Aesthetic Color Palette

March 14, 2023

Aesthetic may have become a popular word after Instagram. As social media influencers start creating beautiful Instagram feeds, creating stunning aesthetic looks for social media and brands has become necessary. 

Using an aesthetic color palette is the first place to start your next design project. 

Have you seen the Instagram feed of The Blonde abroad? She is a travel blogger who has a massive following on Instagram, and her Instagram aesthetic is the stuff of dreams. 

She uses Sienna, sky blue, green, and white color Palette. It works very well with the landscape photos she posts. If you also want to create an aesthetic color palette for your brand, you can do so easily.

You can always look for images you like for a fast at out, then choose a useful online tool like an image color picker as it displays all the color hex codes in an image. 

If you do not want to create a color palette but seek inspiration, then we have curated some aesthetic color palettes for you -

Feminine Charm

Recently, on Instagram Reels, this aesthetic Color Palette has grown immensely Popular. Small businesses or interest pages use it to create a feminine mood board. 

The blush pinks, the steel blue, the grey colors all create a stunning vibe. You can use this palette for your business in packaging or aesthetic ways.

Cottagecore Cats

Like the Feminine Charm color palette, the cottage core aesthetic also picks up. Thanks to fashion influencers and small thrift store businesses that have picked up the trend. 

This cottagecore aesthetic color palette has natural earth tones. The muted brown and green shades look great together. Perfect for creating a social media aesthetic page! 

You can also use it for branding, packaging, or even outfit inspiration.

Retro Sunset

The entire circle of social media is based on sharing. To create an aesthetically pleasing page, you need to post high-quality pictures with a synchronized color palette. 

The Retro Sunset aesthetic color palette is made of mauve, purple, grey, orange, and salmon. All the colors represent sunset, making your feed lively and fun.

Vintage Hues

The Dark Academia is another growing trend on social media. The vintage Hues aesthetic color palette tries to capture the essence of an old library, with ornate ceilings and hardcover books. 

Black, brown, grey, mustard, and tan colors blend to form a sophisticated palette. If you want to make an elegant impression on your audience, this is your palette.

The Minimalist Palette

From Kim Kardashian to Zendaya, everyone has been looking in the tan shades. Beige and browns have become the neutrals that fashionistas love. 

This color collection has also grown in decorators, incorporating this aesthetic color palette. Whether decor or dresses, the Minimalist aesthetic is a classic that can never go wrong!

Fresh Lavender

Pastels are in vogue now. Lavender, purple, and shades of green have become the go-to fun colors. Fashionistas are not afraid to play around with colors now. 

Fresh Lavender is an aesthetic color palette that would suit a feminine product branding as it is delicate, dainty, and gorgeous!

Ashy tones

Nothing looks better than a shot of the mountain roads when it comes to travel aesthetics! Palette's ashy tones aesthetic is created with shades of greys like dark grey, grey, steel grey, white, and mustard/ gold tones. 

This beautiful color scheme brings out the vibrancy of nature. It is a popular social media/ photography color scheme.

Beach Getaway

Have you ever strolled alongside a beach and found flowers growing in the sand? Beach Getaway is an aesthetic color palette that captures the beach feeling. 

It has sandy browns and blues mixed to form the perfect beach vibe.

Rustic Feels

The aesthetic color palette is mainly made of colors that embody a mood. In previous palettes, we talked about beaches, sunsets, and mountains. 

The Rustic Feels color palette is all about rustic tones. It has muted tones of brown and grey, which form a washed-out palette. 

The palette may seem colorless, but it is a classy and edgy color scheme that brave brands who want to explore and do something out of the box can be used.

Pink wedding

Aesthetic color palettes don't always have neutrals. Sometimes a hint of pink and blue can turn the look around. The pink wedding color palette uses flamingo, blush, mauve, steel blue, and grey and creates a beautiful color palette. 

It is perfect for a spring/ summer wedding and can be used to create a brand aesthetic.


The aesthetic color palette does not have any strict rules. You can use whatever colors you think will work together. 

Aesthetic is all about capturing a mood: a beachy vibe, retro style, or vintage mood. Anyone who wants to make a personalized aesthetic color palette can visit Offeo

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