Green Color Palette

May 12, 2022

Green is the color of nature. Everywhere you look around you can see green The leaves on trees are green, the moss on a rock is green, the grass is green! 

The Green color is synonymous with nature. That's why it is the favorite of many. It has a calming aura that makes it different than the raunchy colors like red.

Even though you can primarily find the color green in nature, it is a versatile color. Various shades of green are incorporated into a color palette. 

Green can not only be calming but also be a fun color. You can use it in home decor to add a touch of soothing tones, and you can also use it in product packaging and branding.

You must have seen many products having the green stamp for safety. Green mostly means safe or vegetarian. Green is assumed to be a cool color, but it has undertones of yellow.

It can be fun to play around with different shades of green. We have curated a list of green color palettes that you can use anywhere and however, you want.

30 Best Green Color Palettes

Don't Terra-Green

Green goes along with many colors. But there is something about burnt orange and terracotta shades that make green pop out. 

It might be an unlikely color combination. But it works out pretty well. It is a classic rustic palette to paint your living room with. 

Brands like Fanta use this color scheme, so Don't Terra-Green is a tried and tested color palette.

The Basic Green Palette

As we mentioned before, green goes with many colors. But on its own as well green color can do wonders. 

There are various shades of green in the basic green palette, like fern green and forest green. The white and grey in this palette add a contrasting background to the colors. 

It makes the green pop out. Recently, these color combinations have been used by many famous interior decorators. 

The color scheme is perfect for the bedroom, with white on the linens, headboard, green pillows, and throw pop.

Truest Greens

While the basic green palette has come white and greys, Truest Greens is composed of only green colors. 

It is a green color palette in the truest sense. It has the darkest shade of forest green to the lightest shade of lime green. The color range is varied. 

Anyone looking for a completely single-colored palette with diverse shades must go for this. When used anywhere, the colors look fresh, from decorating to even painting rooms.

Spring Rain

The basic green palette had greens and white. But to bring out some vibrancy, you can always add a touch of red. 

Spring Rain palette is about the fresh mood of spring. It has green leaves well as blooming flowers. 

In decorating, you can always go with neutrals on the walls. Furthermore, you can also add a splash of red or coral as a figurine, watch, or even a cushion-like accent color. 

It's all about how you get creative with the palette.

Wedding Bells

Green always has a certain richness. But if you want a muted but classy palette, then wedding bells are your best choice. 

This green color scheme has forest green, light olive, and different shades of pink and beige. You can use wedding bells to inspire a summer wedding decoration, and the colors fit just right.

Sandy Green Sea

Green may not be the dominant color in this green color scheme, but it surely can be used as an accent color. 

Sandy Green Sea has dark shades like blue-green and light shades like Sienna, blush pink, and grey. The best part about the Sandy green sea is it reminds you of a beach, with the sandy tones of sand and the emerald green waters!

The Juice Cleanse

Green symbolizes nature and life, and brown stands for earth and soil. When these two colors come together, it is a rustic blend of colors. 

The Juice Cleanse palette has ample green and light shades of brown. Neutrals perfectly balance bright green hues. 

This green color scheme can help decorate a garden or set up an outdoor event.

Calla Lily

While the wedding bells palette had muted shades of greens and pinks, the Calla Lily Green color scheme has dark and vibrant colors. 

It has green emerald, forest green, bright green, and various shades of pinks and corals. 

The greens and pinks form a considerable contrast, lending vibrancy to the palette. They create an illusion of the Calla Lily. You can use it for living room decor, outfit ideas, and even branding.

Peacock Dance

Green color schemes often have lighter tones. The purpose is to make green stand out. But in the Peacock Dance palette, two colors always go together.

Blue and green are the most unlikely colors to complement each other. But when midnight blue and emerald green come together, they create a luxurious palette. Blue and green color schemes with a gold accent are the stuff of dreams!

Monsoon Greetings

Peacock dance had depth and dark shades. But Monsoon greetings have both shades of blue and green and neutral colors. 

The key lime and olive green color add a green touch. But midnight blue acts as a deep contrast. 

