10 Best YouTube Cooking Channels

July 15, 2022

Cooking is a fun activity. Whether you are a professional or a person wanting a home-cooked meal, cooking is a necessary skill to have. 

These days recipes are not only limited to cookbooks and magazines; YouTube has plenty of recipes you can take inspiration from. 

And they often look so delicious that you can’t wait to make them by yourself!

Whether you need to learn new recipes or look up a few cooking tips & tricks, there's a diverse range of cooking channels on YouTube that you can watch anytime, anywhere. 

We have curated a list of the best YouTube cooking channels to make your search easier. 

10 Best YouTube Cooking channels

Mention all kinds of things, but ensure to mention what dishes they specialize in and the number of subscribers they have

Babish Culinary Universe

babish culinary universe youtube channel

Babish Culinary Universe is a YouTube cooking channel focusing on recreating dishes from film and television.

Since the channel’s inception in 2006, it has amassed over 9.7 million subscribers, who tune in each week to watch Andrew eat his way through food.

Andrew is an avid fan of both cooking and film, and his channel is the realization of a young man's dream to combine these two passions into one delicious package. 

He recreates classic dishes from movies and television each week, sharing tips so you can make them yourself. He also shares his original recipes (such as this one for "Nacho Cheese" dip).

Andrew started posting videos on YouTube as early as 2006 and became an instant success, with over 1 million views by the end of that year alone. 

In 2010 he launched "Binging With Babish," which became one of the most popular cooking channels on YouTube.

NYT Cooking

NYT Cooking Youtube channel

The New York Times Cooking channel is one of the most popular and trusted cooking channels on YouTube. 

The channel has 478K subscribers and covers a wide range of topics, including baking, roasting, grilling, and frying food items like chicken wings or burgers. 

There are also recipes for desserts like soft sugar cookies or ice cream, which are easily prepared at home by following the instructions given in the video.

The hosts are also hilarious and engaging in their videos—watching these videos feel like hanging out with friends at home while they cook together! 

Besides famous chefs like Alison Roman and Sohla, celebrities like Padmalaksmi also appear on the channel. If you haven't checked out this channel yet, do yourself a favor and do it now!

Pro Home Cooks

pro home cooks youtube

Pro Home Cooks is a cooking channel that started in 2013 and currently has 3.35 million subscribers. Two brothers, Josh and Michael Green, initially ran the channel 

But in 2019, Michael took over the channel and explained the changes:

"Over the years, my philosophy on cooking has shifted; I wanted to create a brand that reflected my cooking journey."

He wanted to continue inspiring more people to get in the kitchen—and Pro Home Cooks is a place where you can continue connecting deeper with your expression of cooking. 

Pro Home Cooks is full of great recipes and tutorials for all levels of cooks. He also shares his favorite tools and gadgets that make cooking easier. 

Some videos include 15-minute breakfast recipes, 15-minute lunches, pizza recipes, meal prep videos, slow cooker recipes, air-fryer recipes, etc. 

You could even find videos on how to roast vegetables perfectly!

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay youtube channel

Gordon Ramsay is a celebrity chef known for his fiery temper, high standards, and strong opinions. He's been called the "culinary master" by his fans.

But why? What makes him so unique?

First of all, Gordon Ramsay is a celebrity chef. That means he's on TV, but he also has a ton of influence in the culinary world—and his cooking channel shows that influence.

He has been featured on many different TV shows like MasterChef, and he has been in a few movies as well, including “Hell’s Kitchen” and “The F Word”. 

His popularity is one of the reasons he has 19 million subscribers on his channel.  His videos are full of tips on making your favorite dishes at home, but they're also full of great stories from his life as a chef. 

He's made famous dishes like Beef Wellington and Bangers and Mash. But he also shares recipes for traditional home-cooked meals like pasta carbonara or roast chicken with minted peas. 

Gordon Ramsay's channel provides delicious recipes or high-energy entertainment — leaving you spoiled for choice!

Bon Appétit

bon appetit youtube channel

There's no better YouTube channel to subscribe to if you love food than Bon Appétit's. The channel was launched in 2008 and has since amassed a staggering 6.01 million subscribers. 

What’s the channel's goal? To make everyone love cooking and eating as much as they do!

Bon Appetit offers recipes for everything, ranging from:

They also offer cooking tips like making cake butter correctly or how long heat should be applied when searing meat so it doesn't burn but still has that flavorful crust!

Whether you're looking for a new dish or just want some tips on how to improve your cooking skills, this is the place for it.

The channel even features celebrities like Nina Dobrev and Kevin Hart!

