How to Sell on Meesho in 5 Easy Steps!

July 15, 2022

Meesho is an e-commerce app in India that sells women's apparel and accessories, and so much more. Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal, Meesho’s cofounders, exclusively built this platform for small businesses. 

Furthermore, it enables sellers to market through social media channels like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram.

Most of Meesho's social media ads focus on women who want to earn money by selling clothes and accessories. The brand revolves around empowering Indian women who want to make a living. 

However, Meesho only sells in India right now. So, if you want to start selling online in India or take your small business to another level, Meesho is the way to go.

And in this article, we’ll explain how you can run a successful store on Meesho, along with tips to sell even better. 

How to Start Selling on Meesho?

1. Create a Meesho seller account

  • Visit the Meesho website.
  • Click on become a supplier at the top right hand of the screen, as shown in the screenshot below.
  • The website will direct you to the registration page, where you have to enter your phone number. Then click start selling.
  • The next page is the Meesho Supplier panel, and you will have to enter the OTP you received in your number. Also, this is where you should add your email and password.
  • If you want to receive notifications from the app, check the "I want to receive important updates on Whatsapp section". Then click on Create Account.

To sell products on Meesho, you need to have:

  • Bank account

If you do not have a GST number, you can visit to register yourself get your GSTIN. 

However, according to Meesho, if you have a business with an annual turnover of fewer than 40 lacs, you do not need GSTIN; the PAN number would suffice.

Then all you need to do is add the bank account details and other relevant information. Congratulations, you can now sell on Meesho.

The best thing about the Meesho seller registration process is it is easy and without any fuss. Anyone with PAN, GSTIN, and bank account can sell on Meesho. Even if you don't have a business account or are not a supplier, you can sell here as a reseller.

Once you have created an account on Meesho as a supplier, you can start selling with zero investment.

2. Start Listing Your Products

The next thing you'll need to do is list out the products you want to sell.

To upload your product list, log in to the Meesho supplier panel. To do this, create a seller account and then log in. With Meesho, you can upload products in two different ways, which are:

  • Add New Catalog In Bulk

How To Upload New Catalogs In Bulk

  1. On the homepage of the Meesho supplier panel, click on Catalogs Upload.
  2. Click. On Add New Catalog in Bulk the following page, type your product category in the search box and select your category from the drop-down list.
  3. Select the category, and you’ll get a choice to download a template or create your own. Click on Download Template if you don't have your own. The template you download will look like an excel sheet.
  4. Fill out the form, following the instructions in the first sheet and the product details in the second sheet. In the first column, enter your company's name. From column 'D,' start entering the product details. Work from left to right, filling in all the columns as instructed.
  5. Fill out the template below. Once you've finished, go back to the same supplier page you downloaded the template. Click on Upload the file, and be sure to select it.
  • Add Single Catalog

How To Upload A Single Catalog

  1. On the Meesho supplier home page, click on Catalogs upload
  2. Click on  Add Single Catalog
  3. Select your product category from the list provided.
  4. Upload the product images from your computer.
  5. Add product details. If you have the same product in multiple colors, don't bother entering the information for each color. Simply check the box Copy input details to all products and edit the product's color details according to what needs to be changed.
  6. Fill out all the necessary details and click on Submit Catalog.

To get more orders, you should make more catalogs. 

For example, if you sell women, men, and kids clothing, you can brew a catalog with the different categories. Include product size, weight, and price info. Add photos of your products too! A well-established catalog will make your selling process smoother.

The next step is to share your product on various social media channels. You could share your products on WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, or any other social media platform that suit your brand and customer demographic.

3. How to Start Getting Orders

Getting orders is the hardest part. You can create as many seller accounts as you want and list all your products, but it will not matter if you do not start getting orders. You need to start getting sales. 

To receive orders, you need to:

  • Add more catalogs: Keep your customers interested by uploading at least five to seven catalogs. As you upload more catalogs of new designs or products on Meesho, you will increase your chances of getting more orders.
  • Fast delivery: Meesho offers a fast-track dispatch program to better user experience. Sellers can use its Next-Day Dispatch (NDD) service, which promises an order will be dispatched the following day after receiving it. If your products qualify for the NDD program, you can experience increased customer interest by 12%.
  • Affordable selling price: Meesho provides a price comparison tool to help you set a reasonable price. How can you attract customers? Comparing your price to market demands with the help of the Meesho Price Recommendation tool is an excellent way to set the right price and sell faster.

4. Shipping and Order delivery

Meesho will send you notifications via email and your Supplier Panel when you receive an order. All You have to do is accept the order. You can then quickly get the order by heading to the Supplier Panel.

Meesho's shipping is a hassle-free process. You do not have to ship the product yourself like Amazon or eBay. With Meesho, you can deliver your products in no time through Meesho's logistics partner.

After accepting the order, you can now download the label and manifest from the Supplier Panel. Now it's time to package up the product.

Simply stick the label on the packaging. Meesho Delivery team will handle the shipping for you at no additional cost! This is one of the ways Meesho is making it easier for businesses to grow.

5. Payment

For every order,  whether using offline payment methods such as COD or online, you get paid on the 15th day from the date of delivery. You can see more information about your payments on the Supplier panel, like future payments and deposits.

What Is The Pricing And Commission On Meesho?