Grey and charcoal work as necessary neutral colors to tone down the darkness of the palette. You can use this palette in website design, branding, and even painting.

The Mustard Is Green

Thee are many color ideas for green. Sometimes you can mix it up with blue, sometimes with white, and sometimes with gold. 

Mustard is a green palette has three colors of green - emerald green, forest green, and bottle green. 

In harmony with these colors, mustard is added to the color scheme and is balanced by coral and blush pink. 

The dark colors pair up with vibrant and light hues, creating rich coloring. 

It is perfect for living room decor, Halloween decorations, fall color ideas, etc.

Victorian Rose

Color is a tricky thing. Most may say that all light colors won't make a good palette, but Victorian Rose is here to change the common conception. 

All the colors in the scheme are mostly pastel. It has pistachio green, sage green, light pistachio green, light terracotta, blush beige, and tan colors. 

The colors may not be bright and shiny, but they are crisp. The Victorian rose palette is a dainty color palette meant for cottage core aesthetic, old-school vibe, and pastel color palettes.

Sunflower Shine

Green is considered a cool color. This means that it has more hints of blue than yellow. When blended with warm colors, the sunflower Shine palette is created. 

With forest-green and grass green as the significant green colors, this color scheme has mustard yellow, yellow, and dark brown. 

All the colors in sunflower are present in the palette. It is a bright and fun color scheme, as presented in the image. 

It can uplift the mood of any room and add life to a bland color scheme.

Fresh Lavender

Nowadays, pastel colors are in fashion. Every pastel color is recognized for its style, from blush pink to sage green.
Lavender is another pastel color that adds elegance to color schemes. 

Fresh Lavender color palette has a fair amount of green - but along with that, it has a lavender shade. This color is all the rage right now. 

It has become the favorite color in silk fabric and is used in fashion photos. 

This color scheme would suit an English countryside-themed wedding or could be used for outfit inspiration. It is versatile.

I Can See Your Greys

We often underestimate lighter colors. But thanks to the revolution in interior design, muted tones are back in vogue.

It may be hard to blend these patterns, but lighter tones can be exquisite when done with care. 

I can see your greys palette has greens and gray. The pistachio shade of the gardens mixes well with light gray to create a refreshing, muted palette. 

It can even make a relaxing bedroom atmosphere or be used to design a condo.

Velvet With Gold

Green color palettes are known for their lively color schemes. Velvet with a Gold color palette is like royalty in this genre. 

Various hues of green colors like emerald green, velvet green, and forest green, along with gold accents, make up this palette. 

It's not only about style but about details. Velvet with gold pays attention to more information because gold is an accent color here. 

A room with white walls, tan curtains, a green sofa, and a gold lamp would look classy and royal. That's how velvet with a gold color palette stands out.

Winter Hue

We have mentioned blues and green color combinations already. 

But Winter Hues has a different touch. It has colors like forest green, but that's it about green. There are more blue colors like steel blue, aqua blue, and gray here. 

It is a quiet green color palette with cool colors. Here green is used as an accent.

In Space of Autumn

Autumn is one of the liveliest seasons on earth, and that's when the golden-brown leaves fall on the ground creating a blanket of burnt orange leaves. 

The space of Autumn personifies Autumn. It is made with colors of the season like green, yellow and orange. 

This is an exotic autumn color palette that he uses multiple. You can use it in painting, decor, Halloween ideas, and branding. 

Orange is a widely used color for branding by big brands like Asana.

Turquoise Waters

Have you ever looked at a stone and seen the beautiful colors reflected in it? 

That's what the ocean is. It is a large emerald or diamond sitting on the earth. When light falls on it, it gets reflected; that's how we get the turquoise color. 

The Turquoise waters color palette is made up of colors like the sky, gold, turquoise green, key lime, and dark blue. 

This colorful palette has a similar composition to Peacock dance but has lighter colors.

Rustic Purple

Green color palettes are known for their soothing tones. Rustic purple is one of a kind palette with a unique color that makes a basic sage green palette different. 

The dark purple and lavender shade in the color scheme adds beauty to the color palette. 

