A Comprehensive Guide on How to get Verified on YouTube

January 18, 2022

With over 2 billion monthly users, YouTube is undoubtedly the best, in terms of video sharing platforms all over the world. Over 15 years and still running with even more users. As a result there are a lot of people who want to create their channels and share content with people globally. There is an increasing demand of unique creators who share original content which could be about beauty, gaming, lifestyle, vlogging, parody, dance, music, tutorials and so on.

YouTube is home to a large variety of videos and you can find anything there. But there are only a handful of creators who have the privilege of flaunting a check mark next to their channel name. This check mark is the proof that their channel has been verified. But, you might be thinking why do I not have a tick mark even though I verified it on my phone. So, let me solve this for you, the tick mark is the verification badge and that is not the same as your account getting a verification text message with a verification code by adding your phone number. This verification code after you sign up is something else.

What is a verification badge? How is it different from a verified account?

Verified on YouTube
Screenshot taken on Pewdiepie YouTube Channel from YouTube

Not to be mistaken as the same thing, but these two terms are quite different from each other. Once you create your account, you are requested to submit your phone number which would be considered as proof that you are human. After verifying your phone number, would you be able to upload videos that are over 15 minutes long. That doesn’t sound too bad right? Youtube verification in exchange for phone numbers! Interesting! But getting the much coveted tick mark on your channel is not that easy. That can’t be done in 15 minutes or overnight. That would require hard work and effort to build a strong subscriber base for that over time.

Most of the brands and content creators would want to make a mark for themselves and are always searching for ways and means to do that. This verification check mark gives their account credibility and also validates their work. So to get this recognition from YouTube, a brand should not only strive to gain popularity, but also provide value and meaningful content to their audience in a positive way. Therefore, we will be talking about how to verify your account and get the badge in this post.

According to YouTube, “if any channel is verified, that means it is either the official channel of a creator, artist, company, or public figure”. If there are multiple channels with similar names then the badge distinguishes the official channel from others.

How to get verified on YouTube?

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Now that we know what is the meaning of a  verified account, let us delve into the details on how to get that tick next to your channel name. To verify your account, their help page has set some standards for you,which might seem difficult to achieve initially but with time things get easier.

  • Reach 100,000 subscribers – Once you hit 100,000 subscribers you are eligible for the verification,and then you can submit the verification request to YouTube.

  • Robust brand identity – In certain instances we have seen that if you don’t have 100,000 subscribers,then you can also contact YouTube support for more options. Therefore, if you have made your brand presence quite prominent and established then it can make a way for your youtube verification. Many YouTubers share quality videos with original content that instills a sense of confidence in the viewers, allowing them to stand out from the crowd. Having a good intro and outro would definitely make a difference as well.

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  • Real Authentic Content – The popularity of your  account relies so much on the material that you choose. You may have the same topics as others but your business will grow if you give our own twist to it. World beating content can open the gates to your YouTube verification.

  • Remove private channel – Shifting from a private to a public YouTube account aids in increase in the number of subscribers and the profile has a greater chance to get verified.

  • Reliability of the account – A YouTube account that is actively involved in sharing genuine content over the years, along with a unique channel banner,description and channel icon.  Great looking visuals can attract more viewers,it has to be made sure that they look good on all types of devices. It should be such as to help users to recognise your brand quickly. A high quality channel icon and the age of the channel are other factors that make your account more seen. So YouTube finds out additional information and documents related to the account and processes your request.

What does it mean to be verified on Youtube?

When a YouTube account is verified we are able to see the following:

  1. Approved account: Now that the youtube channel is verified this means it is approved and belongs to an established creator.
  2. Authenticity: Every viewer will click on the channel that has this magic mark as it proves the authenticity of the channel.
  3. Absolute credibility : Viewers put their trust  more on these types of accounts as they are convinced that the creator will use real content.
  4. Amps up brand reputation : This is probably why most of the creators of youtube have their account verification as it multiplies their reputation among their counterparts and audience.
  5. Avoids confusion and protects the content: Youtube rewards original creators by verifying them and this badge helps the creator to share data that is original and his own and prevent imposters to cash in on original ideas, thus giving the audience clarity and protection to the content.

How to get verification on youtube 2020?

Here is all you need to know about the details involved in a youtube verification, read through it carefully and follow the procedure.

  1. Browse through YouTube and Google support.  This will open a window which will assist you in the procedure to verify your Youtube.
  2. Click on contact flow – When you click this icon after your account has the required number of subscribers, there will be a link in the eligibility criteria section which will lead to the contact flow link and if not it will ask you to submit your request once again.
  3. Select email support – Following the above contact flow link you will have to opt for email support in the next page.
  4. Fill in the form – This would open a pop-up form where you can fill and request for verification badge, and do answer a yes when it asks you for the same.
  5. Press submit – After filling the form and the details you have to submit it and then wait for at least 24 hours for the big revelation.

