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March 21, 2023

Reaching out for a tub of ice-cream or binge-watching your favourite drama series are some ways of lifting our spirits. But do you know, color is not just a visual language understood by all but also a powerful tool that can completely transform your experience and strongly influence our mood? While not many of us think much about the colors of our rooms, furniture or walls, it does affect us every day in terms of influencing our moods and thoughts. Therefore, it’s important to choose colors wisely when it comes to your personal sanctuary space called home.

Color is not just a visual language understood by all but also a powerful tool that can completely transform your experience and strongly influence your mood. While most of us don’t usually think about the colors of our rooms, furniture, or walls, it affects us every day to influence our moods and thoughts. Therefore, choosing colors wisely and creating on-point color schemes for your personal sanctuary space called home is essential.

Ensuring that you have a suitable color scheme will help link one room to the other seamlessly. Color can transform an ordinary plain room into an attractive, striking space. Finding the right color is a serious and personal matter as well. Colors can hide the imperfections present in the house and change the atmosphere altogether.

Sprucing up your space with paint color becomes easy if you have the right color palette. A color palette uses specific color schemes in various areas in the interior of your home. Creating a color scheme for your house’s interior will help you decorate your home much quicker than ever because it narrows down the previously vast number of choices you had.

In this article, we will be sharing 20 color palettes of various tones. Hopefully, this can help you decide your sanctuary space’s overall colors and vibes and create your dream home. But before getting into that, let's get to know some basics about colors that will help you choose the palette or create your palette.

The Basics About Home Color Palette

Color can be of two types based on tones: warm and cool.

What are warm and cool colors?

Cool colors bring a relaxed, calm, and peaceful atmosphere and include blue, purple, and green. Warm colors can evoke warm feelings in people and can give an instant energy surge or rush of adrenaline. Yellow, red, and orange are warm colors. Not just a color, you have to pick an exact shade to convey what you want. For example, light colors are more pleasing to the eye compared to darker colors and they also make the rooms feel brighter and larger. On the other hand, darker colors give off a more sophisticated vibe hence making space feels more intimate. Use paint colour to your advantage and don’t just blindly follow the trends. Go with a paint colour that will reveal your choices and personality. Lastly, use colors that work together and create a pleasing combination.

It is without a doubt that many decisions have to be made with regards to buying and refurbishing the house that you and your significant other are looking forward to stay in. Thus, a rule of thumb for choosing colors in your home would be to keep in mind that light colors are more pleasing to the eye compared to darker colors and it also make the rooms feel brighter and larger. On the other hand, darker colors give off a more sophisticated vibe hence making the room feels more intimate.

We have put together a series of 20 color palettes that are of a variety of tones and hopefully this can help you in deciding the overall colors and vibes for your sanctuary space.

Home Color Palettes

#1 – The Midnight Blue

This color palette is a luxurious and bold home palette with blue and gray colors. All the pieces utilize some shades of blue for more depth. Try this at a place where there is a lot of natural light. Starting from the walls to the sofa, blue is added along with complementary colors that are used in a subtle manner that adds some light. If you want something sophisticated, this modern blue color palette might just be the perfect house color palette for you. Moreover, the color scheme can be used anywhere from the kitchen to the living room because it can work well in any part of the house. Color palettes like this are versatile and can be tweaked a bit according to your personality to create a mix of comfort and style.

#2 – The Scarlet Room

A minimalistic yet fashionable look in this beautiful red, white, and grey combination. The red color scheme represents an energetic environment. Red and white work almost in every form of architecture and can be used in bedrooms and bathrooms also. The white ceiling, the walls, and the sheets in white are perfectly combined with bright red throw pillows and lamp top with beautiful wall art.

The art which has red and grey combines well with the grey wooden floor. In color palettes where there is white the inclusion of the strong red color makes it effective and not so boring. The strong color here is the red one which can be found in Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore’s colors and can be used as a whole home color palette. We can find inspiration in this for the master bedroom as it has all the right colors and create our own version of this beauty.

#3 – Lilac Dreams

Who would’ve thought a monochromatic purple color scheme can work so well. Shades of lilac and lavender can be really soothing. Color palettes like this bring magic because lilac is a paint color that works wonderfully with simple decor and neat lines. The lilac color matches the soft violet and gives a visual balance. This tone can be used in your living room, kids’ room, or nursery.

Evoking elegance in this dual-toned home color palette that has white in the cushions and also the side table. The rug is also very well color-coordinated with the whole space and this makes it an unexpected yet the right color scheme. Not to miss, the golden lamp at the side table which also golden adds a regal touch to the palette. This type of paint colour can be found in Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams range also.

