Jewelry Advertisements - Best ways to promote your Jewelry Business Online

December 6, 2021

When Covid-19 hit, many of us became online shoppers. Everyone of us was limited to our homes and we had to give up on doing our favorite things. Along with our personal lives, this pandemic has had a huge impact on the retail and market. But,things have started to get back to normal. The changes of last year will not go away though; they will forever remain. But,one thing that is here to stay is online shopping.

While more and more customers will still go online for shopping, we will also see more competition. Before consumers decide to purchase a product, they go through different stages of thinking and evaluating.

One of those is Jewelry. Jewelry fascinates most of us whether it be gold,silver or diamonds. However most of the people in jewelry store business were not sure to take up their business online but the pandemic has now taught everyone to think about online shopping. Jewelry marketing is an essential part in the jewelry business. Consumers are now more aware and in control because they get a wide range of options on the internet. Therefore,it is time you buckle yourselves up and start investing in jewelry advertisements. A consumer goes through so many steps before actually making an online purchase.

One important stage in purchasing jewelry online is the searching stage, where advertising comes into play. Advertising is a persuasive and informative communication about a product that makes consumers aware of it and persuades them to buy. Make sure your jewelry advertisements are eye catching so it can draw the attention.

A lot of people who are in the jewelry business do not want to invest in jewelry marketing thinking that it is costly, but let us tell you advertising doesn’t have to be expensive all the time. With the internet, you can quickly find any information you need. Technology allows anyone to find their ideal platform for advertising and promote themselves at your fingertips and without having to break the bank . Below we will be sharing some ideas and tips with you that can help in jewelery advertisements.

Tips to get started with jewelry marketing strategy

So you want to increase your jewelry business's brand awareness? Read on as we have ideas for every type of jewelry store owner.

The bestowal

  • Freebies and prizes are the best ways to do spread awareness about your jewelry business. Posting contests and giveaways on Instagram can generate 64x more comments and 3.5x more likes than regular content. These statistics are proof that you should be using contests and giveaways as a part of your jewelry marketing. These posts are not only the easiest way to get your target audience, but also that they're faster than any other form of content that help the jewelry business. If you plan to host a contest follow these basic steps.
  • Write the rules down in detail.
  • Set the prize, eligibility, and restrictions.
  • Give a deadline for the contest and announce the winner publicly.

The collaboration

  • The next way you can up your marketing strategy for a jewelry store is by doing a collaboration with some famous people. Collaborations are the new cool, so it’s time to put your collaboration game on point. All you have to do is make a list of like-minded individuals you can partner with for a project. Reach out to them and offer up your skills in return for recognition on their social media or website. You may even be willing to create something made just for their needs in order to seal the deal.

The Holidays

  • The jewelry industry is a booming business. In order to be successful in marketing jewelry, it's essential to know the different holidays and create promotions that take advantage of them. For example, Valentine's Day is a really popular holiday for jewelers and it increases sales of ang jewelry store. It's important to know this key date if you want to make an advertisement for your jewelry  or promotional strategy for it. This is the time when a lot of  people go shopping for diamond rings or engagement rings and other jewelry. Jewelry ads are important for businesses, but this is especially true during the holiday season. Even though the jewelry ads are designed for all of the seasons, it's especially important to have a strategy that advertises during the holidays and special days like valentine's day. By doing this you will get more potential customers to make the purchase.  

The endorsements

  • If you know how to use a powerful advertising strategy, then you can easily get your jewelry pieces to celebrities and other influencers. That’s right! the next idea you can include in your marketing campaign is to get celebrities do some endorsements for you.  You can play the red carpet game and have celebrities showcase your jewelry pieces. Plus, if their pieces sell as they speak at an event, you can watch your jewelry fly off the shelves immediately.Getting celebrities to wear your jewelry is no easy feat. But there are a few simple rules you can follow to make it easier. First, get past the stylists who need to be befriended. They also have to like your collection so that you can build a strong relationship with them to trust your collection.  Also keep in mind that the jewelry matches with the outfits and event theme too. It can be done, but it takes a little bit of thought and planning. If this is not possible you can connect with an influencer who will showcase your jewelry pieces across their social media platforms and get more target audience to see your products. However tough this may sound but it is a powerful form of marketing jewelry.

The details

  • Video advertising is an excellent way to offer informative ads to consumers. 360-degree jewelry videos give them an idea of what they’re buying, without the ability to try on the product. These details help consumers make better purchasing decisions than guessing behind their computer or mobile screen.It's important for shoppers to feel confident in their purchase decision because they're not able to see the product in person.

