All You Need To Know About Vlogging Microphones In 2022

May 5, 2022

Video blogging, also popularly known as vlogging, has risen dramatically over the last decade. It refers to the act of capturing and sharing video blogs that feature the creator who makes it daily. YouTubers have been using the vlog format to gain subscribers. Vlogs can certainly help people to connect in a raw way, which builds a relationship. Mobile technology has further helped YouTubers to take more videos from time to time in their daily life where people can capture a variety of content for their channel on the go.

With the due course of time, vlogging has developed at a fast pace where YouTubers are on the search for new content. 2020 has been one of the best for Youtubers as there has been a surge in the number of videos for YouTube. A vlog has two elements: basically audio and a video. To make your content stand out, both the quality of the video and audio must be perfect. You can enhance your videos by high-quality sound, and you don’t have to worry about burning a hole in your pocket. Audio quality can definitely amplify the vlogging experience.

Do I Need A Mic For YouTube Videos?

Think about a few things. Firstly, what do you use to film your videos? Is it a smartphone? If that is the case, you could probably wait a while to purchase your mic. But if you film outside or you use a camera, then you should think of buying a mic for yourself. A high-quality microphone can give your audience vlogging that is the best. If you usually use a camera with an inbuilt mic, then the disturbances will not show you the best audio quality. In contrast, if you use a separate microphone for vlogging, the background noise can be canceled and thus give you the quality that stands out.

How Do YouTubers Record Their Audio?

How Do YouTubers Record Their Audio?
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YouTube is the second largest social network, and the second most visited website after Google, there is a large amount of video being uploaded here. Many people spend time online watching videos. It has become a way of life, and this is the reason that vloggers are always on the road to betterment. You need a camera to shoot a video, which could have an inbuilt microphone, but the quality of the audio is quite an afterthought. Even if it can record nicely, it is designed to record everything around it. Youtubers record audio by using specifically designed mics. YouTubers use a variety of microphones according to their budget and usage.

A microphone that can record everything around it is called an omnidirectional mic, as opposed to a unidirectional mic that is built to record only in one direction. The most popular type of microphone used to record audio by Youtubers is a cardioid microphone. Cardioid microphones are of many kinds.

  1. USB Microphones: Most of the Youtubers and vloggers use USB microphones as they are perfect for any video that you are supposed to record near a computer, just like tutorials, interviews, music, commentaries, voice-overs, product demos, and gaming walkthroughs by using the rode video mic NT-USB Condenser microphone. This is one of the best microphones in terms of audio quality.
  2. Lavalier microphones: Lavalier mic are a variety of microphones clip to your clothing and are omnidirectional. They are used for interviews and conversations and dancers, performers, yoga, and fitness instructors. They are available in expensive as well as budget-friendly ranges. Audio-Technica ATR-33501S is the best affordable option and can be used with smartphones.
  3. DSLR Microphones: This mic is another type of mic that is used for video blogging. This is a good option if you are filming outdoors. The best microphone is the ‘shotgun’ microphone like Rodeo Video Mic Pro, but it is a bit on the expensive side.
  4. Smartphone Microphones: Many vloggers use their smartphones to record videos, and an external mic is a good option, just like the Zoom iQ7 for iOS devices.

What Microphone Is Used For Streaming?

What Microphone Is Used For Streaming?
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Streaming has been a significant type of video uploading nowadays. You cannot use just any other microphone for your videos. You have to select those based on the kind of videos that you make. For streaming purposes, YouTubers use microphones that are designed to make your voice sound loud and clear despite other activities in the background.

There are certain factors that you have to consider before selecting your microphone for streaming.

Frequency Response

Human heating ranges from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Frequency response describes the range of frequencies or musical tones an audio component can reproduce. In simple language, it is the measure of the output spectrum of a device in response to the input stimulus. All audio equipment has a particular range. For simple USB mics, you need to consider the usage of the mic in particular, and then the range can be decided. YouTubers who have streaming content should consider using microphones with a wide frequency response range.

Directional Properties

These are the properties that can help you decide what microphone to choose. They are of many types, from bidirectional, directional to omnidirectional. The best microphone that can be used by gamers is unidirectional mics. They are a great choice as they pick up sound from the front and not the back. This is called a cardioid pattern.

Connection Method

Consider two of the most common connections, for streaming which are XLR and USB that are used to connect to your PC. XLR cables are considered a better option than USB cables. But XLRs are expensive as compared to USBs.

