How To Post a Video on Instagram: The Complete Guide

February 9, 2022

Instagram was initially a photo-sharing app. As time goes by, this social media platform keeps updating some features. This app turns out to be a place to find plenty of video content. 

Users can record a video directly from the app and upload it in just a few steps. There are five video formats on the platform:

  • Video posts on Instagram Feed
  • Instagram Stories
  • Instagram Live Videos
  • IGTV
  • Reels as the most recent product.

Video is now becoming the king of content on Instagram. Many brands worldwide are now utilizing Instagram video marketing to increase brand awareness. 

The latest statistics showed permanent video posts on Instagram got 45.95 percent more likes than image posts. Instagram videos also received the highest number in terms of comments. 

How to Post Instagram Video without Losing Quality?

Posting is a bit tricky because you need to consider video specifications and the format. Moreover, the app sometimes compresses your video file and converts it into blurry, low-quality video. In order to maintain the HD quality, there are some tricks you can try.

Know Instagram’s Video Requirements and Format

As previously stated, Instagram offers sharing videos feature on feed, IGTV video, Instagram Stories, and reels. They are all different in terms of technical specifications. 

Maximum video length, minimum resolution, frame rate, aspect ratio, and other parameters vary. A video for an Instagram feed must have a resolution of 1080 x 1080 and be less than 60 seconds long. 

Consider creating a new IGTV video if you want to upload a longer video. Your video must be at least 720p in resolution and MP4 format.

If you need more video editing tools and effects, try Reels. Open Instagram, then record a new clip in camera mode. 

If you have a video from your phone library, make sure it is in MP4 or MOV format, with an aspect ratio of 9:16 and a resolution of 1080 x 1080.

Shoot Your Video In 4k 60-Frames-Per-Second Digital Video Format

If possible, avoid using a phone to shoot video clips that aimed to be a part of the marketing strategy for your business account. 

The professional camera will be a better choice. Pay attention to another detail. It will be great to make an Instagram video in 4K 60-frames-per-second digital video format. 

It will be more convenient to process and edit a video with that quality. Proper lighting is another crucial factor in producing an Instagram video with HD quality.

Edit Before Posting Videos on Your Instagram Account

After recording videos, transfer the files to your PC or Mac for editing. You can add music, your logo, some copywriting, and other touches without lowering the quality. 

If you are not an expert in video editing, you can use an app or website to help you. One of them is Offeo. It understands how to edit your Instagram video for the best quality.

You can add music and use eye-catching video templates created specifically for marketing purposes.

Lossless File Transfer is Key

To maintain your video’s quality, using the proper transfer process is crucial. Unfortunately, when learning how to post a video on Instagram, many people make this mistake. 

An inefficient method of transferring videos will compress or even damage your file. You can use Airdrop if you have a Mac and an iPhone. You can also upload your file to a cloud storage service such as Dropbox.

Perform Final Checks Before Uploading Your Video

After transferring your videos to your phone, the next step is to upload the content to your Instagram profile. Open the app, log in to your Instagram account, tap the + button on the top of the home tab to upload a video. 

Take a look at the bottom center and choose whether to upload the post on Instagram Feed, Story, or Reels. Select your video or click Select Multiple if you are going to upload multiple videos or content. 

Click next and choose the video cover. Tap next to add captions, tag people, and add location. Swipe right on the circle button to share the same video on other Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr platforms. 

Click Share to begin uploading. To upload, click Share.

To upload reels, tap the + button, then click Reels at the bottom. Next, you can choose a video from your library then click add. Then do a preview. Click next to write a caption, crop profile image, then tap Share. 

If you are going to upload a story, tap the + button again and choose Story. To ensure your story has been posted, and the quality does not significantly drop, tap on your profile picture at the top right corner.

Why Does My Instagram Video Have Bad Quality?

Post video to Instagram Reels. Image: Flickr/Solen Feyissa

Many people complain about blurry videos on Instagram Stories. This problem occurs due to a variety of factors. Frequently, a poor internet connection is the root cause. 

To resolve this issue, ensure that your internet connection is stable while uploading the content. A faulty backup can lead to poor video quality, too. So, you have to choose another video. 

You can enable high-quality video recording by checking your camera's settings. Increase the video size to get the best quality.

What Is The Best Way To Post A Video On Instagram?

For influencers, photographers, brands, and other users who regularly post a video with a large size, you can consider uploading a video from a PC or Mac. You can easily upload your video content using Creator Studio. Here are simple steps on how to post a video on Instagram from a desktop computer:

  1. Create a Facebook business page and connect your Instagram to Creator Studio.
  2. Go to the Creator Studio website.
  3. Sign in using your Instagram or Facebook login information.
  4. Select Instagram Feed or IGTV after clicking Create Post.
  5. Add your video and any related details, including hashtags.
  6. Press the Publish button.

Facebook made simple editing easy using their Creator Studio. We need a creator or company account to use the system. You can post videos to your Facebook Stories from PC. 

Why can't I post videos on Instagram?

Besides blurry videos, Instagram frequently fails to upload videos to its platform. There are several things to consider if you are experiencing this issue. 

First, you may have a poor internet connection. Second, Instagram might suspend your account. You can check whether or not your content violates Instagram's terms. 

Finally, ensure that your video format is Instagram-compatible.

To solve the problem, here are the tricks:

  • Refresh your internet connection or switch to a different network with a better signal.
  • Log out of your account and then log back in.
  • Restart your smartphone.
  • Go to Settings, Apps, Instagram, and Clear Caches.
  • Convert your video file with a free app to make it Instagram-compatible.
  • Uninstall Instagram from your phone and reinstall it to fix any bugs.

Can I Post a 3-Minute Video on The Instagram App?

Using Livestream feature on Instagram App. Image:

Prominent copywriting, captivating visuals and video length leveraging Instagram videos are crucial. Yet, each format on Instagram has time limitations. 

Users frequently inquire about posting longer videos because they do not want to shorten the duration. If you need to post a longer video on your Instagram, you can dive into the following information.

  • Consider making a carousel post by chopping up your long videos into some video clips. Each post permits one minute of video. It means you can post a total of ten minutes.
  • Try an app that will automatically split your clip into some 15-second videos so you can post it in a continuous sequence on Instagram Stories. For example, use Instasize or CutStory.
  • Upload a video to IGTV for a post that lasts between 15 seconds and 10 minutes (some accounts can post an hour video). Before you post, select the cover image from the video or upload a new image from your Camera Roll.

How to Post Youtube Videos to Instagram? 

Screengrab of a Youtube video. Image:

Instagram has evolved to be more than a photo-sharing platform. It is on the way to be becoming an entertainment platform. 

If you are curious whether or not you can post a video to Instagram from Youtube, then this is how it works:

  1. Download YouTube videos to your PC or Mac using a free app like Offeo’s YouTube to MP4 downloader.
  2. To meet Instagram's video requirement, edit the downloaded video.
  3. Transfer the file to your mobile device.
  4. To upload the video to the Instagram app, do the same step as you normally would with any content.


To upload videos on Instagram are not merely from the camera roll. For HD quality video with a big resolution, you can use your PC or Mac. 

It is also possible to upload a Youtube video to Instagram and post longer videos to grab more attention from your audiences. 

Offeo has ready-made templates if you want to save time and speed up your workflow when editing videos. It includes a plethora of templates for Instagram Feed video, IGTV video, and Story. Another great feature is that you can personalize the template.

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