A Beginner's Guide: Advanced YouTube Channel Settings

June 27, 2022

Creating a YouTube channel is relatively simple. But making that channel successful, earning views, subscribers, and money is another story entirely.

This is because a Youtube channel is a serious commitment. You not only need to create high-quality content consistently and upload regularly, but you also need to make full use of YouTube’s advanced settings and analytics.

Moreover, there are plenty of other factors that control the growth of a channel. Imagine you opened an everything gadget channel.

You post videos regularly, have an eye-catching intro, and provide reliable content. Yet your channel isn’t growing! 

What is the problem? How are you going to solve it? This is where YouTube settings come in. For a professional YouTuber, advanced settings are like the holy grail.

The more you use it, the higher the chance of getting viewers and subscribers. 

In this post, we will talk about YouTube Advanced settings and how they can make or break your channel.

Where Is YouTube Advanced Settings?

YouTube Advanced settings
YouTube Screenshot from YouTube

‍Before tinkering with YouTube advanced settings, you first need to locate it. Here are the steps to take you to this particular section in YouTube settings.

  1. Go to Youtube, and Log In to your YouTube account.
  2. Click on Your Profile picture and click on “Creator Studio”
  3. Click on the Dropdown button “CHANNEL” on the left panel
  4. Under the Channel header option, choose “Advanced”
  5. When you click on “Advanced” this will take you to your Youtube channel’s Advanced settings.

There are so many little treats under this option that you will have fun optimizing your channel and videos. Most people do not utilize these options. But using it can help your channel reach great heights. 

How To Configure YouTube Advanced Settings?

Once you open Creator studio, and you are in the advanced section of the channel, you can see many options that you can tweak for your good.

Go to the dropdown menu beneath your  Account Information and Profile picture, here you will see an option of “Country“. Click on the dropdown list and select your country.

You may think it is irrelevant or you don’t need to add that information, but it may come in handy. A lot of YouTubers create expensive videos, and do not earn as much.

When they want to monetize their channel they use, YouTube’s Partner Program. You can also monetize your channel with the help of YouTube’s Partner program.

This program uses your channel for advertisements and you get compensated for it. It is great way to generate revenue.

Channel Keywords

Youtube keywords
YouTube Screenshot from YouTube

When we write blogs, we use keywords to optimize the content for the search engine. Similarly when video creators open a channel they must focus keywords.

Where can you find the keywords option? If you have already entered the country detail, then the “Channel Keywords” are just below that.

Choose keywords that your brand or channel is all about. Make sure to use keywords effectively. Use it in your video title, as well as your channel description, also use them in your video tags.  

While the keywords in the video will let YT know what your video is about, the channel keywords will let the search engine know what your channel is all about.

Create a set of keywords that work to your advantage.

YT associated websites
YouTube Screenshot from YouTube

YouTube Associated Websites

Your channel is not the only asset you should be focusing on. Every entrepreneur knows to branch out is a smart decision.

So, if you don’t want to lose your viewer base then you need to connect your associated website to the channel.

In case of your channel or videos getting blocked you could always direct the audience to associated website.

How do you connect the website to channel? Scroll down from channel keywords, and you will see the “Associated website” field.

Add the URL, and verify it. You will definitely need to verify the website URL as a owner. Just follow the steps of verification, and you will be good.

YouTube Channel Recommendations

Internet is becoming intuitive, you get recommended products you are looking for, and you get recommended videos you would enjoy.

That’s the way of search engines now. If you want to increase the number of eyeballs on your channel then you can switch on channel recommendations.

Channel recommendations are gentle advertisements of your channel, on other similar channels.

That way you increase the chances of getting seen and gaining more subscribers. Scroll down in the advanced settings section, and you can either switch on or off the “Channel Recommendations”

Google Analytics

How do you know whether your content is doing its magic? Other than the number of views on your video, and the number of subscribers, how do you check your channel’s growth?

You need a bunch of tools to know about the demographic, watch time and traffic sources, and you can do so with the help of Google Analytics. How to connect your Youtube channel with Google analytics?

  1. Sign in to your Google Analytics account.
  2. Set up your new Google Analytics property tracking ID
  3. If you already have one, you don’t need to.
  4. Copy your Google Analytics property tracking ID.
  5. Go to Advanced Settings.
  6. Scroll down,  paste your tracking ID into the GA property tracking ID Field
  7. Click Save.

Google analytics will give you a deep insight into your channel behaviour, and whether your produced content is working. Make sure to use the GA information for your own good, and create content that people will love.


