YouTube Keywords: A Comprehensive Guide

January 18, 2022

YouTube is the second most visited site in the world with over 2 billion hours of YouTube content being watched per day. But, what is it that can make your videos the first ones in the search results, so that more people can watch it? How can your videos reach the top of search results? Well, this is not some rocket science, that is hard to decipher.

A little knowledge about SEO strategies that focus on YouTube keywords, can lead your channel to rank well. With the growing demand for video marketing, the competition to stand out from the rest is also increasing. This article will guide you through what channel keywords are, how they work and what are some of the best YouTube Keyword Tools.

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What Are YouTube Channel Keywords?

YouTube channel keywords can be defined as terms that we type in the search bar which helps us to find something. Youtube keywords are like general tags which represent your channel and its content putting an impact on your search results. They are responsible to give YouTube information and context related to your channel. This is turn aids in the optimization of your channel to increase visibility.

If you don’t know what keywords you should use, it will be difficult for you to optimise your channel and develop the content. Channel keywords help YouTube understand about the content of your channel. YouTube uses channel description, keywords and the types of videos you make to find out the overall category of your channel.

In addition to this, YouTube recommends videos from other channels by correlating content through the use of YouTube channel keywords. YouTube starts suggesting you videos and channels that are not that closely related also. To make your content reach out to a wider audience, a clearly defined keyword can serve as the perfect boost.

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Things To Remember When Using Keywords:

  1. Summarise your content and ideas into keywords.
  2. Do not overuse keywords. List keywords that can correctly define your channel, around 10 keywords sound like a good number. Avoid going overboard as it will dilute the significance of each one.
  3. Research what keywords will best fit your video. You can also check out channel keywords that other competitors are using.
  4. Write all your keywords in a Google doc or a spreadsheet and save it so that whenever you wish to add it to YouTube you can do that as well as expand your ideas.
  5. As a beginner, it becomes slightly difficult to choose the correct keywords and many people get stuck with it. Therefore, there are many tools that help you pick keywords and tags for YouTube whenever you are stuck with it.

In the next section, we will be talking about YouTube Keyword Tools.

YouTube Keyword Tools

There are many keyword tools that can give you quality data and aid in figuring out relevant keywords for your video. We have listed some free and paid YouTube Keyword research tools to help you reach the top without a proper research tool. So Let’s get to it!

Free YouTube Keyword Tools –

For someone who has a limited budget, these are the best YouTube Keyword tools for you. If you are starting out and want to grow, free youtube keyword research tools prove to be a real guide.

  1. Ubersuggest – Ubersuggest is a YouTube keyword tool that can guide and help you if you are not able to invest in a keyword tool which gives you a good search volume. It gives you substantial results about your ideal customer’s search. Just enter a keyword topic that is related to your business and Ubersuggest will bring up many suggestions related to what your customers are looking for.
  1. SERPs – This youtube keyword tool lets you type your keyword and also confirm that you are not a robot and then study the estimated search volumes and related keywords. It helps you to have a better idea of some specific keywords. They also have a paid version at only $49 USD every month. If you have a tight budget you can use this keyword tool for free.

  1. Tubebuddy – It is a great keyword tool for keyword research. Tubebuddy is a browser extension for Chrome, that helps you search for keywords along with giving you an overall keyword score out of 100. For free users, it is limited to only three results. It is primarily helpful for discovering long-tail keywords. This keyword tool also allows you to track YouTube search rankings through the rank tracker tool.
  1. vidIQ – Another chrome extension that is quite similar to Tubebuddy is vidIQ youtube keyword tool. You can even export video tags to CSV in a single click here. It has a very wonderful feature which allows you to see top YouTube videos by other top channels. This is essential if you are in need of getting promoted. Moreover, after watching those youtube videos you can choose good keywords from their videos. The free version of vidIQ limits the number of videos you can see.

