How To Create A YouTube Channel?

March 4, 2022

YouTube, the indisputable king of video content. With its wide range of content and its simplicity, YouTube is just the right place to be. Almost one-third of all people on the internet use YouTube.

Having been around for 15 years, YouTube has influenced almost 25% of the whole world population. According to Tubefilter, 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute worldwide. These statistics are really helpful to understand the importance of video content on YouTube these days.

YouTube is used by big companies to young entrepreneurs and almost everyone who wants to create content and gain benefits from it. Anyone can create a YouTube account. So, if you have not yet created your YouTube account yet then go through this article to know why it is important, set up a YouTube channel. Let’s get started!

Why Should You Start A YouTube Channel?

Looking at the above stats, it must be clear to you that YouTube is filled with so many videos and content. Does this make you think that you should stay away from YouTube? If it does, then we will give you some good reasons why you should start and create a YouTube channel?

1. Escalates Sales

If you are just starting out a business, YouTube helps you to promote your products. It is really useful to drive sales especially because people love watching videos. Once they have completed watching the video, you can refer them to your website. This definitely helps you to gain leads and increase sales.

2. Large Audience

No doubt that YouTube is the second most popular search engine. With such a huge audience base your business can be promoted among a wider audience. By using your YouTube videos you can gain users interest and then you can access more connections.

3. Viewer Engagement

YouTube gives you an opportunity to communicate and engage with viewers. They can do this through comments and can even ask questions. What a good idea to improve your platform through audience feedback and interaction.

4. Free of Cost

When you create a Youtube channel it is free. While many other media platforms need money and connections, YouTube lets you do that free. The costs involved in the channel come from equipment majorly. For someone who is starting out their business, this sounds like a great opportunity. YouTube has the potential to convert your small start-up to a recognised brand. There is no real hidden cost on you for marketing. Using videos is marketing can make your content reach a larger audience for free.

5. Product Support

It’s common for users to have queries and issues related to your products when you start a new channel. YouTube helps to empower customers so that they can solve their problems. Video tutorials on the proper usage of products can help users learn more about the products. How-to videos are laid to have increased to 70% in the last years. This makes it all the more clear why you should start a YouTube channel.

6. SEO

A YouTube channel aids in your search engine optimisation. YouTube helps you to describe your videos with tags that optimize them and bring in people who actually can relate to the video. The description or tags will allow the search engine to index it to enable your target audience to find it.

7. Repurpose content

You can use YouTube to repurpose content without having to spend a lot of time or investing in it. From just a single idea you can create other forms of content. This engages the audience in your content and helps them receive the information one way the other.

It must be clear to you by now how YouTube is advantageous for you and your business. Therefore, let’s learn how to set up a YouTube channel.

How To Create A New YouTube Channel?

1. First, you need to have a Google account.

If you already have a Google account that’s good but if you don’t, then create a new Google account to sign in to YouTube. Using your Google account for your channel can be stressful. Having a separate email address helps you to deal with your business easily. When you have an email address separately for your YouTube channel then it can help you to sort your business and personal stuff. Creating a different Google account or email address on Gmail for your YouTube channel can be done easily through the  “Create Account ” section on Google. This will represent both your Google account and YouTube account. So when you are using your Google account it will be only for your channel.

2. After creating a new Google account, use it to sign in to YouTube.

Use the following steps to set up your account:

  • In the top right-hand corner, click your profile icon, followed by the settings icon next to the creator studio option.
  • This will bring you to a page with your YouTube account details, click ‘Create a channel’ to start the setup process.
  • Now, select an appropriate name for the YouTube channel which portrays your goal behind creating the YouTube channel and what it is all about.

Now your account is all ready! Next up is the fun and enjoyable part where you get to customize your YouTube channel to your own heart’s content!

Customizing Your YouTube Channel

An appealing profile picture –

The first step to customizing your channel is adding a profile picture. Choose the best pictures that you can have which reflects your brand. It could be your logo, a good quality headshot of yours, or any image that is associated with your brand. For instance, a YouTube channel that revolves around food and cooking can feature attractive pictures of food, while beauty and makeup channels can have pictures related to skincare and cosmetics. This makes your channel more engaging.

