5 Free Methods to Promote Your Business Online

November 11, 2021

There are a lot of businesses with a strong online presence today. This shows you how important it is for any business that wants to thrive to exploit the online market.

Businesses that have just been created would be competing against formidable rivals that have years of experience in the marketing world. For such businesses, online marketing cannot be toyed with.

Gone are the days when you spread the word about your services by going out on the streets – most companies now do that behind a computer.

This article will show you a few critical steps to follow if you want to promote your services online. If you can follow these steps diligently, and build a good online presence, your business will run smoothly and profitably.

Take note that the steps provided are free of charge.

1. Take Advantage of Social Media

There are many social media platforms today with millions of users. What this tells you is that social media is a populous market filled with millions of potential customers. If you have only been making use of this powerful tool for casual fun, you need to change your orientation.

Open business accounts across the different platforms – Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp Business Account, Twitter, and the likes. With these business accounts, you can reach out to potential customers via sponsored Ads, Direct Messaging, daily posts etc.

Take your time to create engaging content (pictures, texts, and videos) that will easily attract people to your business. You should also use Intro Maker from OFFEO to create an intro video for free to promote your business.

2. Build a Blog

One major tool that can be used to increase your customer base is a blog. Blogs are everywhere on the internet – people use them to communicate so many different things.

However, the purpose of creating a blog in this article is for business promotion. Writing and maintaining a blog is quite simple. It is something you can do on your own.

If you’re going to be writing a blog, you need to make it as natural and meaningful as possible. Make sure that there’s a good flow of meaning in your writing – something that won’t turn readers off.

Try to make your readers trust your content; they should feel like you know what you’re talking about, and they should feel convinced to patronize you whenever they read your content.

Try to make your blog more attractive with nice pictures, videos, and neatly structured texts. To really grow your business, research to find the best online course platform for your organization and develop a course for free that people sign up to your email list to receive.  This can grow your email list to better connect with your audience, but it’ll also allow you to showcase your expertise to your audience to instill trust.

3. List Your Business on Local Listing Services

Another free and simple step that can be used to make your business known online are local listing services.

The idea here is to allow detailed descriptions of your business, and its location, to be made available to customers whenever they enter keywords into a search engine like Google.

Google’s local listing service incorporates Google Places and Google Maps – a combo that makes your service info readily available to the world.

Getting your establishment registered with these services is a walk in the park – fill out a few documents online, register, pass the verification process and you’re good to go. Apart from Google’s services, there’s also Yahoo! Local, and Microsoft’s Bing.

4. Post on Relevant Forums and Groups

Feel free to utilize online forums and groups. This is another benefit of the Internet today – there are well-ordered business groups and forums that specialize in different business niches.

With this structure in place, you can make your services easier to find by joining such groups. Members connect with each other to collectively promote their businesses.

5. Try Email Marketing

Using social media platforms and blogs might not be enough.

Try to back up your business’s online presence with the use of email marketing. It’s an effective solution that can greatly influence the growth of your business.

The email market is also highly populated – with billions of active users. With such a large number of potential customers, you can play your cards right and make a positive impact on your firm’s growth.


Clearly, any business that wants to thrive in today’s society must have a strong online presence. You cannot just rely on posters, business cards, flyers, and the likes. Instead, you need to get behind a computer and create attractive content for the vast number of potential customers online.

Considering how many billions of people are actively present on the internet, there’s no better place to promote your services. You should create business accounts on different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.

These platforms offer sponsored Ads to attract customers. Also make use of videos, pictures, and neatly structured texts on these platforms.

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