Paid YouTube Keyword Research Tools-

If you are ready to invest some of your earnings in YouTube Keyword research tools, we have listed a few for you below-

  1. Ahrefs – The best place for SEO research and marketing. It is a paid youtube keyword tool priced at $179 USD per month for the standard version. It also has more versions with varied pricing. It gives you accurate search volume estimates.Its wide range of features includes checking backlinks, spying on competitor’s keywords, keyword research and much more. It is the best place to optimise your digital content. It features an easy to use dashboard, where you have to type your keyword in the search bar and data from over 171 countries all around the world will show you the total search volume. Though this youtube keyword tool is on the expensive side, if you really want to get things right with keyword research it is worth the investment. There is also a $7 trial for 7 days which you can take advantage of.

  1. Keyword – A wonderful tool to help you search popular phrases from base terms, as opposed to others where you get recommendations. This comes with an expensive paid version of $88 USD per month for the Pro Plus plan. Monthly plans start from $69 USD to $159 USD a month.The basic features can be accessed by the free version, but it is limited. The features include keyword search volume, CPC estimates, data on AdWords competition and much more. You even get keyword suggestions here. Although this youtube Keyword tool is not cheap, if you want traffic on your channel then it is a worthwhile investment.

  1. SEMrush – SEMrush is an all-round one-stop tool for your marketing. It not only aids you in keyword research but also helps in checking out competitor’s rankings, social media results, traffic sources etc. The features also allow you to track up to 100 social media profiles. This YouTube Keyword tool can help you reach new heights by giving new keyword suggestions. The cost of the Guru package is $199.9 USD per month which is best for SMBs and growing marketing agencies. This tool is a wise investment if you are willing to strengthen your social media game.

  1. Keyword Keg – One of the coolest tools that generate search phrases based on keywords. It suggests what terms will be easier for you to own based on ratings. The packages start from $40 USD to $280 USD per month.Though this youtube Keyword tool has some sample results which you can see for free, you will not be able to get a full analysis but you will not be able to get a full analysis without a monthly membership. Annual packages are also available that can help you save some money.

  1. Keyword Tool Dominator – A very easy to use tool for keyword research. It’s simple interface just needs you to type a term into the search bar and that’s it! You get a full list of YouTube search phrases that are related to your team.This is free for 3 keyword searches every day. Here, you can also choose keywords that you like and create your custom list and then export it as you like. You can purchase it by paying a one-time price of $69.99 USD. Not bad, huh?

We hope you have found relevant keywords through the recommended tools and to optimse the reach of your videos.

Why Is Picking The Right Keyword Necessary?

YouTube has become really popular and almost every brand wants to market its products through it. But, with so many people creating similar stuff how do you stand out or attract your target audience? The answer is “right keywords”.

Picking the right keywords increases traffic to your website. They act as clues to help us know about our customers and their needs. This further gives us the motivation to do better. After you have chosen the right keywords, it is like a battle half won. But, the tools are not sufficient for you to pick keywords. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the right keywords.

Tips to choose the right keyword –

  1. Figure out your search intent
    It is really important to know your search intent when you do keyword research as it guides you to plan your content according to the users’ needs.
  2. Focus on your competitors
    By focus, we don’t mean to say, you forget about your own content. Rather, it means to pay attention to your competitors and analyse it. Competitive research helps you to put yourself above the rest.
  3. Use Long-tail keywords and target leads
    It is a really nice way for brand awareness and YouTube helps you to do that by search suggestions allowing you to reach your target audience.
  4. Find out tags that popular videos use
    Check out the top videos that relate to your keyword and search for the tags that they use.  This can help you choose the right keyword. They inspire you and give an idea about the tags you can use on your videos.

Where to use Keywords?

  1. Title- Including a keyword in your video title will amp up your search. The title of your video is the first place that people look after searching for the topic.
  2. Description – The description should use keywords in the first one or two sentences and can also include it in the description. This helps people to find you easily.
  3. Tags – Tags are single words suggested by YouTube and keywords are words and phrases that are included in quotation marks. Including keywords in tags reinforces their effect.
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