Sorted Food

Sorted Food youtube

Sorted Food is a YouTube cooking channel that started in March 2010. It currently has 2.6 million subscribers and is run by four guys from Hertfordshire - Benjamin 'Ben' Ebbrell, Michael 'Mike' Huttlestone, Jamie Spafford, and Barry Taylor. 

The channel has over 1704 videos. 

You can find anything from the most basic cooking instructions to the more advanced recipes like making your hummus at home or making homemade versions of popular store-bought products like Oreos or Nutella. 

They also post chef review videos and tasting videos of various cuisines, ingredients, and dishes. 

They have a very casual format and style of video-making; they're often seen sitting around a table eating food that they've just cooked or drinking beer while they talk about their lives and answer questions from fans (called "the sorted fam").


Food52 youtube channel

Food52 is a YouTube channel launched by Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs in 2010. The channel has grown slowly and steadily since its inception in 2010 and currently has more than 645K subscribers.

Food52 started as a food-centered website that provides recipes, tips, and reviews for everything related to food. The channel was initially designed for users to share their recipes, but has since evolved into a YouTube channel that offers instructions on making dishes. 

The videos are hosted by professional chefs like Benjamina, Dorie, Brinda, Rome, Erin, Rick Martinez, and many more talented chefs. 

If you're looking for a new recipe to try or want to watch something light-hearted, Food52 has you covered.

Over 70 different series on the channel covering everything from grilling techniques to macaron-making tutorials!

Chinese Cooking Demystified

chinese cooking demystified

Chinese Cooking Demystified is a YouTube channel started by Steph and Chris—a food-obsessed couple living in Shenzhen, China. They have 761K subscribers and are continuing to grow every day!

Their channel offers everything from recipe videos to guides and tips for eating out Chinese style in Western Supermarkets. 

Steph and Chris create videos about Chinese cooking and share them with others who might be interested in learning more about it.

They've created over 200 videos over the past few years, covering everything from cooking a whole fish (without cutting off any of its fins) to using chopsticks properly. 

Their channel has become incredibly popular because their instructions are clear and easy to follow while still interesting enough that viewers don't get bored watching them.

This is your place if you're interested in Chinese food but aren't sure where to begin.

Sam The Cooking Guy

sam the cooking guy youtube channel

Sam The Cooking Guy is a channel that boasts over 3.31 million subscribers. He has been uploading videos since 2011 and has since become one of the most popular channels on YouTube with his unique style and personality. 

Two people run the channel: Sam and his wife, Kelly. He’s a self-proclaimed “food geek,” showing it in his videos. 

Sam creates easy-to-make dishes like stuffed peppers and chicken parmesan to more elaborate classic recipes like pork chops with mango salsa and honey garlic shrimp. 

He even does pizza! You can tell that Sam is passionate about food because he always seems so excited when he cooks.

He also has a great sense of humor that comes through in his videos—he makes everything seem so fun and approachable! You can tell he just loves what he does, which makes his channel super enjoyable.

Italia Squisita

italia squisita youtube

Italia Squisita is a YouTube cooking channel with over 774K subscribers, which focuses on the cult of the great Italian chefs and is dedicated to the art of Italian cuisine.

The channel features videos about everything from the best way to make spaghetti al dente to an interview with legendary professional chef Gualtiero Marchesi. 

If you're interested in learning more about how they created some of your favorite Italian dishes, or if you want to learn more about Italy's greatest chefs, this channel is worth checking.

FAQs: Best YouTube Cooking Channels

Who is the best chef on YouTube?

There are plenty of cooking tutorials on YouTube with great chefs. But the British Chef Gordon Ramsay is the best chef on YouTube. His no-nonsense attitude and passion for food make him the best chef.

What is the most-watched cooking video on YouTube?

The most-watched cooking video on YouTube is a cake tutorial by Rosana Pansino. “How to make a Disney Princess Sisters Cake” by Rosana Pansino has 225 million views on YouTube, making it the most viewed cooking video. 

What is the most popular cooking channel?

The most popular cooking channel is Gordon Ramsay’s cooking channel on YouTube, with 19 Million subscribers and counting. 

Who was the first person to host a food show?

Philip Harben was the first person to host a food show in 1946 in the United Kingdom on the BBC. The show was called Cookery, and it was 10 minutes long.  

Conclusion: Best YouTube Cooking Channels

Great food is all around us, and we don't even have to go far to find it. No matter what we're craving, there's a YouTube cooking channel that can help us make it happen—and possibly even improve upon the original.  

There are hundreds of cooking channels on YouTube for every palate and recipe type. Maybe it'll even inspire you to learn a few new recipes.

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