Why Is Youtube SEO So Important?

January 18, 2022

Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine and most trafficked website globally, with over 1.9billion active logged in users per month! This is why Youtube SEO is so important for businesses. Imagine the amount of reach you get with just a video on Youtube?

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How to rank high on Youtube SEO?

1. Conduct keyword research

Just like Google SEO, you have to conduct keyword research to help optimize your Youtube SEO. What do I mean? Youtube crawler works just like Google. Youtube will only feature videos containing the search term the user entered. If you want your video to be seen, make sure to use high volume video keywords.

The Fastest and most Efficient way to conduct video keyword research:

searching for sneaker

Although Youtube does not have a research tool, you can actually make use of Youtube’s search bar to gain insights into popular keyword searches. Let’s say you are creating a sneaker ad to promote your new shoe collection. Simply type in “Sneaker” in the search bar and the popular ‘Sneaker’ related search terms are suggested below. These terms are actual searches done by users, so make use of them for your videos. How?

This brings us to the next point.

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2. Optimizing video titles, descriptions and tags

Video titles

Include focus keywords in your title and be clear. Here is a good example:

This video is about a new sneaker collection. Using the popular keywords you have found after keyword research, a clear Video Title would then be:

example of shoe product template in OFFEO

Video Description

Including a CTA (follow us on social media) helps in lead generation. Your description should be detailed and contain several relevant long tailed keywords for SEO.

Building on the sneakers example, here is a good video description:

written description of a video posted on youtube

Video Tags

Video Tags help Youtube understand the context of your video so that you can rank higher on relevant keywords. The optimal length of a tag is 2-3 words.

A good tagging practice would be a mix of:

Specific Tags – Single Keyword of your Video

Compound Tags – 2-3 words of your video, typically long-tailed keywords

Misspelled Tags – Misspelled Keywords by users


  1. Avoid going overboard with tags that are irrelevant to your video
  2. Refer to popular videos for good tags (via TubeBuddy – FREE)
highlighted tags of a video

With Tubebuddy, you can access tags used for popular videos, and use relevant ones for your videos.

3. Ask for a Like, Comment and Subscribe!

Your video needs to be popular so that you can climb the ranks of SEO. A popular video is seen by Youtube as a relevant and entertaining video for users, which then makes sense for Youtube to feature your video first on the SERP.

4. Focus on Relevant, Relaxing, Entertaining Content

Your content is the foundation of all your SEO. Creating a boring video will get you little views, subscribers and mean comments you probably would not want to see on your videos. When brainstorming video ideas, take note of these important facts:

Comedy, Music, Entertainment/Pop culture, and “How To” are the four most popular content categories on YouTube.

“Relaxing” and “Feeling entertained” are the top two reasons viewers watch YouTube.

loudspeaker with icons to broadcast videos

5. Promote your Video

You have invested days of hard work into putting the video together. Don’t let your efforts go to waste. Share your video on social media.


Sharing on Facebook is so important. Facebook is honestly too big a platform to ignore and is currently the best and most popular video advertising option. Why? The average CTR across all industries is 90%. They provide powerful analytics, giving you access to valuable data on organic likes, net likes/unlikes, weekly, monthly or quarterly engagement, and user watch time. Additionally, Facebook can help your video expand its reach and increase impressions more significantly than Youtube. Overall watch time was higher for Facebook than on Youtube too.


Twitter is a popular video sharing platform. Just check out the crazy stats in the infographic below:


Quora is a growing platform. Sharing your videos there is most logical as users of Quora want to find in-depth information about a problem or issue. If your video helps to solve a problem, share it on Quora by pasting the embed video link in your answer. The video should appear immediately.

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