15 Bold Neon Color Palletes To Make Your Designs More Dramatic

March 21, 2023

Neon color palettes are the most vibrant and loud-sounding of all colors. Neon lights, for instance, can be seen from a mile away at night because they’re so bright. They are best if you want to capture attention in a busy place. 

In addition, neon colors are the perfect choice for transforming any room into a bright, exciting space. You can use them with many different interior designs and color schemes to create an inviting environment in every way! 

So, let us dive right in and check out some beautiful neon color palettes that can help you build beautiful things.

15 Neon Color Palettes

Picasso Pink

Picasso Pink Neon Color Palette

If you want to create a dramatic impact with your design, this Picasso pink neon color palette is the way to go. The rainbow-Esque hues are sure to grab any viewer's attention and make them stand up for what they believe in.

Corridor of Colors

Corridor of colors Neon Color Palette

Rainbows are a rare but beautiful thing to see. They can happen in the blink of an eye and disappear before you know it. Luckily, we all have access to these neon shades that give us the rainbow vibe that will never fade away! 

You'll be able to see them from outer space if they're as bright as this one is said to be!

Green Lights

Green Lights Neon Color Palette

The Neon Green on the color wheel is a fantastic shade of green. It has a touch of red and is bluer than most other colors. 

Lime, which is nearby on the color wheel, maybe comparable to it in brightness but lacks that punchy feel you get when using neon green as one's accent choice for any design project. 

This vibrant hue in the color palette can help add excitement to your work without being too overbearing or overwhelming with its vivacity, thus making it best used as an accent! 

If used sparingly alongside black (or another dark tone), this concoction will give contrast and liveliness while creating visual interest.

This is in trend among celebrities and runway artists and is widely being used in their designs.

Hostel Centrum

Hostel Centrum Neon Color Palette

Vibrant and bold, this neon color palette can add an interesting effect to simple designs. The color palette has burnt orange, yellow, and some blue, an excellent example of a fresh, funny, and vibrant combination. 

This bold yet soft color scheme will make your home or office feel like the perfect place to relax any day.

Squishy Jell

Squishy Jell Neon Color Palette

Featuring a rich, dark shade that flows beautifully into the lighter petunia, this vivid purple, and blue color palette is perfect for creating designs with an intense and dynamic color scheme. 

When adding all five colors to your design in sequence, you can create gradient effects like never before! This series can be used for night scenes or as an elegant touch on any design theme you desire.

Gone Girl

Gone Girl Neon Color Palette

New colors are coming to the forefront, but some will never go out of style. This gone girl is one color combination you're sure to see in 2022! These vivid hues create a feeling full of energy and demand attention with neon signs or strobe lights. 

However, these bright shades may not suit all situations, like your home’s interior (not for your bedroom at least!). However, this will work great if you plan for an airy office that is not formal but creative. Safe to say that this is one of the best color palettes on this list.

Electro Blue

Electro Blue Neon Color Palette

The electro blue color palette has the potential to give your design either a professional or casual look, depending on how you create it. This is a monochrome neon blue color look that is in trend. 

The bright blue color is often used in logos designed for business purposes because they represent trust and professionalism; dark blues can be seen as sophisticated, while lighter blues offer honesty.

Frosty Leaves

Frosty Leaves Neon Color Palette

The juxtaposition of bright pink and dark blue creates a profound light that gives the painting an extraordinary effect. Brightly colored swirls stand out on this neon canvas, creating a vibrant work with a hue reminiscent of childhood memories. 

Opposites attract in one way or another — even when it comes to colors! The pinks are not too loud, so they appear neither girlish nor overly mature. This means these hues exhibit just enough balance between maturity and youthfulness thanks to their inclusion of both blue tones in the neon color palette.

Glass Bubble

Glass Bubble Neon Color Palette

The color combination of the "glass bubble" is fascinating. It pops out and captures your eye from the first glance, as you can't help but stare at it. 

Yet once they are pulled apart into their colors, each one has an exciting personality on its own- blue with hints of purple or pink that shimmers beneath yellow light. 

However, there seems to be no end between them when all these beautiful hues are combined by design - whether for the purposeless beauty in your home or just some fun art project. 

This neon color palette gives us the vibe of oilways changing and evolving before our eyes while still maintaining balance within themselves, so we never tire out looking too long even though every time is new.

Purple Eye

Purple Eye Neon Color Palette

A clean palette like this one is a great way to inject elegance into any design. It doesn't assault the senses and could never be accused of being garish because it's just so classy. 