Meesho is one of the only platforms that offer a 0% commission rate to its customers. If you also want to build your own identity as a seller, there is no better time than now to join the platform.

How Does Meesho's Business Model Work?

While Meesho isn’t a simple e-commerce business platform. But selling on this platform is a relatively quick and easy process. We have broken down the workings of the Meesho application for you to understand.

What a Meesho Seller or Supplier Does

  • Meesho seller or Meesho supplier creates an account through the Meesho seller panel.
  • Meesho sellers then visit the Meesho seller panel and start listing products.
  • They need to create a virtual storefront for the online business by adding catalogs.

What Meesho Users or Resellers Do

What Meesho Users or Resellers Do
  • The users of Meesho then browse through the app and search for products they want. Users can also search for products they want to promote on Meesho or share in other seller portals(Social media channels)
  • Users can be resellers when they promote the products on various platforms.
  • Resellers are free to share the product details and images and quote a price higher than the Meesho supplier.

What Buyers or Customers do on Meesho

  • Buyers willing to buy the product then contact the reseller.
  • Resellers then place the order on behalf of the buyer. They enter all the details like the end-user name and address and the reseller’s profit margin.
  • Once the seller has received the order, they pack it, and the Meesho delivery partner picks up the order.  The invoice on the package has the price quoted by the reseller, so the reseller doesn't have to worry about the quoted price. The end-user pays the selling price through the Meesho app.

Top Benefits of Meesho Seller Support

Benefits of Meesho Seller Support

Large Customer Base

Meesho is an online social commerce platform meant for users, sellers, and anyone using social media. The best thing about Meesho is you get to tap into a vast customer base. 

From your friends to family, everyone uses social media. You can reach them and expand your customer base beyond them as well.

Able To Create A Solid Brand Identity

Anyone who wants to start a new business can use Meesho to build a brand identity. If you wish to sell house appliances or women's clothes, Meesho allows you to start with ZERO investment. You can create your own brand identity as a Meesho seller or reseller with no investment. 

As you begin to share the products you want to sell and set the price and profit margin, you have the authority to choose a brand name and logo. Slowly, you can build up and create a brand that buyers recognize.

Simple Workflow

The Meesho company has a very straightforward process. Meesho Sellers who don't want to worry about all the details of their business but still want to keep going can find solace in Meesho. 

Sellers only need to list their products on the site. Then the Meesho team and resellers can take care of the rest. The Meesho team can sell products by sharing product details on various platforms. 

It is a very hassle-free process to manage your business. You know that your company is going well because you see people browsing it.

End-To-End Assistance

Meesho will help you out in every step of your company’s journey on the platform. For example, when a customer orders something from your store, one of Meesho’s logistic partners will pick the item up and send it to the customer.

The only thing you’ll need to do is pack the items orderly, and Meesho will handle everything else. 

If the customer is unsatisfied with the product and wishes to return it, they can do it quickly as Meesho will also handle the return pickup.

Secure Payments

You do not need to worry if you are selling on Meesho. The profits and payment is always sent to the seller's accounts timely. Meesho provides quick and secure payment gateways for the sellers. However, if there are any queries, a Meesho seller support number is available. 

You can call the number, and Meesho seller support helps when a business holder faces any issues with payment. 

If your customer chooses an online payment, you'll get your commission within 1-2 days. If they choose cash on delivery as the payment mode, the reseller will get their commission when they complete a sale. It takes longer for the seller to get the payment.

Smooth Delivery Process

Meesho does all the heavy lifting. The seller packs the items for delivery - Meesho picks them up. Then, Meesho's logistics partners get the products directly to the end customer. 

And the best part? Delivery is quick and convenient, no matter where in India customers are located.

7 Tips to Sell Better on Meesho

  1. The product images you add to the Meesho app need to be high quality and well shot. Avoid blurry and dark photos.
  2. Set competitive prices because it will give resellers enough profit margin. More the space for the margin, the more shares you will get on your catalogs. 
  3. Always try to list the products that are high on demand. Meesho is popular among Indian women to sell clothing, fashion accessories, household items, etc.
  4. To reduce the chances of orders not being processed, the supplier should keep the stock count at 20. This ensures that they have 20 pieces of each size variation of a product.
  5. Add more catalogs because it increases the chances of getting orders.
  6. Opt for the NDD program to ship your products faster and earn good customer reviews.
  7. Resellers can create attractive product videos by downloading product images from the Meesho app.

FAQs: How to Sell on Meesho

Is selling on Meesho profitable?

Selling on Meesho can enable you to earn a healthy profit. This is because of Meesho's status as India's leading reselling app, equipped with plenty of perks that can benefit you, especially if you're a woman from India.

Can I sell on Meesho without GST?

Meesho enables you to sell products without GST. This is especially true if you plan to be a reseller on Meesho; you can start your business for free.

What products can I sell on Meesho?

You can sell various products such as jewelry, t-shirts, bags, and so much more. One of the best ways to sell your products is to create seasonal to attract many potential customers because, who doesn't like a discount, right?

Can we sell old clothes on Meesho?

Meesho is the perfect platform for you to earn a little money on the side selling your old clothes. After all, it is a reselling platform that helps you sell clothes you'll never use again at the lowest possible price point.

Conclusion: How to Sell on Meesho

Everyone toys with the idea of starting a business someday, but thanks to Meesho, thousands of Indians can create their own business with zero investment. 

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