How To Upload YouTube Video on instagram

March 11, 2022

Have you ever wanted to share YouTube videos to Instagram but came to a halt as soon as you noticed that there isn’t an option to be shared to Instagram? There is no way one can share directly between these two social media apps at the moment.

However, we do know that there are certain times where you simply resonated with the YouTube video and simply wish to share and post it with your friends and followers on Instagram. This would make even more sense if you are a YouTuber or a digital marketer running a YouTube channel for a company and you wish to share a teaser video for your next video campaign.

In this article, we're going to explain everything you need to know on how to upload YouTube video on Instagram, from the possible reasons you want to share YouTube videos on Instagram to whether it is legal or not. Without further ado, let's get started.

Why would I want to share YouTube videos on Instagram?

There may be a couple of reasons that you may want to share the video content across multiple social media platforms you have, especially both YouTube and Instagram.

  • You are a YouTuber yourself and you wish to share your own YouTube video on your own Instagram account. You may be out and about and you do not have access to your laptop or computer where you should have a copy of your final edited video to upload with.
  • You may be a digital marketer working for a company who is active on social media platforms. There is a new product launch and you are supposed to share it via the company’s Instagram page as today is the scheduled post date but it slipped your mind.
  • You have just posted the 100th video online or you have been on Youtube for a year already. It’s time to compile videos, memorable throwbacks, and happy moments to share it to your Instagram.
  • You found a shareable content where you feel that it would add value to your followers and they should know of it from YouTube. (You can share it via Instagram stories to direct your followers over to the actual YouTube video itself) Be sure to tag or credit the right sources when you share it.
  • You may want to share a particular youtube video on Instagram for educational purposes. This is a special case as you need to seek the relevant channels and seek permission and find out if you need to do anything before proceeding with the posting.

Everyone has their own reasons when it comes to getting a YouTube video on Instagram. Do it the right way, make sure you have checked or even DM the original creator to ask for his permission if it is alright for you to share his YouTube video on Instagram at all.

How to post a YouTube Video to Instagram in 3 Easy Steps

I am sure everyone should know how to Instagram a video and posting the video on Instagram. Let’s just skip the basics “Instagram videos how to” and jump right in to how we can share videos across from youtube to Instagram.

There is no hidden secret here and we're sure after going through this article some of you might have that “A-ha!” moment, or even “so this is how it is done!”. This technique that we are sharing is applicable both on desktop and mobile.

Disclaimer: We do not advocate the posting of other people’s work as we ourselves value original content. Create that piece of video yourself and add your very own twist to it, else if there is no other choice, credit that person by tagging or mentioning him/her on the video itself and under the caption, if you have. to upload Youtube videos to Instagram.

1. Downloading the YouTube Video

Whether you are using an iPhone or an android, hit up your Apple app store or Google play store and search for the keyword, “Youtube download or Youtube video download”. There will be an abundance of third party apps to choose from. Download the app with the most reviews or ratings and you would be good to go. Look for a third party app with simple video editing features inside as well. This would help you trim or cut the video to fit Instagram’s limited video duration.

After successfully locating a third party “Youtube video downloader” app, download the video with the help of this third party app. Save it in a file or folder where you are able to locate easily later. This would save you some time during the whole process.

For Desktop Users: You can use our youtube to mp4 downloader and paste the URL link on the search bar provided. From there on, directly download the video and save it on your desktop.

2. Ensuring compatibility of videos to Instagram

Videos in Instagram should be original work of yours, no explicit videos, and the duration of the video should be anywhere from 3 seconds to 60 seconds max. If that third party “Youtube video downloader” app has multiple functions, you should cut it down within 60 seconds so that it is compatible to upload to Instagram. If the video that you are downloading belongs to your own Youtube Channel, then you should have no problem posting the video on Instagram, because it belongs to you.

Note: Videos typically should be in mp4 format and it is also good to upload a higher resolution video for a better experience for your viewers. No one these days like to watch pixelated low quality videos at all.

For Desktop Users: If you are using a Macbook, open up iMovie app or search and download a simple video trimmer or video editing app from your app store to trim and cut the Youtube video down to make it compatible to Instagram

How long should my Instagram video uploads be?

  • IGTV: Are restricted to a capped 60 minutes. For regular Instagram account holders; 15 seconds to 10 minutes.
  • Instagram stories: Up to 15 seconds per story and it is good for storytelling if you have a product launch or introducing new features
  • Instagram feed: 3 to 60 seconds max.
  • Instagram live broadcast: 60 minutes capped

3. Upload Videos on Instagram

After uploading videos on Instagram, what next?

There would be that Instagram pop-up to prompt you to edit your caption, add a location, share it across Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms. Make your final video edits as this is the last screen you will see before posting the Youtube video on Instagram.

Is it Legal to Share YouTube Videos on Instagram?

Legality with Content Sharing
Photo by Kate Torline on Unsplash

YouTube is a strong advocate for original content. They want content that is uploaded to be as original as possible. Look at it this way, there would be an option to share YouTube videos directly into your Instagram or make it compatible to post YouTube videos on Instagram.

If that particular account were to receive more traffic and engagements than the original creator, it might hurt the original creator’s branding. Depending on the severity of the potential loss of opportunities, the original creator might take legal actions against the one who re-posted his content.

To avoid any unnecessary problems, or even prevent other Instagram accounts from ripping off original content, that may be one of the reasons why this feature does not exist till date. We always have to make sure that what we post or share should be original from us, else if you were to reshare, you should give credit under the caption or tag the original creator and mention him/her. This way, if you are able to share quality video content via Instagram without breaching any legal policies at all.

Conclusion: How To Upload YouTube Video on instagram

There you have it! Your very own YouTube video to Instagram uploaded and posted successfully. This method can be duplicated and done over and over again if you need to post YouTube videos on Instagram wherever you are. We would like to one again emphasize the importance of originality.

If you are downloading a YouTube video that does not belong to you, make sure after you download the video, before uploading it to the Instagram app, credit the original source or tag the original creator. We do not want any readers to take action and be at risk of breaching or getting caught in any legality or copyright issues here.

Bonus tip: This is another faster alternative where you are still able to share great Youtube videos with your friends and followers. Simply copy the URL of the Youtube video, share it via WhatsApp, Telegram, or even post it on your Instagram stories. If the content is yours, like most YouTubers or celebrities with new Music Videos, you can also copy the URL link and paste it under your bio as well. This would direct traffic and link your viewers over to the video instead of having to download it.

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