18 Best Youtube Channels to Watch in 2023

April 13, 2023

YouTube is massive, and it has been for a while now. In February 2023 alone, this video-sharing website was visited over 80 billion times. Furthermore, there are currently 38 million channels on YouTube, with 15 million of them being creators. Some of these YouTubers have even become superstars in their own respective niche — garnering millions of views and subscribers in the process. 

From tech-focused YouTubers to game streamers, there’s virtually a video for everything you’re looking for. However, looking for the best YouTube channels for a topic you’re looking for can be pretty tricky. In this article, we’ve listed 21 of the best YouTube channels you should consider watching in 2022.

We created this list based on who we thought played an influential role in 2021 and will continue to be even bigger in 2022. Bear in mind that some of the channels we mention here don’t always have dozens of millions of subscribers, but they still play a prominent role in their niche all the same.

Without further ado, let’s dig in.

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No. YouTube Channel Video Views in the Last 30 Days # of Subscribers Total Video Views
1 Kurzgesagt 51.9 million 17.9 million 1.8 billion
2 AlternateHistoryHub 2.7 million 2.04 million 301 million
3 Veritasium 23.6 million 11.5 million 1.5 billion
4 FitnessBlender 4.94 million 6.64 million 1.2 billion
5 Good Mythical Morning 78 million 17.5 million 7.7 billion
6 Girlfriend Reviews 1.7 million 1.3 million 138 million
7 PewDiePie 64.7 million 111 million 28.1 billion
8 MrBeast 349.8million 90.4 million 14.7 billion
9 Tasty 30.5million 20.8 million 5.3 billion
10 The School of Life 7.8 million 7.33 million 728 million
11 TED-Ed 68.9million 16.3 million 3 billion
12 The Dodo 290.6 million 11.3 million 6.9 billion
13 Vanity Fair 25.6 million 3.59 million 1.7 billion
14 Marques Brownlee 27.7million 15.3 million 2.8 billion
15 Tifo Football 2.8 million 1.1 million 205 million
16 Llama Arts 764 thousand 2.59 million 317 million
17 patrickJMT 1.5 million 1.3 million 369 million
18 WIRED 42.9 million 8.92 million 2.9 billion

Kurzgesagt (Science)

If you’re interested in learning more about science in a much more exciting way than reading books, then look no further than Kurzgesagt. Philipp Detmer founded this channel, and he created animated educational videos.

Every video this channel makes is always backed by extensive research that ranges from fact-checking with books and scientific journals to discussions with experts to ensure any information he shares is accurate. 

Furthermore, they always attach every research resource in his video description to help you, the viewer, read them yourself.

The channel’s name was derived from a German term “kurzgesagt" that translates to “said in short” or “in brief”, which perfectly describes their relatively brief videos (8-12 minutes in length on average) on rather complex topics.

What makes Kurzgesagt different from most other channels talking about science is that their videos often feature cute animated birds that sometimes make you question your existence. 

Worry not, though, as you will more often be educated rather than feeling existential dread by watching Kurzgesagt’s videos.

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AlternateHistoryHub (History)

History can be an extremely complicated and messy topic to talk about. There are various arguments on whether the winning side wrote it, and sometimes we find new evidence that revises what was already written.

Even with modern technology today, we’ll never know how things happened in history unless we were there. Because of this uncertainty, why not make alternative versions of them?

That’s precisely what AlternateHistoryHub, a YouTube channel by Cody Franklin, did. He posts educational videos that cover several alternate histories of the world, which includes:

  • What if the Vietnam War didn't happen?
  • What if North Korea and South Korea never split?
  • What if Ferdinand Magellan never circumnavigated the world?
  • What if the Berlin Wall didn't collapse?

On top of the world’s history, AlternateHistoryHub also posts different versions of history in movies, games, animation, books, and many more that could make you excited to learn more. 

To create these “what if” scenarios, AlternateHistoryHub combines knowledge of the population, geography, and historical facts. They then come up with probable outcomes on if specific events in history went in an altogether different direction than we’ve seen in historical records.

Veritasium (Science Experiments)

Like Kurzgesagt, Veritasium also talks about science. The difference is that this channel discusses the questions you think about every other day, more often than more complex topics. However, they still talk about and regularly conduct experiments to prove (and sometimes disprove) known scientific theories. 

For example, Derek Muller, the channel’s owner, would create content that explains the technology behind bowling balls, how effective clickbait actually is, whether or not cellphones cause brain tumors and many more.

