12 Tips for Making a Good Vlog in 2023

April 21, 2023

Are you thinking of becoming a YouTuber? Or do you just want to make engaging videos of your everyday life? Whichever you are, creating a vlog is an excellent way to do it. However, it's easier said than done. You need to use various YouTube tools and implement several best practices.

Does it sound daunting to you? Don't worry; this article will provide you with everything you need to know about starting a vlog. Read on to find out how to create a vlog, get great vlogging tips, and even gain insights on the best vlogging gears!

We'll explain it all so you can create a high-quality video, get plenty of views, and, should you decide to do it, gain revenue from your vlogs. Let's dig in.

1. Be Interesting

Finding good content for vlogs can be difficult. Over time, vloggers can become lazy and be subject to mundane vlogging routines. If you find yourself falling into this group, start cutting down the length of your vlogs and focus on only compelling content. Make your vlogs more interesting with:

  • Humour
  • Travel experiences
  • Animal encounters
  • Life’s failures
  • Challenges: Dares, Trends, Pranks
  • Sports
  • Product testing / myth testing
  • Tutorials: Make Up, Fashion, Cooking, Music, Gaming

You can turn the tutorial videos into a complete online course, a great way to promote your content, get more subscribers or make revenue. All you need is an online course platform to host the course and create a members-only section.

Interact with your customers by creating videos responding to questions, comments or opening fan gifts. Take requests and video comments seriously and use it for new ideas. Also, always remember to send them a welcome message when they sign up for your newsletter.

2. Watch for Trends

Part of keeping your vlogs interesting is keeping up with current social media trends. This is also a great way to get noticed by other subscribers. Keep up with popular YouTubers and create your own version of a challenge they have done.

3. Collaborate with Other YouTubers

Collaborating with other vloggers is mutually beneficial where subscriber traffic is directed back and forth between both channels. Through collaboration, you can work your way up the youtube ladder and also get to know more people in the vlogging community.

4. Practice Talking to the Camera

Vlogging can be challenging and awkward if you have just started. Being confident while talking to a camera in public takes time and practice. When you finally feel comfortable watching yourself vlog, your audience will too. 

This tip is possibly one of the best vlogging tips we could give you because viewers look at you; hence, you need to be confident and comfortable talking to the camera.

However, if you still feel skeptical about being on camera, a good alternative would be the voice behind the lens. Talk to other people and film their responses.

Just ensure you have proper vlogging microphones to record high quality audio.

5. Cool Transitions

Spice up your vlog with unique transitions. If you’re using music in your vlog background, a good tip would be to sync your transitions with note changes or base drops in your music track. Check out this short video featuring some interesting vlog transitions!

6. Feel Good Music

This is probably one of the most if not the most important factor of your vlog. Vloggers spend hours and hours finding the right track to fit the vibe of their video. Search for “No Copyright Sounds” on Youtube. Results will show several Youtube channels with thousands of royalty-free tracks for you to use – however you still have to go over their policies and add their required links in your video description.

7. Include a Captivating Intro and Outro

According to Visible Measures, ⅕ of your viewers click away within the first 10 seconds. This only emphasizes how important your intro needs to be. Many vloggers begin their vlogs by showing a quick preview of highlights throughout their vlog to convince their viewers to stay tuned to the entire vlog. 

This is a very effective introduction technique and has proven to be successful. A good outro is also very important. A vlog outro would usually include links to other vlogs, a subscription button, and a logo. Decide on a good intro and outro that works for you and standardize it for all your videos.

If you don’t have the time to create both an intro and an outro from scratch, you can always use our vlog intro and outro makers to speed things up! No editing skills are required. Just use the templates that suit you the best, and it’s all done in under three minutes!

8. Post Regularly

Besides being a world-famous celebrity, consistently posting is the only way to grow a substantial subscriber base. Even if it is just once a week, regular posting will provide an incentive for a viewer to “subscribe” and “turn on notifications” to be tuned in to your new content. 

Create a queue – this means filming, editing, and queueing videos 2 to 3 sessions in advance to give yourself a buffer. Nonetheless, quality still trumps quantity, so do not rush your video editing or force out an unsatisfactory product. Focus on producing the best vlog you can every time, so you constantly push yourself to be the best creator you can be.

9. Clickbait with Caution

Click baiting is a common known trend on Youtube. Clickbaits refer to video titles such as “Biggest secret ever revealed” or “Prank gone terribly wrong!”. Those that seem crazy extreme but most often are untrue and misleading. While clickbaits may bring high traffic to your video, they will result in low engagement. More often than not, clickbaits backfire and result in an angry comment section turned against you. If you are thinking of using a clickbait title, ensure there is a good amount of truth in it, if not, simply lose the clickbait and stick to the basics.

10. Reduce Shaky Footage

Many vlogs become nauseating to watch because of reckless vlogging. Though this may seem like a minor problem, shaky footage is a major turn off in the vlogging scene.

If you do not want to invest in camera gear to solve this problem, here are some ways to reduce the inevitable camera tremor:

  • Practice filming and watch your videos back – take notice of your footage stability
  • Consciously be aware of controlling your shake while filming
  • Keep your elbows close to your body when filming
  • Hold the camera firmly with two hands
  • Ensure your camera is focused on the required subject

Vlogging gear to eliminate camera shake:

  • Use a Gimbal

Best value phone gimbal: Zhiyun Smooth 4

Best GoPro gimbal: GoPro Karma

Best value DSLR gimbal: Zhiyun Crane 2

In my opinion, investing hundreds of dollars into fancy camera accessories is unnecessary. Unless you are a professional, you should instead invest the money into a good quality camera. Bringing me to my next point.

11. Use a Good Quality Camera

Good quality footage is what makes a vlog exceptional. With phone developers continuously working to improve phone camera quality, an all in one phone suffices as a reasonably qualified vlog camera.

However, a good digital camera still remains unmatched when it comes to quality. It is definitely recommended to use an actual camera for vlogging instead of a phone.

Best Vlogging Camera: Canon Powershot G7X Mark II

Though this camera is not the cheapest camera on the market, it is the best camera for vlogging out there. Save up your coins and invest in a good and reliable camera instead of settling for a cheaper version only to end up having to buy another camera a few months in.

Can a GoPro be Used for Vlogging?

Yes! A GoPro is great for vlogging. But it should not be used for filming everyday life. The GoPro’s wide angle lens and camera sensitivity has been known to cause vertigo for viewers. A GoPro should only be used to film action shots and not as your primary vlogging camera.

12. Use Social media to Promote your Vlog

Lastly, use social media to notify your followers of new vlog content. At the same time, use your vlogs to promote your social media page. Take time everyday to write back to your followers and reply to comments.

Social Media Tips:

  • The best time to post on social media is between 2-3pm
  • Use a contrasting color for your call to action – “Swipe Up!” or “Link in Bio”
  • Include Emojis
  • Add many #Hashtags
  • Show short previews of your vlog
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