30+ Best Dropshipping Products to Sell (2022 List)

February 6, 2022

One of the most challenging steps when starting a dropshipping business is figuring out the best products to dropship. There are many business ideas, but not all are too successful. 

To develop a good business idea, you have to choose a trending niche but is not overly saturated. And for the products themselves, it’s best to find a product with high demand but low competition.

The easiest option would be choosing the products you use for your hobby because it won’t take as much effort to market since you have a genuine interest in the product.

However, if you want your dropshipping business to succeed, you have to do much more than that. Fortunately, we’ve done the research and analysis for you and have come up with a comprehensive list of the best dropshipping products you can sell.

Without further ado, jump in below to find out!

Tools and Home Improvements

Smart plugs

Smart plugs let you turn on the lights from your phone or tablet, so you never have to worry about looking for a switch on the wall. These devices can be remotely controlled, scheduled to turn on and off at certain times, and programmed to shut off when not in use.

It's a surge protector that also doubles as a smart plug! Right now, people love them, and their popularity is only increasing. This is especially true in the holidays, where sales are for this device are always skyrocketing. 

Dropshipping products like this will surely give you dropshipping success.

Smart Lights

The next type of dropshipping product is Smart lights. Smart lights are the latest trend in the lighting industry. They are LEDs that connect to your smartphone or tablet through an app, enabling you to schedule and program different colors.

Dropshipping suppliers have reported a steady climb in interest over the past five years, with gradual spikes at the start of the holiday season. This year, it is expected that they will be increasing in popularity for both Christmas gifts and indoor decoration.

Therefore, dropshipping products like Smart lights will be great for your business. Moreover, customers want to see what they're buying. 

Hence, consider starting a YouTube channel to showcase the different light shows and the stunning visuals that customers can create with these dropshipping products. This will lead to awareness about your dropshipping business too.

Soap Dispensers

This is the perfect opportunity for brands to use dropshipping business because touchless soap dispensers have been around for years. The increased awareness of viral health could be triggering increased demand for the product in the home.

With changes in the global market after the pandemic, dropshipping products like these have grown in demand. It is among the best sellers, and the search volume is high too.

Therefore, when cleanliness is still at the forefront of our minds, automated soap dispensers could very well be one of many trending products that become popular over the next few years and give you eCommerce success.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are the hands-free solution for locking and unlocking your door. They are effortless, with added security features that allow you to monitor your locks from afar. Set an online store with Smart Locks as your dropshipping product and see the numbers going up.

They are also an increasingly popular alternative to complex home security systems, which have increased in popularity over the past few years. This can be a successful dropshipping business idea.

Health and personal care

Bamboo Toothbrushes

Bamboo toothbrushes are not only eco-friendly, but they also have the potential to make your oral hygiene routine more aesthetically pleasing. 

With bamboo toothbrushes, you can reduce your contact with plastics without sacrificing form or function. Market research has shown an increase in the demand for this dropshipping product and will give you more sales.

Potential customers are still discovering this product, meaning that there are still many niches to explore and new customers who are yet to find your dropship business. This unique eCommerce business idea can make dropshipping work for you.

Sleep Eye Masks

Sleep eye masks are the hottest, newest thing in the world of sleep. But it's not just the sleep masks themselves that make this possible. It's also the darkness they provide. Trending products like sleep masks have a high demand and can make your dropshipping store a favorite.

Everyone can find an occasion for a sleep mask. Maybe you're traveling and want to get some shut-eye on the plane. Or perhaps you're just tired of waking up with puffy eyes in the morning. It fits almost everywhere, and therefore it's an excellent idea for an eCommerce business.

Sleep Gummies

Sleep gummies with melatonin are candy supplements that can help boost sleep. You can easily find these low-impact options over the counter.

 Before you list these dropshipping products on your site, make sure to activate a third-party payment provider, which is a prerequisite. Google trends data and market research tools can help you find the best dropshipping products.

Yoga Mats

Home fitness goods have seen a significant upswing this year, and not surprisingly, a well-known product is seeing a lot of growth—the yoga mat. Yoga mats are among the best dropshipping products to sell because they’re lightweight, come in many colors, and need to be replaced frequently.

They’re highly versatile and inexpensive, and they come in various colors and styles. However, they’re still perfect for upselling because almost everyone will get a new one if it's at a discounted price. Just advertise them in your online store and social media channels and watch the number of demands swell.

Massage Gun

Massage guns are high-powered tools that emit vibrations. Athletes usually use them as a post-workout ritual, but anyone can take advantage o them if they’re experiencing muscle tightness or joint pain. 