He would even talk to prominent figures in science and technology, like Bill Gates, for example, and companies would invite him to do experiments with the latest tech they’ve developed.

FitnessBlender (Fitness and Health)

While exercise is crucial to physical and mental health, finding the motivation and proper resources can be challenging. If you need a channel that fulfills all your fitness needs, look no further than FitnessBlender. 

The channel offers professional, full-length workout videos that cater to all fitness levels and on every part of your body. This way, whether you’re looking for videos to help you to strengthen your core, the best techniques for upper body workouts, or simply finding out the right way to do weight exercises, you’ll find everything on FitnessBlender.

Good Mythical Morning (Comedy)

Good Mythical Morning is a channel hosted by Rhett and Link, internet comedians, where they would play games, do crazy experiments, and talk about some of the latest experiments.

The channel offers light-hearted content every weekday and never takes itself too seriously. This can be a great stress reliever after a hard day at work or when you’re just hanging out with friends and looking for something light to watch.

Girlfriend Reviews (Gaming)

Playing video games is a ton of fun, but buying the latest games is often expensive. So sometimes, we need to watch the latest reviews to get a better idea of what the game’s all about and if it’s worth it or not.

While there are plenty of game reviewers on YouTube, we think Girlfriend Reviews are the best right now. This is because, unlike most reviewers out there that just talk about the pros and cons, this channel offers a fresh perspective.

Let us explain.

Girlfriend Reviews consists of real-life couple Matt (a hardcore gamer) and Shelby (a casual gamer), and comments on the latest games (mostly) from Shelby’s point of view of watching her now-fiance playing the games. 

This results in hilarious comments, pop culture references, and even parody songs sung by Shelby while watching Matt playing the games. Furthermore, Matt also edits the videos exceptionally well and is bound to make you giggle at the very least, but being well informed at the same time.

PewDiePie (Gaming)

With more than 111 million subscribers, PewDiePie, a.k.a Felix Kjellberg, is currently the most subscribed YouTube creator. He primarily posts gaming videos on his channel, but does comedy sketches, meme reviews, and many more.

While he hasn’t posted as much as he usually does (he used to post every day, now it’s any time he wants) since being married to Marzia, his long-time partner, he’s still very much a prominent figure in the gaming community.

MrBeast (Entertainment)

While PewDiePie is still the undisputed King of YouTube, MrBeast (with more than 90 million subscribers) is hot on his heels as he’s gained more than 10 million subscribers last December 2021.

MrBeast, real-name Jimmy Donaldson, posts many random yet attention-grabbing videos that will almost always go viral as he averages more than 50 million views on his videos! 

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For example, he’s done various charity stunts like giving away 1 million dollars but only giving people 1 minute to spend them, and of course, his $450,000+ recreation of the hit Netflix series, Squid Game.

With this in mind, you should expect him to continue doing even more outrageous stunts and philanthropic endeavors this year. And thanks to his interview with Marques Brownlee, where he stated that he would do something “bigger than Squid Game”, we might actually get it!

Tasty (Culinary/Food)

If you love to make (and eat) good food, then the Tasty YouTube channel has everything you need. They create short yet mouthwatering videos and give simple steps to make the delicious-looking food in their videos.

In conclusion, watching videos from Tasty might literally make you drool and make you want to cook them yourself.

The School of Life (Education/Life Lessons)

The School of Life is a YouTube channel and a real-life school that teaches adults all kinds of topics that many schools and parents often forget to teach their children, including:

  • Philosophy
  • Literature
  • Psychotherapy
  • Relationships
  • And much more.

Consisting of philosophers, psychologists, and writers, The School of Life posts many videos that can help us lead calmer lives, develop a better understanding of ourselves and others, and increase our confidence in dealing with our problems.

TED-Ed (Education)

TED-Ed posts “lessons worth sharing” in the form of short and curated educational videos discussing virtually any topic they think would fulfill their mission of spreading great ideas.

TED-Ed videos are usually animation and make professional and educative terms easier to understand and digest.

The Dodo (Animals)

While cats and dogs are usually in some of the most viral videos on YouTube, The Dodo posts various animals on their channel, regardless of their size.

Their videos’ content usually ranges from people rescuing animals, cute stories about animals and their owners, to some viral animal videos with more backstory. 

They tend to interview the owners and get a bit of background about their relationship with their pets or animal friend. 

Vanity Fair (Pop Culture)

Vanity Fair is originally a monthly magazine in the United States that talks about pop culture, fashion, and everything trending.