The clarity

  • Another excellent way for selling jewelry online is clicking high quality pictures. Now you can take your jewelry photos on your own! You don’t have to spend all your time trying to get professional-looking shots, nor do you need expensive equipment. All you need is a white background, basic photography knowledge, and the right equipment. After clicking a button, you can have high-quality jewelry images on any social media page.Jewelry photography is an important part of your business. It's the link to your online customers who can't touch your product, so you need to make sure they want to buy your jewelry. A high-quality photo has many uses. It can be used in social media posts, on your website, on platforms, and in direct mail marketing, among other things.

The Heroes

  • You must have heard about highlighting the product but it is equally important to put our customers in the spotlight too in jewelry marketing. It’s time for a change. We need to allow our customers to be the heroes of the story. You can invite them to promote your products voluntarily (and you can help by launching a user-generated advertising campaign). For instance, you could start a website where all your customers can upload pictures wearing your jewelry. You can also use other channels such as social media and articles in media outlets to share pictures and videos of customers wearing your products. Rather than launching a website, brands can encourage their customers to use social media to promote them. One way is by posting a picture of themselves wearing your jewelry on Instagram and tagging you using your brand’s official hashtag. This will increase customer engagement and participation.

The show

  • Attending a jewelry show can be a great way to make your products known to potential customers. With time and money going into the trip, it might not seem like a good idea, but there are a lot of benefits if you go. The first is that attendees of the show are generally well-targeted, making them the perfect target for you. Jewelry shows are also very good advertising opportunities to create awareness for your brand, as well as being a way to sell your product.

The response

  • Contacting a brand can be difficult when you want to find more information about their products. With the rise of mobile devices, people now expect instant responses, not 24-hour wait times. The best way to handle this is to monitor your Facebook ads and Instagram feeds. If you are quick with your replies, your business will earn the “Very Responsive” badge for your Facebook Messenger. This will also make you popular among Facebook users as people search for a store that is responsive and helpful at the same time.

The Story

  • Write a story about what your company is about. Include how it helps with life milestones and make people feel empowered with their purchase. An example of this is when someone buys an engagement ring for the person they love. Jewelry stores should make sure to provide rings for lovers and rings for themselves.Having a memorable story can shape your business and resonate with customers. Show what makes your company unique, such as the time you provided the jewelry women buy to announce their success and independence.

The reviews

  • Today, consumers who want to buy jewelry for the first time turn to reviews. Businesses should feel confident when going the extra mile for customers and asking them to review their experience online. Once you have a great online reputation, you can use it in other marketing efforts and on social media.

The follow up

  • It’s so easy to get distracted with all the new customers you’re trying to attract. What about the ones that showed interest but never converted? Focusing on converting these customers is key. If they walk into your physical store, collect their email address.Similarly, online shoppers should be enticed to offer their email addresses in exchange for future value.Aside from getting potential customers to sign up for your email list, there are many other ways to be successful with it. For starters, you can create a landing page on your website. This will increase your email contacts, which you can then nurture with creative newsletters. You can also take advantage of social media or blog content to make sure that your potential customers are always thinking about you.

The meaty content

  • We found that our customers are hungry for more stories. Content-rich posts let them know what motivates our consumers, what they do, how they work, why they shop. They appreciate beautiful photos on Instagram, carefully-written articles on Facebook, and deep insights on our blog. You can often share stories through social media and boost posts so they can reach more people.Not only that, but you can opt to boost posts to increase visibility and awareness.

The chat bot

  • If you’re selling jewelry online, you need to be able to guide your customers through their shopping experience just as you would if they were in person. Customized and proactive support is the solution. Try using a chat bot. Chat bots offer powerful artificial intelligence that offers many benefits such as interacting with many people at once and guiding shoppers through their experience.

The description

  • It’s not enough that you take beautiful photos of your jewelry pieces. You also need to pair these with compelling descriptions, which should match the theme of the photos and describe the intricate details of the jewelry. It will help increase your leads and work wonders for your page or website.

So, if you want to be better in sales than other jewelers then run ads by keeping these tips in mind. We will now share a few examples of jewelry ads that will inspire you and can make the difference in your ads.

Examples of Jewelry advertisements

Milly Grace

Milly Grace Jewelry is a major player in the jewelry industry. They've shown their creativity and design sense with their latest video advertisement: a model proudly displaying their new line of jewelry on Facebook. Videos of jewelry will be the best opportunity to showcase your creativity, as you can show how each piece is unique. If you're designing various types of jewelry, create individual videos for each type. If you're making pendants, necklaces, bracelets, or rings, post them regularly to attract more viewers. People who view your videos will get the design and shape of the pieces.