Sage green has become the year's color in fashion, and purple adds depth to the palette. 

The crisp color combinations are in perfect harmony with each other.

Spring Yellows

The best way to create a color Palette for green is to decide which colors go with it, such as green a. It makes more sense to use a cool colors and warm colors like orange, coral, and yellow. 

The undertones affect the trial color swatches you take to create a palette. There are fern green, sage green, and Lime green in this green color scheme, but lime yellow and steel gray. 

These color combinations make sense together as it reminds you of spring blossoms. It is suitable for understated room decor, branding, graphic design, etc.

Color Blast

All things bright and beautiful is a song that is etched in the mind of every human being, and Color Blast is how one can perceive it. 

It has a rainbow of colors like violet, orange, yellow, and greens.

Color Blast is one of the few green color palettes with vibrant and bright colors. It is a fun and enjoyable color scheme that you can use in product packaging, interior design, and graphic design. 

Loud colors are the style of graphic design.

Floral Dreams

Color Blast has most primary colors, but floral dreams are more about natural flowers. 

It is a mesmerizing color combination of green, grey, pink, purple, and orange. 

Floral Dreams have the makings of a great color palette because it has muted tones, but it also has bright colors like orange and pink.

Green Monochrome

A monochromatic palette is all about variation in the same hues. Green monochrome has the same shade of green with different tonalities.

All the greens in the color palette will have different color codes. Green monochrome is a gorgeous color palette suitable for bedrooms, intimate dining spaces, and paintings. 

It reflects the beauty of forest space, inducing calmness and serenity.

A Hint of Pink

We have already talked about how green goes asking with coral. 

But green and pink are colors that are unlikely to get along—however, a deep emerald green shade and blush or baby pink wonder when mixed with gold accents. 

In this color scheme, pink and gold are used as accents.

You can always use a fresh hint of pink or gold for a lively decor, like accessories of the same color. 

It is the best palette for winter weddings, lifestyle projects, or interior decor.

Mint Condition

We have already used terracotta ideas with green. But Min-cotta is a mix of new colors. It is a well-balanced mixture of mint green and terracotta.

The colors are a tad bit lighter, closing in the pastel side. But this mint combination with terracotta seems like the best pastel palette of green. 

It has mint, sage, light blue, coral, and terracotta colors.

Nature Tones

The color schemes you can create with green colors are numerous. 

Nature Tones is a color palette with four tonalities of green and two neutral colors. 

The image shows that forest green and other colors add depth to the color scheme even though the neutrals don't have a character. 

Want a professional color scheme for your office space? Want to tone down the green hue? This palette is perfect for formal occasions.

Northern Neon Lights

People often sit on the awesomeness of Neon color. It is one of the most underrated green colors. However, last year neon made a come back in the fashion world. 

In the Northern Neon Lights palette, the green color scheme is blended with purples. It describes the unique natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis that occurs in the northern pole. 

The stunning neon color paired with purple is one of the best color combinations. You can use this color palette in graphic design because it could become a bit flashy in real life.

Green Tropical Paradise

Green Tropical Paradise is a rich and natural color scheme. It has blue, green, and neutral colors in the palette. 

The image defines the beautiful colors of a tropical paradise like Bali and the Philippines. 

Out of all color schemes, this one is a massive hit because it has the colors of the sky, water, sand, and trees. 

Green color schemes are best when inspired by nature, and this one screams nature.

Olive Branch

In many cases of green color schemes, emerald is given a higher priority than olive green color. Olive is the best idea to create a luxurious palette and toned down.

Combined with tones of midnight blue and some neutrals, the palette can do wonders. It can create a fall color palette with earthy tones.

You can try out what the scheme looks like with a Photoshop Swatch. It will give you a clear idea of what to choose.

Perfect for bedrooms, bachelor pads, and luxe packaging.

FAQs: Green Color Palette

What are the different shades of green?

There are many different types of green. You can use it accordingly. There are sage, mint, and lime green on the light side of the spectrum. 

And there are dark green, emerald, and forest on the darker side of the green. Other colors like pistachio, sea green, and olive are also green colors. 

