How to Turn Your Blog Posts into Engaging YouTube Videos

November 25, 2022

Growing your business requires more than just writing and posting excellent blog entries. To draw readers, you must also promote those blog entries.

If your first thought is to share them on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you’re already off to a great start. However, you can go one better by making a video out of your existing blog posts to attract more viewers to your YouTube channel.

YouTube is one of the most powerful channels to drive traffic and advertise your brand online, with over 2.1 billion monthly active users watching 1 billion hours of videos daily.

You devote days to creating the best possible material for your site. But the majority of those blog entries frequently go unread. 

Repurpose those outdated blog posts into videos to begin a marketing campaign quickly.

Because of video makers, the money you need to spend to turn your blog posts into  high-quality videos is significantly reduced. No need to spend huge sums of money on video camera equipment or production companies anymore.

In this article, we’ll show you how to do just that.

5 Reasons to Convert a Blog Post Into a YouTube video

Before we get into why you should create YouTube videos from your blog articles, let's quickly make a case for video marketing.

Video Helps You Connect Emotionally

Yes, your writing may touch the heartstrings of your readers. However, nothing replaces seeing someone's face, facial emotions, and body language when emotionally connecting. 

You can develop a tribe of highly engaged and devoted followers through this connection.

YouTube Videos Can Help Drive Traffic to Your Blog

To increase traffic to your blog, you should make YouTube videos based on your blog entries. Your YouTube video will rank highly and draw traffic if properly optimized. Additionally, if your intended audience likes your content, they will be compelled to visit your blog.

Not Everyone Reads Blogs

No matter how excellent your writing is, not everyone enjoys reading. Video is the content format they favor most. You can reach an audience you would not have otherwise been able to by turning your blog posts into videos.

Expand Your Reach

Because YouTube has over 2 billion viewers and is the second most visited website behind Google, it is a huge platform you cannot ignore.

An excellent method to increase your exposure and reach another audience is converting your blog entries into YouTube videos.

Videos Make Communication Easier

Video content, particularly when developing tutorial content, makes it simpler to communicate your point. 

It is particularly true for tacit knowledge because you can utilize screencasting software to demonstrate your points to your audience.

How to Turn Your Blog Posts into Captivating YouTube Videos

According to a survey, 81% of businesses that incorporate video marketing into their advertising plans experience a boost in sales. Video marketing can help a company develop in amazing ways.

However, it might be challenging to find the time to create videos if you run a small business or a blog. 

You need to write a script, record a presentation, do voice-overs, edit and do many other tasks. Safe to say that It is a lot of work. 

However, you are not required to follow that procedure; you can build your videos from your published blog posts. 

Let's discuss repurposing your blog posts now that you understand why converting them into YouTube videos is crucial.

Pick the Right Blog Posts

Choosing the appropriate blog posts to repurpose is the first step in converting your blog posts into YouTube videos. You want to make YouTube videos that appeal to and engage your audience.

Which blog posts will result in interesting YouTube videos? Simple. Check the statistics for your blog posts.

A blog article could do similarly in video format if it did well in written form. It is a result of the content being appropriate for your target audience.

Craft a Captivating Script

Make a list of the main points from the blog entries you have chosen to adapt into videos. Make use of these to write an engaging YouTube video screenplay.

One of the finest ways to appear confident on video is to write a script. Contrary to popular opinion, spontaneity can utterly destroy your video.

You need to write a script if you want to make a captivating YouTube video. Below are some of the best tips to get you started:

Nail the intro. Get the introduction right. You can captivate non-video users in your introduction and persuade them to watch the rest of your video there.

Craft an engaging title sequence. Make a captivating title sequence. Much like a movie's opening credits, your title sequence establishes the mood for the duration of your video. Make sure to write it with interest.

Frame the problem. Define the issue, and activate and contextualize your audience's point of suffering. By doing this, you create excitement for your video's conclusion.

