Everything you need to know about eCommerce product videos

November 11, 2021

Seeing is believing. It’s no surprise that in the new era, people are visual learners. Today, you’ll find that with the growing trend of online shopping, videos are a great way to spread brand awareness among customers and inspire confidence in them with larger purchases. They're helpful for comparing products and they're appealing to many people. These videos are the most convenient type of rich media that brands can use to quickly share their beliefs with potential customers.

If you want your product to get acknowledgment and sell them at an effective rate, then an e-commerce product video is exactly what you are looking for. In this article, we will be sharing all that you need to know about eCommerce product videos.

Purpose of Product Video in Your eCommerce Journey

Below we have listed a few reasons why you should use eCommerce product videos and what they do.

  • Conversion is the rate at which a visitor becomes a buyer. By managing the customer experience for digital buyers, conversion rates can be increased.
  • Conversion rates are high, then more customers will buy products, resulting in higher revenues for retailers. This is called a higher AOV((average order value) per customer.
  • Creates consumer attention to satisfy the needs and criteria of a particular product.

How do I create an eCommerce video?

While making a product video, one should take care of all the criteria a product does. A slight idea about who the customers are and what they actually see while doing the purchase. An effective product video is always helpful and to the point. The process given below can help a lot.

The process for making an  e-commerce product video are as follows:


Use one of the professional video templates to create videos by any video maker, which has been proven to increase conversions. Add photos and video clips that demonstrate your product carefully without any additional information. You can add your blog post also.


Customize your video with colors, fonts, and music. Make it easy to tailor your brand's video to make them unique to your brand. It will pay a major help to your brand awareness.


Once the video of your product is completed, share it across social channels. Post it to your brand's newsfeed or turn it into a video ad to reach a new audience. You could also download your video and add it to your online e-commerce store and can easily circulate your videos on social media platforms to reach your target audience.

How to make an effective product video?

An effective product demo video can make your company or brand scale new heights. This will let a lot of people know about your products and give them the desired exposure too. But how to make an effective video that will work. Below we have listed some things to take care of while planning a product video.

  • Plan- Nothing is possible if you do not plan ahead of time. Know what you want and what you have to easily be able to make a video that will show the qualities of your product.
  • Select a Format- The format of the video should be clear, whatever platform you are planning to share it on, the specifications should be optimized accordingly. Or you can create a format that will work well in all formats.
  • Prepare your script- Know what you have to say. keep it short and understandable.
  • Gather Assets - Look for resources that can be helpful in making the video better for you.
  • Focus on Engagement to a new audience - Attracting a new audience should be the primary goal of an eCommerce video.
  • Brand consistently - never forget to attach the brand name in the video. Add a watermark of the brand in all product demo videos.
  • Use music - Adding some music will make the video more engaging.
  • Include a call to action- Include a call to action at the end and encourage the target audience to take action.

What are the key features should a product video include?

If your product video does a few things listed below, then you'll see results in no time:

  1. Focus on the problem (and the solution)
  2. Keep it short and sweet.
  3. Focus on to-the-point features.
  4. Provide information and value.
  5. Turn it into a series.
  6. Find the interesting angle of your content
  7. Include a clear CTA. (Call To Action)

E-Commerce Video: 5 Type of Videos that Work:

The 5 types of videos that are mostly used for video marketing are as follows:

  • Product review video
  • Unboxing video
  • Comparison video
  • User-generated video
  • Brand video

Let's learn about these videos:

Product review video:

Product review videos come in many forms, from those created by brands, experts, and influencers to videos created by retailers or regular customers, in which they share their experiences about the product and demonstrate how the particular product worked and served them.

A real product review video shows not only the features of the product but also helps in demonstrating how it works and feels in a real life. Product review videos help to answer all the common questions a typical consumer would have about a product (remember that reluctant consumer from the beginning of the story) and would leave them ready and confident to place an order.

Unboxing video:

The main attention for this type of e-commerce video is so huge among consumers that Google has recorded over 20 million searches for unboxing videos on YouTube in 2014 only which has only grown in recent years. The more acknowledgment consumers experience, the closer you bring them to conversion. This can be considered as one of the best ways to do video marketing.

Great unboxing videos share some key qualities. They show the packaging, the wrapping, and the process of unboxing. Great unboxing videos make viewers feel like they’re right there with you. These qualities make your viewers want to experience it themselves.

The search for content should be convenient for the consumer, so videos are one of the most popular ways to do it. Unboxing videos are not only popular on YouTube, but on social media platforms in general, which makes them even more convenient to find.

Comparison video:

These videos provide side-by-side comparisons of two or more products in the same category, usually with similar features and specs, so shoppers can easily compare between the product's similarities and unique features and can proceed confidently to buy them without any hesitation.

Although you can find a quite inviting share of professional videos showing comparisons demonstrated by the retailers in order to help shoppers navigate various optional to available on their websites.

Comparison videos are well known for beauty, accessories, consumer electronics, gadgets, and sporting goods products, where online consumers are always confused about what to buy and not to. Even if there are a number of products are good enough, it always becomes a challenge that which one is the most suitable one for them.

User-generated video:

Videos created and shared by regular buyers in which they demonstrate products, show how to use them, and talk about their experiences after using their products are very tangible to effectively call out for the buyers' interest.