#4 – Christian Grey

The design elements and color palette here make one of the best interior color schemes. Charcoal and slate grey give the kitchen a cozy vibe while the pops of brass color used in the tap and chimney give it an unexpected color scheme. The white pendant lights with warm brass accents match perfectly with the other elements in the room and up the ante. The grey cabinets welcome a thoroughly modern vibe and the countertops add to it. The grey units feel heavenly with the addition of brass and make it look glamourous too.

#5 – Cerulean Hues

This is an age-old color palette combination that reminds us of greek architecture or traditional Chinese pottery. Giving a very fresh look with the usage of this home color palette in the living room, this can also be used in other places of the house. The blue and gainsboro colors give the idea of the ultimate serene and cozy space. By using patterns in the rug the whole look of the room is elevated. The versatility of the classic color palette allows infusing new elements so that you get to create different styles and spaces. You can also add hints of Peru color just like in this color palette, to add some warmth. The floor, vase, and couch all have a mix-up of colors which add to the vibrancy of the home.

#6 – The Nordic Hour

When you look at this living room, it gives an artistic feel and is contemporary. The geometric rug softens the aesthetic of the room. The unique table and pendant light fixture work very well and make the place relaxing. The room’s visual appeal is enhanced because of the wonderful wall hangings in the same color palette. 

The black background in the wall hanging also has khaki’s contrast colors, which adds a pop. Even the cushions on the couch make for a snug place. Though white is used as the main hue in the color palette for this room the addition of black, grey, and khaki colors make the room stand out. To create a graceful and elegant color palette like this, you can use the paint color, Pale oak from Benjamin Moore.

#7 – Aquamarine by the bay

The blue and gray combination works perfectly for this sea-facing room. Without taking away the white the room replaces some part of it with grey. This gives greater decorating freedom when used with blue color. This type of color palettes uses a light paint colour along with contrast colours that are not too bright. The serene blue colour blends very well with the light gray colored sofa and the white ceiling and pillar. White dove shade from Benjamin Moore can be used as the main color here,but to overcome the simply white color palette a shade or two of blue will enhance the look. The floor and throw pillows are also kept light in color to attract more light in this beautiful coastal home. Create your own beachside home, keeping this in mind.

#8 – Rustic Chic

It is a pre-conceived notion that Earthy tones make the room look dull. But,that’s not true at all. This home color palette has brown, grey, and green that look comfortable and inviting. The grey walls give the space an airy feel. The addition of a green wall in color palettes like this helps to pull the whole look together added with the hale navy color chair. The pendant brown light complements the brown couch while the plant perfectly strands in harmony with the other elements. The painting on the gray wall in brown paint adds texture to the wall and matches with the light and couch too.

Varying shades of green always seem to work with brown and grey and serve as the perfect colors when thinking of a rustic and warm whole house color palette. By bringing some nature into the decor, it looks homely and really peaceful and is a nice complementary color scheme. Use a light grey paint colour for the walls and some dark green on the adjacent wall to complete the look.

#9 – Aurelia Pink

These color in the home color palette is a combination of cool and warm shades. This is one of the color palettes that looks really chic, with the plain white paint colour on the wall. The living room looks very gentle and warm and the colors make it look cozy. The ottoman in blush pink adds a nice refreshing detail to the room. The white paint color on the wall beautifully pairs with the wall hangings in brown color. Each painting is organized in a way to create a beautiful pattern. The color combinations are like a match made in heaven that makes the room look bright, spacious and also adds an element of calm. Using perfect colors in color schemes can change the look of the whole house, and this color palette is great to be used in the rooms of your kids or the living space.

#10 – Emmanuel’s

This is not one of the commonly used interior color schemes. Seems very vibrant and contemporary with the fusion of paint colors in the wall. The tan shade and the Light steel blue color scheme make for a great transition effect. Pink and blue is a timeless combination and we know how perfectly they work, but here the two lighter shades of blue and pink are used which are cool tones.

The rug also has similar colors like the space and blends in well giving it a type of pattern. The cushions in hale navy and light green are a wonderful addition to the pink couch and complement it nicely. Use a paint colour like light steel blue and tan from the above colour palette for your family room and make it a happy place. You can even use it as a whole home color palette.

#11 – Lagom Therapy

White and black is always in vogue. Many of us think that only a colorful room has the power to attract eyes, but let us tell you even white and black paint colors can create a wonderful whole house color palette. This cool white shade is the main paint color in the room and is used in a thoughtful way. While it is always easy to go from minimal to overwhelming in a white and black color palette this complementary color scheme is a great idea for the family room.