Taylor and Hart

Discounts can be appealing to some and not to others. If you want to position yourself as a luxury brand, then don't offer discounts or any other benefits. However, if you want to be competitive and offer something that will increase your conversion rate,you can use sales events like the one below from Taylor and Hart. They make full use of social media to endorse their products. Their jewelry ads use a great contrast and playful colors. Jewelry advertisements from Taylor and Hart focus completely on the product with high quality photos that draws the target audience.

James Allen

This is a great time to get more of your jewelry sold. The wedding season is the most profitable for the majority of sellers, and it's a perfect opportunity for you to show off your store. One great idea is posting videos on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, which will help you grow your customer base and increase your chances of higher sales rates. James Allen Rings does this brilliantly with their videos. In the video, "It better be a kick-ass ring," shows how important it is to get the right wedding band. The future wife will show everyone her ring, starting with her parents or friends, and even a cat. What's more, James Allen Rings emphasizes that the ring "needs to be a kick-ass ring."Original ideas can capture your prospect’s attention. Don't be afraid to experiment with something like this if it's something you think would work for your business too.


BaubleBar has collaborated with Disney. By designing products with well-known Disney figures, like Minnie Mouse or Mickey Mouse, they've created a good idea to make potential customers even more interested in their products. In other words, collaborations are another good way to grow sales. All the past partnerships have been fruitful and on the 50th anniversary Disney and Baublebar have launched a limited edition which seems to be making the headlines. Starting from a castle necklace, Mickey and Minnie earrings to castle earrings all of these are stunning and have put baublebar in a very good place in terms of marketing.

My jewellery

My Jewellery is a popular Dutch jewelry and fashion brand. They are not using Shopify to manage their website, but they are doing pretty well on the internet. Eye-catching photos and strong call-to-actions helped them build their online presence. They used targeted ads for specific groups of visitors who had already checked out their page, featuring the products that they were interested in. Another thing they did was put the Facebook pixel on all their website. This collects information about how visitors act on their site, separating them into groups according to which products they looked at. They then ran targeted dynamic ads for those groups showing products that each person looked at before. This gave them great results bringing around 1.1 M website visitors per month. Adding to that there were around 13,800 website clicks per month. This is a great example of jewelry marketing and how facebook ads can help you reach the target market.

Pura Vida bracelets

Pura Vida Bracelets is a company that sells hand-crafted bracelets and jewelry. It is committed to spreading its love for life through its brand values. With the idea of community at the core of its marketing, it uses social proof, which is evident in its Pura Vida Monthly Club. For example, it features customers' Instagram posts on the website monthly to promote community involvement. By promoting this they are sending out the message that when people purchase one of these products, they are also helping their local community.When there are people telling you how much they love your products, it can be seen as social proof. Pura Vida Bracelets offers free shipping. Not only do they offer free shipping, but their offer is clear and enticing. Plus, they're telling you you can cancel anytime.

Brilliant Earth jewelry

Diamonds are markers of love, trust, and commitment.Brilliant Earth encourages you to create your own diamond engagement ring. You can express your love, trust, and commitment in your ring by customizing it the way you want. This will draw in customers. one of the best ways that brilliant earth jewelry draws people is by using perfect images which are perfectly executed. The contrast on images is perfect, so even if you can't visit the real thing, you'll still get a clear view of the ring. So,when you create ads there has to be appropriate amount of light and the focus should be set on the product. This will lead to higher conversion rates and people will love visiting  your online store. Your ad has to be creative and good to look at which will bring people to your website.

Blue Nile Jewelry

Blue Nile is an online jewelry store that self-identifies as a supplier of ethically sourced diamonds. They have a zero-tolerance policy for conflict diamonds, and have videos for more than 60% of their inventory. These are very important features when looking to buy a diamond.Founded in 1999, Blue Nile is an online retailer based in Seattle. It has an incredible selection of videos that can help you learn more about any diamond that you are interested in.Blue Nile's advertisements are a good example of how to grab your customer's attention. They have a good focus on the product, with very good contrast and lighting which will intrigue consumers. The descriptions below the pictures are well thought of and written, which will give customers a good sense of what they're looking at.

Natural Diamonds

The first image in this example is a good use of celebrity marketing. This increased the conversion rate for this ad, and will likely have positive effects on all KPIs and metrics. It's important to note that the photo also focuses on the product, which is never a bad thing. The first photo might not be product-focused, but it's still an excellent example because it highlights what the brand is all about.