Share the solution. Share the answer or response to the issue. Your script's last act is where you reveal the remedy for the problem your audience is experiencing. It must also have a distinct and engaging call to action (CTA), just like your blog.

You can produce engaging YouTube videos if you adapt your new blog post or existing ones to fit into this script framework. The ideal length for YouTube videos is 4 minutes, so keep your scripts brief. 

The perfect length, however, differs depending on the company and the goal of the video.

Record a High-Quality and Captivating Video

Now that you have a script, it is time to start filming your video.

Again, you can accomplish this without spending a fortune on pricey equipment. All you need is a good camera and a great microphone. 

You may utilize webinar software to capture a live discussion of one of your blog posts, which you can edit into a YouTube video.

Here are some pointers to turn YouTube videos into professional content and attract more subscribers:

Use plenty of light. Utilize a lot of light. The lighting dramatically influences the quality of your video. Utilize a lot of gentle lighting. Utilize as much natural light as possible.

Carefully choose your background. Think about your background carefully. You can either utilize a solid one or shoot your movie in a professional setting to give it a professional appearance, such as in your workplace.

Pay attention to your sound. Be mindful of your sound. Your audience will leave if your audio is not good enough, regardless of how good your video may be. 

Make sure to spend money on high-quality audio gear and capture your video in a quiet setting.

Creating engaging YouTube videos from your blog content will be simple if you get these three elements correctly.

Making a video of your blog post allows you to "establish eye contact" with your audience, which is one of the key reasons you should consider doing so. 

Even though you might not be able to, they can stare into your eyes through your video. And that is crucial for generating interest and creating an emotional bond.

Use a video editor to enhance your video after recording it.

Create a YouTube Video from Your Blog Post with OFFEO Using Stock Visuals

Not everyone feels at ease in front of the camera. Furthermore, some people lack time to sit down and record a video of their blog entries.

If you can relate to any of those situations, don't worry. You can still create interesting YouTube videos using your blog posts by utilizing your photos and videos and stock photos.

You require a video creation tool or application like OFFEO to apply this technique. You can quickly turn blog content into engaging, editable films using OFFEO's stock visuals.

And thanks to OFEEO's expansive collection of templates, visuals, and elements, video creation has never been easier.

The best part? The drag-and-drop interface lets you edit high-quality and professional-looking videos in 3 minutes. Yes, really!

Here is a step-by-step guide to turning blog posts into YouTube videos:

Select A Blog

Select the blog post you want to transform into a video from, or even select any pre-written material you wish to put into a video. From that blog, you only need to write down the information you want to convey in your video.

Open OFFEO Video Creator

Launch OFEEO Video Creator in your browser or download the application to your computer. Create an account and log in to start creating videos.

Go to My Projects and click “Create New Project.” You can choose between Full Creative Control or AI - Auto Create to make your video editing journey quick and easy!

Choose a Video Template

OFFEO has a vast collection of video templates for almost all video purposes. Choose a template and edit accordingly.

Paste the media content on your canvas, such as images, graphics, and other elements. If you want a unique design for your blog or company, you can start by manually adding elements to a blank canvas.

Add images from OFFEO’s stock images to turn videos into more creative media outputs. You can use stock images as background images under your texts.

Add Text from Your Blog Article

OFFEO will create a project, and "Storyboard" will be your design guide. You can add scenes and designs here. To begin, select the first scene.

The "Heading," "Subheading," and "Body text" can now be adjusted. Press the spacebar to preview the animation after you finish editing.

A video caption-generating AI has a higher possibility of making mistakes. Manually typing the video caption from your blog is better as it will save time and energy because you no longer need to cross-check and edit it to your blog post.

Save Your Video to Your Computer

After editing your video, save it on your computer as a .mov or .mp4 file. You can save a 1080p high-quality video with OFFEO.

Download your video on your computer and upload it directly on your YouTube channel. No need to have professional video editing skills. OFFEO got your back in just a few clicks!