The space has beautiful white details like the dining table, the pendant lights, the center table, and the TV unit. You can choose this beautiful white color from Sherwin Williams paint colors or Benjamin Moore paint colors. Though these two colors might be on opposite sides of the color wheel they are a timeless combination. The wooden build on the top gives a nice finishing touch to this space.

#12 – Mr. Scandivanian

Unlike the previous color palette which had a sharply contrasting black and white color inspiration, this one blends beautifully with other colors. the primary colors here are grey, white, beige, and some soft pastels. The color inspiration behind this space is definitely the homes in Scandinavia, where lighting, light-colored flooring, and neutral colors along with fresh botanicals are the main elements. The painting on the white wall adds some personality to the design. The wooden floor is done in a dark khaki color that works pretty well for the room.

Color palettes like this need some pastels to add an amount of pop to the basic white theme. Fresh plants are a must in the Scandinavian style. The olive color chair and the plants are used for adding some accent. The window which has a very light fabric invites as much light as possible to keep the space illuminated. The gray couch and the cushions add subtle color and texture to the home.

#13 – Kobicha-cha

A Brown color palette feels earthy and rustic. The color scheme used in this room features a lot of browns in the walls, flooring, and to some extent the furniture too. But, this is beautifully balanced by the addition of yellow, white, and a little blue. Yellow is a bold color that brings the pop of color in this monochromatic color scheme. The patterned rug defines the space in the room with a closely matching color scheme that is soothing to the eye. Adding a white bed adds accent color and helps keep the space bright. The cool and warm tones are playfully mixed to create a color scheme that is luxurious and also homely.

#14 – Cornflower Tale

This blue room is sure going to relieve you of your Monday blues! If you are thinking of decorating your living room with different shades of blue then feel free to use this blue color palette for the purpose. the blue paint colour on the wall is not the same color as the rug but both the colors work well together to bring a cohesive effect. The couch, cushions, and table are not in blue but brown which adds warmth. The introduction of brown colors to the place breaks up the binary of blue and white giving it a natural feel. The artistic elements on the window and the wall make the home decor more refined. The wall clock breaks up space and adds elegance and sophistication. The white trim on top of the window gives polish to space. The decorating choices and the color choices make this place contemporary and comfortable.

#15 – Tealquoise Walls

This house color palette along with the interior design uses recent color trends. Turquoise is one of the favorite colors among designers as it is very flexible and can be combined with almost every paint color on the color wheel. This is a very playful color that can be used in a soft, rich, or bold way too. The use of white and dark khaki brings all of it together in a seamless manner throughout the space. It blends the colors to create a coastal look inspired by the sea. The accent wall uses warm colors with some white that brightens the place. The furniture in white forms a geometric pattern that adds lines to space and makes for great home decor.

#16 – Orchid Flora

Pretty and peaceful in pink, this house color palette uses complementary colors like gray with pink for some pastel colour inspiration. This is a whole house color palette and can be used in any room and any type of house. The color palette gives an airy and refreshing atmosphere. The flowers and the cycle make the color scheme feminine and simple. The incorporation of the grey couch with matching throw pillows allows the pink color to shine in this otherwise monochromatic color scheme. The wooden table works perfectly with the muted grey shade creating a welcoming and comfortable feel. The right paint color can be Benjamin Moore’s edgecomb gray that can be used to create a space like this. mixing grey and pink in this color palette with some wooden elements creates a neutral and chic space.

#17 – Peruvian Brown

The South American country Peru inspires a lot of interior design when people create their homes. this uses natural materials and bright colors and patterns. You can find inspiration from some Peruvian homes and they mostly use whites in combination with the earthy color palette. There is a lot happening in this design, from using art and architecture to decorating the space with all beautiful things this is a perfect luxury home. This sophisticated interior design mixes up glass, wood, textiles, and metals for a dynamic and inviting look. The wooden ceiling and the floor both use the real pattern and the light walls have large open windows covered in glass to allow the light to come in. The white area rug on the floor balances that on the floor. The place has so many elements but they are not cluttered and chaotic instead work together beautifully. This space includes a color palette of brown and white as the main colors and also some orange that works as a color pop and makes it look trendy. White and natural light is no doubt the primary source of light but the circular hanging lights from the ceiling give a nice contemporary touch. The couch is in a lighter shade of brown and the throw pillows also use those colors as the base. The geometric print sofa on the other end adds a fun element with some earth-tone cushions.

