300 Catchy and Creative YouTube Channel Name Ideas‍ (Updated for 2023!)

March 14, 2023

If you plan to make a YouTube channel, you need a catchy channel name. Memorable YouTube channel names are essential to help you gain subscribers, views, and so much more.

Giving your YouTube channel a great name will also help you in the long run. So how does one come up with an excellent YouTube channel name?

Read on to know more about some of the best YouTube channel names.

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What Is a YouTube Channel Name?

YouTube channel name

A YouTube Channel name is the name you give to your YouTube channel and is the official name for your channel on YouTube.

You can choose your own Channel name, or YouTube will just keep the name you provided when you sign up for YouTube. 

Channel names are a vital part of your channel's public identity, as they show up in many places:

  • When a viewer subscribes to your channel, it shows up as the title of the subscription.
  • It appears on your watch page and your channel page above the header image.
  • It's displayed in the URL for your channel page.
  • It's present below any videos you upload to YouTube.

You can pick your own YouTube channel name, but there are a few requirements you need to follow:

  • Channel Names must be at least four (4) characters long.
  • Channel Names must contain letters, numbers, underscores (_), and hyphens (-).
  • Channel Names can’t contain spaces or other punctuation.

If your Channel Name violates any of these requirements, you’ll see an error message and won’t be able to submit it.

NOTE: The name associated with your Google Account is separate from your channel name. Your Google Account name identifies your account across Google services, but changing it doesn't change the name that viewers see when they visit your YouTube channel.

Why Are Channel Names Important?

Why Is Your Channel Name Important?

If you've ever created a social networking profile, you know that it's hard to stand out among all the noise. You want to be original, fun, and informative.

The same can be said for your YouTube channel name.

Improve Visibility Results

Potential customers are searching for videos on YouTube. If you have a great name and content, they will find your videos, follow your channel, and become customers.

Having the right channel name will improve your visibility to get more views. 

Help Determine Your Channel’s Vibe

YouTube Channel names helps to understand the purpose of your YouTube channel. It helps to know the theme of your YouTube channel content. 

For example, your channel’s vibe will be different if you post makeup videos compared to when you decide to share gaming videos. 

You can use “Wing it” as a channel name for a makeup channel, whereas for a gaming channel, you can use “Power Seekers”.

Both have different vibes and determine the channel’s theme. It influences the content of your videos, so choose wisely! 

Create Brand Awareness 

YouTube Channel names are also helpful to your subscribers to remember easily. Having a memorable YouTube channel name is like having an advertising campaign on autopilot.

Boost your brand awareness by choosing the right channel name. Here are some easy tips on how to choose a name for your YouTube channel that will help set you up for success:

  • It should be easy to remember, short and sweet. Make it short, simple, and easy to remember. If people have to guess how to spell it or say it aloud, they might forget or get it wrong. 
  • It should be unique. Choose something unique. Find a name that accurately represents your brand, reflects your channel's topic, and someone else isn't already using it.
  • Your username and channel name should match each other. Use your real name or a variation of it. Your audience will find it easier to follow you using the same name across all social media platforms.

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How Do YouTubers Get Their Name Idea?

YouTubers can brainstorm and find their names. But nowadays, there are YouTube channel name generators like Business name generator, power thesaurus, etc., to generate channel names. 

However, whether you are brainstorming the name with your team or using name generators, you still need to follow a process. We have listed a few things that most YouTubers do to get their name ideas.

Channel Aesthetic

Whatever the aesthetic is you’re going for, your YouTube channel name must be able to convey it.

Your vibe can also give potential viewers an idea about what they’ll get on your channel.

Target Audience

Your target audience will often depend on the subject matter of your channel. While there can be exceptions, there can be some overlap with various audiences. 

Because of this, it’s best to focus on who will make up the majority of your audience and have a name that appeals to your target audience.

Check Out Other YouTube Channels In Your Niche

See what they’re doing right and what they could improve upon. The success of other channels can give you an idea of what’s working.

Use A YouTube Channel Name Generator

Several tools can come up with catchy YouTube channel names for you. You can use tools like Business Name Generator, Power Thesaurus, and others to brainstorm YouTube channel names.