If you don’t get the badge still you can try a second time. Therefore, here we will discuss three principles that will help you to verify your Youtube.  We call it as the 3Cs.

  1. CONSTRUCT a recognisable brand: The moment you decide to create a channel you should try to make it unique and attractive. Though this is very much dependent on the content that you post it is partly dependent on the way people look at your channel. Try your best to make your account visually attractive. You should try to give a very appealing look to your channel. Your banner, icon and description can take it to new heights,like if you have a boring interface the viewers might lose interest. The channel banner, icon and description should reflect your brand and it’s identity. You can customise and change the looks for the better. Let’s talk about your channel banner and how to edit it.  These days there are free websites that help you to  create captivating banners. You don’t have to be experienced, you can simply select your favourite design and customise your channel according to your brand. Offeo.com helps you to do all of this seemingly complex process within just a few minutes. You can choose from the wide range of templates available there and create your logo, banner and icon. Build a good subscriber base and you can get a step closer to verify your account.
  2. CAPITALISE on content and post it regularly : Many people these days have a look at the video thumbnails and decide whether to watch it or not. Audience scrutiny is an integral part of making your content well liked. However, good content sometimes fails in making a mark and this can be solved when you have the essential tools. Your content can be edited wonderfully and bring in more audience to your platform. Therefore, it is necessary that your videos have to look impressive enough to maximise your subscribers count. With OFFEO’s video editing platform, it aids in making your visuals pleasing to the eye by adding some punch to it without compromising with your brand needs. There will be higher viewers when all these amazing graphics and animations are added to your videos. Moreover, it is not time taking hence you can post your stuff regularly and there’s no need to go to a professional editor. In addition to all this your advertisement game has to be on point. There’s a saying that if you don’t blow your own trumpet people won’t get to know you. Many people search for the original creator youtube has given us but if they don’t have promotional videos, it just brings it down. So go ahead and apply this too. This will surely bring viewers to see your content.
  3. CONCENTRATE on audience participation – Many channels lose followers as they fail to acknowledge them. So it should always be your priority to interact with your viewers as it will help you to gain more subscribers and in turn lead to verification of your YouTube.

Do you have to be verified on YouTube to get paid?

Do you have to be verified on YouTube to get paid?
Photo by Maik Jonietz on Unsplash


Making money on YouTube is not based on whether you have a verification badge holder or not, it can be done by anyone and everyone. Just some basic knowledge, tactics and good content you’ll definitely earn money quickly. In contrast to popular opinion, you can actually earn money even if your account doesn’t have millions of subscribers, as there are a lot of methods to do good numbers on youtube.

To begin with you have to join the YouTube partner program which helps creators earn money when people see their videos through advertisements which are partnered by Google AdSense. In addition to that you are free to choose what categories of ads and videos you want to use and which not to. YouTube verification has not much to do with earning money. You can use commercials, banners or ads that are played before, underneath or above suggested videos respectively. Therefore, whenever any person can see your ad or commercial, you receive money as part of the commission which depends on the length of the video, the type of content and the bid by the advertiser. One more thing to keep in mind is you cannot just join the Partner Program you have to fulfill an eligibility criteria. You need to have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours covering a span of the last 12 months. However, once you are eligible for it, you can earn money from the ads which differ from one to another. Suppose you need to upload videos which are longer, say 30 minutes and on the other hand you also have a 5 minute long video so the success will be more from the 30 minutes video as the viewer spends more time which also increases the time the ad can be clicked. Another thing to keep in mind is you need to select ads that will attract your subscribers and target audience’s attention.

A verification badge increases the chances of people watching ads. Take for example, PewDiePie is a popular YouTuber whose YouTube channel has 103 million subscribers but he receives 4 million views per video and he’s still making a lot of money.

Additionally, you also have the option of making sponsored videos which also give you the chance to make money. All you need is make people interested in the product and the brand will give you a good rate depending on the number of people who pitch in to buy the product and an important factor for this is verification badge  as it helps brands to recognise you and your authentic content. Please note that it is not difficult for you to earn money, just create unique and interesting content and jazz it up with wonderful promo videos, channel banner, icon and description and of course some business tactics and you are just a step away from getting the most desired check mark.

With that, we hope you find what you were looking for here and we wish you nothing but success in getting verified and that verification check mark on your channel.

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