11 Impressive Real Estate Ads Examples

May 20, 2023

The real estate world consists of various appealing properties suitable for all types of buyers. That said, competition is tough. Every business in this sector must develop striking online advertising to reach a larger audience quickly.

In this post, we will cover examples of real estate ads made with different marketing strategies, helping you stand out in the real estate market. 

Here, you’ll find the best strategy for real estate agents, sure to fit your real estate business’ values and image and encourage more buyers to come to you.

Why Do You Need Real Estate Ads?

Your real estate ads should be impressive. As a real estate agent, it’s your job to get your audience's attention, especially as they browse for homes and properties.

Online ads can easily be made with different editing and marketing tools to help you reach out to your target buyers.

11 Real Estate Ads to Consider

Business and realtors for real estate are managing their way to develop different marketing strategies, such as using Facebook Live and creating infographics. 

Thinking beyond and investing in new ideas, especially with the right platform, will allow you to gain prospective clients. Here are some ideas to try, along with the real estate ad examples to consider:

Host a real estate event

The prospect of networking and business talk can be tempting, so why not host a real estate event? This is particularly perfect for an open house, one that can include valuable tips homebuyers will enjoy.

You can speak about how to start investing in a property or address a budget pain point. This event will make them feel that they are one with you as you guide them into their decisions, specifically in handling their financial management.

For your ad, make sure to craft your ad copy carefully. Power words like “exclusive” or “free” will let them know you are giving them a chance to be informed in the best way possible.

Invite them and let them feel that they will be the best version of themselves if they choose to begin as early as now in investing in your business. Beginners in this industry can be one of your possible clients, so make sure to target beginners as your primary audience.

A great example of this is Jason Mitchell Group's company. Their ad practice was straightforward and was posted on their Instagram account.

Use Facebook Live more

Facebook Live lets your audiences know how the property looks in real time, with no edits and changes. This is how important being in Facebook Live is because buyers will know how precise the property is and its location.

The connection of the person touring the whole property towards the audience will be boosted once they comment and share their life. In this way, you can also let people interact and ask questions, eventually leading to more trust for you and your business.

To learn more about live trends and how to keep up doing one, visit OFFEO’s website and be inspired by the live video trends in 2023!

Present the floor plan

Showcasing your property visually is the best way to capture your audience's attention. It will be best to present a floor plan first, which must be enough to make them attentive to your business.

Imagine that your ad is unique and would stand out because of how blueprints are used and included in the post. This will also serve as an excellent example of what the audience has in their mind regarding their dream home.

This ad strategy will be perfect for your audience who wants to achieve specific goals of having a bungalow, duplex, or house type. Your given floor plan will make them consider the overall layout they need for their next property.

This is also the perfect time to level up your image and use engaging visuals for your floor plan. These are the items you would want to share within your blueprint:

  • Description of every room
  • The exact dimension of every wall and room
  • Furniture and decorations
  • Exterior layout

Practice emotional marketing

As the phrase goes, “Home is where your heart is,” and you would want to incorporate the value of being a family, especially when they are about to move into a new home. One of your strategic goals is to let your audience feel your business as deeply as possible.

Your specific goal should reflect on the people and the caption found in the ad itself. These two things are vital when you aim for your audience to relate to the content you post.

Mixed emotions of happiness in moving into a new house and longing for the previous one could be a great way to form a connection with them. A great photo of a family on their first night in the well-lit living room is enough to let the audience know they are satisfied with the house.

Their caption must also go beyond the photo because words hit differently in evoking emotions. Speak in a way that your property will make every family feel complete and pleased, even if every family is different from the others.

Be involved with charitable organizations

Another great way to connect deeply with your audience is to let them feel you are one with humanity. Research some organizations that have aligned principles and values with your brand.

Clients are getting more interested in a brand that puts time and effort into different partnerships aside from their passion and goals. This is also a perfect time to highlight your generosity and thoughtfulness to others, even if it is not your intended audience.

Your interest in helping other audience segments is also a massive opportunity for you to attract different kinds of clients. Your sense of inclusivity and diversity will play a huge role in your ad and image.

Make your ad focus on your partnership with your chosen organization or cause. This will help your audience feel a lot more sense of kindness and inspiration from you. 