Some of the most common types of user-generated videos in eCommerce are product reviews and unboxing videos, although haul videos, “first impressions”, “empties” and “tag” videos are also very well known among consumers on social media.

According to a Comscore study, brand engagement rises 28% when consumers are activated to both brand features and user-generated video content.

Brand video:

Lastly, e-commerce store owners have the option of socializing product videos directly from brands. Here, it’s important to keep in mind that classic video advertisement type of content probably will be of small value to online buyers, because they have probably already seen it elsewhere before overlooking your product pages.

What would really help with conversions is a brand-made detailed product demo video, how-to, and review video that discusses the product with in-depth details and highlight the least known benefits and facts about your finished product.

Product video tips to encourage trust, engagement, and conversions

Shooting photos and videos are no longer reserved for professionals.

It can be easily shot by smartphones and video cameras. You can get HD-quality photos and videos by your own efforts.

Here are some tips to make more involving Product video for marketing :

1. Lighting

2. Audio


Lighting helps a lot when it comes to shooting professional photos and videos.

You can shoot under the same conditions, same room, same camera position, and the same subject. The only thing that you are supposed to change is the lighting. This is something that makes a huge difference.

  • Shoot in a fully lit area for the sharpest and best-looking footage. You can shoot it outdoor or in an interior space with large windows that lets in a good sunlight, then it would give you the best results.
  • If you’re not near a bright natural light source, turn on all the lights in the room. If it’s still too dark, then you can easily use some lamps to get help.
  • While setting up a direct light source, then make sure you are not having any distracting shadows. If you’re planning to make a large number of product videos, it's totally worth investing in a lightbox or a professional lighting kit. This will ensure that the lighting is consistent all over your eCommerce product photos and videos.


Audio can easily make or break things in the video. Imagine, how disturbing it is to watch a video with the worst sound quality. Even if you are having the best product videos, but the finished product always remains unnoticed if you are not a good sound editor.

If your video has unfit audio or a voice-over that viewers are unable to hear or understand, they just won’t pay attention.

Here are some tips for making sure that your audio isn’t detrimental to the success of your video:

  • Record in a quiet spot. Background noise can be a disturbance.
  • If you don’t have an external microphone, make sure your camera is close enough to your subject to pick up their voice.
  • Test your levels before you shoot your product video. Plug headphones into your camera so that you can hear how the audio sounds are captivating. Record a video clip and then play it back to see how it sounds.

Some other tips which are bound to take while making product demo videos are listed below:

  • Think about how your product can make your customers’ lives better and represent it in a way that will make them understand not only about the functioning of your product is but why they should be buying it.
  • Be sure to consider all the questions asked by the customers in your video(s).
  • If there is a unique backstory that would make your product more appealing to potential customers, then try to represent it.
  • Think through what is most convenient for the buyer and work accordingly

Doesn't matter whether you are creating your first video or last video, you need to take care of the following criteria in order to create a great product video.

Avoid shaky video:

  • Make sure that your phone camera is steady with a tripod, or create a stack of books to set your camera, you can also use a chair or anything that feels like making you reach your goal to proceed towards making good content. Be creative with your short video to reach your audience and encourage new audiences to take the next step in video marketing.

Get the shot:

  • Take as many photos and videos as you can from different angles and then choose the most appropriate ones to include in your product video production.

Focus on the product:

  • While taking photos or videos, be careful not to use any messed-up background or any type of background which would divert the audience's attention. A black or white background can work wonderfully.

Show scale:

  • While showcasing a product, you may need to display it in a way that shows how big the brand is. This is mostly used for jewelry or knick-knack representations. For jewelry, you can display the item to make it more attractive. For other items, you can place a ruler or another recognizable object in the frame for a good impression.

Avoid vertical video:

  •  Place your phone on its side and always prefer to shoot in landscape. The vertical video looks unprofessional when presented in a traditional video player which proves to be a disturbance to the audience's attention.

Product videos statistics:

Below we have stated some statistics that will give you a clearer idea about product videos

Consumers are 64% to 85% more likely to purchase the product after watching a product video online” – Videonomics

“52% of the shoppers are more confident in a purchase after visualizing a product video” – Internet Retailer – Vouchercloud

"52% of consumers agreed that product video makes them stay longer- Vouchercloud

“44% of consumers purchase more products on sites with product video.” – Vouchercloud

“52% of marketers agree that eCommerce product video has the best ROI - Videonomics

“95% of big brand marketers also use a product video for marketing strategy– Aberdeen Group

E-commerce video experiences make shopping for big brands or complex products like pro camping gears or electronics more appropriate and easy. Purchasing these products online can be challenging because you don't get to see them in person before you buy, but e-commerce videos make it easier to visualize the product you're purchasing. Professional video hosting is either affordable or often even free with services like YouTube or Vimeo which makes it easy for brands to provide high-quality video content that educates viewers about their product. They provide a number of SEO values that create web traffic and ventilate your professional videos with social proof.


You can get great results with product eCommerce videos. I'm sure you know this by now, but it's worth mentioning again. When you start creating these videos on your own, it will be a big development in your video marketing strategy. If you want to be able to maximize your productivity while still standing out as a brand, use our Ad maker from Offeo to create videos for your next product.

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