10 Best YouTube Animators

January 18, 2023

Animation isn’t for the faint-hearted. It takes years of practice to create seamless animations that look stunning. 

There are many animators on YouTube, but not everyone is fantastic. 

Whether you are just a viewer who loves to watch animated content or a newbie animator looking for inspiration, we have curated the best YouTube animators. 

Here is the list of top 10 animation YouTube channels.

No. YouTube Channel Video Views in the Last 30 Days # of Subscribers Total Video Views
1 Felix Colgrave 3.322M 1.63M 223.8M
2 RubberNinja 26.05K 591K 23.7M
3 TheOdd1sOut 42.244M 17.8M 3896.7M
4 Harry Partridge 183.977K 983K 199.3M
5 How It Should Have Ended (HISHE) 12.198M 10.3M 3114.0M
6 Simon’s Cat 12.975M 5.76M 1376.3M
7 ArtSpear Entertainment 2.89M 2.32M 430.1M
8 Jaiden Animations 21.806M 11.1M 2043.6M
9 hotdiggedydemon 4.27M 1.86M 388.2M
10 JelloApocalypse 1.883M 1.86M 324.8M

Top 10 Most Popular Animators on YouTube

Are you looking for some of the best animators on YouTube to watch and get inspired by? Look no further!

We've compiled a list of the top 10 animation YouTube channels that have amassed millions of viewers, subscribers, and video views in the last 30 days.

From Felix Colgrave to JelloApocalypse, these are some of the most famous animators on YouTube today. So, check out our list and start watching!

Felix Colgrave

Felix Colgrave established his YouTube channel in 2008. The thirty-year-old is not only an animator but also a director, cartoonist, and musician. 

Felix's work is primarily on YouTube, but he has also worked with several clients like Vice and Comedy Central. He has also worked with famous artists like Childish Gambino.

His animation is one of the most mesmerizing things to watch. The most viewed video on the channel is The Double King, a film about love and regicide. 

You can watch the Double King kill for crowns in the captivating flow of events. 

Felix offers a fantastic collection of animated stories with underlying messages. His channel is one of the most incredible things we've seen in a while!


RubberNinja Pokemon Gun

Rubber Ninja is one of the most prominent animation YouTube channels out there. The channel was created in 2006 by  Ross O'Donovan, an animator, artist, and voice artist.

It has been focused mainly on creating animations for the video game Minecraft during this time. It has over 592K subscribers on its main YouTube channel and around 23 million views. 

Their most-watched video is Pokemon Gun, a hilarious short, fun video on Pokemon. It has got 13 million views. Ross started the channel to perfect his animation skills.

Now that he's achieved his goal, he hardly posts on his channel anymore. But if you still want to check out his videos from the past years, you can do it.

His videos are short and catchy so that you won't be disappointed. 


TheOdd1sOut (@TheOdd1sOut) is one of the most subscribed YouTube animators (with over 17.7 million subscribers), but what's more impressive is how he was able to achieve such popularity. 

The Odd1sOut YouTube channel has been around since 2014, Robert James Rallison started it. His videos are animated representations of what goes on in his life. 

The channel has grown steadily and hasn't stopped growing. It's hard not to be a fan of his work, as he embodies the YouTube spirit so well: being able to quickly attract a following through comedy with very little funding or support. 

His videos are fun to watch and, most of all — relatable. You can just lay out some pizza and start watching this guy's videos because they are entertaining. 

If you want to binge-watch some animated videos, then The Odd1sOut is your place. 

Harry Partridge

Where are the starbarians?

Harry Partridge is a British animator, artist, and voice actor known for his videos on YouTube. He is best known for his series Starbarians and Dr. Bees.

Harry Andrew Partridge was born on August 17, 1985, in Bristol, England. He grew up with two older brothers and a younger sister. 

His mother worked as a nurse, and his father worked as an architect. He attended the University of Gloucestershire, studying animation, to which he graduated in the summer of 2007.

Harry's YouTube channel has over 983k subscribers and close to 200,000,000 views. His most popular video is Skyrim, with 24 million views. 

Since then, he's done several other animation videos with cartoon animation, including his first web series Starbarians. 

The series follows the adventures of two bounty hunters in space. He also created a spinoff series called Dr. Bees, which focuses on one of the side characters from Starbarians. 

Harry Partridge has enough YouTube videos to get you going if you want to binge-watch animation. 

How It Should Have Ended (HISHE)

How It Should Have Ended (HISHE) is an American satirical animation channel that produces animated alternate endings for popular movies and TV shows. 

The site was founded by Daniel Baxter and Tommy Watson and was later expanded to include an extensive roster of animators. 

Back in 2005, Daniel Baxter and Tommy Watson started HISHE. They started with a Blackberry Storm and Windows Movie Maker and gradually improved with their animation. 

The duo eventually started making longer videos like How Avatar Should Have Ended and How Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Should Have Ended. 

The lengthier videos gained popularity, and their channel gained more subscribers. The most popular series on the site is the HISHE Dubs, which began in September 2007. 

The site also does the popular Super Café series, with over 30 episodes featuring Batman and Superman in a coffee shop setting. 

HISHE offers all kinds of entertaining "How it should have ended" hilarious videos if you love comics and movies. Watch it, and you won't be disappointed. 

Simon’s Cat

Animator and animal lover Simon Tofield created the Simon's Cat YouTube channel in 2008, and it has been a massive hit with fans ever since. 