Pop Filters

Though a pop filter can lead to producing more clearer sound, it can be avoided if you do not produce loud, high pressure sounds on your streams.

Top 3 Streaming Microphones In 202

1. Blue Yeti USB Microphone

This is probably the easiest to set up among microphones. Additionally, you can select the polar pattern you like as per your use. This makes your streaming easy and has a wide frequency response too.

2. Audio-Technica AT2020+

This is an affordable microphone that is very popular amongst users, and the clarity and reliability are other reasons for its popularity. It has a cardioid pattern and a high output internal headphone amp. The easy to use feature for mixing and controlling volumes is what that makes it stand out.

3. Rode NT-USB Mini

This is a perfect choice for the creators as it has exceedingly clear audio and comes with a pop-filter, which filters any harsh sounds. It has a cardioid polar pattern and is very easy to set up. This could be the ideal microphone for streaming and podcasts.

Best Microphones For Vlogging

Looking at all the above tips and suggestions, we are sure you can now pick up your desired microphone. In light of the above discussion, let us now look at some options of microphones available for vlogging.

Before purchasing your microphones for vlogging, do consider some things before you make your final purchase.

  • Decide what you want – If you know what you want, then things become much more manageable. Buy a microphone that can cater to your needs.
  • Look for any specific feature – Think of purchasing a vlogging mic based on any specific quality that you are looking for in it.
  • Budget – There is a saying, ” Cut your coat according to your cloth.” The same applies here. Don’t go overboard on your budget. Instead, try to save some money to get a great quality mic.

Moving ahead, let us look at some of the best vlogging microphones:

1. Rode VideoMic Pro R

This is a type of shotgun microphone that is designed to deliver clear and crisp sound. It can be used along with DSLRs, camcorders, and smartphones. This boasts of long battery life, so people who do not have a charger at hand can use this. Rode VideoMic Pro R is ideal for travel vloggers, sports, and interviews. One of the significant disadvantages is that it is comparatively large, and the included windshield is not that effective. If you are not well versed with the settings, you could probably hear other sounds like hum or hiss.

2. Blue Yeti

It is one of the best options among USB microphones, which is easy to use and set up. This contains three different capsules that can be used in four modes. These are unidirectional, bidirectional, omnidirectional, and stereo recording modes. Moreover, the USB can be plugged straight to your computer without having to install any software. This is useful for bloggers who are not interested in spending a lot of money on their equipment. However, it has some cons, as well. Some customers complained of a loose USB port, faulty mic, and inferior customer support from the manufacturers. So, if you are on the lookout for a quality mic that gets the job done and is easy to use, the Blue Yeti is a no brainer for all YouTubers out there.

3. Rode VideoMic Go

This is one of the attractive microphones that is designed with ABS construction and windshield protection. This does not require any batteries, so you don’t have to worry about audio and battery settings. It is also easy to use, giving great audio, which reduces the background noise. If you are a newbie blogger on a budget, this is an excellent option for you, from shotgun microphones.

4. Blue Snowball ICE USB Mic

If you are on the lookout for a decent budget microphone, this does the work for you. For vloggers who have to make videos on music, vocal, and speech recording, this is a perfect option. This comes with its tripod and USB cable. Moreover, the mic is easy to use without having to install drivers and software. It is designed with two pickup settings – omnidirectional and cardioid mode—an excellent mic for people who are just starting on YouTube.

5. AKG Pro Audio C214 Condenser

The favorite mic of singers, podcasters, musicians, or any other YouTuber who has seen that it is the best for Crystal clear vocal quality. This is a professional microphone. The sound is clear and warm, with minimal self-noise. It gives you the extra edge when you record your songs or music. The solid construction and sleek design make it the best. It can handle high sound levels but with minimum distortion. Also, it features a bass-cut filter that enables recording from proximity. You are also provided with a carrying case and a shock mount.

Should You Use A Vlogging Microphone Or Not?

Should You Use A Vlogging Microphone Or Not?
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In this article, we have given you quite a bit of insights into the basics of a having a vlogging microphone. Paying attention to the audio can lead you to the path of success.

So choosing the right audio equipment can make your content great. Try working around with a budget, they are not as expensive as they seem to be.

Therefore, go and get yourself the perfect fitting microphone for your vlogs and enhance the audio quality for your audience.

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We'll help you streamline the process of editing it and making your vlogs the best in the lot. Happy Vlogging!

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