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Share a video that is unforgettable! With OFFEO’s intro maker, you can create a short, stunning introduction to your video that is guaranteed to keep everyone interested. Simply choose a template that works for you, customize it with our animation program, and let our cutting-edge rendering software take it from there!

Make the intro video your own by inserting your own logo and text so that the topic of your video is displayed clearly. With our huge range of editing tools, the possibilities for your introduction are endless!

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5 Easy Steps


Register for your free OFFEO account

sign in page of OFFEO platform. Shows examples of video templates OFFEO has to offer.
A screenshot taken of the template browsing page in OFFEO, It shows a list of categories that OFFEO has in different formats. A collage of various templates shown in a colorful spectrum


Browse through our selection of intro templates and select the one that you like.


Choose a favorite color scheme, font,and a short music track to enhance your intro clip.

screenshot taken of OFFEO's workspace and working on a intro template
screenshot taken of the OFFEO platform in


Showcase your logo and video title with
our simple, interactive animation tools.


Press “Download” and let OFFEO
compile your intro for you!

a screenshot taken of the OFFEO platform. It shows the exporting process of a video and how a user can download in 3 different formats of mp4, mov and gif

Reveal and promote Your Logo

OFFEO’s intro maker provides the perfect opportunity to unveil a new logo, or to showcase an old one.

Our broad range of lighting and color options will help transform your logo from a simple image to a captivating, unforgettable symbol.

technology style logo intro
screenshot of a technology style product illustration video
screenshot of a personnel introduction video in a technology style

Go Scene by Scene

This means that you can create a truly dynamic video containing several different animation and color features.
You can use this feature to build a collection of pictures, videos, and logos that you can use in all future promotional material for your business.

Templates that make a Statement

OFFEO’s intro maker offers templates that are specifically designed for intros. These specialized outlines will help effectively introduce your video topic while remaining visually appealing.

Our intro maker’s animation options and fonts are also geared towards creating short, impactful intro videos.

screenshot of 3 different styles of intro maker videos presented like cards

Customization options for each frame

OFFEO’s intro maker lets you change all of the following features in each video frame:

1. Background

Choose the suitable animated background or footages to set the tone for the video.

6 different styles of intros that can be created in the OFFEO video maker platform

2. Text & Color

Choose the color and font for each text block and decorative portion of the ad.

3. Custom Fonts

Use your brand font or choose from our extensive font library.

teal colored texts that read
a screenshot of the timeline in OFFEO's workspace.

4. Timeline

Use timing to your advantage. Stagger long sentences into short texts throughout the intro to convey your message effectively.

5. Animation

Choose suitable animation presets to introduce your message effectively.

a screenshot of the soundtrack selection in the OFFEO video creation workspace.

6. Audio

Add impactful soundtrack to complete your intro.


1. Can OFFEO’s video rendering software add my new intro to an existing video?

Yes, our specialized cloud-rendering software can either curate an individual intro for you or help you incorporate it into one of your own full length videos. There are so many options when it comes to sharing your intro, and OFFEO can help you explore all of them!


2. Is there a maximum length for intro videos on OFFEO?

You can create videos up to 3 minutes in OFFEO.


3. Do I need to pay more to receive full access to OFFEO’s intro maker?

All users are given access to all our templates. You will be able to create and download the video for free with a watermark. To download a high resolution video without watermark, you can opt for the premium account.


4. What platforms can I share my video on?

OFFEO’s intro maker was made primarily for YouTube videos. However, it can be re-purposed to promote your video on other platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.