16 Most Viral Tiktok Video Trends to Hop On in 2022

February 10, 2022

Did you know that TikTok beat Google to become the most popular site in 2021? Google and TikTok had been neck and neck throughout last year, but in December 2021, TikTok finally took over the search engine giant. 

Tiktok has been growing from strength to strength since its inception in 2016 — with them particularly popular among younger generations. The app mainly focuses on short videos created by TikTokers, who follow trends. 

If you already use TikTok, you may know what a TikTok trend is. But if you don’t, we are here to help you out. 

What is a TikTok trend?

A TikTok trend can be a sound, music, dance challenge, or video idea that spreads like wildfire on the platform. A Tiktok user creates a creative, fun, and unique video. Eventually, many people hop on to it and make their versions. 

One example is the silhouette challenge started by Tiktok user Yoelise. The challenge typically starts with you in standard lighting, with Paul Anka’s “Put your head on my shoulder” playing in the background. 

Then, the video shifts to a filter showing your silhouette in an open doorway. It was one of the most popular trends of 2021. 

Why Should I Follow TikTok Trends?

While you may think that TikTok trends are just for fun, they also help with marketing. How?

  • TikTok is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. If you follow TikTok trends, then you can reach a vast audience. 
  • You can always put a creative twist to an ongoing trend and stand out from the crowd. 
  • TikTok trends will allow you to bring your brand to light. 

In simple words, you should follow TikTok trends because they present a huge opportunity to expand your business.

TikTok In Numbers 

We mentioned before that TikTok presents a massive opportunity for you to grow your business. However, if you’re still unsure of using TikTok, here are a few statistics to help you get a better idea of TikTok’s potential.

When talking about influencer engagement rates, TikTok still reigns supreme when compared to other popular social media networks.

Influencer Type Instagram YouTube TikTok
Nano (<15k followers) 3.86% 1.63% 17.96%
Micro (15k-50k followers) 2.39% 0.51% 9.75%
Rising (50k-100k followers) 1.87% 0.46% 8.37%
Mid (100-500k followers) 1.62% 0.43% 6.67%
Macro (500k-1m followers) 1.38% 0.44% 6.20%
Mega (1m+ followers) 1.21% 0.37% 4.96%

After reading a breakdown of all these numbers, we hope you get a clearer understanding of how promising following TikTok trends could be for your brand.

The Best TikTok Trends of 2022

May it be the Woman by Doja Cat dance challenge or Aurora trend, 2021 was a massive year for TikTok. Now, if you you want to get started with TikTok but don’t know how, we have listed all the popular TikTok trends of 2021 that’s still going strong in 2022.  


2021 was the year when we all learned to give the medical community the respect they deserve. Doctors, who usually just prescribed us medicines, among many other things, were also able to show their sense of humor educationally. 

In 2021, Anthony Youn (@tonyyoundmd) took a stand against all the doctors who dismissed the idea of breast implant illness. He acknowledged the risks that come with it and has always shared TikTok videos educating the masses. 

He has since gained 7.5 million followers on TikTok. He wasn’t the only doctor that showed off their funny side in an educational manner. Anthony Machi or @thetelepsypsychiatrist has also done it, and he uses his platform to share tips on mental health.

Tik-Docs became a phenomenon in 2021, and they are carrying the same energy into 2022.

The Magnet Challenge

The magnet challenge is one of the worrisome trends on TikTok. Two varieties of magnet challenges became popular. 

One was when a person tried to place a small fidgety magnet on their tongue or mouth and make a video. While the second was about testing the magnetic power of your arm after vaccination. 

While the first one got many kids admitted to the hospital, the second one created doubt around the authenticity of COVID vaccines. The magnetic challenges were foolish and dangerous, and we wouldn’t want them to come back again. 

What I Mean When I Say I'm From

The “ What I mean when I say I’m from X” challenge was a refreshing addition to last year’s TikTok trends. 

In the video, the creators started with the exact phrase “What I mean when I say I’m from X place”, and then the footage escalates to show the beauty of the nation/city or any location. 

This challenge became a massive hit on both TikTok and Instagram Reels

The #milkcratechallenge

The Milkcrate challenge was probably one of the most gag-worthy TikTok trends of 2021. In this challenge, users posted videos of the #milkcratechallenge where they would climb a pyramid of milk crates without falling. 

While many funny videos of people failing miserably emerged because of the viral trend, some also show people suffering severe injuries. Thankfully, the trend hasn’t returned, and safely so. Would you do this challenge?

Main Character Trends

The “main character” energy has made rounds on TikTok and other social media channels. In this TikTok trend, you present a “pov”(point of view) showing how you would act as the main character. 

#maincharacterenergy has become a popular trend on TikTok. You can give this trend a creative twist like Sam Vichiallo, who did a Main character Tiktok video where he showed how different people would act when caught by the police. 


In 2021, Millennials took to TikTok and shared how frustrated they were with their jobs and quit. The #iquitmyjob TikTok trend encouraged many to leave their boring jobs. 

Here is a compilation of some funny I quit TikTok videos to make your day. 

The Dry Scooping challenge

It is no surprise that this generation loves being fit. Health is an ongoing trend that benefits everyone. But the Dry Scooping challenge on TikTok was a dangerous trend. Protein powder has become an addiction for young health freaks, and instead of having it with water, many are dry scooping. 