A compelling channel art –

Great channel art creates an atmosphere and sets the scene. Many of us have clicked on channels because of its captivating channel art. So, why not do the same? Channel art is a great way to attract new viewers and sets their expectations. Get a hand in the process with OFFEO’s free online banner maker. We help you simplify the whole design process and enable you to focus on creating quality content.

A captivating description

Words sell. I’m sure you’ve heard this before.

There are many channels that have similar content. The right channel description makes your YouTube channel distinct from others and allows you to carve out your own audience more easily. Therefore, a clear and interesting channel description is going to make it different from others. You can write what your channel is all about, the problems you solve, how your videos can be of help to the people facing the problems. This description entices your audience to watch your YouTube channel.

Remember to add links in the description box for your website and social media profiles. This helps your audience learn more about you. Incorporate keywords and tags in the description. The right keywords and tags will help your video to be found. Do this in all your videos to optimise your audience reach.

YT associated websites

YouTube Screenshot from YouTube

YouTube Associated Websites

Equipment To Start A YouTube Channel

Whenever you are planning to set up a youtube channel, you should be very clear about what content you are going to produce. But, at the same time, you need quality equipment to create a YouTube video. The way you research for content, you should also research for the right equipment. This enables you to create high-quality videos for YouTube. The equipment that you will need is discussed in this section along with some suggestions.


While starting out, many YouTubers tend to use a smartphone or webcam. But investing in a good camera will lead you to create high-quality videos. Using a good DSLR can provide you with highly polished videos as they are adaptive in low light conditions. A DSLR camera comes with a standard lens, but you can still update it with a fast lens that has a large aperture and a low f-number. Some of the best examples are Canon EOS 70D, Canon G7X Mark ii whereas for Webcam it is Logitech HDPROC920.


Audio quality is crucial in the quality of your video. Getting a good microphone is recommended as a built-in laptop or camera microphones have bad audio quality as they aren’t able to eliminate ambient sounds. Viewers might get off your YouTube video if you have a bad audio quality. A good microphone has a noise cancellation feature that focuses on your vocals. There is some basic equipment like USB, condenser, shotgun and lapel. Some examples include Fifine USB microphone K668, RodeVMGO Video Mic Go, Rode Video Micro.


A tripod helps you to record your YouTube videos in a stable manner. Make sure you get one when you create a youtube video. This is a very good investment because it keeps your camera safe. They are affordable as well.


Lighting is a prerequisite especially if you are recording indoors or in dimly lit areas. Lighting can make a noticeable difference in your video quality and the audience can see clearly. Softboxes, umbrella lights, ring lights, and on-camera lighting are some of the options in lighting.

Tips On Creating A YouTube Channel

Here we give you the 7 P’s that you should keep in mind while creating a YouTube channel.

1. Prioritize on partnerships and collaborations

A lot of YouTubers fail to do this and that’s the reason why they stay behind in gaining popularity. For growing your popularity partner with people of your level(similar in the number of subscribers).

2. Publish content regularly

You read that right, regularly! When you are starting out, you should strive to give your best so that you can compete with other YouTube channels who have more experience and subscribers than you. Creating high-quality videos every day and uploading it will definitely lead to the rise in the number of people watching your YouTube channel. Moreover, consistency is important. Even if you are unable to post on all days of a week, make sure to post on a particular day a week but focus on quality also.

3. Produce valuable content

Create channel content that is valuable and entertaining. Make your audience relate to it, rather than just promoting your products. Make tutorials or demos which can bring more people to your YouTube channel.

4. Prepare short videos

Never go overboard with the time period for your videos. Most people see videos within 5 minutes and these are very popular too. This can lead to more following on your YouTube channel.

5. Present the ‘real you’

Never try to copy somebody else’s style. Play with your strengths whenever you create a youtube video. It’s not always necessary that people will receive and accept your content because you follow someone they like. Build your own style with your unique qualities. Something that is authentic and relates to your personality and products is going to take you a long way.

6. Plan on marketing

It is hard to create your own mark on YouTube if you do not market it. Promoting your products on your account can eventually lead to more and more followers on your YouTube channel.

7. Perfect the art of interaction

Some YouTubers may refrain from interacting with their audience because of negative comments. However, actively engaging with your audience can boost the credibility of the channel. This leads to more people following and subscribing to your YouTube channel. Use

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