Top 29 Royalty Free Music Sites

November 11, 2021

Want free music for your next viral video?

We’ve scoured the Internet to bring you 29 Royalty-Free Free Music Sites!

With 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide naming video as the type of content with the best ROI, we know that creating video content is high on your marketing to-do list.

We also understand how time-consuming it is to find the perfect track to compliment your video. So we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve sourced the Internet to find the best-quality sites with free music tracks for your video project. Save time looking for great royalty free and creative commons music by using the websites listed below.

No worries about licensing issues. All these sites are either royalty-free, public domain, or creative commons music.

Here at OFFEO, we want to continue to help you create epic videos that drive traffic and increase revenue for your business.

29 Royalty-Free Background Music for Videos

1. Freeplaymusic – The Best Music Library on the Planet

freeplay music logo royalty free

The Freeplaymusic interface recently got a facelift. Its brighter, bolder and got a lot more sass. And it still offers a wide variety of high-quality music.

Search via scene, genre, or mood and browse their top tracks as you scroll down the page.

As they have an agreement with YouTube, they offer all library tracks free (for personal use only). The site has over 50,000 free songs for you to use. If you connect your YouTube account, you also have the option of an express checkout experience.

freeplaymusic royalty free music

2. DanoSongs

Dan-O is a singer songwriter who enjoys making royalty free instrumental music. He offers 77 unique, original EDM and electronic tracks for your videos.

(This service was completely free; however, Dan now asks for a $10 donation to publish your projects.)

Please remember that the rules relating to public domain vary by country. Make sure you understand the laws that apply to you and your business before you decide to use public domain music.

As always, make sure you do your own due diligence and ensure you are following the requirements of the platform you are using, be that YouTube, Twitter, or a third-party website.

Danosongs royalty free music

3. ccMixter – Community Remix Site

ccmixter royalty free music

CC Mixter is a mashup of free music from musicians, singers, producers and DJs. It’s a worldwide community with an opportunity for endless musical creativity.

It is an easy and intuitive site to use. The music found on this site has been used in over 1 million videos and games. All available under the Creative Commons license.

You may discover the perfect free music for your video project.

ccMixer royalty free music

4. Incompetech – Music and also Graph Paper

incompetech royalty free music

Everyone knows that royalties suck. Because of this, composer Kevin MacLeod created Incompetech. Here you can find both Royalty Free Music and Creative Commons Music.

It is an excellent site with a comprehensive search engine. You can search by title, genre, feel, tempo, or length. The only thing Kevin asks is that you place credit within the video. You can find a step-by-step guide in the FAQ section.

Depending on his availability, Kevin can also create an original score for your video project. Email Kevin for a quote today.

Incompetech royalty free music

5. Public Domain 4U – Music that Stood the Test of Time

Public Domain 4U is the result of hundreds of hours of hard work by Mathew, Matthew King Kaufman, Lou Parmelee, Eric Din, and Dan Della Ripa.

In the hopes of keeping old music alive, they scoured the web for the best tracks to use free.

Public domain means that the music is not copyrighted. You can use public domain works without permission because their copyrights have expired, or creators dedicated them to the public domain.

The top 10 list is a great place to start: old American classics with a nostalgic feel.

6. Free Music Archive

free music archive royalty free music

FMA is a library of legal audio downloads, curated by the radio station WFMU.

Music tracks are free of cost as they are under the CC license. Search the Music for Video portal for a selection of catchy tunes for your video.

in addition to this, you can see statistics like how many listens and downloads.

free music archive royalty free music

7. BenSound – Royalty Free Music by BenSound

bensound logo royalty free music

BenSound carries royalty free music that’s perfect for media projects that span a longer duration. Ideal for media on YouTube.

This site has a great selection of professional, catchy music tunes for your videos ranging from corporate pop to funky groove.

Remember to credit Ben and the Creative Commons license as per the instructions in the FAQ page.

bensound royalty free music

8. Audio Archive

audio archive royalty free

A branch of the Internet Archive, the Audio Archive boasts a huge and diverse library of royalty free audio files.

The offer a range from “alternative news programming, to Grateful Dead concerts, to Old Time Radio shows, to original music” uploaded by their users. Also included is a non-English Audio collection.

The songs are also available in various formats including MP3, OGG, and M3U.

Remember to check the Creative Commons license details to know what you can and cannot do with the music.

audio archive royalty free music

9. Audionautix

audionautix-logo royalty free music

Another great option for free music under the Creative Commons license.

A YouTube friendly site for videos, you can search by genre, mood, and tempo.

Music tracks are available in mp3 format.

10. Silverman Sound Studios – Music, Technology and Free Stuff!

silverman sound studios royalty free music

What do you get when you cross a perfectionist with a passion for music and technology? You get Silverman Sound Studios.

In his words, he is a “composer of music for games, online mixing and mastering engineer, and purveyor of sonic wares.”

A spicy, catchy collection of unique royalty-free Creative Commons music tracks for any video you need to produce.

11. Track Tour – Production Music

tracktourmusic royalty free music

The music library at Track Tour is constantly being updated.

They offer production music royalty free with no need for licenses. Choose from a great selection of production music for audio-visual and multimedia productions. Browse by style or feeling.

No need to set up an account or sign in. You have direct access to free music with instant loading and online previews. The easy way to choose great music for your video production.

12. TechnoAXE – Royalty Free Music

teknoaxe royalty free music

With over 1300 royalty free music tracks, TechnoAXE continues to add new music weekly.

They have a diverse and interesting collection of tracks. They even host a miscellaneous section which holds holiday, percussion, background, introduction, and trailer music titles.

13. – DJ Sets, Mixes and Sounds

creative commons royalty free music offers a broad range of creative-commons-licensed music.

