9 Marketing Strategies for Healthcare Services

April 12, 2023

Landing into different healthcare marketing strategies takes time and effort. 

The world is evolving, and various techniques are arising, making it difficult to catch up with them. Health can also be complicated, and proper guidance is necessary.

In this post, we will provide you with the seven best marketing strategies to satisfy the healthcare needs of every patient.

Every patient will be determined to maintain their proper lifestyle once they acquire the services you give them.

Why is it important to have a healthcare marketing strategy?

To set your practice apart from other healthcare providers

Healthcare marketing strategies help providers stand out from the competition by highlighting their unique value propositions. They help businesses show their strengths and unique services to potential patients, which can allow patients to make more informed decisions.

Healthcare marketing strategies also let providers leverage digital marketing strategies like social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). This can help the business boost its online presence and connect with potential patients.

To establish thought leadership

Thought leadership refers to how an organization demonstrates expertise in a specific field or topic. Healthcare marketing strategies help establish a healthcare provider’s thought leadership and credibility by showcasing valuable content and boosting its online presence. It’s an excellent way to foster trust among your target audience and build a positive reputation.

To create patient relationships

When you have an excellent healthcare marketing strategy, your organization can engage with your patients and provide positive experiences. You can personalize your communication, educate patients regarding their health, and answer queries to foster lasting relationships with them.

The 5 Ps of Healthcare Marketing

When establishing healthcare marketing strategies for your organization, what should you keep in mind? The healthcare industry is changing, and you shouldn’t solely focus on patients and physicians. You’ll have to consider the 5 Ps of healthcare marketing, which are:

1. Physicians

Physicians play numerous roles in healthcare nowadays, and they have some of the most significant impacts in the healthcare industry. They are providers and decision-makers, and you must market your organization accordingly. It’s best to address their specific needs and services for your marketing strategies to resonate strongly.

2. Patients

Marketing to patients nowadays can be challenging, as they are simultaneously well-informed and easily distracted. This means marketers must focus on their needs and capture their attention through innovative and highly valuable content.

3. Professional Healthcare Administrators 

Physicians aren’t the sole focus in today’s healthcare environment. As integrated care and healthcare networks continue to rise, marketers must also address the needs and preferences of other healthcare administrators and allied professions.

4. Policymakers

The healthcare industry isn’t static, and practices vary vastly between locations. Services can differ due to laws that national and local policymakers create. As such, marketing can also address these policies through infographics and other means of spreading awareness to the public.

5. Payers 

Besides patients, marketers must also address the people or organizations that pay for the healthcare services. The patients’ loved ones and insurance providers, for instance, were an untapped market in the past, but you may also capture their needs and interests.

Healthcare Marketing Strategies for Your Healthcare Community

Everything is now easily accessible through different technologies. With the vast services that healthcare professionals willingly provide, patients are confident to reach out whenever they want. 

As a healthcare organization member, the key is finding the right healthcare marketing strategy:

1. Make Use of Digital Technology

With billions of users using the internet globally, it’s only natural that you should leverage digital technology like the internet to market your healthcare organization. Doing so allows you to tap into a wide audience in a cost-effective way. You can also access data easily to measure your marketing campaign’s success.

2. Use the Bucket Technique

Sharing personal information is not a good idea to do nowadays. People can use this information against you, or worse, to get something important to you. 

But to gain patients and to know more details about them, you can offer them different health services while getting to know them more. 

Let them feel that they need this type of health offer so they will willingly share their information to get more help from you.

This bucket technique will help you gain the trust and perseverance of your patients to stick with you in the long run. Later on, they will be eager to wait for your updates while building a good relationship with them.

Some of the best healthcare services you can give are:

  • First free health consultation
  • A new study about health and its benefits
  • A talk about prevention and health safety
  • Suggestions for them to be involved in a health organization
  • A good book about health guidelines

3. Choose a Medium

Talking about health and how to take it seriously must be done carefully. People with a specific health condition tend to focus on it to know more about its coverage and solutions. 

To provide a healthcare strategy for this area, it will be good to stick with a specific topic and audience first. The heavy focus on one particular topic will help attract more patients aligned with this health condition.

This will also make a good interaction between the healthcare professionals and their patients. Look for a good form of communication to implement this strategy.

