20 Earth Tones Color Palette with Example + Hex Code

March 14, 2023

Variations of brown can be seen virtually everywhere: in houses, nature, fashion, food, transportation and even our skin tones. Even the most important element of cosmetics – Foundation is also made up of different earth tones palette (shades of brown).

Did you know? To achieve an earthy shade, all you need to do is to mix a primary with its complementary color; purple and yellow, blue and orange, or red and green. Most importantly, the color of brown is extremely versatile so it looks great when paired with all other colors!

It might seem uninteresting due to its rather dull tone, but it actually possesses one of the widest ranges of shades on the gradient scale. This gives you the ability to either go for a darker approach, like a tinge of bark and chocolate, or a lighter option, similar to tan, sand, or even beige. Whichever the case, earth colors are already pleasant to look at so having this type of flexibility is certainly an added bonus.

While it does provide us with numerous advantages, one of the biggest challenges with using brown is making it more captivating, despite its basic complexion. We often ask ourselves, how should we elevate this color to something that’s more appealing?

Hopefully, after today you’ll be induced with new ideas of how to effectively match earth tones in the best way possible to reflect both your personality and style.

Best Earthy Colors and how they can be used

#1 – Gentle Swirlin’ Caffeine

This earthy color palette looks warm and inviting. The combination seems like it is straight out of a scenery painting and conveys a nature-friendly atmosphere. Though grey and the shades of brown here are both neutrals they still are the perfect pair, consider nature. Well, consider changing up your living rooms with these color schemes and get that warmth in your space. Add up some antiques and get the perfect interiors. This can also be used in print and packaging for eco brands.

#2 – Hearty Shot of Espresso

This color scheme combines natural colors and inspires to keep it simple yet serene. A library or an open restaurant will surely give that visual punch.

#3 – Sweet Honey Cubes

This color scheme is a perfect combination, where warm colors complement each other really well. These can be used to color your house exterior or used for the interior design too.

#4 – iScream Happiness

Out of all earth tone color schemes, this is one of those color combinations that most people avoid. But, we tell you, forget what people say and use this in your design projects especially food photography and see how it brings out the desired effect.

#5 – Chunky Chocolatey

Use these elegant earth tones when designing the website page for a hotel or an industry. Neutrals combined along with dark olive green sits as an interesting color scheme.

#6 – Rock Hard Choco

This is a very interesting color palette. But, yes it works better than you can think. For outdoor restaurants or your study room, these earth-tone colors combined with blue can give your decor a wonderful soothing touch.

#7 – Aromatic Beans

I can smell coffee, just by looking at this image! The mix of brown, beige and tan gives the feeling of the natural world. Use this color inspiration for your living room or curtains and give it a sophisticated feel.

#8 – Dream Team

Dark sea green is more of a cooler color combined with warm color tones. This earthy color palette has the capacity to reinvigorate your decor and make it vibrant to create a harmonious design. It could be used to promote a health brand because of the color combinations and convey the brand identity design.

#9 – Sew in Love

One of our favorites in earth tone color schemes is perfect for an office look. Two gray shades along with brown and green give it a muted touch. This can be an awesome dynamic to your website or social media handle or even blog to give it a nature-friendly look.

#10 – Crazily in Couch

How we love the earthy tones which add warmth and the gray shades providing a break from the earth tones and cooling it down. One of the best color combinations for the living room.

#11 – Feathered Brown

All things brown, giving the feels of fall and winter. This earthy color palette hints at comfort, warmth, and stability. A very relaxed palette can be used in interior design color schemes.

#12 – Nut For Sale

These cozy and fundamentally earthy color palettes are great to describe natural things around us. All these colors in the earth tone family are warm, inviting, and simple which might pique your interest. Earth tone clothes look good with almost any color so you can really spice up your wardrobe without breaking out of fashion norms. This can be a good color inspiration to bring back the seventies and make the entire room turn heads.

#13 – Witty Rice

This has earth tones which can make for great home decor because of its beauty that lies in all the earthy colors giving a natural vibe. It is subtle and can let you say goodbye to the cool tones that have ruled for so many years. The darker earth tones add more warmth while the soft ones like gainsboro and rosy brown add depth.

