work very well, but it turns out they're perfect together!

Like blue and orange, you can't go wrong choosing either one because both provide such amazing vibes into any space.

The Pink Cadillac


Pink and orange are two colors on the color wheel that are close to each other. Earlier it was considered taboo to use these two colors because they would not look good together. 

However, now you can see the orange and pink color palette is almost everywhere. This color palette has become a trendy choice from runways to decors. 

In this orange color palette, a shade of green and ivory white is added that complements both the pink and orange beautifully.

These equally hot and vibrant colors create excitement and fun.

The Rosy Romance


This sunshine orange color is a beautiful and serene palette. A lovely light green shade makes a vibrant palette with ivory white to balance things out. 

Light shades of orange remind us of early morning sunshine. This color palette is perfect for a light and airy room that creates a stimulating atmosphere.

The Peach Blossom


Your peaches may be in Georgia, but you can find your way to the perfect palette with a monochromatic orange color scheme.

With many shades of this warm hue and an endless amount of creativity that comes through each shade wearers’ eyes, there is no limit to how great it feels when wearing these colors! 

The colors all flow into each other wonderfully to showcase how emotions change through the day.

The Royal Rumble


This vibrant color scheme is a grand display of how orange interacts with the colors yellow and red.

With these two choices, it can paint an atmosphere that's fun, playful, or optimistic. 

You can use this orange hue in different ways, depending on what you're looking for at the time.

If you want an optimistic atmosphere with hints of fun or popularity, use it alongside yellow; mix it with red when boiling down drama and intensity but still wanting prosperity! 

So if you want to add some color and zest to your life, go for this orange color palette.

The Grey Dawn

The color pairing of orange and grey is a great way to add warmth to your life! You can use this funky combo for outfits, paintings, or even the walls. 

With colors from opposite ends on the spectrum (warm/cold) this duo offers an exciting contrast that will make you feel happy no matter where you are in your home. 

The bright yellow-orange hue also provides energy and excitement, which you can see from our favorite outfit combos of this season!

The Orange County


The deep hue of orange against the depth of dark black certainly creates a powerful impact within the interiors.

Perhaps this combination can be viewed as striking and would not work in all settings, but at The Ritz-Carlton, they are bold and dangerous! 

Black is conservative, while orange brings life to your space with its vibrancy.

With both colors working in unison, this combination can be viewed with style and elegance, having it serve you well into fall. 

The light pink shades add a new twist to make this classic color combo even more versatile for any occasion!

Pink adds that touch of femininity for you who like some romance without overdoing it - perfect for those looking to bring out their inner diva!

The Lemon Tree

This fresh and vibrant color palette is a timeless combination of shades with the same tone.

The colors are complementary, brightening your space with life-giving energy while still looking sophisticated. 

Both greens and oranges are vibrant, fresh colors that you can pair because they contrast beautifully with each other while maintaining balance in your space.

The Cloud Dancer


The cool blue colors in this palette work nicely with the muted orange shades that make a pleasant and relaxing combination. This romantic and peaceful color scheme is reminiscent of beautiful mountain scenery, perfect for living room or bedroom decorating! 

The cool colors symbolize the mountains, while the muted orange adds to its relaxing atmosphere. It will surely give your home an eclectic touch while adding coziness!

The Leaf Busters


Another way to express the changing seasons is through color.

The browns and oranges in this palette allow you to breathe in fall with a comforting warmth, reminiscent of an apple pie cooling on your kitchen countertop or sipping hot cocoa by the fire while reading your favorite book for hours on end. 

Another excellent thing about this palette is how you can use it throughout different areas of interior design.

For example, you can seamlessly implement it on home decorating, clothing, hair styling/coloring, etc., without having too many colors competing against each other.

This results in more flexibility when deciding what style best suits whatever space one wishes to create!

A Muted brown tones down the bright oranges to create a charmingly subtle color scheme that you can see in flowers or nature during the fall season!

The Rainbow Wand


This bold palette of orange and blue creates a strong scheme that makes the pure bright energy stand out.

Pale blush pink and maroon provide soothing counter-colors to create balance in this design. 

A slight hint of sky blue is a great way to complement the blush pink, maroon and orange shades.

Here, the color scheme balances all the colors to give an excellent, vibrant orange color scheme, one of our favorites.

Conclusion: Orange Color Palette

Picking a color scheme needs continuous learning and constant practice. After reading everything above, we hope you’ve got a better understanding of the orange color palette.

Although seeing orange hues would make us feel warm inside, it’s best not to use them too much as they can be overpowering. However, keep experimenting until you find out the best color for your needs!

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