An Essential Guide to Youtube Intro Music

January 18, 2022

The world's second-largest search engine, YouTube, has an ever-increasing user base where billions of people spend time watching videos. One of the best things you can do to make your video stand out to this massive audience is to use the perfect intro music for YouTube. An intro is the opening part of a video, which draws up the audience and sets the tone.

However, that's not all the benefits that YouTube intro songs offer. In this article, we'll explain why intro music is essential for your YouTube videos, along with the things to keep in mind to get good YouTube intro songs, all the way to how to make a YouTube intro.

Without further ado, let's dig in.

Why is having Music to your YouTube Intro so Important?

Why is having music to your YouTube Intro Important?
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Here, we will take you through some of the advantages of having YouTube Intro Music in your video. First, it helps to strengthen your brand when used regularly, making it the identifiable element whenever they watch your videos.

In addition, it helps build an element of trust among the audience as they tend to make a positive impression about the video, and the brand and branding build loyalty. This brings back the audience to your channel the next time by assuring them that your content is what they need.

This will ensure that you are not losing your viewers to your competitors. Additionally, this also helps you gain more audience through referrals because if your subscriber remembers your video, they will refer it to someone who needs to see it.

Once viewers know and believe that your content is what they want to see and it can benefit them, they will finish the video without giving you a thumbs down. This is what an intro with music can do.

Furthermore, your intro can be even more desirable if it's coupled with a great soundtrack. Introductions can also prepare the audience before watching the actual video.

Why should people create YouTube Intros for their Videos?

People tend to stay longer on YouTube videos with intros rather than those without them. They gain the viewer’s attention and captivate them. This in turn develops and helps your channel grow your subscriber base. Because intros show your objectives you can achieve your goals better as they significantly increase the views. Many people watch youtubers with whom they can relate and if your brand connects to them it is easier for you to be popular on the platform.

What are some things to keep in mind to find Good YouTube Intro songs?

If you want to brand your YouTube channel the right way, you should look for some music that will be in sync with the content that you are posting. It is really hard to select a perfectly fitting song for an opening on YouTube.

For this you have to find songs or background music which are royalty free, which means that you can only use each track as many times you want by just paying once for the music license as opposed to copyright free music that means a second party has acquired the rights to it or the copyright has expired.

In a copyright music you cannot use a music without prior permission from the owner, else it might land you in a bigger problem. To get a good music for your intro, here are four points needed to be kept in mind:


Firstly, the intent or the aim of your video or brand is very crucial in helping you to decide which song will be perfect for showcasing your content or channel. That means you cannot have a beauty channel and put up music that is apt for a gaming video. This is a starter before the main course thus make sure that you serve it right by knowing about the cuisine. It creates a connection to the main video.


Secondly, the content is like a scale which allows you to set the intro music according to that. The music can liven up the whole show, it should be able to evoke emotions and hook them. It can be a jingle or could be something unique which defines your content.


Thirdly, the extent of the intro song is another factor. Try to make it as short as possible and long enough to capture attention, which can be around 5 seconds to 20 seconds but it is best if it wraps within 10 seconds. An animated logo or using motion graphics can be the perfect option. The music should fit the length of the intro and should also sound good with it.


Lastly, the consent for the song. There are many songs for YouTube but anything random cannot be used. You should choose a number that doesn’t let you get slapped with a takedown notice from YouTube. Always find resources to purchase royalty free music and avoid (I would say DON’T!) using copyright music you don’t have legal access to. There are many sites from where you can download audio for your next project without any problem.

In addition to all these you should always check the volume of the track. Always try to maintain it in such a level that it will attract the audience rather than giving them heebie-jeebies. Alongwith that it should also match your intro video because audio and visuals go hand in hand. Also make sure it fits your theme and content also. There are many websites where you can find good tracks, here we have attached a link to the same to lessen your burden. 29 royalty free music sites

Can you use any song for your YouTube Intro?

The fastest and shortest answer to this is “No”. Any song that you want cannot be used for your intro as it is subject to copyright. Without further ado let us explore more about this. When you upload some content in your channel the Content ID system from YouTube comes into play. It gives the owners to regulate how their content is used by whom, the whole decision of what should be done is left on the owners not on YouTube. But after you get an authorization from the rights holder you can use it. That is why many creators nowadays prefer royalty free music which they can use by just paying an amount one time. The song should be such as to make sense for the viewers and the channel and content.

We have a wide variety of videos on many topics. You always have to use an appropriate song for the content. This gives the audience information about the channel and brand. There are unlimited songs on the Internet that you will love but before deciding what to use always take care about the copyright. Finding a quality audio can be draining as you have hundreds of videos to choose from multiple sites and each has its own speciality and functionality.

However we are here to explain what all these terms can mean and how to access them.

  1. ROYALTY FREE MUSIC – This enables users to utilise the content repeatedly by just paying once for the music license and use it for as long as they want. But hold on!! this doesn’t mean music is free. The owner then decides what type of license it will have which in turn decide the costs.
  2. CREATIVE COMMONS – It is a way to allow permission for the creative work of the owner to be used by someone else. After an artist uploads his work, it is specified by him what the users will have to do in order to reprocess it. Thus, it allows free distribution of a copyright work.
  3. PUBLIC DOMAIN – Any work that is not copyrighted and can be used by anyone without prior permission and free of cost comes under public domain. This can therefore  be used by any user as they deem it fit to be. Basically this content belongs to everyone, and it can be copied, distributed, interpreted and displayed as people like.

How should my Youtube Intro be?

How should my Youtube Intro be?
Photo by Chase Chappell on Unsplash

Your YouTube intro is the perfect way to give people an idea of what you are and what they can expect from your account. It may also help you to gain more subscribers and views. If the intro is interesting it can glue anybody to the content following that. Intro music is an integral part of a video.

We would like to share a few ideas on what your intro should be about.

  1. Genuine Identification – It should be about the brand and the content. So every intro should have the name of the account and a high quality image or logo that describes it correctly. Consider using the right colours and fonts. They should be precise and clear because they convey a message to the viewer.
  2. Proper Length of the intro – It is also critical as it makes or breaks the mood of the viewers. Suppose you are doing a live session, then it’s okay if the intro gets extended a bit because that is understandable. But while uploading a normal video try to make it within 10 – 15 seconds else viewers lose their interest and become impatient, bored and irritated which i am pretty sure you wouldn’t want either.
  3. Engaging Tracks – Using music or tracks that portray your ideas properly and are unique could be advantageous. Previously we have also talked about using jingles or some personalised voice over or a simple track that will set the environment for the video.
  4. Appropriate placement – Always remember to place the intro within the very first minute of the video and make it attractive by using features and elements that will help your content to stand out from others.

How to make a YouTube Intro with OFFEO?

1.Register on

2.Browse through the huge range of intro templates and select your favourite

3.Edit it by choosing your intro track fonts and colour scheme to make it attractive.

4.Enhance it by showcasing your logo and video title with tools available. (You can get the best animation)

5.Finally download it and you’re good to go!

So if you are willing to add an intro to your videos with intro music and visuals and so on then you can visit Our site customises templates according to the specificity of the creator. You don’t need to have to be a professional designer to make stellar looking intros. Download some music and good tracks to go along with it and share your video. Wait and watch to see how proper intro music can serve as a factor in the huge growth of the account. Gain the confidence from OFFEO Youtube Intro Maker and get ready to be a star!

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