6 Common Video Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

87% of all online marketers have revealed that they rely on video content to improve marketing strategy. Furthermore, 51% of them agree that videos are the best content that can provide the best return on investment.

It was also found that viewers tend to retain almost 95% of the information offered to them through videos, while they can only retain 10% if the information is received through text. But achieving success with video marketing isn’t always easy. You need to make sure that the content will stand out in order to capture the attention of your audiences.

Since using video is a very important aspect of marketing, you’re guaranteed to earn back the money and efforts you put into creating your video marketing strategies. 

But in order to ensure success in your marketing strategies, you should avoid making any of these mistakes. 


1. Not Using Videos at All

If you still haven’t considered adding video to your marketing strategies, then you’re making a serious mistake. Recently, Cisco has predicted on its white paper that 82% of consumer web traffic in 2020 is going to be video-based. 

This is somewhat similar to the claims of a Facebook executive that in 2021, we’re all going to go mobile. He said that 2021 is going to be all about videos. In fact, videos shared on Twitter receive six times more engagement compared to photos or images.

Nowadays, a lot of consumers rely on videos to make purchase decisions. Google says that 84% of shoppers in the US are willing to make a purchase at any given time and almost a quarter of them refer to their smartphone before buying. 


2. Putting Out Poor Quality Videos

No one wants to see a poor-quality video. So, it’s crucial that you create high-quality content for your video marketing strategies. 

Sometimes, companies get very excited about producing videos without thinking about quality. But remember that your video represents your brand. So, if you want to make a good impression on your target audiences, you should create videos with excellent quality content. 

With the technology that we have now, creating high-quality video content is no longer rocket science.


3. Not Branding Your Business

A lot of times, customers are able to remember a great video but can’t recall the brand behind it. Poorly branding your business on your video content is a common mistake that must be avoided. You should be able to effectively brand your business in the video content that you will make. 

This could mean placing your logo on the video and mentioning your brand in the tagline, URL, etc. In doing so, you’ll be able to successfully convey your identity and brand to your audiences. 

Sometimes, companies are often too focused on creating interesting videos but they end up forgetting about the content’s branding aspects. Avoid committing this mistake if you want to get the most out of your video marketing strategies. 


4. Producing Extremely Long Videos

These days, consumers are either busy or don’t have enough patience. This is why creating extra-long videos won’t do you any good. So, when it comes to video marketing, try to keep your videos short but relevant. 

Remember that too much of something is just boring so keep your video sweet, short, but direct to the point. The ideal length is 60 to 90 seconds. This won’t bore the viewers, but will already work its magic into making your video marketing strategy a success.

No matter how interesting your video is, if it’s too long, your viewers won’t be encouraged to finish viewing it, so it defeats the purpose. When creating your video, you should talk about the main key points at the start and minimize irrelevant content that will only lengthen the video. 

Keep in mind that the video you’re creating isn’t a consumer manual. It’s created for the purpose of enticing your target audience and converting them into customers.


5. Not Following SEO Practices

After creating your video, the next thing to do is to attract your target consumers and entice them into viewing your video. Before, when people heard about videos, they immediately assumed that it’s YouTube. 

But nowadays, there are several other aspects that a video should have in order for it to successfully reach your target audiences. One of these is SEO or search video optimization. If you’re able to successfully incorporate SEO into your videos, your content could land the top spot in search engine rankings.

When it comes to using SEO for videos, you should make sure to use the right keywords, metadata, and include a good thumbnail image. If you ignore the SEO factor in your videos, you’re certainly making a big mistake.


6. Not Having an Intro Video

Some companies make the mistake of ignoring the introduction part of their videos but this is actually a very important part. 

The intro part is where you can introduce your brand and inform viewers of what your video is all about. Thankfully, creating an intro for your video is now easy. Do be sure to check out our intro maker tool, which helps to animate your logo into an amazing intro video

This is an online video intro maker that’s free to use. It’s an easy tool to use to create stunning intros using readymade templates. Even if you have no skills in design, you should be able to use this tool just fine. 

What’s more, you get to choose from a wide range of professionally made intro video templates that will let you create intros in minutes.