Green color schemes are designed based on the different types of green. Sometimes the undertones also matter. 

Green is a cool color, but sometimes it may have yellow undertones, like neon or lime green.

What colors go perfectly with green?

Green color palettes can be beautiful. You can make it a lighter shade, dark shade, or neutral way. 

It all depends on the use of the color palette, whether you want to paint the walls or decorate a garden. 

For creating a dark palette, you can use colors like

 midnight blue, dark purple, black, browns, brick red, dark blue, etc. 

But for light colors, you can use -corals, pinks, sky, grey, Sienna, tan, gold, etc.

It isn't easy to describe what colors go with green. Sometimes green will look amazing with blush pink, and sometimes it will look breathtaking with midnight blue. 

It depends on which shade of green you use. Ideas are plenty, and you just have to be creative!

What effect does the green color palette have?

In color psychology, it is implied that colors can evoke psychological reactions. 

It means that a color can affect our mood and emotions. Green color can have a psychological effect on the audience.

Green is a cool color with a shorter wavelength, meaning we can easily see it and don't have to stress our eyes out. It also influences the effect of the green color.

Green is natural

The theory of association is in play here. As soon as a person sees green color, they are reminded of trees, nature leaves, and forests. 

All things natural induce a sense of security in a person. So, the green color is a window of nature, and it gives us a glance at nature. May it be a painting or a piece of cloth.

Green is calming

Because the green color reminds human beings of nature, it has a calming effect on the audience. 

That's why even interior designers use green color to paint restaurants and hotels. It has a soothing effect. 

Also, anyone watching a video with green background will have more inspiration and less irritability.

Green is festive

Have you noticed how a room lights up when green is used with red? That color combination is reserved for Christmas. 

The best time is when we use green and red color decorations. Anything other than green feels like a letdown. That's why it has a festive mood.

Green is healing

Many hospitals use a green color palette to paint their indoors. It is because the presence of green induces mental stability and motivates healing. 

Green is a restful and relaxing color for the human eye. It is a blessing to wake up in the morning and watch the green hue with the naked eye.

What are the uses of a green color palette?

Green seems to be one of the primary colors. It has many uses; a palette can be diverse and can be used in many ways. Here are some of the benefits of a green color palette-

Fashion and Styling

Influencers are bringing back the raging neon color. While it wasn't a prevalent color earlier and in 2022, it’s becoming a huge hit. 

Green is making a mark in fashion this year, and lime made a significant impact in the industry.

Fashion influencers like Leonie Hanne and even Iskra Lawrence used this color. Sage green has even come close to becoming the color of the year.

Decor Inspiration

Green is used in places other than the hospital. People are warming up towards the green. Interior design, emerald is making a mark. 

Gold accents and emerald have become the royal duo. Other than emerald, green colors have a lot of scope in decor. 

Mint with pastels, blue and green, white and green, all these combinations look ravishing indoors. 

It is being adopted in the fall color palette, which is the hottest trend right now.

Branding in Green

Green may indicate jealousy, like " the green-eyed monster," but it also promotes trust. 

A product that has green packaging is often passed as trustworthy. 

Vegan brands are making a point using this color. There are so many varieties of this color that you will have multiple options while branding. 

You can do anything with a great color palette, from packaging to designing a logo.

 Just choose one that suits your brand, or create one at Adobe Swatch.

Video-making & Graphic Design

In video making, it is essential to choose the right colors. If you want the audience's reaction to being frustrated, you can choose red. 

If you want to indicate death - black or dark colors will do. Green also plays a considerable role in inciting emotions from the audience, it induces a sense of calm. 

In graphic design as well, green plays a vital role. Especially neon makes viewers stop scrolling.

Conclusion: Green Color Palette

The thing about style is you need to trust in your ideas. Green color palette can be bland if you see it that way, but there are many fun variations you can use. 

Offeo is a one-of-a-kind, fun, and easy tool used to create short videos. But on top of that, it can help you create a relevant color palette for your brand. 

With its Brand Create feature, you can choose brand colors and customize your Palette. You can try it out here.

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