What a great feature – Listen to the whole track free without signing up with an account. You can also see community member’s reactions, comments, and downloads of particular music tracks.

Explore the main genre tab or check out their featured and popular tabs. Many options of free music for your next video.


cc-trax royalty free music

CC TRAX is easy to navigate and has clearly labeled license detail and YouTube safe icons on each track of music.

Better yet, on the right-hand side of the site you can find a link with Creative Commons license music specifically for YouTube. You can also download the entire song or album without even signing in to the site.

If you like a particular track, CCTRAX will even suggest similar releases by the same artist making your search for free video music very easy.

cc trax royalty free music

15.– Free Public Domain for Creative Commons

If you want the best music tracks the Public Domain has to offer, head to this site.

No credit necessary as almost all of the music is sourced from 45,000 Public Domain sermons.

Select from cinematic, country, experimental, Sci-Fi sounds, marches, and more.

Be sure to check out the bad music, bizarre, and Fake Music tabs. As stated on, “because sometimes you need terrible music.”

16. Free Sound – Free Public Domain for Creative Commons

Another community website offering soundscapes and sound effects. Available under the Creative Commons license.

Interestingly, you can search for music via geotags and find soundscapes from specific locations.

Most are short sound clips, but you can find longer tracks via the search function.

17. YouTube Audio Library

YouTube has both music and sound effects available for you to use free of charge.

Best news is that they are pre-approved so you know you won’t have any trouble using them on YouTube.

Search by genre, mood, instrument or duration. You can even create your own favorite list to go back to when you need to produce your next video project.

youtube audio library royalty free music

18. SoundCloud

soundcloud royalty free music

Want more modern upbeat music for your video that doesn’t sound like background music?

Based in Berlin, Germany, SoundCloud is an amazing online audio distribution platform that offers music and podcasts. It offers the opportunity for creative artists to collaborate worldwide.

This in effect offers a much broader range of royalty free and creative commons tracks.

19. Final Cut Pro X

More for complex projects, Final Cut Pro offers a free 30-day trial for you to try their advanced video editing software.

While the editing software is expensive, you are able to access 1,300 royalty-free sound effects through a free software update. Access them through the built-in Music and Sound Browser.

20. Musopen

musopen royalty free music

If you’re looking for the ‘great’ composers – the likes of Mozart, Bach, Chopin and more – this is the site for you.

Musopen is a non-profit that aims to increase access to music. To do this, it provides a platform of recordings and sheet music that is free, without copyright restrictions.

It also contains lot of classical instrumental music. Ie. piano, flute, oboe, trumpet, and more.

21. Partners In Rhyme

partnersinrhyme royalty free music

A more established site with featured collections of royalty free music.

In addition to free music, Partners In Rhyme also offers free sound effects, stock video, midi files and audio software.

This site also offers a service called Composer Connection where you can get music created specifically for your video project, for a small fee.

22. PacDV

pacdv royalty free music

PacDV offers free short music tracks perfect for background music in videos. They also suggest keywords and moods associated with the mp3 tracks.

You can use the tracks free of charge in your video, film, audio and multimedia productions. All they ask is that you mention their site in your credits.

Also available are free sound effects and images.

23. Free Soundtrack Music

An online music library containing a wide range of royalty free tracks. Think whimsical, dreamy acoustic melodies all the way to synth tracks that create suspense, mystery and adventure.

Search function includes: Music Genre or Style, Composer or Producer, Music for Emotions and Moods, Dramatic Category, Main Musical Instrument(s), and Special Use, Holidays.

Some of the music can be purchased using credits, however, most are free. You will also need to credit the composer or producer in your production.

24. Moby Gratis

mobygratis royalty free music

Designed to help independent non-profit film makers, this site allows you to choose from over 150 free music tracks for your videos.

The selection includes music of different tempos, genres, including Moby’s own unique tracks from his last albums.

The music is free so long as it is used in non-commercial films. All you need to do is signup and request the free music tracks you want. Approval is granted within 24 hours.

If you do decide to pay for the tracks, all of the profits go to the humane society.

25. Beatpick

Beatpick lets you download music free for non-commercial projects.

Their website states that they cover “every possible musical genre, from 1950s Italian opera all the way to 2009 pulsating Hip Hop.”

Over the last few years, they have had some big clients including 20th Century Fox (Film), Mercedes Benz (Compilation CDs, Commercial Podcast, Portable Devices), Scott Winter Sports (Advertising, Internet Video), The Travel Channel (Advertising), Toyota (Advertising), Fedora (Games / Software) and more.

26. BeatGain

Want a brilliant selection of music tracks to use for your videos free of charge?

It costs you nothing to download 100+ great-quality free CC soundtracks from BeatGain.

You can use these soundtracks for your multimedia projects including videos, websites, animations and more. All you need to do is credit BeatGain in your production.

27. UCSB Cylinder Audio Archive

UCSB Cylinder Audio Archive contains many high-quality cylinder recordings. These are downloadable in MP3 format.

The UCSB database has a vast range of classical music, ethnic and foreign recordings as well as comedic monologues.

Did you know: The last commercially produced cylinders were Edison Blue Amberols, which were made until July, 1929.

28. Scott Buckley Music Library

All music in Scott Buckley’s music library is licensed under the Creative Commons license.

Feel free to use this cinematic original music for your video projects, providing you give credit in your video.

The music library is designed specifically for filmmakers, game designers and media artists. Search by genre, mood, instrumentation, and album.

29. Netlabels

Enjoy 60,000 + free music tracks courtesy of the Internet Archive. Net labels is another branch of the Internet Archive comprising of more modern style music compositions.

Freely stream or download this music to include in your productions. To quickly and easily find the perfect music for your video, filter the search by media type or year.

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