According to recent trends, these massage guns are among the best dropshipping products to sell — making them an excellent choice for your dropshipping business.

Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C serum is a liquid that soothes the skin, moisturizes it, and helps to protect against sun damage. It’s also said to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes.

This dropshipping product is seen as a medical product, so customers will trust your company if they think you are trustworthy. 

To build customer trust, interact with them often on social media, post information about the products, and be easily accessible. 

This product is one of our top dropshipping product recommendations as many people have been doing product research and know what is good for them.

Jade Rollers

A jade roller is a massage tool made from a smoothing stone. It improves the appearance of the user’s skin by being firmly rolled along the surface.

When used in conjunction with lotions and face masks, the jade roller can firm the skin, reduce fine lines, and decrease the appearance of puffiness. If you highlight the versatility of your product, customers will have more reasons to purchase from you.

Searches for jade rollers started at the beginning of 2018 and have grown since then, peaking around the end of August last year. With pre-holiday numbers higher in 2020, jade rollers are expected to continue their upward trend over the next year—they’re one of the best dropshipping products right now.

Kids Face mask

You might not be surprised that searches for children’s masks are on the rise. These masks keep kids safe, but something else that’s important is that they match their interests.

In this new era, it's vital to offer a variety of dropshipping products that appeal to the masses. One great way to do this is to create a custom mask. 

This is an excellent way for brands to connect with consumers and offer a unique product with a unique design. It also has health benefits amidst the pandemic and has formed a stable trend across the last couple of years.

Acne Patches

Acne patches are small, topical bandages that can be used to treat surface-level acne. They're typically made out of hydrocolloid, which absorbs moisture, so they'll work by drying out pimples while also protecting your skin from external bacteria and scars.

This dropshipping product is an integral part of a skincare regimen, so you should bundle it with other beauty products for sale—like face masks and collagen eye patches. 

The beauty market is saturated with many quality products; therefore, dropshipping business ideas like this are out of the box.

Electric Toothbrushes

If you're a new entrepreneur looking to make a profit, consider buying electric toothbrushes. Sales of these dropshipping products have been steadily increasing in the last five years.

They make a perfect product for your dropshipping business because sales typically peak during the Christmas season and gradually decrease afterward. Therefore, you can say that this product is one of several hot dropshipping products, especially at this time of the year.

Fitness Gear

Fitness gear is another great product to dropship in 2021. You'll want to make sure you're carrying fitness apparel, like sports bras and leggings, but also fitness gear like yoga mats, fitness trackers, and resistance bands.

Dropshipping is sustainable in the long term because people will always need fitness gear. This will also result in future search traffic.

Kitchen and grocery

Air Fryers

Air fryers have become a staple in kitchens for those who want a crispy treat without the mess. Fried chicken is a favorite dish for many people, but it can be time-consuming and messy to prepare.

Air fryers solve this problem, giving you that fresh-from-the-oven crispiness without the hassle. Air fryers first became popular around 2017.

Moreover, Air fryers have seen a jump in sales that started last Christmas. This year,  more people cooking at home have seen them record their best summer ever.

Searches about the fryers have been increasing as well. Publishing recipes on your blog could be a great way to pick up search engine traffic and reach an even larger audience through marketing campaigns.

Electric Kettles

The market for electric kettles has steadily grown in the last decade. Electric kettles are becoming increasingly popular as more and more consumers grow accustomed to their convenience and portability.

Searches and sales of electric kettles have steadily climbed higher, with peaks around Christmas. With post-Christmas sales higher than ever, the number of electric kettles sold will heat up over the coming months. 

Wine Fridges

Wine fridges are also on our list of best dropshipping products. These temperature-controlled refrigerators were explicitly designed to store wine and other beverages.

Lately, small-capacity wine fridges have been popular in homes. They are not big like bar fridges, but they make it easy for people to enjoy their beverages at home.

Wine fridges are gaining momentum in the market. Over the last couple of years, search interest has grown considerably, making their popularity more pronounced during the holiday season.

Sales are up this summer and winter than ever before, meaning that this trend will most likely continue next year. Marketing to millennials would be wise for companies looking to expand their brand. Winning products like these can give your colossal business growth.

Portable Blenders

Portable blenders are a convenient, smaller version of traditional blenders. For many people, these blenders are the perfect solution for when they are on the go or have space constraints.

These smaller blenders are ideal for travelers who need to bring their blender with them to mix up a healthy shake in the morning or for college students living in a dorm or small house. Portable blenders were just as popular as ever this past year.