#18 – My Copenhagen Home

Brown and grey look much nicer when paired with white, isn’t it? A lovely living cum dining space, this place has a strong visual appeal. this place offers an array of furniture and all of them are in contrast to each other and make the perfect color palette. The throw pillows are not too bright neither too dull but hold the look together. the cabinets in the dining room, are wooden and classic. The black pendant lights overhead on the kitchen counter add some drama to the simple dining room. A wooden brown table bifurcates the space and makes it look large too. Complementary colors like white and black make it easy to place other colors in the space. The dark brown side table and the dining table all are artistically woven together. The large white windows allow light to pass easily and make it airy and spacious too. The white color lights present near each other contrast beautifully with the brown color palette.

#19 – Traditional Russet

A very urbane and chic space that uses timeless white with brown to draw attention. This space feels well illuminated and brings the best of both worlds together. The swimming pool outside seamlessly transitions into space and makes it more connected. The chairs have a pattern with alternate white and brown which complements the color palette too. Inclusion of flowers, white chairs, and a glass table anchor the place harmoniously. This is a really fancy yet minimal space with stunning lights too that up the zen vibes. The color palette is light and thus does not shift focus away from the furniture.

#20 – Classic Scandivanian

Minimalist, practical and chic is what comes to our mind when we look at this place. Taking inspiration from Scandinavia, this space mostly uses white paint color on the walls that make it open and inviting. It features light nuances and earthy tones. Using grey as the main color in the color palette makes it a welcoming and cozy space. The wooden tables and the accent wall are probably the only things in the room. This is true about Scandinavian design where a minimalist approach is taken still things seem to be bare or empty. The throw blanket and cushions complement the grey-colored couch and add some contrast. The area rug in an almost geometric pattern is in sync with the other elements. The very careful inclusion of a painting on the wall behind adds a blush of color. Open windows and earthy curtains let air and light enter and make it look easy and relaxing.

FAQs on Home Color Palettes

How do I choose a color palette for my house?

The first thing before selecting your home color palette first to all figure out what will suit your personality or use your favorite color. Start off by working from a color wheel and what color scheme you want. It can be monochromatic, analogous, contrast, or complementary. The next step will be to create a color palette and you can begin with finding contrast colors for the whole home color palette. If you wish for something subtle go for neutrals, when using bold colors make sure they are having clean lines while decorating it. test out your colors with swatches and sketch them out, you can also paint a little on your walls to see if it’s working or not. Check the colors in different lighting environments to get an idea of how it will look. Look for different hues of the color you have selected both light and dark. Check out the paint samples when you go to the store and bring them home if possible and see how it looks. Remember to not rush into anything and listen to your instincts.

How do you make a color palette for a room?

Making a color palette for a room is almost similar to selecting a color palette for the house except here you only have to consider decorating a single room instead of a whole house. It is very necessary to remember that it is your house and so you have the freedom to use any color any want, it should just suit your personality. if it is your bedroom choose colors that are restful and inspiring, if it is your hall or living area choose colors that are welcoming. For the bathroom make it clean and refreshing. The kitchen can be classic, modern, sophisticated, or anything you want. In this way, you can refer to the color wheel and make color schemes suiting the personality.

What is the best paint color for a house?

What will be the best paint color for the whole house is subjective and varies from person to person. Paint colors can be used to convey your personality. Therefore,it all depends from person to person but we can share some trendy colors of the year that you can choose from for the whole house color palette. If you want to create a color palette you can use these colors for the paint, if it is your first house be a little extra careful. The colors can be warm whites and off-white, gray, revere pewter, black, sage, grey-green, deep blue, light blue, pastel pinks, terracotta, mint green, butter yellow, beige, and burgundy. So,go ahead and create a color palette and select the best paint color for the house.

What paint colors go well together?

To know what colors go well together, we can suggest you refer to this article where we have combined a list of 20 different color palettes for home which also gives an idea of which colors work well together. Upon knowing the famous Sherwin Williams paint colors selecting your colors can be easy. To help you with that, below we have a list of top Sherwin Williams paint colors.

What are the best Sherwin Williams paint colors?

  1. Iron ore
  2. Tricorn black
  3. Alabaster
  4. Sea salt
  5. Naval
  6. Repose gray
  7. Revere pewter
  8. Accessible beige
  9. Extra white
  10. Pure white

What are some Interesting facts about the home color palette?

The Sherwin Williams color of the year 2021 is Urbane Bronze, which is a warm and relaxing neutral with some sophistication.

The Benjamin Moore Color of the year 2021 is Aegean teal, which is balanced and really soothing to the eyes.

So, what are your thoughts on the Home color palettes we have curated for you? If they have inspired you in some way then go ahead and start planning your next experience of decorating your house. Good luck!

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