Pink Color Palette

April 8, 2022

From fashion to nature, pink is a color that has been embraced with much vigor.

May it be the stunning outfit of Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at tiffany's or Marilynn Monroe's hot pink look from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, pink has been a significant color in fashion.

In recent years, millennials have returned to pink, making a huge comeback. You can see this color in homes, in dresses, etc. 

We have curated a list of our favorite pink color palettes that will change how you see pink. You can use it in any way you want. Here we go:

Pink Cherry Blossoms

Pink Cherry Blossoms

Have you ever dreamt of going to Japan? It is famous for its wonderful spring cherry blossoms.

This pink sheet of flowers covers the roads in Kyoto or Osaka during the spring, and the flowers are everywhere, making it a sight to behold. 

This color palette is all about Cherry Blossoms and captures spring shades in Japan. It has beautiful pink and steel blue types to complement the sky.

If you want to build a cozy-looking living room or design a calming bedroom, then this pink color palette is perfect.

The Power of Pink

Pink is often considered to be an overly calming and soft color. It is associated with sweetness. But when combined with darker colors like midnight blue, it becomes powerful. 

The power of the pink palette has French rose, punch, and ruby shades, but on top of that, it also has a touch of blue. 

This gives this palette a much-needed punch! It is a popular interior decor combination for mid-century-inspired bedrooms and living rooms.

Christmas in Pink

Christmas in Pink

Christmas colors don't always mean green and red. If you want to try something new, Christmas in Pink is a new way to explore. It has pretty shades of pink, pale pink, carnation, thulian, and flamingo.

On top of that, these colors come together with a hint of light grey. The results are stunning! 

This is the most sophisticated Christmas palette ever. You can also use it for winter/ spring weddings. It would look beautiful with white walls as well!

We think it's safe to say that this palette is multipurpose.

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

A sophisticated pink palette doesn't always need to have lighter shades. In this palette of Pretty in Pink, sage green and blush are blended to form an elegant color combination. 

This palette looks like a spring wedding dream come true. The light pink, blush, and flamingo colors look beautiful with sage green.

Many brides would kill to have this color theme for their weddings!

Pink Th-reals

Pink Th-reals

Nothing looks as good as pink and blue together. It is almost like a universal law: bread goes with butter, cookies with coffee, birds, and sunset! 

In the Pink Th-reals color palette, darker tones of pinks have been combined with teal. It is a gorgeous combination that looks Victorian-Inspired. 

Rose pink, baby pink, carnation, and teal look amazing together. You can choose it for your brand packaging and website design or continue to use it in decor; it works anyway!

Not Just Pinks

Not Just Pinks

The easiest way to create a pink color palette is to mix it with blue. But, other colors in the spectrum would look equally gorgeous with pink. 

Yellow may not be a much-loved color, but thanks to Millenials, it makes a comeback just like pastels. 

Yellow and mustard with hot pink, baby pink, and light pink make quite a vibrant palette. It is lovely for summer weddings. 

If you want bright interior decor or fun branding, then this Not just Pinks palette is the thing for you.

Pinks and Purple

Working with contrasting colors is easy. But try blending the same shades, and you will know how hard it is to create. 

But pinks and purple are a gentle reminder that colors with the same hue can create a dashing palette. Colors like amethyst, purple, hot pink, light pink, and flamingo make a real romantic color scheme. 

It can work with decor, outfits, and even in graphic design. Pinks and Purple is an unlikely palette that fits just right.

Sunset's Kiss

Sunset's Kiss

Pink may seem like a standard color, but the power it holds is extraordinary. have you ever watched the clouds during sunset? 

When the sun goes down, it lightens up the clouds in vibrant shades of pink and blues. Sunset's Kiss palette has dark mauve, light shell pink, carnation, light grape, gray-blue and dark antiquity.

These cool shades capture the colors of the sunset and would be perfect for living room decor, bathroom renovation, paintings, and wedding themes.

Dust It Pink

Dust It Pink

Pink Color is often found to be too innocent, too girly, and too childish. But when mixed up with blacks and browns, this color reaches a whole new level. 

The Dust It Pink color palette is the classiest pink color palette on the list as it has Thulian, mauve shades mixed with coffee brown, black, and grey. 

Adding neutrals to the palette just adds the edge to it. Dust it Pink has all the dusty pinks to balance the darkness with the lightness.

Melting Gelato

Melting Gelato

Pink is a free color, but it becomes a fun palette when combined with a fierce hue. Melting Gelato is an exciting color palette with much potential. 

Fashion influencers are exploiting this color scheme to its fullest. Cherry red along with flamingo, baby pink, and white is a classic color scheme. Initially, it may seem like a bad idea, but it works nicely. It can be a modern home or office decor. Cosmetic and Fashion brands can use this color scheme.

What are the different Pink colors?

Typically, there are 24 shades of pink, but we can agree that there are more. The different colors range from light to dark; some even border on neutral. 

Pink, Fushcia, Hot Pink, Punch, French Rose, Ruby, Lemonade, Thulian, Lemonade, Carnation, Flamingo Magenta, Lavender M Taffy, Watermelon, salmon, etc. are a few of the variations. 


We hope the list of color palettes made your job easier. All of them were carefully created and curated with much thought. 

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