The Best Real YouTube Channel Names – How They Got It and Why It Works

If you are looking for the perfect YouTube channel name for your channel, what better way to get inspired than looking at the best real YouTube channel names? Here are some of the most successful YouTube channels around with a catchy channel name to boot.


Cocomelon is a YouTube channel managed by a family, and they are currently the second biggest YouTube channel in existence with 130 Million subscribers. They have a name that is easy to remember.

On September 1, 2006, Cocomelon was created on YouTube to provide free education and entertainment for the founder of Cocomelon, Jay Jeon's children.

It was first known as "checkgate", but later, they changed it to Cocomelon. The channel uploaded two versions of the alphabet song to YouTube on their first day. 

Only to upload their third video to the channel nine months later, titled "Learning ABC Alphabet – Letter "K" — Kangaroo Game". 

Their channel name is prevalent because it is easy to remember, and their content has the potential.

Due to this, Cocomelon has become a household name in Children's educational videos. 


Felix Kjellberg initially registered a YouTube account under the name "Pewdie" in December 2006, but he forgot the password to this account.

So later, he created the "PewDiePie" YouTube channel on 29 April 2010. He explained that "pew" represents the sound of lasers and "die" refers to dying.

His YouTube channel is famous for gaming commentaries. Soon, he began to incorporate comedic editing into his videos.

Currently, he has 111 million subscribers, with one of the main reasons being having one of the most catchy YouTube channel names and combined with his personality and channel’s unique vibe. 



Jimmy Donaldson began posting videos to YouTube in early 2012 at the age of 13, under the handle "MrBeast6000"; his early content ranged from Let's Plays to "videos estimating the wealth of other YouTubers." 

However, he went viral in 2017 after his "counting to 100,000". His videos became viral in just a few days, and he became an internet sensation. His channel name is unique and has become synonymous with Donaldson. 

Like Nastya

Nastya and her parents started the Like Nastya Vlog channel in October 2016, initially posting a video every five days. As of March 2022, the channel has amassed over 89 million subscribers and more than 72 billion views.

Her videos usually feature toys, skits, and dolls. Her channel name is her name. It is a great way to personalize your channel and create a brand identity

50 Cool YouTube Channel Names

Are you looking for YouTube channel name ideas for your channel? It’s challenging to think of a channel name that is creative and unique.

Perhaps you are also looking for a clever screen name that will be your username on many websites.

Here is the list of 50 of the most creative YouTube channel names that you can use:

  1. Life and Living
  2. Food Talkies
  3. The Life Of Travel
  4. Sassy Kitchen
  5. A For Adventurer
  6. The Traveling Chef
  7. The Stylish Man
  8.  Street Fashion Photographer
  9. The Artistic Soul
  10. The Life Coach
  11. Creative Life
  12. Entertainment Factory
  13. Life Saver
  14. Virtual Friend
  15. Mood Writer
  16. Education Hub
  17. The Tech Freak
  18. Wild West
  19. Fashion Craze
  20. The Music Junction
  21. The Rich Daily
  22. The Rich Club
  23. I'm Rich
  24. TubeRichy
  25. Cool Money Team
  26. Cash Spotters
  27. TechZoners
  28. The Cool Cash Club
  29. The Rich Money Club
  30. For the Richer!
  31. I Like To Drink Beer
  32.  Bear Bear
  33. Cool Kids
  34. Get It
  35. You Cool
  36. Famous Cats
  37. Down The Rabbit Hole
  38. Legends Have it
  39. Diva Drive
  40. What The Fox
  41. Blooming Bunnies
  42. Somebody’s Watching
  43. The Content Factory
  44. Scream Stream
  45. No Buffer
  46. Mad Games
  47. Be Woke
  48. Hanger Bangers
  49. Curious Cats
  50. Vlog Mix

30 Best YouTube Channel Name Ideas

  1. True Channel
  2. Fabfest
  3. YouTubeSpot
  4. NewsBest
  5. NerdChannel
  6. Smart Channel
  7. Channel Best
  8. YouTube Dork
  9. Best Habits 
  10. Best Banger
  11. Channel Chick
  12. Bestite
  13. YouTube Best Habits
  14. YouTube
  15. Live Channel
  16. Best Pixel
  17. Channel Scout
  18. Bestly
  19. Press Play.
  20. Published Footage
  21. Published Pixels
  22. Streams of Dreams
  23. The Daily Beat
  24. Nerd Central
  25. YouHub
  26. YouTubePress
  27. Besti
  28. InsideBest
  29. ChannelDash
  30. Video Venture

