9 Best Travel Vloggers on YouTube in 2022

July 15, 2022

Traveling makes us feel a certain way, often in the best way possible. One of the best effects of travel is that it lowers our stress levels, essential to keep moving forward in life.

This cathartic effect is probably one of the main reasons why the demand for travel content on YouTube is ever-increasing

What’s more, it was constantly high in the past year (2021-2022). 

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Are you looking for inspiration on where to go next? Check out these YouTube travel channels where you can watch and learn more about the world. 

9 Must-Watch YouTube Travel Vloggers

No. YouTube Channel Video Views in the Last 30 Days # of Subscribers Total Video Views
1 Gone with the Wynns 1.56M 508K 108.9M
2 Vagabrothers 845.144K 1.13M 91.9M
3 Samuel and Audrey 690.792K 402K 94.0M
4 Fun for Louis 214.433K 1.98M 330.0M
5 The Budgeteers 125.369K 121K 7.7M
6 Mark Wiens 29.868M 8.79M 2032.4M
7 Hey Nadine 109.262K 497K 48.8M
8 Hopscotch the Globe 124.919K 322K 53.1M
9 Drew Binsky 7.918M 3.17M 677.5M

Gone with the Wynns

RV travel blogger couple Nikki and Jason Wynn are well-known for showing people that it’s possible to live a full, active life by expending less energy. 

Nikk and Jason have decided to take their fun on the road, but with a twist. Their YouTube channel is beautifully shot, with a particular narrative flair. 

They started as RV travel bloggers and eventually sold all their possessions to trade in their RV for a sailboat. 


The Vagabrothers are the wacky boys of the travel blogging world, where they produce travel videos that are shot in fun styles.

It usually includes fun destination guides focused on culture and killer drone shots. 

Their videos detail cultural aspects of the far-flung destinations they visit and offer viewers a chance to experience these places vicariously from their computer screens.  

Sam & Audrey TV

Sam & Audrey TV

Sam and Audrey (known by their travel blogging aliases, Nomadic Samuel and That Backpacker) are former Korean expatriates on an indefinite journey between ex-pat life and nomadism.

They are known for producing destination guides and food taste tests. They are also known for their lengthy binge-watching videos.

Fun for Louis

Louis Cole is a U.K.-based filmmaker and YouTuber who aims to motivate his audience to explore the world with his vlogs. 

Cole initially gained fame through his eating stunts, but now he focuses on the positive message of enjoying life, friends, and everything the world has to offer. 

This travel vlogger currently posts daily vlogs of his life, inspiring viewers to live an adventure-filled life by traveling the world.

The Budgeteers

The Budgeteers

The Budgeteers is a channel about travel on a shoestring, created by three friends: Paddy from the UK, Thijs from Belgium, and Lina from Colombia. 

They feature content relating to Southeast Asia, which particularly interests budget backpackers. Each 30-minute video is well-produced and visually appealing. 

Furthermore, Their videos feature everything from biking the Mae Hong Son Loop to sampling street food in Kuala Lumpur. 

All the episodes have excellent production quality, professional-looking visuals, and a professional presentation style. All in all, The Budgeteers is worth checking out! 

Mark Wiens

Mark Wiens

Mark, who goes by the online handle Migrationology, is a popular travel vlogger and YouTube star with nearly 8 million followers. 

He's based in Thailand but travels far and wide to bring his viewers the best travel content possible. 

He shares many videos of delicious street eats—and not just the mainstream options- but unique dishes that you might not find anywhere else. 

Check out Mark's channel if you're looking for a Youtube channel that gives you the inside scoop on traditional culinary customs and a good slice of adventure. 

Hey Nadine

Hey Nadine, a.k.a Nadine Sykora, is the reigning queen of travel vlogging on YouTube and knows what will keep her audiences’ attention. 

She features travel guides, videos of what she eats daily, and engaging collaborations with other players in the travel space in her channel. 

Hopscotch the Globe (Kristen & Siya)

Kristin Sarah's lifestyle channel combines her love of travel with her acting skills. She and her husband, Siya, are like those fun BFFs who aren't afraid to be silly from time to time. 

They make weekly videos together, so you get a lot of travel inspiration and a good laugh!

Drew Binsky

Drew Binsky is an American documentary filmmaker whose YouTube channel offers a different perspective on travel. 

However, he doesn’t just talk about the landmarks and attractions. He also explores human rights issues, gay and transgender acceptance, racial stereotypes, and the United States' perception of other countries.

Drew regularly features special celebrity guests in his travel channel— the Ice Man (Wim Hof), Lexie Alford, and film producer Erik Anders Lang. 

Drew celebrates different cultures worldwide and claims that travel widens your perspective of the world. 

And in October 2021, Drew achieved his goal of traveling to every country on the planet—197/197!

How We Chose The Best Travel vloggers on YouTube

There are a few ways that help us decide on the best travel bloggers. 

  1. We choose our travel bloggers based on their dedication and execution of weekly programming, quality storytelling, niche audience, and YouTube friendliness. These elements help us gauge whether a channel is worth featuring on our site.
  2. Our favorites are the ones that combine great gear reviews with a unique personality or that take a fresh look at an old form of travel entertainment.
  3. When picking a travel blogger to feature, we look for someone talented, has a strong personality, and will be fun to watch.

FAQs: Best Travel vloggers on YouTube

Who is the most famous travel YouTuber?

It's hard to say. The person with the most subscribers is probably Devon Supertramp or Fun for Louis, but Drew Binskey has the most successful travel vlog on Youtube.

Which travel vloggers have the most subscribers?

Devin super tramp has the most subscribers, with 4.6 million youtube subscribers. The next on the list is Exploring With Josh, which has 2.5 million youtube subscribers. 

Who is the best food travel vlogger on YouTube?

Mark Weins tops this list as the best food travel vlogger. He provides viewers with a visual feast as he travels worldwide, documenting his culinary adventures.

What is the best travel vlog?

Dan Flying Solo is considered one of the best travel bloggers globally. But if you want adventurous travel content, the Y travel blog is the best for you.

Drew Binskey’s channel is also good to follow for travel.  

How can I become a travel blogger?

If you want to become a travel blogger, you'll need all the above. What's more, a solid social media presence will make you a more effective blogger (and vice versa). 

Learn more: 13 Points for Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Furthermore, choosing a channel name that reflects your personality and interests is essential. 

The name should be catchy and explain what the vlog is about. You can't travel much in the initial stage, but choose places you can reach in your budget. 

Furthermore, you should also Buy tools to get started, and consider buying a good camera and a decent microphone. \Once you've chosen a topic, don't be shy. Just start filming and have fun. 

The first attempt will probably not be your best work, but you'll get better at it with practice. Learn how to use video editing software, so your videos reflect your personality to the fullest. 

Conclusion: Best Travel Vloggers on YouTube

There are hundreds of incredible YouTube travel vloggers and channels, but these are the most popular ones. 

We recommend checking them out because they are absolutely the best right now. 

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