Advertisements can often be distracting for viewers. It annoys people when they are watching an interesting video and an ad pops up out of nowhere. But if you want to monetize your channel then allowing relevant ads is smart choice. In the end it is a judgement call. There are two options you can choose from.

  • Allow advertisements to be displayed beside your video
  • Disable interest based ads

If you decide to disable ads, make sure you have a strong content strategy to hook more people in. In the end it is all about making an income out of your profession.

Google Adwords is also available in the settings. You can add your Adwords account to your Youtube channel. Like Google Analytics it will provide you with some extra reports and data that you can use to improve your marketing strategy.

Subscriber Counts

YouTube can be a ruthless place at times, users view your videos and take information, and don’t subscribe. It can hurt your credibility and demotivate you at times.

A key feature that draws subscribers to you is Subscriber Counts. For example if you already have 12K subscribers, you have a social proof and a backing of 12k people.

It can be used as a leverage to draw more followers to you. In advanced settings you get this option to display the subscriber count, or to hide it.

If you are new to Youtube you can choose to hide the numbers, until you create good content. But mostly subscriber counts can be a huge draw for new subscribers, and you must use it  for your advantage.

Benefits Of Youtube Advanced Settings

Content creation will take you until good comments. but using  marketing strategies will take you further. Youtube has these great settings you can use for growing your channel and business.

There are numerous benefits of using these settings, we are mentioning a few below.


The settings has many options that will improve your visibility on the platform. Switch on the channel recommendations, so more viewers will be able to see you.

Furthermore you can use channel keywords to optimize your videos, and reach more audience. The more you are visible the more subscribers you will get.

Create engaging content, but also use these little tricks to juice your content, to get the maximum results.


Money does not grow on trees, we have all heard it from our parents. Professional Youtubers know this, and that’s why monetize their videos, with the help of ads.

You can allow advertisements to be displayed besides your video, it can generate some revenue. Advanced settings gives you the option to earn money, by just turning on an option. Don’t let it slide.


If you are one of those people, who not only makes a living out of videos but also has a business then you need promotion. Your Youtube is just a part of your estate.

Advanced setting give you the chance to appear in channel recommendations, so you promote without promoting.

It also gives you an option to link your associated website to your Youtube, so you can channel the traffic from your channel to website.  


Google analytics, Adwords and channel keywords are all elements of marketing strategy. You need to choose relevant channel keywords to boost videos.

You need to analyze the reports provided by Google and work on a better marketing strategy. Advanced setting gives you the opportunity to scrutinize your channel and better it.

To Customize Your YouTube Advanced Settings, Or Not?

Even if you keep creating videos on top of videos for your YouTube channel it is not going to make any difference if you don’t optimize it.

Every minute 400 hours worth of videos is uploaded on YouTube. So, if you want to stand out then you will have to do so much more than just make videos.

Be more productive, maximize your time for more important stuff to improve your YouTube Channel. Do you find yourself struggling when it comes to making videos?

Then we have got the perfect tool for you. Try out Offeo’s Online Video Maker which is completely free, a simple video maker that allows you to make professional YouTube videos within minutes.

FAQs About YouTube Advanced Settings

What is YouTube Advanced Settings?

YouTube's advanced settings enable you to manage your channel comprehensively, such as adding channel keywords, changing your country, etc.

How do I get to advanced settings on YouTube?

To get to your YouTube advanced settings, head to your Creator Studio and click on "Channel". Afterward, select "advanced" and make any change you need.

How do I manage my YouTube Channel settings?

To manage your channel settings, follow the steps below.

  • Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  • Select Settings from the left-hand menu.
  • Click on Channel and customize your settings
  • Save any change you made.

How do I monetize my YouTube channel?

One of the many things YouTube's advanced settings can do is help you monetize your videos. Below are the steps to do just that.

  • Go to YouTube Studio.
  • On the left-hand menu, click on Content.
  • Choose a video you want to monetize.
  • Click Monetization on the left menu.
  • Determine which ad type you want to run.
  • Save your changes by clicking save.

Conclusion: YouTube Advanced Settings

Being a success on YouTube isn’t something that happens instantly. You need to commit a lot of time and effort to make your channel grow steadily.

Furthermore, you need to constantly experiment and make the necessary changes so your channel is the best it can be. 

Tinkering with YouTube’s advanced settings and analyzing everything on it might just be critical to your channel skyrocketing in the long term and getting more views and subscribers than other YouTubers in your niche

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