#14 – Threading On Fine Lines

Tonal silver with black and neutrals is one among earth tone color schemes that add texture and can enliven daily products. Giving an urban kind of a look it can be the perfect way to blend natural things with modernity. With all the right colors this earthy color scheme works as a perfect restaurant and Instagram theme.

#15 – Plantastic

One among the bright earth tone color schemes, this exudes a nature-friendly atmosphere and can be used in the garden or kitchen area. Also a good pick for offices who are looking for hues with green and brown to symbolize natural materials. It is fresh and gives an instant calming aesthetic effect.

#16 – Retro Themed TVs

Earth tones that are vibrant but still have a muted quality will be a great pick for a kids room. This color scheme will also work when creating wall art or graphic design. This is a wonderful palette that will work for a range of design projects

#17 – Contrasting Hues

This color scheme is so wrong it is right. Using maroon and oranges with green! Who would have thought this will work so well. This is one of the fresh color palettes which really stands out in the crowd. Exuding certain energy this color palette is cheerful and can be used by food bloggers, in fashion and web design.

#18 – Rollin’ In The Deep

Inject a dose of sophistication by adding thistle, black, and sienna colors to the basic earth tone colors(Peru, dark salmon). A very unique combination palette that can be used in weddings for a luxurious feel.

#19 – Pixie Dust Shimmers

Quite famous in the fashion industry, these color palettes are like a reflective color scheme with rose and tan colors that can transform any environment into something chic and stylish. To some,it6 might seem a little overpowering but this really shines! Color combinations can be used in lifestyle and wellness websites, in a romantic bedrooms, offices that deal in the beauty industry.

#20 – Behind Closed Doors

Lastly, something that is vintage and correctly signifies the natural things around us like the brown soil. This is classic and when used properly can give a sophisticated look. Do not be afraid to use all shades of brown together. This will add a personality and cohesiveness without being dull.

FAQs on Earth Tones Colors

Which Colors are Earth tones?

Earth tones refer to any colors containing some brownish hue that resembles the color of earth or soil. It can also refer to natural colors such as brown soil, green leaf, cloudy sky, and red sun. Think rust, marigold, deep navy, burnt sienna brown, terracotta, sage, turmeric, and turmeric. These colors are warm and inviting, and often have brown-ish undertones to them. Even these vibrant colors have an almost dull quality that gives them a soothing and relaxing vibe.

What bright colors go with earth tones?

Earth colors are so versatile that they complement a huge range of colors, including neutrals. Earthy color palettes work well with bright primary colors since the earth tones can ground an otherwise contrasting scheme while simultaneously calming and warming up those same contrasts into something more soothing for both eyes and mind alike. Some examples of color combinations are pairing dusty lavender or pale blue pastels like the cloudy sky with burnt orange, browns, or sienna for the brown soil to create interesting contrast without being too jarring on the senses. Earthy colors are the most satisfying color group to work with because they come together so harmoniously. These colors can be found in nature, which makes them a natural pairing for each other. Brown-tinted earth tones look beautiful when paired together but you could also introduce any bold accents from plants or animals that exist near water such as ocean blues and greens mixed in with more subdued shades of browns like gold, tan, and green leaf color.

Is Blue considered an earth tone?

Yes, blue is an earth tone. Though a much brighter color, it is an earth tone as we have already said, anything that refers to the shades of the earth is considered an earth tone. The Pantone 2020 color of the year is the earth tone shade of classic blue. Everything starting from the brown soil below to the blue cloudy sky above earth tone colors come from natural things around us.

What colors go with earthy green?

Green is often said to be derived from nature because of its association and the presence of food and water in nature. Earthy green can be used in color combinations with colors like black, grey, and brown for a luxurious effect. This is a classic. But, if you want to experiment then you can try to play with earth tone colors like blue, beige, and tan too. Color combinations should be made carefully so that they complement each other and provide balance.


We hope this guide has helped you understand the power of earthy colors in a design and how they will influence future seasons. Earth tones have a timeless appeal that never goes out of style, even as new trends are introduced each season; these hues also carry with them classic values that we all appreciate. For those looking to add some authenticity into their designs or for designers who want to create something more meaningful, earth-toned color schemes might be your best bet!

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