30 Creative YouTube Channel Name Ideas

  1. Smart Creative
  2. Creative Central 
  3. Creative Verse
  4. Creative Spot
  5. Create New
  6. Creative Gum
  7. Creative Gun
  8. ThinkVerse
  9. CreateTV
  10. Loud Creative
  11. Creative Rush
  12. CreateVille
  13. ChannelJunkie
  14. Cosmic Vlog
  15. Camera City
  16. Daily Dose
  17. Carpe Diem Channel
  18. Daily Bytes
  19. Channel Bites
  20. Camera Crazy
  21. Simply Creative
  22. Channel Creative
  23. Whole Creative
  24. Mature Millennial
  25. Dorkistan 
  26. Nerdtube
  27. Createandgo
  28. CreativeHub
  29. ChannelLite
  30. ChannelBudhha

30 Unique YouTube Channel Name Ideas

  1. Newskind
  2. Channelque
  3. Namverse
  4. Hotrare
  5. Ofpost
  6. OneJoy
  7. RareDesk
  8. Oneville
  9. Fabkind
  10. Rarekind
  11. KindAlpha
  12. Offmance
  13. TheOne
  14. Offsonic
  15. SimpleOf
  16. OneDash
  17. ChannelLabel
  18. Genix
  19. Rare Culture
  20. KindBoard
  21. RareSpy
  22. Vlogify
  23. Manic Stream
  24. Chatter
  25. Rare Rave
  26. Unique Plug
  27. Buzz Wrap
  28. Art Flow
  29. OneSpin
  30. Buzz Bro

30 YouTube Channel Names for Vloggers

  1. Vlogsana
  2. Vlogspin
  3. Viva Vida
  4. Daily Vlog Mix
  5. Daily LIfe with Me
  6. MySpin
  7. WantPost
  8. Fresher
  9. BeWatch
  10. Fresh Daily
  11. All Footage
  12. Vlogify
  13. MeVerse
  14. The Confidential
  15. The Daily Cloud
  16. My Little World
  17. Just Journaled
  18. MyCam
  19. Daily Current
  20. ProLife
  21. Off the Strip
  22. Inhabits
  23. SimplyMea
  24. ICanSee
  25. Travely
  26. InsideEdge
  27. Behind the Cam
  28. LiveWithMe
  29. Digital Diary
  30. JustVlogs

30 Gaming YouTube Channel Names

  1. GoGameBrigade
  2. GameSpy
  3. FabGames
  4. ApexFlex
  5. Quest
  6. GamesDash
  7. ProPlay
  8. HunterProMax
  9. BattleLite
  10. KnightReign
  11. PlayDesk
  12. SmashGeeks
  13. GamesPost
  14. JoyStick Jack
  15. PlayRush
  16. Prime Hunter
  17. Playora
  18. Games Central
  19. PlayLikeLegends
  20. GamesToday
  21. Crosslox
  22. Smashbros
  23. LivGames
  24. PlayDesk
  25. GamerHub
  26. PlayJunkies
  27. SquadMore
  28. PlayOverload
  29. LoudGames
  30. InsidePlay

30 Funny YouTube Channel Names

  1. Gagswatch
  2. FunnyCo
  3. TrueGags
  4. Laughsville
  5. Laughsi
  6. FunFactory
  7. ByteMe
  8. Brains In Jars
  9. Creative Comedians
  10. TopLaughs
  11. What The Fuss
  12. Big Drop
  13. The Dapper Dog
  14. Gossip Gal
  15. Duck Duck Goose
  16. Don’t Peek
  17. DareToLaugh
  18. FroYo
  19. BrokeBestie
  20. Spicy Sugar
  21. FabFun
  22. Laughdo
  23. FunBee
  24. FunZilla
  25. Hotel Laughnia
  26. LetsRumble
  27. Gags Reboot
  28. Funanza
  29. Laughing Buddha
  30. NerdLaughs