The pandemic played a significant role in this. This year, portable blenders have skyrocketed in popularity — and we predict they will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Portable blenders are popular with smoothie-drinking fitness enthusiasts. Working with fitness influencers on various social media platforms and creating fitness ads to promote your products could be a great idea!

Oat Milk

The oat milk trend is taking over the drinks and food industries. What is it? Oat milk is a drink made up of pure oats processed using water. Generally, it is flavored and sweetened, and the low-fat drink is a healthy alternative to traditional kinds of milk.

You can sell one of the recommended products to dropship in cartons or any number of recipes. Popular oat milk flavors are coffee, strawberry, and vanilla. You can also use it in recipes in place of milk. Between 2017 and 2019, the popularity of oat milk in the United States increased tenfold.

While you will often see flavored oat milk sold as a drink, it can also be used as a milk substitute in many food products. Those sensitive to dairy products, or lactose intolerant, can now enjoy oat milk in their favorite recipes.

Bakers, ice cream shops, cafes, and other food retailers should be mindful of this new trend and offer oat milk on their menus or unique variations of existing products.

Fasting Tea

Every other day new dieting trends are popping up left and right. One of the most popular recent trends is intermittent fasting. This is a type of diet that requires periods of lowered caloric intake.

It is essential to have a healthy treat handy to avoid sugar cravings. Any tea can be a fasting tea, but generally, green tea or teas with hibiscus and ginger are most common.

We expect the demand for fasting tea to continue growing — and we’re not the only ones! A higher volume of search queries for these products means more and more people are becoming aware of them.

If you’re considering investing in this trend, make sure not to forget the taste! Offering free samples might be a great way to get more customers to stand out from all the other brands.

Wardrobe and accessories


Tracksuits combine athletic and casual wear, resulting in comfort with style. Generally, you can search for them all year.

This trend is part of the growing "athleisure" market, combining comfort with style. With the 2021 holiday season, these suits are predicted to continue trending into 2022.



Balaclavas are famous winter headwear that goes over the face and mouth. They come in many different colors and styles and typically have the added benefit of mouth coverage.

When they come to your site, sellers are likely looking for balaclavas, but they may also be looking for other winter gear. Offer discounted product bundles with matching hats, mittens, or scarves to increase sales.

Silk Pajamas

Silk is a sturdy fabric that's perfect for fall. People love wearing silk pajamas because they're comfortable, stylish, and easy to wash. It's breathable and lightweight, which makes it perfect for sleeping in.

They're available in many colors so that you can find the right one for you. Pajamas are also starting to become popular again during the lead-up to Christmas. Purchase trends peak in September, so it's essential to be ready.

With the numbers going so high this year, it's a good idea to start thinking about next year's profit. What should you sell? Add a world of possibilities by selling silk pajamas. Bundling them with lingerie, housecoats, wooly socks, or sleep masks can have enormous returns for your company.


Backpacks are a classic school-time must-have that brands can use for dropshipping. These back-to-school staples come in a wide variety of styles, meaning there’s a backpack for every kid. And it’s not just a place for creative expression — backpacks have seen a steady increase in popularity over the years.

Backpacks are a great way to boost back-to-school shopping, but they also peak around the holidays. Besides that, when the weather is nice out in late spring, the demand for backpacks skyrockets.

When consumers want to go on a picnic or hike, they need a backpack. Extensive collections of disjointed products won't do much for your brand. Instead, focus on smaller, well-branded collections that target narrower audiences.


Slides are open-toed, backless shoes that are made of rubber. Older generations might remember slides as the footwear that people put on in the showers when they had warts.

But in recent years, brands like Prada, Gucci, Burberry, and Marc Jacobs have started to use them in their collections. Like flip flops, they’re typically seen in summer but are becoming more popular in the winter. 

Yes, you can even wear them in winter too with socks. In 2021 the search results have shown rapid growth too.


Overshirts are a very popular and lucrative dropshipping. The loose-fitting button-ups that you can wear over other shirts—hence the name—are flexible and can be worn for formal and informal occasions.

Smaller, well-branded collections that target narrower audiences tend to get more attention and result in more sales.


We all know those leggings from those squats and yoga poses. And those squats and yoga poses can end up producing some tears. That’s where squat-proof leggings come in.

These leggings are made from a thicker, more malleable material to protect them from the wear and tear of a workout. Fitness blogs, message boards, and social media groups are full of potential customers.