Level up your video presentation

People are more likely to connect with your real estate ads better through videos, especially if these look like films The frame, lighting, and color grading are vital to achieving a movie-like video for your real estate ad.

This is not just an ordinary video that wishes to promote your real estate business— you’ll want home buyers to appreciate the properties you offer and, by default, your brand. Your audience will also live by the authentic experience you give them, eventually leading you to grow your clients.

Done right, video ads set a high standard because of how you make creative and compelling shots and angles from your brand. This will further emphasize what you can offer your clients and what other brands cannot.

Your brand’s story can stand out once you’re informed with these fantastic video editing tips! Connect with OFFEO's online video maker feature to achieve this effective marketing ad.

Highlight a solution

Involving a problem related to the real estate world lets the audience know that you are aware of the circulating issues around the said industry. People will know your brand wants to be involved because you are concerned about handling situations for different reasons.

Creating a space for problems is already a good step, and the next will be offering a solution that you and your brand can do. Highlight your best solution to your ad, and give a short but impactful description of this solution.

Focus on customer benefits

Real estate ads should communicate what your clients can get from working with you.  Highlighting benefits will be a significant lead until they are well persuaded to know more about how you work and what you can provide more to the table.

You can highlight services such as handling finances and budgets, which could be a unique selling point not many real estate companies offer. Another great thing to include in your brand's expertise? Your real estate case studies and experience.

By providing them with what you can do, you allow them to see you as suitable according to their preferences. As a result, you get their trust fully and effectively.

Use clear call-to-action ads

Call to action is great for real estate ads, for this helps the clients know what their next step will be with the guide you provide. But there is another excellent way to persuade your audience to do an action in a limited time range that you will share with them.

Some customers won’t let themselves get behind with the limited edition of products they can get from you. They would want to make an impulsive buy. That’s why limited offers in your ads will significantly help your campaign.

This applies to the term Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), which is usually the aim of different businesses to get people to buy their products while it lasts. 

Let your customers know that you have limited products that cost higher, but because they're fixed, they will be eager to buy them despite their cost.

D & D Real Estate Holdings is a great example of making their ads effective in getting more clients for October. This is because they offer a special discount that will only last for October and have provided their contact list at the end of the ad post.

Invest in your social media audience

Implementing a robust real estate ad will be reduced to nothing if you do not have a massive audience for your business. Call to action such as “like our page” and “follow us for more” will allow social media users to interact with you more.

Social media platforms like TikTok can be strict when allowing users to go live. TikTok users must have at least 1,000 followers before engaging with their audience live. 

This is one of the main reasons your business must increase your social media followers, besides the other main reason of having an opportunity to make your audience aware of your brand. 

This will also be a good time for you to engage more shares and referrals to another type of audience.

Realtor.com is a home improvement service with over 1 682 387 million followers and 1 327 114 likes on its Facebook page. Their Instagram business account is connected to this ad post, letting them increase their Instagram audience from their growing Facebook audience.

Focus on selling lifestyle

Choosing a specific lifestyle featured in your real estate ads will make your audience know precisely the best offer you can give them. After all, a real estate business is about allowing its clients to have their best way of living through your properties.

The ad must contain the list of the services you will offer your clients, and the image inserted must be the best view of your property. You must feature the kind of lifestyle you would want them to experience just by looking at your post.

It will also be great to highlight words such as “private” and “peaceful” in your headline to encourage your audience to feel the comfortable life they could have. 

This will be an excellent way for you to gather more clients and want them to know more about the different lifestyles you can offer them in the future.

Develop Your Real Estate Ads With All The Right Notes

How you showcase your brand always reflect back to your real estate firm. You need to provide home buyers with real value, so remember that you need to take control of everything. From copies to print ads to personal connection, you hold the power to generate leads. 

Despite the challenge of changing trends in the real estate industry, it is always up to you to choose the path to success that you know you can do. And if there is something you can’t do, consider learning again and apply it to your brand. 

These examples of different real estate ads can help you start a new kind of successful ad, but it is always up to you how to make your ads more successful in the long run.

To make the most impressive real estate advertising campaigns, consider getting help! Even the best real estate agents need help, so enlist the help of the best ad maker to help you get started.

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