This color combination has a tech feeling. Its ever-changing technology can help you create an energizing experience for your viewers, giving them entertainment in addition to fashion —  all without overwhelming their sense with too much at once!

Gradient Child

Gradient Child Neon Color Palette

Neon green and orange, opposites in the color spectrum, are surprisingly complementary. This neon color palette has intense shades of green. In comparison, orange has a bright hue that can be loud or calming, depending on the context. 

When combined, these colors create a tropical vibe. This blend makes for great decorating ideas this year since vivid tones are all over runways at fashion shows right now.

It looks especially great when they're paired with neutrals like white, cream, black or gray to tone down their intensity even more. However, we don’t think it’s necessary to tone it down here as it is a neon color palette, so the brighter, the better.


Frameworks Neon Color Palette

The perfect splash of bright colors frames this neon color palette so well. These are unexpected colors but work nicely together. The pink pops off the yellow and makes it even more colorful and can be used in bold party invitations. 

The beautiful patterns bring the whole look together and inspire designer clothes or website design to make them look more dramatic. You can also use this neon color palette in a custom brand logo.

Paint Corner

Paint Corner Neon Color Palette

This neon color palette is a party with the high contrast between these colors creating bold, dynamic energy. 

You’ve got a combination full of joy and youth while also providing some balance in optimism thanks to its bright pink, blue, orange tones - all adding life to this color scheme. 

The neon green and yellow shades pair well to add even more contrast and pop, providing calmness without making it too over-the-top either!

Strokes Pro

Strokes Pro Neon Color Palette

Yesterday's future's bold, bright lights are back with our new neon trend. These fluorescent hues will electrify any design project, from simple vector graphics to vibrant accents. 

Shades of pink, blue, yellow, and green brighten up the setting and make bold designs. This neon color palette has the best neon hues and can make for a trendy yet energetic color palette.

Space Fortitude

Space Fortitude Neon Color Palette

This palette is inspired by the colors of a starry night. Mixing cool neon tones with vibrant colors creates a beautiful heavenly combination. 

Cool neon cyan and yellow tones combine with bright pink to create a simple, balanced scheme perfect for the "sand below and the sky above" mood. With neon color palettes like these, it's as if you're witnessing vivid starry nights during an awe-inspiring northern lights show!

FAQs: Neon Color Palette

What colors are neon colors?

Colors that emit light are called fluorescent colors or neon colors, and they stand apart from other types of color because they cast a specific type of radiation. 

They're created by combining primary or secondary colors, such as blue, red, green, yellow, and purple. When the light from fluorescent colors falls in a visible spectrum to humans, it creates an intense and vivid color. These are generally very bright and flashy.

Neons are produced by a gas element called neon. The word "neon" broadly applies to any fluorescent or ultra-bright color, which includes:

  • Green - Neon (or “UFO”), Green and Electric Lime.
  • Red—Bright Red and Electric Orange
  • Blue- Electric Blue as well as electric cyan.
  • Pink- Neon plastic Pink, neon magenta, purple.
  • Bright Purple.

What is the color code for neon?

Neon color palettes have neon hues like neon yellow, neon red, neon green, neon blue, neon pink, and neon purple. All these bright hues have hex color codes. Below we will be listing them for your convenience.

Neon Yellow:


Neon Red:


Neon Green:


Neon Blue:


Neon Pink:


Neon Purple:



How do I make neon colors in HTML?

The HTML Color Picker is a great tool that lets you choose from over 16 million colors! You can refine your color selection by selecting different shades of neon color, which makes it easier to find the perfect one. 

It also gives you hex codes for each of those colors, so they're easy to remember and use on sites like Photoshop or Illustrator. 

The RGB variant provides even more options because there are millions upon millions of combinations available in addition to all those with just red, green, and blue values too!

What are the fluorescent colors?

Fluorescent colors are different from other pigment types because they absorb and reflect more light. They are interchangeably referred to as neon too. They use a more significant visible spectrum and lower wavelengths than conventional pigments.

They require this larger visible spectrum and lower wavelengths because they absorb so much light energy from all parts of the color wheel (reds, oranges, yellows/greens, and ultraviolet) that makes them "glow" more intensely than other colors. 

That is why a fluorescent marker is mostly preferred by people in typography and highlighting!

Conclusion: Neon Color Palette

After getting a much better picture of neon color palettes, now’s your chance to mix and match warm and cool hues to discover even more color choices. The color you’ll end up finding might just be perfect for your audience because of how original and eye-catching it is. 

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