15 Dance YouTube Channel Names

  1. DanceFrenzy
  2. StepUpDanceCo
  3. GrooveNation
  4. DanceElevated
  5. RhythmRiot
  6. ChoreoCraze
  7. DanceStudioLive
  8. DanceWithUs
  9. MovementMakers
  10. SensualSwing
  11. DanceDreams
  12. StreetStyleDance
  13. DanceExplosion
  14. FierceFootwork
  15. DanceInferno

20 Entertainment YouTube Channel Names

  1. The Screen Addict
  2. Mr. Movie Critic
  3. Get Lost in a Music Video
  4. Hollywood TV News
  5. Entertainment by Design
  6. Cinematic Celebrations
  7. Indie Film Radar
  8. Contagious Acting Tips
  9. Pop Culture Conversations
  10. Late Night Laughs and Giggles
  11. TheEntertainmentHub
  12. SpectacularShowcase
  13. VibrantVibesTV
  14. ThePerformancePodcast
  15. TheFunnyFix
  16. TheVarietyVault
  17. TheEntertainmentExperience
  18. TheShowStoppers
  19. ThePerformanceParadise
  20. TheEntertainmentEmpire                                     

20 Lifestyle YouTube Channel Names

  1. The Modern Nomad
  2. The Minimalist Mindset
  3. The Sustainable Lifestyle
  4. The Conscious Collective
  5. The Wellness Wanderlust
  6. The Mindful Mover
  7. The Joyful Journey
  8. The Balanced Life
  9. The Creative Spark
  10. The Urban Explorer
  11. The Healthful Habits
  12. The Simple Life
  13. The Adventure Seeker
  14. The Mindful Mom
  15. The Earthy Explorer
  16. The Zen Zone
  17. The Traveling Yogi
  18. The Green Gourmet
  19. The Cozy Corner
  20. The Mindful Minimalist.

15 Music Channel Names

  1. Melodic Moods
  2. Soundscapes Symphony
  3. Musical Mosaic
  4. Rhythm and Rhyme
  5. Harmony Haven
  6. Tune Tonic
  7. Soundwave Symphony
  8. Noise Nirvana
  9. Beat Box
  10. Music Magic
  11. Groove Garden
  12. Soundscape Society
  13. Musical Mosaic
  14. Sonic Sanctuary
  15. Vibe Voyage

How To Come Up With A YouTube Name?

If you're still struggling to develop a YouTube name, don't worry. Here are some easy tips to help you get started:

Choose A Short, Simple, and Creative Name

There's nothing wrong with choosing something easy to remember.

But if you want your channel to stand out, try to think of a unique name that describes what your channel is about.

It’s even better if you can come up with something catchy and clever!

Brainstorm YouTube Channel Names

To brainstorm ideas for your YouTube channel name, start by writing down as many words or phrases as you can think of that relate to the content of your channel.

For example, if it's an entertainment channel, write down words like "comedy" or "music". 

The more specific you describe what type of content your channel will have, the easier it will be for people to find and follow it.

Market Research and Trends

An excellent way to develop YouTube names is by looking at other successful channels on the platform and seeing what they've named their channels.

This can give you an idea of what works well and what doesn't work so well when naming a channel. 

You also want to check out trending topics in your niche to stay ahead of the curve and choose a happening name for your channel. 

This category applies to both the name of your channel and your channel as a whole.

If you have an idea for what kind of YouTube videos you want to make, look at other YouTube channels that fit into that same category. 

Make notes about anything you may want to try or not try based on what you see on different channels in terms of content, production quality, and design. Use these notes when reviewing name ideas. 

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Don't Copy Others

The first step is to ensure that your YouTube name doesn't already exist on the platform. If it does, you'll need to come up with something else. 

You don't want viewers getting confused about which channel is yours, so avoid names that are very similar to other channels on YouTube.

Here is how you can know whether your YouTube name is unique. 

  • Open YouTube.
  • Type your choice of channel name into the search bar.
  • Filter the search by choosing “Channel”.
channel filter on youtube search
  • You can see all the YouTube channels available in the YouTube name. 

If there are many channels with the same name, you should probably skip it and move on to the other alternatives on your list. 

Consider How It Translates

In addition to making sure your name isn't being used by someone else, it's also important to consider how your YouTube name translates into other languages. 

