How To Create A YouTube Brand Account

July 15, 2022

YouTube is one of the most visited websites globally, sitting just behind Google as the second largest search engine. Owning a YouTube channel and using it as part of your social media marketing strategy can benefit you massively. 

With video content on the rise, YouTube is projected to continue growing well into the future. Like other social platforms, YouTube allows you to connect your channel to a separate Brand Account. 

In this article, we will be taking you through how to create a YouTube brand account.

What Is a YouTube Brand Account?

A YouTube brand account is a business account you can activate and manage through your channel. 

This Brand Account gives your business a YouTube presence with your company’s unique name, branding, and content. 

It helps brands create a unique online presence that represents who they are and what they believe in. Also, it makes it easy for their target audience to find them. 

What's the difference between a YouTube brand account and a regular account?

If you want to make your channel look different from the others, you can create a YouTube Brand Account. 

This way, you can change managers and owners at any time. A brand channel is not a personal YouTube channel. A brand channel exists to show off the products and services of a company. 

It is tied to that company, and many employees create its content, including marketers and SEO experts. The owner of a brand channel does not manage it very often.

On the other hand, a personal YouTube account is tied to a single person or a small group.

These channels usually do not have teams of marketers concocting a new expert marketing strategy every week or SEO experts creating the perfect video descriptions.

Who needs a YouTube Brand Account?

1. Companies

Corporations and companies can use YouTube to create a brand channel that isn’t tied to the personal identity of one person. 

This makes it ideal for business owners to maintain their privacy while still interacting with customers online.

In addition, multiple people cannot share a personal Google account unless they share the YouTube account itself. 

This makes collaboration between the various marketers on their team tedious. So, having a brand channel allows marketers to edit the account as channel managers.

Finally, a brand account on YouTube is strongly promoted as an opportunity to sell the company’s services. Because of YouTube’s popularity, this has proven to be an excellent strategy for marketing.

2. Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur, open a brand channel. This is helpful if you have multiple people in the business and is a great way to get your information out into the world without giving away your info. 

Joint ventures are an excellent way for entrepreneurs to save money and generate income, but collaboration isn't always necessary. 

Since small businesses tend to be run by one or two people, opening a company with more than one person can be cost-prohibitive. Therefore, opening a brand channel can boost your business and save you some money.

3. Private People 

Finally, you can use a brand account if you're a particularly private person in real life and don't want your YouTube career to make you recognizable. 

So, you can use a personal Gmail account to protect your privacy.

How to set up a YouTube Brand Account

Customizing your Brand Account

  1. Create a YouTube brand account. 
Create a YouTube brand account
  1. Click Customize channel on the channel dashboard. 
Customize channel on youtube channel
  1. You can find three tabs - Layout, Branding, and Basic Info.
  1. Fill in the information under these tabs to let more people discover you. 
  1. Use descriptive keywords for the purpose so that they will be discoverable by the target audience. 
  1. You can upload channel art and icons under branding. 
  1. This sets you apart from the rest and aligns with the overall brand look. 

Channel Description

youtube Channel Description

You can use your channel description to introduce viewers to your business, or you can use it to highlight the values your company was founded on. 

It’s also good to include keywords relevant to your business that people might search for when trying to find you. 

The description should be very clear about what your company does--be sure to be concise and make it easy for people to find you on YouTube. 

Moreover, you can also add links to your social media channels and a business email on this page. 

Featured Channels

Featured Channels on Youtube

On the right side of the Channel Settings page, you’ll see a Featured Channels section. You can feature any additional YouTube channels that your business manages or owns here. 

Featuring channels is also a great way to build connections and highlight influencers you may be working with. 

Channel Icon and Art

Channel Icon and Art on youtube

Uploading a channel icon and banner is essential to setting up your account. 

If someone searches your business’ name on YouTube, they’re more likely to click on your logo since they’re already familiar with it. Having an icon and banner makes your account appear more credible. 

The standard channel icon dimensions are 800 x 800, while the banner can be 2560 x 1140 (but try to keep it under 1546 x 423 if you want mobile viewers to see it correctly). 

You can use our YouTube banner maker from OFFEO to create stunning banners in no time. The icon and banner graphics help viewers identify your account when searching for businesses, products, or services on YouTube.

How to add managers to your Brand Account?

YouTube brand accounts feature a unique collaborative design, allowing multiple managers to work on your channel. 

As a YouTube brand account owner, you can edit your information, interact with your audience, and add and edit managers. 

You get to decide who gets access to your channel. Follow the steps below to add managers to your account. 

  1. Login to your YouTube brand account. 
  2. On the top right corner of the homepage, click on the icon/avatar. 
  3. Next, click on Settings.
  4. Go to the channel managers section and click on Add or Remove managers. 
  5. Click on Users in the window and click on manage permissions. 
manage permissions on youtube brand account

  1. Then click on the icon in the top right corner. 
  2. You can add new users as managers to the YouTube brand account in the next window. 
  3. Just add their email addresses or names to give them access. 
  4. In addition to that, you can add an option to add their roles below their email address. The options available are Owner, Manager, and Communications Manager. 
  5. You can assign different responsibilities to the managers. 

These are the responsibilities given to each of them - 

  1. Owners - Owners have the most control over your YouTube brand account. They are responsible for setting up and managing the brand's channel. A brand needs one primary owner.
  2. Managers - Managers can upload videos, edit them, check channel analytics, etc. However, they can't manage other managers' access to the YouTube brand account.
  3. Communications Manager - This type of authority allows users to respond to comments on videos and moderate comments, and manage video responses. They may not create or upload videos to the channel, nor may they manage billing and access to analytics data.

Benefits of a YouTube Brand Account

If you’re looking to grow your business’s presence on YouTube, you may want to create a branded account. Doing so will enable your team to post videos more efficiently by assigning tasks to multiple people. 

By adding multiple managers to the channel, you can assign tasks (like creating thumbnails, writing descriptions, and replying to comments) to specific people, so posting videos becomes a smooth and efficient process.

FAQs: Create a YouTube brand account

How do I create a brand account on YouTube?

The first step is to create a YouTube channel. After setting up the account, click on Settings from the avatar icon. Here, you can go and create a new brand account. 

How much does a YouTube brand account cost?

It is free to start a YouTube brand account. It is just the video production cost that is involved. 

What is the difference between a brand and a YouTube account?

A YouTube Brand Account is ideal for businesses, as you can transfer it to other users. For individuals, a channel is better, as their accounts will always be associated with their email addresses.

Conclusion: Create a YouTube Brand Account

To make your team more productive, set up a YouTube brand account. 

It lets you add multiple managers to your account, enabling you to restrict access based on each manager’s responsibilities. 

Setting up an account is quick and easy, so you can start managing your content right away.  To ensure that team collaboration is fluid and secure, let everyone on your team create an account for themselves on your brand’s YouTube channel. 

It’s a quick and easy process that maximizes the potential of your video-sharing website. Register on OFFEO to find other tools to help you create videos and engage your audience. 

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