The second photo is a great example where the focus is very much on the product. And the emotions are also really effective.

Dune jewelry

Dune Jewelry is an international company with a focus on connecting people through empathy and beautiful products. Their line of jewelry products is amazing, but their video advertisements are the ones that really get me. They have this quote in them that reads “Tangible reminders of precious memories.” With this quote in mind, it is easy to see why Dune Jewelry is committed to creating bonds between people in a way that benefits them in the long-run.

Mejuri video ad

To build an online circle of trust, modern customers are looking for long-lasting, authentic jewelry. They may want to know what kind of materials you use to make your products. Digital videos can help you provide this information, as well as any other details the customer needs to feel confident in purchasing your products.Be sure to use original materials for your videos. Decide what words will best push your product.The following words could be used for jewelry: Lustrous Sheen, Durable,Solid, High-quality Finishes, Handcrafted. Merijuri uses “handcrafted” and “solid” to advertise its products.

Edge of Ember

Edge of Ember is on the edge of contemporary design .They provide a clean and simple presentation on models, and the models appear to be having a good time. They use models in their video and keep it simple. The video shows models wearing the company's premium jewelry that's designed for all occasions. The models show off their jewelry while smiling and laughing with light music in the background. Edge of Ember doesn't use excessive background music, but instead plays holiday tunes to evoke happiness in viewers. This makes the viewer feel good about what they're watching and makes them more interested in what they're seeing.Customers learn more about the jewelry collection with ease.


Moonglow Jewelry added reviews to their product video to enable customers to tell their own stories. This increases customer trust, and strengthens the reliability of this company. While many people believe ads are more trustworthy when they're backed by reviews, 88% of consumers actually think this way. The proof point is clear: Reviews are important. All companies should include star ratings, reviews, and testimonials on their website.

Monica Vinader

Monica Vinader's jewelry store is trying to attract potential shoppers by giving discounts on pieces of jewelry. When you have a sale, the products are affordable to buyers. This means that your products are in high demand when you offer a discount. If you want to get more views on your posts, try advertising with videos on social media.Jewelry video ads are a great way to engage potential customers on social media. Whether you're looking for more views or just want to keep your customers happy, jewelry video ads on social media will help you accomplish both these goals. It's a great way to advertise and bring in potential customers.  The newest offers will help you get the attention of the most shoppers. Updates on discount offers will make people excited and more confident in your store and products. They will be more interested in buying your jewelry store's products.


Clear images and brief, engaging copy are essential for any ad. The pictures are well-lit and in focus to show off the jewelry. The close ups of the product provide a better idea about the quality. The copy is also very well written and exciting which helps to engage viewers and lead them closer to make a purchase. Brands like Bulgari, with their huge following of influencers, have shown that digital campaigns adapted to different local markets are more successful than those that are not. Bvlgari is one of the most well-known high-end jewelry brands, and they have always taken these lessons to heart. Bulgari always ties together its social media campaigns with campaign hashtags, which also encourages followers to create their own content.


Buccellati, one of the world's most prestigious jewelry brands, has had success in digital strategies. They recently collaborated with a virtual influencer named Noonoouri, who has 86,000 Instagram followers. They must have known that the computer-generated influencer would appeal to today's social media generation.Buccellati has the right idea. They know their products are worth it and their products fit with today's consumers. They understand that they need to appeal to your youthful and trendy side and also be traditional and classy. With this idea, they can reach a wide variety of audiences.

David Yurman

The brand partnered with Elle in 2017. The magazine’s livestream would reach 4.7 million followers at Elle, in addition to their own. They also had the star power of Instagram influencers, Erica Hoida and Lucy Hernandez, boasting a combined following of 880,000. David Yurman knows that choosing influencers who fit their brand image and appeal to the target audience is important. Working with influencers who fit their brand and speak to the target audience helps the brand reach younger customers. These influencers help demonstrate how to wear and style David Yurman’s pieces. Take inspiration from the brand and collaborate with influencers who can help you reach the target market Uh-oh. With all this video and advertising talk, and the importance of it increasing, how do you start? Don't fret:we're here to guide you!


Use social media platforms and other advertisement platforms to post your marketing videos. Use our marketing video maker from Offeo to create your favorite video in a snap. Use our readymade templates and our easy to use interface to make jewelry advertisements that will spark interest in the people. jewelry ads can put your products in the spotlight and will be relevant to the audience. In other words, spread the name of your company or brand with marketing videos, and make enjoyable, informative, and entertaining videos on your jewelry products starting now!

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