The charmingly hilarious animated series follows the adventures of an adorable white cat and its owner Simon, with each episode focusing on a different theme. 

The content on the channel includes funny animations that depict life as a cat owner.

The animations are hilarious, and the stories are simple, so you won't find yourself staring at the screen wondering what's going on! 

There are various characters they’ve created, including Kitten, Maisy, Chloe, Jazz, and Hugh. Over 33 million people have viewed the most popular video on his channel, Double Trouble!

Look no further than Simon's Cat if you're looking for a fun and quirky YouTube channel to subscribe to.

ArtSpear Entertainment

ArtSpear Entertainment is a channel owned by Joe Bauer and Rita Artmann. This channel uploads various parody videos of film trailers. They currently have 2.3 million subscribers.

They do their videos by taking an original film trailer, then changing the imagery and adding voiceovers to make it seem as if the movie has a different story and theme than what the original film has. 

Their work has been featured in incredible shows like Comedy Central's Drunk History and Adult Swim's Robot Chicken. \They also regularly collaborate with other professional animators, including the guys behind Game Grumps (Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan) and Ashens (Stuart Ashen). 

Their recent The Batman trailer spoof is hilarious at best. The parody brings out all the questionable elements in the movie in a fun way. 

If you like the content of HISHE, then ArtSpear Entertainment will also be your cup of tea. 

It's always fun to see what kind of videos will be coming out next from this hilarious team! They've got some great stuff!

Jaiden Animations

Jaiden Animations

Jaiden Animations is an animated YouTube channel run by Jaiden, a young animator who creates content about her life and other things. 

She often talks about her family and friends in her videos, sometimes including them in the animations she makes. She is one of the best story-time animators. 

Jaiden's content is primarily based on her life and personal experiences. Her channel also contains vlogs, reaction videos, and video game-centric animated videos. 

She is primarily known for her story-time animations, which give viewers a more in-depth look at specific stories from her life.

She expresses her creativity by using a variety of different types of media. Her animated videos are very creative, and they bring a lot of joy to people who watch them. 

Jaiden's videos have received recognition from other YouTubers and celebrities such as Markiplier, iHasCupquake, and Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life actor Griffin Gluck. 

Jaiden's channel is a treasure-trove of stories about growing up and life if you want to watch relatable content. So, go check it out!



Max Gilardi, aka. hotdiggedydemon (born January 28, 1988) is an American animator and artist known for creating animation parodies on YouTube, as well as his original animated series such as "Jerry" and "Brain Dump."

He is also the voice of Jerry in he series mentioned above. His animation style is very goofy and straightforward, but that doesn't mean it's terrible! 

On the contrary, his animations are hilarious and always leave me wanting more.

While he's best known for his video game parodies and bizarre animations, he also has his original series in which he voices the characters. 

His animation style is often described as "slapstick comedy," and the characters tend to be oddballs with equally strange personalities. 

If you want the harsh, true stories of life in animation, then Max is your guy. From his depiction of Jerry to Luigi, all of his characters hold a mirror of adult life. 



JelloApocalypse is known for its "Welcome to" series. These videos are short animations that describe a specific game, franchise, or genre by addressing various tropes and cliches and explaining how these elements work and why they are used. 

The series is most popular in the gaming community on YouTube. His most popular videos are where he discusses Sonic the Hedgehog and Undertale. 

The "So This is Basically" series describes a specific gaming mechanic or element of game design similarly but focuses more on how the mechanic functions rather than how it's used in games.

In addition to the videos mentioned above, Jello has created other content in the past, including "Game Playthroughs," first-person vlogs, and reactions to memes. 

He eventually decided to focus more on his animation style as it was more enjoyable for him to make and others to watch. vJello's animated videos are uploaded on his main channel, with over 1.86 million subscribers. 

Brendan's videos are the best if you are a gamer and looking to watch some animated videos on YouTube. His videos are entertaining and informative. 

FAQs: Best YouTube Animators

Who is the best animator on YouTube?

Hotdiggedydemon, TheOdd1sOut, and Jaiden Animations are some of the most famous animators on YouTube. 

But the best animator would have to be HotDiggedydemon. His initial videos were sloppy, but he has become one of the best animators on YouTube since then. 

Who are some YouTube animators?

Felix Colgrave, Rubber NInja, and Harry Partridge are some of the YouTube animators to look out for. 

Who is the youngest YouTube animator?

Aman Rahman was the youngest animator ever, who learned how to do animation at 3. However, the youngest YouTube animators on our list are Robert James Rallison from TheOdd1sOut and Jaiden from Jayden animations. Both are 24 years old. 

Who is the first YouTube animator?

Jokhie Judy, a Singaporean animator, was the first YouTube animator who became famous for his animation videos like” The Italian Man who went to Malta”. 

Other YouTubers like Eddsworld, sWooZie, Alan Becker, and HISHE were the reason behind his popularity. Sadly, Jokhie is now inactive on YouTube. 

Conclusion: Best YouTube Animators

Thank you for reading! We hope you found our picks helpful. These animators have worked hard to pay the bills and have put a lot of time, effort, and creativity into their videos. 

Hopefully, this article has helped you find some inspiration and new ideas for your own YouTube animation. 

If this article was helpful to you, please share our website with others so they can find it too. Did you know you can also create animated videos using Offeo? Check this Animation Maker out to learn more.

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