Create Eye-catching Thumbnails for Your Videos

A video thumbnail is the preview image that emphasizes the subject matter of your video. It is the first thing viewers see, so it is vital to draw viewers to your film.

Additionally, if it's well-designed, it may persuade them to click and view your movie.

It would also be best if you designed yours to be captivating because YouTube has many contents competing for viewers' attention.

Although services like YouTube produce thumbnails automatically, they could be better. It would help if you made unique thumbnails. Here are some pointers for accomplishing that:

A catchy image. Use one of your video's best-looking frames for this or an appropriate image.

The right background. Use a set that stands out to emphasize your image.

Text to give context. Keep your text brief but to the point. It would be best to use your text as a CTA or call-to-action to entice visitors to click on your thumbnail.

Fortunately, making a thumbnail is simple, thanks to the OFFEO thumbnail maker.

Here are a few easy steps for creating click-worthy thumbnails:

Select A Template for The YouTube Thumbnail

Browse OFFEO's visually appealing templates and pick one that suits your video purpose and needs.

Upload Your Text and Images

Upload images to highlight a product or topic or fill in the details with text for your slides. Additionally, you can access a stock library with more than 3 million assets to finish your thumbnail.


There are a fantastic array of expert designs available. To see the animation effect, roll over the designs. Click "Edit" after selecting a design you like.

Are you still trying to decide on the final appearance? The video editing software of OFFEO enables you to adjust sizes, shapes, and colors. 

Feel free to be creative with your thumbnail!

Driving Traffic to Your Blog-Post-Turned-YouTube-Video

Your video's visibility on YouTube does not ensure that people will watch it. You must be proactive in making your video visible to your target audience to increase the likelihood that viewers will watch it. 

Here are a few strategies for doing that:

Implement YouTube SEO Best Practices

Implementing YouTube SEO is one of the finest strategies to make your video discoverable. 

It involves employing keywords in your video description, creating a keyword-rich video transcript, adding tags to your films, and urging viewers to interact with your content through likes, comments, and shares.

Thankfully, you can optimize your YouTube video using various SEO techniques.

Share Your Videos on Different Platforms

Sharing your video on as many platforms as possible is a fantastic additional approach to increase viewership. These may consist of the following:

Your blog. Your website is your primary platform. Your audience will have another way to consume your content if you embed your video in your blog article. Since your fans are inclined to subscribe, it also aids in growing your YouTube channel.

Social Media. The internet has such a big community. You may make quick snippets of your YouTube videos, create social media posts, and share them on social media to promote your channel and gain more viewers.

Your Email List. Your email database could also be a platform. Use resources for constructing email lists to create an email list if you still need to create one. Your most engaging audience will undoubtedly be your subscribers. By integrating with one of these platforms, you may utilize your YouTube videos as teasers to sell a high-end item like a course.

Forums. A great area to advertise your YouTube video is on forums. Be careful not to spam, but share it where appropriate, like answering a question related to your video.

Promoting your video for greater audience reach and interaction is crucial in turning your blog post into a YouTube video. You would have wasted critical time and resources if no one saw it. 

That is the reason why promotion matters. Spreading the word will help your video gain engagement and turn viewers into potential buyers.

Conclusion: Turn Blog Posts into YouTube Videos

Many bloggers are hesitant to turn their blog entries into videos because they perceive it as too much work. 

Hopefully, you have realized how simple and effective it is. It does not take long to convert your blog content into YouTube videos, especially with the correct tools.

People adore video material. It is a fact. Video is more powerful than any other material in emotionally involving the viewer and establishing a connection with a brand, individual, or product.

Businesses should pay attention to video marketing tools for precisely this reason.

Unsurprisingly, most contemporary companies use video in their digital marketing strategy because videos are powerful for interacting with your audience. 

The primary tool businesses use to successfully market their goods and establish a long-lasting relationship with their target audience is now animated video content. 

The caliber and accessibility of videos have a significant role in a product's immense popularity and successful marketing journey.

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