Silicone Rings

Interest in silicone rings is growing for a few reasons, but one of the most compelling is the material’s durability and affordability. Silicone rubber can’t compete with gold or silver in terms of prestige, but it’s waterproof and has a lower price point.

It’s been winning over customers as an alternative to metal bands for those who have active or outdoor hobbies.

These days, silicone rings are most popular in the summertime, where people use them to do more outdoor activities. Silicone rings come in all sorts of colors and designs, and some even look identical to metal wedding rings. 

With this variety, it's essential to find a niche for your ring, so yours sticks out from the rest.

Office Products

Blue Light Glasses

The long-term effects of blue light exposure to the eye include eyestrain, fatigue, headaches, and sleeplessness. You can protect your eyes from this invasion by wearing blue light glasses.

Wearing blue light glasses not only protects your eyes but also helps you focus on your device better. Many online sellers have been using blue light glasses as a successful dropshipping item in their stores.

Your stellar product should assure every buyer of blue-light sunglasses. The best way to do that is to showcase product reviews. With buyer feedback, potential buyers will know the quality of your product and how it has helped other people like them.

Pencil Cases

Pencil cases are back-to-school must-haves. With various styles and colors, you can build a brand around them and increase sales by bundling them with other school supplies like pens, pencils, markers, crayons, erasers, and more. 

They make for quick sales at the back-to-school checkout line or through single sales on your website.

Home Decor

Air Purifiers

An air purifier is a modern appliance designed to circulate the air in a room, filter out and eliminate irritants such as smoke and dust, and remove unpleasant smells and pet dander.

They're popular among allergy sufferers but are increasingly becoming a must-have for any environment that needs clean and free of harsh odors. 

Answering questions about your product's size, energy use, and filtration system is essential because customers will want to know about those technical details.


Nothing beats a warm, cozy blanket during the winter. Blankets come in various shapes and sizes — giving brands plenty of opportunities to expand their reach. Thickness, size, function, design, and material can all be used to tailor your product.

With each passing year, more and more blankets are bought online — as seen in the rising number of searches. Research from retail analysts has found that shoppers pay more attention to eco-friendliness.

The best thing to dropship is a product made from a biodegradable material, such as organic cotton, hemp, linen, or wool. These items can be quickly shipped and will have a smaller carbon footprint.

Dog Beds

Dogs are great, but they also make a mess of our furniture. Pet odor can be unpleasant, and too much pet dander can trigger allergies. Dog beds are the perfect product to dropship because they're easy to clean and portable, as well as comfier than the floor or carpet.

When starting a pet business, wannabe merchants and pet lovers should also consider products other than just dog beds.The problem is that pet owners need more than just beds for their companions.

If you're thinking about starting a pet business, make sure you include bowls, toys, and even apparel. Numbers remain steady, and we predict big sales for dog beds in the future.

Car Related Products

Vehicles are a hot market right now. Ceramic coating, socket wrenches, digital tire-pressure gauges, and portable power stations have been going fast lately.

These products have a few things in common: they’re high-demand and high-value, meaning they require a high volume of products for a lower price. Dropshipping is an excellent option because you don’t need to purchase them in bulk.

Phone Accessories

The rise in smartphone popularity has led to a surge in the popularity of some phone accessories. With the increase in content creation on apps like TikTok, viewers need quality accessories like better photos and videos.

Some popular items include ring lights, portable greenscreens, tripods, phone lenses, and other accessories related to content creation. These tools are also helpful in improving the quality of presentations on video chats and additional work or school-related projects.

FAQs of Best Dropshipping Products

What are the best dropshipping products?

  • Tools and Home Improvements
  • Health and personal care
  • Fitness Gear
  • Kitchen and grocery
  • Wardrobe and accessories
  • Office Products
  • Home Decor
  • Phone accessories
  • Gaming accessories
  • Car accessories

Is dropshipping still profitable in 2021?

Dropshipping is still profitable in 2021, and because eCommerce spending has risen over the past year and shows no sign of stopping, it's predicted to still be profitable in 2022.

What percentage of dropshippers are successful?

According to a report, the highest success rate of a dropshipping business during its first year is about 10 percent. Most dropshippers start their business without proper preparation and don't fully understand this industry’s risks.

Is dropshipping worth it?

If your goal is earning a fair amount of income on the side, then dropshipping is worth it. But, if you set out to make a lot of money in a short space of time, then you probably need to do something else.

Who is the most successful dropshipper?

The most successful dropshipper was Irwin Dominguez. He succeeded in gaining one million dollars in revenue in just eight months by using Shopify and Oberlo.

Conclusion: Best Dropshipping Products

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