In particular, if you're using your YouTube channel as part of your international business marketing strategy, make sure that your brand name won't be embarrassing in any language. 

Also, research the most popular search terms in countries where you expect consumers or clients to be looking for your videos online.

Make It Easy to Spell

That's the first rule of thumb. If viewers can't spell your YouTube username, they won't be able to find you. You don't want to miss out on subscribers or viewers because they're searching for "dudeperfect" when your channel is called "doodpereet."

Keep it simple and make sure users know how to find you.

Think about Word Play

Wordplay can be an effective way to come up with a name for your channel, especially if you have a sense of humor. It can also help you get ideas for content.

You can use wordplay in just about any industry or niche on YouTube. 

For example, if you were making videos about makeup, you can name your channel “Bake it”. It is a wordplay on the word bake, which isn’t just a word used in the kitchen but also the makeup industry. 

Consider Local SEO

Local SEO is worth considering if you plan on posting content that will appeal to people in your geographic area. Tools like Google Trends can help you find the most popular search terms in your area. 

If you're just starting, you may want to include some of these high-volume search terms in your YouTube name or channel title.

Learn more: YouTube SEO Checklist to get more views on YouTube in 2022

Get A Domain Name

It's also a good idea to register the domain name for your business as soon as possible. You can usually grab one for less than $10 per year at GoDaddy or Namecheap.

You can also buy an available domain name that matches your brand name and use that as your channel URL instead of creating a new one.

How to Change Your YouTube Channel Name on Your Channel Page

If you're looking to change your YouTube channel name, it's a relatively simple process that can be done in a few quick steps. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you change your channel name on YouTube:

  • Click on your channel logo in the top right corner of YouTube.
  • Select "My Channel" and select the "Customize channel" button that's to the left of the "Manage videos" button on your channel page
  • Click on the "Basic info" tab and head to the "name" column. 
  • Type in your new channel name.
  • Click Publish when you're done.

Note that changing your channel name will also change the URL of your channel, so make sure to update any links to your channel that you've shared with others.

Furthermore, remember that changing your channel name too frequently may lead to losing your audience, so be sure you're happy with your new name before finalizing the change.

It's also vital to ensure that your new channel name aligns with the YouTube community guidelines and terms of service. It should not include offensive language, impersonating another person or business, or violating trademark or copyright laws.

Once you've changed your channel name, your new name will appear on your channel and all your videos, so make sure you're happy with your new name before finalizing the change.

FAQs: Best YouTube channel names

What should I name my YT channel?

You can choose a name for your YouTube channel that best describes your goal, genre, and vibe. For example, you are Sophy, who likes to review movies. You can name your channel Sophy Movie Reviews or Sophy Reviews Movies, etc.

What is the best YouTuber name?

T-Series is India's most prominent music record label and a film production company. It has 166 million subscribers on YouTube. It is the most subscribed to channel on the platform. But PewDiePie is the most popular YouTuber globally with 102 Million followers.

How do I come up with a good YouTube channel name?

You can create a good YouTube channel name by brainstorming, researching, and using tools like the YouTube name generator. Make sure your name is short and sweet.

How do you create unique YouTube channel names?

You can create unique YouTube channel names by ensuring your name is available. You can search on YouTube and find out if there are channels already existing with your chosen channel name.

Can I copyright my YouTube channel name?

Copyright means the exclusive legal right to use a work. So no, you can’t copyright your YouTube name because nobody would be able to use it for even mentioning you. But you can trademark a YouTube channel.

You can trademark the name, logo, or slogan that you are using to promote your YouTube channel.

Does my YouTube name have to be my actual name?

No. Your YouTube channel name doesn’t have to be your actual name. You can use it, but you don’t have to. 

What makes a YouTube channel name catchy?

You can always make your YouTube channel name is catchy by using trendy catchphrases or words like “hub”, “dash”, verse, etc.

Another way to make your name catchy is to use funny names like T-Rex or PewDiePie. 

Conclusion: Best YouTube Channel Names

It’s crucial to select a good name for your YouTube channel because it can make it easier for people to find you. It is also a part of your brand and identity that you are trying to build. 

Therefore, choose a name that reflects your personality, which resonates with the content you create, and shows people you mean business. 

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