The dry scooping challenge was all about the dangerous practice of having your protein powder without water or undiluted. Many were hospitalized after doing this trend. Even though this trend gained thousands of visitors on TikTok, we hope people don’t dry scoop again. 

GTA San Andreas Loading Screen

GTA San Andreas loading screen is one of the latest Tiktok trends where you take your photo and turn it into an art style that looks like a GTA Loading screen like the image shared above. 

Whether you are a gaming buff or not, you will love this trend. It made a lot of noise on TikTok as well as Instagram.

Seamless Transitions

One of the viral trends of TikTok that took the internet by storm was the transition video trend. It was one of the first trends and is still relevant today because you can do it in many ways. 

From outfit transition videos to flipping your camera at various angles, there is a lot of scope to play within transition videos. 

Do you want to create viral videos? Use Offeo’s Social Media Video Maker to create engaging social media videos. 

Making Tik Toks With Your Family

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On social media, everyone likes to paint a pretty picture. But you know what stands out? Being vulnerable and showing the fun real-life moments. 

Making TikToks with your family became a massive trend in 2021 because many families hopped in on the trend. One of the prime examples was The Furrha Family. Their account shares entertaining videos that display the troubles and quirks of living in a large family. 


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One of the cool new trends on TikTok is the glow-ups. In this TikTok video trend, people showed their puberty glow-ups, fitness glow-ups, fashion glow ups and many more. 

There are a lot of potential glow-up video ideas that you can use. It's still a trend on TikTok, and as we said, everyone loves glow-up videos. You can use our slideshow maker to make trending glow-up videos on TikTok. 

Vogue Challenge

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The Vogue Challenge on TikTok became the most significant trend of 2021. In the trend, creators edited their pictures to make it seem like they were on the cover of VOGUE magazine.

The #voguechallenge was meant for popular TikTokers and businesses who heroes their products on the magazine's cover. It is pretty easy to make this TikTok video. Here is a helpful tutorial for the Vogue Challenge. 

The Blackout Challenge

The blackout challenge is an upsetting example of how social media can be misleading and harmful. In the blackout challenge, participants hold their breaths until they blackout.
Many people on TikTok performed this asphyxiating stunt, and a few lost their lives. A 10th grader Nyla Anderson even lost her life to this challenge, and TikTok removed her video to counter the challenge. 

We advise you to stay away from TikTok trends that cause physical harm and mental stress.

3d Photo Trend

The 3D photo trend is a fun challenge where creators upload 11-12 photos in a sequence under the illusion of 3D effect. 

This trend became a massive hit among TikTok users because it was visually appealing and mind-boggling. Do you want to try the 3D Photo trend? Check out this video tutorial for more details. 

Documenting A Day In The Life

What happens in your daily life may seem uninteresting to you. But social media people have a weird obsession with what goes on in everyone’s everyday life. 

It was fascinating to watch the life of a teacher or a fashion student. Documenting morning routines or daily life have become an upcoming trend on TikTok. It is an exciting trend with many varieties. Here are some of the best ones:

Replying to A Comment on An Older Tiktok to Create a New One

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Did you know that you can reply to a comment on TikTok through a video as well? This trend is a great way to create back and forth between the audience and the creators. 

You can use comments posted on already posted videos to create new videos. It’s an intelligent way to improve engagement with the audience. 

Are Tiktok Trends Good For Marketing?

TikTok trends are excellent for marketing because it is a great way to create content that resonates with the masses. Moreover, It can help you increase your reach as it has a massive audience of over 500 million monthly active users you can tap into.

How to find TikTok Trends?

The best way to find TikTok trends is to spend time on the platform. Once you invest some time in the app, you can identify the trends or potential trends. 

  • Go to the discover page on TikTok and spot trends or sounds. 
  • Secondly, you can follow creators in your niche to keep up with the trends.
  • Another way to find TikTok trends is through audio. If you find music that you repeatedly hear, that particular audio has successfully become a trend — with the Runaway Aurora Challenge being the primary example.

FAQS: Tiktok Video Trends

What are some TikTok Trends of 2022?

Some of the TikTok trends of 2022 so far are Lip-syncs of the remixed version of Telephone by Lady Gaga and Beyoncé, The Just Can’t Get Enough by Black Eyed Peas Throwback, and the various funny takes featuring the “I Gotta Put Me First” audio from Taraji P. Hanson’s Iconic Performance in Empire

What's the most viral video on TikTok 2021?

From Billie Eilish’s stick & dog TikTok to Khaby’s reaction videos, 2021 had some most liked videos on TikTok. The most liked video on TikTok in 2021 was of Billie Eilish replying to a comment. But there have been many viral videos on TikTok in 2021- from a monkey stealing a security guard’s banana to the running t-rex video.

How long do TikTok trends last?

A trend can last a day or a month. But for the most part, a Tiktok trend lasts for a week or two. 

Conclusion: TikTok Video Trends

TikTok trends come and go. But the trick is to hop on the trend at the right time to make the most of it. Adding your twist to the video can set you apart from the crowd. So, follow the trends but do it your way. 

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