The best media to have are:

  • A healthcare website
  • A Youtube channel where patients can watch relevant patient care content
  • Flyers with content focused on awareness  
  • A Spotify podcast that features specific health conditions

4. Don’t Forget about Social Media

Social media is one of the fastest ways to build and share insights within the healthcare industry. Using social media is also a great way to have a good identity that will cater to the needs of the patients in choosing their best healthcare provider.

Aligned with this, over 54 percent of patients are assured better health in a social media group. Different types of social media, especially Facebook, will help you make a great relationship with your patients and their lifestyle.

Since social media also holds a unique space for everyone, you can have a series of activities to help them with their health and lifestyle. 

Texts, images, and overall appearance can also be amusing to every patient's eyes. 

This will make a good impression, and they will look forward to every description they can read on the website.

Another great thing is that every social media platform performs its algorithm that can help attract more traffic to your website. 

Your content can align with their past activities and transactions, leading to a better online patient experience.

Social media also offers various options to let you share your website in every way. 

Videos, blogs, and images must all possess the excellent and precise quality to earn the trust of different patients. You could also promote your brand and let every patient know your brand's value and services. 

You can also implement engaging activities and share them on the internet. Different activities can include:

  • Organizing a food drive that consists of nutritious snacks and drinks
  • Sharing dental tips, especially for the children
  • Raising awareness on diverse health issues by posting creative infographics
  • Encouraging people to share their mental health journey to help other people who are on the same page

5. Enter the World of Healthcare Marketers

To make the most out of social media, you can partner with healthcare content creators committed to sharing their brands. 

These creators have already established an excellent reputation for their viewers, thus making things get easier to be done.

Some patients might already be following this specific creator, and it will be enough for them to join the health campaign they would be doing.

This excellent marketing strategy will satisfy and inform patients about health awareness, prevention, and treatment.

Choose and hire creators that are dedicated to their work, and not just because of the high engagement earned. 

Your creators must also be passionate and hardworking, just like how you built yourself in the healthcare industry.

6. Check the online reviews on patient experience

Prospective consumers review feedback from other patients regarding their experiences with a particular staff or facility. They must check on people and their services before inquiring to ensure their safety and quality.

Let your online reviews be accessible and clear to your audience, as well as to you and your employees. 

Always check for the latest rating and feedback because these two will help you find your strengths and weaknesses to focus on, which also signals a responsive healthcare service.

7. Maintain a Good Website 

Patients are careful when it comes to making a problem when choosing the right medical professional for them. 

It is good to build a relationship with them full of trust and eagerness to help them in the best way possible.

This will be a good start for them to know and maintain their appointments with you. Your website must have a proper layout and have easier access to different buttons and categories. 

It should also be mobile-friendly to help them view your website, even while using their smartphones. 

Your features must also be engaging, letting them be confident to talk to you, especially when they seek help.

8. Provide Accurate Details

When looking for the right healthcare providers, patients need your contact numbers. 

Unable to provide these details can significantly impact your sales growth since people will need to spend time dealing with your misleading information. 

Every contact information about you and your staff must constantly be updated to set transparency for others. 

Their trust in your services might be affected by this mishandled information; thus, this will make your image collapse.

Your contact information must also be accurate on all websites and places that you have. 

People who wish to inquire with you give feedback and reviews to Google, making you rank higher than your competitors.

9. Create Powerful Videos

Patients can easily understand videos without even moving their fingers through the screen. 

Patients find videos more helpful and interactive when knowing about their health-related conditions.

Videos also make things engaging because patients can retain many details from them, which will help your marketing strategy development. 

This is also an excellent opportunity to help you widen your audience when sharing your videos on different platforms.

In creating videos, you can explain while integrating images into your video.

You can give solid examples and evidence that will help you build the trust of your potential patients.

Gathering patient questions can also benefit you because you can answer these while recording yourself. 

This marketing strategy will also help you consider the next topic your viewers look forward to hearing from you.

Becoming the Best Healthcare Providers

The most valuable marketing strategy for healthcare providers is simple: to be reliable and reachable to every patient. 

You must always make sure that you and your team are there for them, especially when they are on the brink of anxiety and worry.

Patients must always be involved and updated with you, so ensure to manage all the social media platforms you are handling. 

If it means communicating with all the creators, employees, and other partner organizations daily, then have a daily conversation.

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