5 Essential tips you should know when using Youtube to promote your business

Looking to create a youtube video for your business? Don’t know where to start? Want to know how to make a video on youtube? As a platform designed to help businesses create effective marketing videos, we know what makes a successful video. Here are 5 essential tips you should know before making a youtube video for your business. 

1. Identify your marketing purpose clearly

7 Different types of Youtube videos for your business:

Testimonials/Customer Reviews

Videos featuring customer reviews can be a good way to build trust between your business and customers. You can also interview customers and feature them in your video. A good practice is to use B-roll in these videos because you want to avoid having viewers stuck watching someone sitting/standing and talking for the entire length of the clip. 

Check out a good Testimonial/Customer Review video below:

Product videos

Highlighting the features of your product/service is a common way to promote your business. You can make use of OFFEO’s Promote Product Templates to get started! 

Comparison videos

Making comparisons with your competitor’s products can help to highlight some good angles to your product and convince consumers to purchase yours over your competitors.

Behind the scenes videos

Showcasing the behind the scenes work of your employees helps to build consumer trust and loyalty. Such videos should also highlight your workplace culture/values you hold strongly.


Offer videos are used to highlight a special discount/sale your business may be having. Check out OFFEO’s template here:

Explainer videos

“What is AI?” Put your in-depth knowledge about a certain idea/topic to good use by creating explainer videos that teach the audience about a certain issue. 


Interview your employees or customers and make it into a video. Interview-Style videos are fast to make and inexpensive too. Just like Testimonials/Customer Reviews, make sure to include B-roll in your clip. 

2. Video content

To begin, here are some content ideas that users love to see: Relaxing / Entertainment / Comedy / “How To

Next, take note of these points:

  1. Include a CTA at the end (like, subscribe, share etc)
  2. Focus on a strong message and make sure it follows through the entire video
  3. Recommended video duration: 3-4 mins long 
  4. Sound should be clear – invest in a microphone when necessary
  5. Video should be clear (good lighting, steady camera – use a tripod when necessary)

3. Upload videos consistently

Plan a schedule. This will build momentum and ensure a variety of content to keep users engaged. A schedule like this is simple yet clear:





Behind The Scenes


4. Optimize your video: Titles, Tags, Description

Deciding on your video title is important. Just like Google Keywords, Youtube has its own keywords. Therefore, do prior keyword research (use Google Keyword tool). Ensure that your video titles feature the common keywords users search for.  

Descriptive titles are more effective. For example, instead of “New Product Launch”, use “Why Our New Product will be the Game Changer in the Technology Scene”.

Moreover, choose the right tags for your video based on your keyword research.

Lastly, pay attention to how you write your video description, include target keywords early in your description and make sure they are clear to users. 

Get more tips here!

5. Interaction is important

Lastly, engage your viewers, read their comments and reply to them consistently. Building engagement with your viewers is crucial as it makes them feel important and can help to increase your subscribers in the long term. Commenting on other videos can help to raise awareness of your channel and make it known to the world. 

Chao Quan Choo

Chao Quan Choo

UI Designer at OFFEO