Besides a magazine, Vanity Fair also has a YouTube channel where you can watch celebrity reviews, “notes on the scene” from well-known movie directors and actors, accents and slangs analysis from an expert, and so much more.

Marques Brownlee (Technology)

Marques Brownlee, or as he’s known professionally, MKBHD, is a tech-focused YouTuber that has over 15 million subscribers and more than 2.8 billion total video views. He’s one of the best, if not the best tech reviewer, on YouTube, and a former Senior VP of Google even lauded him as “the best technology reviewer on the planet right now."

He covers everything in technology, including smartphones, smart cars, and the latest, most bleeding-edge products and prototypes. Here’s a sneak peek of some of the topics he covers:

  • Smartphone reviews
  • Demo videos of the most high-tech gadgets and prototypes 
  • Tech explainer videos
  • Car reviews
  • And many more.

Marques’ passion for technology is all for there to see. Moreover, he’s always honest every time he reviews a tech product, and you can see his extensive knowledge of the field while throwing clever jokes now and then.

However, the best part about his channel is that his videos are always high quality and shot perfectly, making it feel satisfying when watching them. He and his team have done an outstanding job creating comprehensive and well-edited tech videos and look to do even more in 2022.

Tifo Football (Football/Soccer)

Based in the United Kingdom, Tifo Football is one of the most prominent football-related channels on YouTube, with more than 1 million subscribers. They currently cover the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, World Cup, the UEFA Champions League, and many more. 

They create insightful tactical breakdowns of football matches, talk about the history of some fascinating stories about football, and sometimes even cover geopolitical events in world football. 

Llama Arts (Animation)

Llama Arts uploads animations of horror stories that Mr. Nightmare — another YouTuber — reads on his channel. They animate the stories from Mr. Nightmare’s channel to help viewers visualize them better.

While not much is known about the identity of the channel’s owner, their passion for drawing and animating is evident as they used to upload drawing and painting videos of famous cartoon characters at fast speeds.

However, they’ve since discontinued that series once they started animating horror stories as those kinds of videos have gained plenty more views than the drawing/painting videos ever did.

PatrickJMT (Math)

PatrickJMT is regarded as one of the leading math-related YouTubers. His channel has been around since 2007, has over 1 million subscribers, and has more than 390 million total views on his videos.

Patrick, the creator of PatrickJMT, is a college mathematics instructor and creates math videos for all levels of education to help them get a better understanding of math principles and equations.

Some of the topics he teaches include:

  • Trigonometric functions
  • Derivatives
  • Integrals and anti-derivatives 
  • logarithms 
  • functions.
  • Quadratic equations and inequalities

And so much more.

Wired (Technology)

Similar to Vanity Fair, Wired is also a monthly American magazine. However, Wired focuses more on technology rather than pop culture. 

In their YouTube channel, Wired features videos like Tech support, accent explanations, public figures answering the web’s most searched questions, news about science and innovation, and much more.

FAQs: Best youtube channels

What are the best YouTube channels ever?

  1. Kurzgesagt
  2. Vanity Fair
  3. Marques Brownlee
  4. Veritasium
  5. FitnessBlender
  6. Tasty

What is the most interesting YouTube channel?

While it does depend on your niche, we think the most interesting YouTube channel right now is Kurzgesagt because they create videos that make complex theories easy to understand.

What are the Top 10 YouTube channels right now?

  1. T-Series 208M
  2. YouTube Movies 148M
  3. Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes 129M
  4. SET India 127M
  5. Music 115M 
  6. PewDiePie 111M
  7. Gaming 91.7M
  8. Kids Diana Show 90.3M
  9. MrBeast 90.4M
  10. Like Nastya 86.8M

Who is the number 1 ranked YouTuber?

While T-Series is the most subscribed channel with over 206 million subscribers as of January 2022, they aren’t YouTubers because they’re a music label. Therefore, PewDiePie is still the number 1 ranked YouTuber with over 111 million subscribers.

Conclusion: Best YouTube Channels

We hope you’ve got a better idea of what YouTube channel to watch when you’ve reached this point. However, if you’re an aspiring YouTuber, you should take inspiration from some of the best YouTube channels we’ve mentioned here to make your channel a success.

Remember to consistently create great content, try to come up with more video ideas, and keep going at it even when you’re not getting many views. That’s because these channels didn’t gain that many subscribers overnight; they spent years creating engaging content while also striving to improve each time.

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