What Intro Maker Do Youtubers Use?

March 3, 2022

Ever wonder how famous Youtubers create their intros for all their Youtube videos? Those engaging and appealing motion graphics along with their sleek and cool typography before every video?

What do Youtubers use for their intros?

The secret is no secret if you were to ask any of them. There isn’t really any right platform to go to especially with current times. There are so many intro makers online for you to choose from. What matters is how you customized it to call your own.

Some Youtubers may prefer it simple and minimal while others prefer to have a loud and bold intro with lots of fancy motion graphics to hype their viewers up. There isn’t a right or wrong decision here as everyone would have their own personal preference.

How do YouTubers Make Their Intro?

Once you have identified what niche you want, be it a gaming channel, a cooking channel, a review channel, or a tech channel, start looking for inspiration from those youtubers you look up to. If you already have an idea how you want your intro to be, that’s even better!

  • Step 1: Look for a free Youtube intro maker online, make sure that it allows you to customize your intro to the fullest extent
  • Step 2: Create an account on that intro maker platform to begin
  • Step 3: A good Youtube intro maker should have a wide variety of stocked intro templates for you to choose from
  • Step 4: In order to save time, select one of them and start customizing your text, typography, motion graphics and include a logo if you have one
  • Step 5: Decide if you want to add a catchy background music to your intro, if so, you need to insert a royalty free background music to comply with Youtube’s video policy

Importance of having a good Youtube Intro

Youtube has always been an advocate for original content. This means that your intro, videos, content, even to the smallest detail of your font and text has to either be original or royalty free. Hence, looking for an intro maker that has an extensive library of royalty free resources would help save you a lot of time and money.

Which Intro maker to use?

If you have a problem looking for an intro maker to use, you may consider trying out Offeo intro maker. Creating an intro has never been easier if you are a seasoned video editor, you may find that Offeo’s platform solves most of the problems that video editors would want to see in a simplified platform at the same time not compromising on the performance of editing.

Offeo’s intro maker is free of charge, simple to use and it does not have a steep learning curve even for non-video editors. With it’s drag and drop interface, countless stunning intro templates to choose from, all you need to do is to add or edit royalty free design elements, background music and pre-made motion graphics that are appropriate to your Youtube channel, export it and you are done! A good platform like Offeo will save you the time to have to learn how to use it as it will be as natural as it gets, the creative process will seem smooth and there will be no hiccups when it comes to editing or even getting the right resources.

All you have to do is change the color, the text, graphics or images and logo and you would have your very own personalized Youtube intro within minutes.

Why should you customize a Youtube intro?

It is okay to spend more time and effort when it comes to creating your Youtube intro, because ultimately as a Youtuber, people can identify your videos easily and it adds another level of personalization for your channel. Having a proper, well thought out Youtube intro means that you can always use it to add to the start of all your videos instead of constantly having to adjust or change your intros which might confuse your viewers. Doing it well once, means you need not create a new intro every now and then.

A good Youtube intro sets the impression for your viewers and if they feel good, they will want to stay on and watch more to find out what content you are producing. It will also help increase the subscribers count and views. With a cool and sleek intro, people are more likely to share your videos as it will look good on their social media feed as well. This will create a snowball effect which will then increase your follower count in a long run.

Is it too late to be a Youtuber in 2022?

It is never too late to start. There are even cases where new channels that just entered the Youtube scene blow up within less than a year. Having a successful Youtube channel is not easy either. It requires hard work and hours and hours of editing and some effort must be put in behind every video when it comes to storyboarding. This whole process has to be consistent and to expect every aspiring Youtubers out there, it is not an overnight success if you are looking for an easy way out.

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